Friday, October 31, 2008


1. Post these rules before you give your facts:
2. List 8 random facts about yourself
3. At the end of your post, choose 8 people to tag and list their names, linking to them
4. Leave a comment on their blog and letting them know that they're tagged.

1) I love food. I can really eat a lot if I want. Oh yeah, I love taking pictures of food before I eat them too, especially those pretty ones. Then publish them into this blog. Hahaha.
2) I can sleep more than 12 hours. Then sleep again. =D
3) Wearing pretty & fashionable clothes makes me feel good!
4) I have my own way of laughing and giggling. It's so loud and crazy. Hahahaha.
5) I might be talking about my blog often in front of people. But I'm not trying to show off or anything. I find blogging is kinda common for teens nowadays. So to those people who doesn't know me well enough, don't feel offended or anything when I'm talking about my blog or bloggings.
6) I love smelling baby's or kid's scent. Especially their pillows or blankets. Head also can! Hahaha. Ahhh, you know the baby smell.
Hahahhaha. Sound like a pedophile right? =) In fact, I love being around with kids!
7) I love spending money. But I'm not a spendthrift. I know when to spend and when not to. I will only spend on things I really love and feel good after buying them.
8) I am soooooooo not a sporty person. My stamina is super low. I can't run as fast as others. It can't last long whenever I'm doing any exercises. And I don't like the feeling of sweating. But I'm trying very to force myself to go exercise now! Give me some support and don't ask me to be the goalkeeper. Hahahhahaha!

I tag nobody nobody but you! Hahaha looks like almost everyone has done this tag already. So whoever feels free to do it, JUST DO IT! =D


Trick or treats?

This morning, there's this guy dressed up with mask and a cloth to scare us at the corridor. Mandy, Wei Zhen and I were freaked out, but that mask guy gave us sweets since we asked for treats. Hehehe. This year's Halloween is so quiet. No parties. Even my neighbourhoods too. sooo soooo quiet. T_T I miss those days that I go over the houses with my cousins and childhood friends to get sweets! Hmmm. I saw a lot of primary kids dressed up fancily today! There's fairies, princesses, bat man, cave man, skeletons, mummies and so much more and they look so cool!! I took a few picture with them but it's not with me right now. Sighhhhhh. Anyways, I miss the Halloween Bash last year. The one Audrey and her gang organised. Urgh. Remember what did I go as? Hahahhaha.

Ta da! Snow Angel!! So innocent right!

But guess what, I transformed into a devil this year. Hohohoho. So evil that I'll bite you! Rawr!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rolie Polie Olie's Birthday Part 2

Anyways, I forgot to wish you guys Happy Deepavali! =)

So, after the hectic ice skating and shoppings during the day, Olivia's dad brought all of us to Lake Club for dinner. The dinner was so good and satisfying. Typical chinese food it was. Best for the us as the hungry monsters who starved for the whole day. Thank you so much uncle! =) As we didn't eat much in Sunway, just had some corns and snacks after the skating. So it was extra tiring walking around. I was like dying because of the boots, skates, heels, then boots again. Hahahhaa. Girls wanna look good, what to do? Why are girls like that. Tsk tsk.

Lobby in the club. Was trying to show off my ring actually. But my hand turned out kinda weird. Hahahhaha. I look so camouflage with the colours behind!

Skip all of that first, I know you're hungry already! So, here's our dinner tonight! =D

First dish is always the best~ There's lamb, spring rolls, salmon & jellyfish salad and fried squids and calms.

Second one also best! Sharkfin soup with crab meat! Teehee! So nice right! Don't be jealous hohoho

Roasted Chicken!! Juiciy-licious!! ~

Assam fish! Guess what! I took the whole fish head. Hahahhahaha. First time eating fish head. I mean, the WHOLE fish head. hahahhaa. Olivia's dad gave it to me! He said it's the best part! But it was so disturbing to look at the fish head. Hahahaha. Then the dad said, aiya just use your hands lah, your boyfriend not here right. Hahahhaa! So funny!

Beer prawn! Hahahhahaha! Guess it was too delicious. They didn't even have the patience to wait for me to snap a picture of how delicious it was! It was sooooooo tempting ! Even I forgot to take a picture of it too! (Oops!) Nah, there's a prawn head left! =D

Braised mushrooms & Abalones with broccollis! I ruff mushrooms! All kinds of them!

The sau meen. Seafood noodles! Teehee!

Finally! The dessert! My favourite fried lotus biscuit! Wo beng in cantonese. And the jelly pau thingy tasted lovely! It's sweet salted egg paste in there! So cute! =D

The lotus seed soup with white fungus and water chestnut that keeps our youth! Make us stay pretty always! Hahahhaa!

