Friday, February 29, 2008

Hokuryo High School Students Exchange Programme II

All the fun we had in class...

The whole thing came out to be really fun! Although I can't join them too.. Can you imagine me running around with my saree. Hahaha. I fall down also not so bad.. worst scenery will be my whole saree drop off. =S

Group Picture!

You know why the guy standing right beside me was blushing..
Because I was standing with him lorh! Hahaha.
No lah he has red cheeks all the time. =D

Going home to wash up then it's party time!

Winks. Haha. This is Takashi hosted by Rachel and Olivia. A very very shy guy!

The girl on the left is Shoko. The right one is Kanae. Both of them are sooooo sweet! Although we had communications problem with each other.. I miss them so much honestly! =S

The first spot: King's House (Outside the gate only lah)

With the very cute security guard this time! He don't move one! He won't even blink his eyes! We were freaked out when he suddenly shouted and marched out of the sudden. It was the time for him to switch session with another guard. =)

Outside the garden of the King's house. =)

After that, we went to Suria KLCC! Tee heee.

I still prefer this picture though. Too bad Kanae was blocking Rachie the sweetie! We went there PURPOSELY for Cassandra okay! Haha. She was alone with her 2 guys. Bet she was having a good time lah since her guys are not so bad! Haiyoh! Nevermind nevermind, we had lunch at Madam Kuan's and we ordered alot of Malaysian food for them! Like.. Char Kueh Teow, Chicken Rice, Curry Laksa, Ice Kacang, Nasi Bojari since they ate Nasi Lemak before... =D

Soon later.. we went to.......

The Eye On Malaysia!

Nice right nice right the pictures! I take one okay! HAhahaha.

Us in the pictures!

I like this picture. This looks so cool! Mun Yee looks like a Cover Girl! And look at Takashi's pose! Hilarious!

Thanks for the cameraman Joshep! (F)

Us all squeezing into the camera!

When we arrived home!

Doing the Japanese sign! *Peace*

We are the sexy bartenders! Takashi is too tired to layan us!

Love this picture! After taking pictures we went to Station 1 for supper without the Japs cuz they were too tired! Then we went to ckc's uncompleted house! It's like a haunted house seriously. Very very mysterious and dark. We climbed up the roof tops also! Very very fun! Thank you daddy and mommy for the treats! * You know who you are* =3

Rachel and I doing what we do best!

And Mun Yee decided to join in!

Good nights! It was almost 3 by that time and we had to wake up at 9!

Anyways, thanks Rach Sweetie for sending me most of the pictures! I love you!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hokuryo High School Students Exchange Programme Part I

The opening ceremony.

Yes yes, we're part of them. HOW DO WE LOOK? Hehe.

Baju Kedah, Saree and Baju Kebaya.

Have to smile at the camera all the time! Lol

The opposite sides. =)

Malaysian Traditional Women.

Love this pictureeee!

The Indian & Chinese Pose. Hahahaa.

The Indians. Wonder why the Baju Kebaya girl is in here. Hahaha.

LOOK! We're so famous even paparazzi follow us everywhere we go wtf. =D

Wannacum! =3

Pictures to make the girls jealous. =)

The one standing on the left of me has alot of fans okay! He's name is Takuya. I find the most left also quite cute. He's name is Taichi! (I hope I did spell correct!) I dunno who's the one standing on the right of me though. =S

This is to make Cassandra jealous.

A clearer version! Tee heeeeee!!

This one also~! I can hear Cassandra is screaming noww. And my favourite guy is in this picture! Guess who!

Okay lah. I actually did take pictures with the Japanese girls also lah. =)

When the Japanese students came into our class...

The middle guy is cute! He has red cheeks! And and Shoko is in there! I miss herrr!!

We were playing gamess!

The fatty boy (because he calls me fat too) and I. =)

When Cassie and her abang joins. =)

The new girl, Yin Ai and I! =) She's from China yo! Austin always wanna ruin the pictures. =S

The Chinese traditional lady, Sulearn and me the Indian traditional lady!

Did you guys know that, the Indian ladies love taking pictures too. It's one of the traditions too, really! And they're really good at it! You can see...

Stay tune for more!