Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You Never Know A Good Thing Till It's Gone

My grandpa just passed away last Saturday morning. I received the shocking bad news from my cousin when I was still sleeping soundly in Singapore. At first she said my grandfather's pulse stopped and the ambulance came. I thought it was not that bad but ten minutes later, my mom called again. This time, she said grandpa has already passed away. I was so shocked of his sudden death. Within minutes, tears started to roll down my cheeks. I couldn't digest the fact that I had lost my dearest gong gong. At the same time, we didn't know how to tell my grandma the news when we were still in Singapore. We just told her to prepare for the worst because grandpa's condition was very bad. It was so hard for us to keep the news from her all the way back to Malaysia on that day. We didn't want her to break down when we were on the way back. I guess she already knew and prepared for it as she's very smart and there's nothing we can hide from her. When we landed on Malaysia, we told her that grandpa left us when we're on the way home. Grandma started crying and everyone in the car started crying again. It was the first time I see grandma crying because she's a strong woman all along. When we got home, grandpa's body was lying on the mattress peacefully. I cried again, regret for not spending the last week with him. I wouldn't have went to Singapore if I knew such things will happen. I thought.

Just yesterday, everything was done. It was the last time I'll ever see grandpa again. These few days weren't easy for all of us.
I cried so much for the past few days I have no tears left. The fact that he's gone always hit me when I think of him. But I am also glad that grandpa left us without any pain and suffering. Thank god for that.
I am sure grandpa really left us peacefully. He didn't suffer from any major illness before. I guess it was also the reason why I still can't take it because it was too sudden. He said he will buy me dinner to celebrate my birthday and also my good results when I get back from Singapore because I was so busy before this. Sigh. For the first time, I wished I could buy time back. Grandpa's death made me realized that I must always appreciate people that we love and those who love us. And I find the song, live like we're dying by Kris Allen is really meaningful - Gotta live life we're dying. So true.

"We only got 86,400 seconds in a day to
Turn it all around or to throw it all away
We gotta tell them that we love them
While we got the chance to say
Gotta live like we're dying"

Last taken on his 79th birthday last year. It just made me realized how long I haven't get to take a nice picture with him. Sigh.

To my dearest grandpa,

Today, you left us to a better place, the place where daddy went. Certainly, there’s no words will suffice to express how much you meant to us. You were our role model, our teacher and our dearest grandfather. Gong gong, you are the best grandfather any kid could have. I wished I could tell you that when you were here. I wished I could tell you how thankful I am to have you as my grandpa. I wished I have another chance to tell you things I haven’t got to tell you yet. I really wished. I remember “Congratulations on your excellent result” and “Happy Birthday” were the very last few words you’ve said to me before you left. I never ever did expect that this will be the last birthday wish I’ll ever hear from you again.

Gong gong, if you’re reading this from heaven, I want you to know how much I love you and how thankful I am to have you as my grandfather. Thank you for raising me to become a good person, providing me a comfortable place to stay and teaching me good table manners and the best life time lessons. Without them, I cannot imagine what I am today. I regret taking you for granted sometimes when you were here and the times when I didn’t grant all your needs giving you excuses that I was busy and tired. Also, I regret for not spending the last week of your life with you. You deserve so much better than this. I know it’s a bit too late to say all of this now. But I really hope you will forgive me for all that gong gong. From now on, I promise to be the best granddaughter like how you always wanted me to be. I will be the role model of the youngers. I will also always take good care of ma ma, myself and everyone else in the family. I promise that I will study harder to become a successful person next time and make you proud. I know you’ll always guide me all the way from heaven just like how daddy did. Please worry not about us. We’ll be fine. You may now enjoy your life there with daddy. Rest in peace gong gong, I love you and will miss you. You’ll be in my heart forever.

From your eldest granddaughter,


Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Eighteen Birthday Celebration

Before I start, I would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes through facebook, texts and even phone calls even from overseas <3! style="font-weight: bold;">I'm so happy that all those people who I mattered wished me and celebrated with me! I love you guys sooooo much, you guys are awesomeeee! Not forgetting those people who personally spent their time with me on my very birthday! Although both of the Fullhouse and Genting's "surprise" you guys gave me a bit failed but I still love you guys a lot! Also thank you guys for the special and lovely presents! You guys made my birthday this year the best birthday I ever had! Thank you soooooo much! xoxoxo

On the day before my birthday, I had birthday lunch with mom because I was going to go Genting on my birthday so we celebrated it earlier. I suggested Italian food as I was craving for it! Thanks to the korean drama I'm currently watching, Pasta! It's all about love and Italian food that made my mom and I go gaga after watching the drama. And we went to Italiannies! One thing I regretted was we didn't get to eat their Tiramisu because we were too full for that!!

My dearest mommy who got me the best birthday present! <3

Our appetizer, Bruchetta with tomato cubes ! Quite nice for a person like me who hates tomato. :D

Mommy's shrimp pasta. Yumssssssss :3

My grilled salmon! I love it! Soooo yummy! My first time liking cooked salmon instead of raw. Teehee :D

Bon Appetite!

At night, I had some small gathering with the people I love at Fullhouse. I was a little bit emo before that because 4 of them ffk-ed me on that day itself! And a few of them were overseas so I couldn't celebrate with them. Soooo sad and disappointed you know! Lucky those who came made my feel so special and loved on that very sweet night. =D

My personal make-up artist who made me look chio on my bday, Mandy!

I chose Fullhouse because it's a sweet place to hang out with sweet people !

