Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Not Gonna go Online for a month......... =p

well peepz.. i'm gonna concentrate on study 1st.. for de final exam.. huhu

Friday, September 02, 2005

bubbye monster eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ='(

btw, is dat fun taking pple's phone run around de skol without permission, sms some stupid nonsenses stuff to others? do u feel fun n happy after dat... well i guess not. it's too much! no manners, n dunno how to respect! feel super pissed off after it..
oh well.. juz..

forget wat i said...

afterskol rack man! 1st friday i stayback so far i think.. lol ( i'm ms. maybe & ms think) haha dat'z wat ee says.. haha hmm.. well it'z too fun.. it'z CRAZY!! nyahahahhaha.. 1st.. ate lunch at bam villa wid de form 1S gang while waitin carmen to bring de cake bak from jj..
well.. guess crazy stories starts here.. lol celebrated ee's fairwell party at de canteen after lunch.. n WOAHHHH... play till like monkeys oni we all.. some idiots pour de sparklin juice on me too!! tsktsk.. played cake fight.. fuiyoooooo.. de canteen like gonna overturn oni.. hahaha water spray here n there.. n de monster ee kena bully by monster sy too.. nyanyanya... so sad.. hahaha de cake's cream for facial~ lol n later on SUPER CRAZY.. went to de bam villa's swimming pool.. UH OH....... OH MY... all like came out from de prison oni la lol!! kena pushed by ee into de swimming poo!!! wth... arrrrrrrrghh.. see through!! nooooooooooooo.. haha but b4 dat she oso wet liao juz wanna find a teman to teman her wet.. tsktsk.. such kind of selfish monster.. 1st sy.. 2nd eeeeee.. 3rd.. i think carmen.. 4rd.. err.. chen teng kua.. 5rd jia qi or kar mun.. 6rd.. T-T Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. huhu.. lucky my mom din sei anything.. oni said dat ur frenz are crazy.. feel abit sicky now.. hahahahahha n shirl said hi to mommy!! hehe she says dat shirl veri mature n leng lui ^^ haha ofcoz la my baby darling honey wor.. hahahha
kk.. guess i g2g oii oii d.. haha nitez everyone~ *muakz*