Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh hai!

I think the biggest reason that made me so lazy to update my blog nowadays is, ASSIGNMENTS! I've lost interest in writing anymore. Let's blame assignments on this shall we. Although I'm having holidays again for a week now but I'm staying at home to rot with my assignment everyday (and also my eye candy, 2PM and 2AM ftw!) Without them, I think I will dai. Oh ya have you guys listen to 2PM's new song, Without You and 2AM''s I did wrong? It's damn niceee!

Baby without you, without you~~ HAHAHA ONE MORE THING! I'm so proud that I officially turned my darling Sherren into a kimchi! (K-pop fan) My next secret mission is to convert everyone around me into kimchi heads! I know some of them are kimchis already! :)

I know this blog is getting soooo boring nowadays already right!! Sooo I'm gonna share some of my eye candy with you now! Everyone who's close to me knows that I'm a big fan of Ok Taec Yeon! My beastly husband material ! I'll share with you some of his manly sexy hotness + cuteness now hohoho PS: He's mine mine mine! :)


Now you know where I got the signature pose from. :)


Sunday, April 18, 2010


Teehee I'm soooo happy today :3 Let me share my happiness with you okay. Hohoho

I'm blogging with the chio-est laptop ever!!!! AND GUESS WHAT! IT'S PINK! Hahhhahah chio to the max <3 I love it! It's super xiaxue inspired. One day I'll bling it like how XX did and I know Jine will be sooooo jealous heeheeee

Okay bimbo moments over.

The truth is, I actually didn't really want a pink laptop at first. I felt it's too girlish for a girl like me. Not to say that I'm not girlish but I'm not really a pinkish girl. (Yet I'm using a pink bag currently LOL) I guess the pinkness level in me just got higher nowadays! Back to the story! I actually wanted to buy a purple or baby blue one. But when I got there, they said no more stock and there's only pink one left. I was like oh nooooooooooo. But guess who still bought it ANYWAYS HOHOHO I couldn't resist the offer of 15 free gifts lah okay! (Yes lah I know I'm very cheapskate like that thank you very much!) I got the Dell Inspiron 14 offer with a price of RM 2,199. Super worth it I tell you! Those things inside are enough for me I guess. At least it's 4 times better than my old grandma one. The old one is like 6 years old now. (It became my mom's toy now HAHAHHA) the best part is, the free gifts lah! Make me go GAGA hohoho :3

Okay let me list down what are those free gifts okay.

There's speaker, travel adaptor, 4gb pendrive, backpack, a laptop pack, earphones, coller pad, 2 USB fans, mouse, laptop locker, card reader, and a few other cool stuff. Countless free gifts! Am I lucky or what!

Free gifts = Makes Kyean a happy happy girl teehee

What makes her even more happy is, my mom and I only took 10 minutes to find a parking today! and guess what! no jam for us! No jam + got parking = happy mommy! Happy mommy = Happy me! Wheeee And we only took 1 and a half hour there to get our stuff done then went home happily already huhuhu. SPEED OF LIGHT, ikr. :) :) :)

Now I'm busy downloading stuff for the new laptop. Will update about its coolness tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Sweet Lunch

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Emo Queen

Call me grumpy the ugly version

I'm having the worst worst worst PMS in history ever! EVER!! Seriously! Somebody save me! I've been throwing tantrums on everything these two days and I don't even know why am I so like that pfftt! I just can't help it! I feel so fat and ugly and the worst part is my vajayjay hurts so bad from bleeding I want to dieeeeeee T_______T I know I'm gross like what wtf but I'm so pissed off now I don't know what am I angry of so leave me alone FML I have a very bad feeling that my mom's gonna slap me anytime soon, my friends will leave me one by one if I continue behaving like this! Even myself thinks that I'm as annoying and bitchy as hell #&$*#$@#$@# !!!!!!!! *bitch face


Fortunately something made me happier from being a sad and lost soul today. Bringing the younger cousins to the playground! Playground is probably the best and happiest place for kids. Seeing them playing so happily makes me happy too. And this made me realized that nothing makes you feel happier than bringing happiness to someone else.

Spot the little thing jumping around so happily

Swing swing~ Thank god the swing didn't crash wtf

See! All these automatically brings a smile on my face! No more PMS shit anymore!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Last Farewell

Yes I've decided to move on! I really didn't know it will hurt that bad until I lost someone so close to me but I'm feeling much better now. I'm sure grandpa will remain in my heart forever. A big thank you for those who were there for me when I was really sad and for those who cared. Those sweet messages and phone calls really made me feel stronger. =)

So today I'll blog about something really fun and happy okay! Promise no more emo emo posts. I made my mom cried after reading those posts hahahaha stupid Jine also cried reading the chinese post. Didn't know she can read chinese so good! Anyways lah, I seriously think I should start making efforts to improve on my rusty chinese already before its too late! :D

Okay lets see what makes me happy :)

Ice cream makes me happy. Especially the green tea ones. =)

Green tea ice cream from Hokkaido is super love <3

Mochi Ice cream makes me happy!