Off we go! Ahhh, isn't the dinner satisfying and lovely. Once again, thanks Olivia and her dad! Thanks for inviting us and so much more! =D

Only both of us, again! Rawr!

Allah, toilet also wanna take! Oh god can somebody cure our disease! hahahahha.

And now, shall we move on to the lobby again! We took so much pictures there! Everyone was looking at us! *shys* But who cares, we got used to it already! Hahaha! Attention seekers right I know! What to dooooooo.

Us in the lift!

Me on the red carpet. She's one of my big crazy fan! Hahahah!

At the stairs

3 girls and 1 pimp! =D

Ali's getting so horny! Hahahhaha.

Mun yee also! Aiyer so horny!

Me too! Hahahahha *shys*

Steve! The king of hamsaps. He has his own invincible horns already!

Oh yeah, there's alot of pictures of me and the birthday girl that night. =D

Whatcha lookin at, girl?

Hahahhaha. Nothing la nothing la. Friend friend ma. *She asked me to bent down to make her look tall! So smart right!* Hahahhaha!

The horny birthday girl. Hahahhaha. She's the devil who wears prada and I'm the angel who wear boots! Hahahah what lah why am I so lame.

I'm the devil who wears prada now hohohoho shoot her!

Best picture with the birthday girl! =D

When the rest of them left! =D Thanks to Mr Self Timer who took this picture of us! You make our life perfect!

So that's the end of our day! I stayed over at Mun's house that night. Unfortunately, there's something bad happened to my house! Was kinda lucky that I wasn't at home that night. I'm not gonna talk about it here now, maybe next post! Tatas!

Once again, Happy Sweet 16, Olivia!

Rolie Polie Olie's Birthday Gathering

To start off with everything, Sunway Pyramid it was to be exact. Was planning to go for a prom shopping at Bangsar Village at first but too bad the guys will be joining us so it'll be troublesome for both boys and girls. AND so I suggested ice skating since I never tried before so I thought I should give it a try! (The experience was........ read on) Was waiting for the guys before they reach. So girls do what they do best in the toilet first. Ali said we spent like around half 20 minutes in the toilet Hahhahahaha. Why?

Su was helping Mike to do for his make up!

The rest of us. =)

Done and we're so ready to have fun now! =D

Are we the best or not. Hahahhaa. Taking pictures while others are doing their shopping. (That's how we show our patience!)

Was trying to be one of the mannequins. =D

Do that in every single shop we get to. Hahahhahaha.

Ali & I. Look he's wearing my sexy black scarf! Rawr! (and look, there's a pair of sexy legs behind him! )

While waiting for the rest to buy tickets for ice skating! =) Taken by Mich! Love this pic! Teehee!

This one too! Which one do you prefer! =D

Here's the one I took for her! Nice right nice right!

Both of us this time!

Okay! No more me and her ONLY from now on! Here's the group picture hohohoo!

Hahahhahaha, no la no la not this picture cuz it's damn smelly (the skates I mean!)

When Steve's not here yet.

And there he go!

Before we leave. =D

Anyways, about the skating story people, omg I tell you it's not a very pleasant experience! Not at all for first timers! I swear! Hahahhaha. I'm not complaining but with that pair of skates on ice is not easy to balance at all! (The only good thing was it makes you taller!) But trust me I fell like more than 5 times! (8 times to be exact hahahahahah) damn coconut right. Rach they all were like purposely leave me there alone to skate myself, but it's sooooooooo difficult! Lucky there's a husband on ice for me! (Guess who hohohhoho) and other kind humans like the birthday girl, Mich, Mun, Ali, and Kenny! NO RACHEL! Hahahahha she's damn evil! She asked everyone to leave me there! And laugh at me summore! Haihs haihs what kind of sweetie is this. And guess what, my feet felt like it can't breathe inside the skates! The feeling was torturing and is still torturing me now. My legs are so numb right now! Will someone help me to do foot massage! Hahahaha! Not only that, the feeling's even worst when you get wet! My jeans was so wet that I couldn't stand it, so I bought myself a new pair of new dress! (Good excuse right!)

Tada! Not bad right! =D Guess how much is it! 80 bucks only hohhohoh

With the birthday girl . Aren't we sweet! Hehe! I bet in her mind will be like saying *Omg I feel so lesbian right now* the moment she sees this picture! RIGHT RIGHT GOTCHA!

I was advertising for Lence while Rach's advertising for Discreet! (place I got my dress!) Hahahhaha.

With Mun the white heels owner!

Mike and Eddie! =D I know you love my boots darling!

Kenny and Ali this time! I love this picture. So natural! Look at Ali tsk tsk!!

*drum rolls* STEVE, my husband on ice! Don't we look good together! In blue I mean! Hahahhaha!

Satisfied yet? Of course you're not! Cuz there's Part 2 coming on real soon!! So stay tuned yeah! Xoxoxo