This picture makes me smile. (:

Brownies makes me happy too! Only this type of brownie! Unfortunately we only can get this type of brownies from Singapore. Whoever is going to Singapore anytime soon please bring back some of this for me !

Ahhhhh, those were the happy food I had in Singapore. If only Malaysia have Mr Bean's green tea soy bean ice cream, Beard Papa's mochi ice cream and that freaking homestyle's two bite brownies. Then I'll be the happiest (and the fattest) girl in the world! Now you know why I fell in love with Singapore so deeply! Blogging about it now makes me miss Singapore even more. Don't worry, there's still so much more good stuff to come. :D

The Free and Easy day! It means you can eat & explore whatever you like! Look at the super mini bubble milk tea I'm holding <3

Thanks to beauty shot that makes my pretty grandma looks even more chio!

Not forgetting my cute aunty too. (:

The super duper delicious Kou Rou Bao <3

BONCHON CHICKEN WINGS! OMG another good stuff that you can only find in Singapore T______T Im telling you its DAMN DAMN GOOD!

Marvelous Cream. Probably another best thing I've found in Singapore!

If you think this shitty looking piece of crap tastes like shit too then you are freaking wrong! It's probably the most chocolicious chocolate ice cream I've tasted! What's more when you get to choose what are you going to mix with the ice cream! For me I chose their best seller.

After choosing, you’ll immediately see your cute ice cream man mixing your ice-cream for you! How niceeee :3

Noisette Chocolate Classic, which is their best seller there! No doubt, taste really really good <3

Before heading home, we passed by ChinaTown and had some awesome dessert at some awesome dessert place! Mango sago cream and almond milk dessert . Hohoho what else can I ask for!

The next day was a very relaxing day! Did nothing much exciting other than bringing my grandma to the ear specialist evening and groceries shopping for dinner at night! Oh yeah, that's the day I saw a cute doctor too <3 haha he's so cute and funny okay! I think my grandma likes him too wtf hahahah! I told her I'll find someone like the doctor to become her grandson-in-law next time! LOL! Wait and see lah! I'm not being mean but I find that the percentage of cute guys in Singapore is greatly higher than the percentage in Malaysia! You can easily spot cute guys on the streets there, even in the MRT, ANYWHERE ALSO GOT! WHY AH WHY! I think a very big possibility all the cute guys in Malaysia fly to Singapore already hahahaha wtf

The super unproductive human beings in the morning!

Here's a super hungry ghost face for you! Hungry until BEH TAHAN!

Dinner time! See what I mean, most of the cute guys in Malaysia all fly to Singapore already. AHAHHAHA * just to make him happy =) *

No matter what, salmon sashimi will always be my main source of happiness. *madly in love* (Lucky Malaysia got!!!!!)!!!!!!
Had fun in the kitchen and wala! Pan Fried Pork Chop and Braised all kinds of mushrooms together!

Berries for dessert! Life is good! (:

The shopping day!!!! I felt like I'm the queen of the day! Got 4 tops, 1 dress, 1 pair of leggings, 1 belt and 1 bag for only 150 SGD! Am I lucky or what! Crazy sales there! Shop till my legs numb! =S

Marutama Ramen @ Clarke Quay.

Lunch Time!

Best ramen with the best soup, best meat and best egg ever!!

LOOK AT THE FREAKING YOLK'S TEXTURE T_______T Very "sextified" with my lunch ! =) =) =)

Now look at another cool pasta restaurant! There's more than 100 different types of pasta for sure. Too bad stomach no place for it already =(

Tired like nobody's business! So don't care just sit and no one cares. I think I look like I'm pregnant hahahah =S

Went to Bugis Street and got some stuff there too!

Yummy street food. Imagine how much crap I put into my stomach for 4 freaking days in Singapore already!

I guess you can see how happy I was by seeing this retard picture of me. There's more bags inside the bags if you wanna know Tsktsktsk

Oh wait this makes me happy too - my uncle's giant bean bag! Damn comfyyyyyyyy T_T If only I can bring it back ! =S One day I'll go steal it when he's sleeping <3>

That's all about Singapore! And I definitely will go back soon! I know it!