And I love their interior designs! Definitely look like my dream house !

The cute menu!

The cheeky boy messing with my present! Tell me he look good with his new haircut!

The early birds!

The sweet people who came that night :D

Me and my darlings! Yes I know I very fa sam thank you very much! <3

My pan seared chicken chop! Yummy but very small portioned! Not enough for monsters like me :D

With Kenneth Fernandez the boy who lent me his blackberry! Now I have one myself ! :P

Alex the very sweet boy ! <3>
The sweetest who baked me cupcakes and got me chio headbands! *loves*

My pretty babes Olivia and Rachel who are my highschool besties!

Mandy the childhood buddy! <3

The darling Joshep who's always there for me! *hearts*

Pillow fight with the sweetie! =D

The girl who gave me her heart, Sachie! *hearts*

Sachie's super cute godsister! =D

The very sweet but not sweet picture with Dwayne! Thanks to the very creative Mandy pfft!

The wtf pair wtf wtf AHAHAH

The oh so sweet coupleeee! <3

The sweetest picture! Xoxoxo

The "surprise"! Hahahha Abit because I accidentally saw them when they were choosing the cakes! LOL But I was surprised when everyone including the workers and some of the customers there sang for me ! Loves!

I made 12 sweet wishes ! Greedy me! Made some for my friends too! I hope it'll be granted soon! =)

Ahahahha Got fed and fed people too! Sooooo sweet can die! <3

Went out to the garden and took some lovely night shots! The theme was blue and white but some of them rebel but it's okay because we look good in blue enough already AHAHHA ! :D

My korean and japan gang AHAHAH saranghae!

With the sweetest people ever! =3

Joshep hijacks the car!

The crazy boys who got crazy over the cute car!

Because we are so cool like that =D

I love ma girls! Litien, Michelle, Yayen, Munyee, wished you were here!

Mandy was isolated HAHAHAHA

The sweet guys who I sayang!

The serious group picture! Stupid Marc go hide behind the thing hahahaha wtf

My signature pose! Dunno what the guys doing behind there pfft

Birthday kisses ! Seriously what are the guys doing behind there! Hahahah But it's a cool picture! I love you guys! Thanks for coming people! Muacks muacks ! Xoxoxo

Will blog about the Genting birthday trip soon! Seriously, this year's birthday is the best! BESTTTTTTTT I TELL YOU! I feel so loved and special *wipe tears away! Once again, thank you darlings! I feel like I'm the luckiest girl on earth because of you all!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March Babies

I'm sorry for the very inactive-ness of updating nowadays but I'm really getting very lazy to blog because there's so many other better things to do but I just don't want to let this blog to be dead. What can I dooooooo. You know I'm not someone who will "report" about what I did in the morning, afternoon and night for everyday lorh. Imagine if I blog about what time I wake up and what time I shit for everyday. And since I do not have a lover so I won't blog like a love drunk person (for now). And I would choose not to bitch about things here to release my anger because I have bitchy friends when I need to bitch. Hahahhaha. As you can see I only like to blog when I got something nice to blog about. And when there's something nice to blog about, there's always a lot of pictures to share and I'll flood this place with lotsa pictures. Yes this is how I like it to be. :D

March is a very special month for me just so you know! There's 2 of my besties birthday falls in this month including mine. 3 birthdays in a row! So cool right :P In another 2 more days I'll be eighteen. Oh nooooooooo. I don't want to get old! I want to stay seventeen foreverrrrrr. T_____T Hahaha sound like a bimbo do I.

Mandy the childhood friend:

My bunny friend's 19th birthday! Celebrated in Hard Rock Cafe, and the theme was Night of wild animals!

And yes! She successfully made all of us wore our headsets shamelessly! hahahha (And I know I shouldn't steal her limelight but it was really really hard to get out so haih =S)

Jine the darling stupid beech <3>

Planned to have a surprise party for her but failed ultimately -________________- but I hope she was happy on that day!

The women and men in her life wtf ahhahaha look at the horse and dragon partners! Sighh how I wished the snake was there too wtf pun of the day!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

SPM Results Day

*dum dum dum*

It was one exciting day. More exciting than taking SPM exams actually. To be honest, I wasn't really nervous about it before this.
I slept like a pig last night. No dream no nothing. But my feelings suddenly changed from calm to high sugar mode from the moment I stepped into the school this morning.. I got really really nervous. Then we saw the teachers were all busyyyy checking our results in their office. *more nervous* My bio teacher suddenly came and told me that I got an A for her subject. Makes me wonder what I get for others even more. Legs were also shaking already. I was wandering around like a busy ant to calm myself down that time. Talked to some friends and took some pictures with them too! Ahhhh, It was nice seeing all of them again. Makes me miss high school life suddenly. <3

Before we went to school, I went to the breakfast place I always go with my breakfast gang last time because I really really miss the fish head noodle there. I've been craving for the fish head noodle for quite some time. (I'm getting really sick of the Set B breakfast in my campus just FYI) I didn't get to go to another breakfast place lah! Must go again soonnn. I so want to eat the pork noodle and spaghetti set. T_________T

A bowl of goods <3 Yums!

My friend is not a very morning person if you can tell. Haha!

My darling Mun Yee with green eyes!

The bimbo & weirdo Paris Hilton (Michelle) that I love! =D

Rachel the sweetie. But she says I am the sweetie this time because I'm so sweet like that hohoho <3

Cha gia Yayen. Short hair rawks! =)

Adele who's getting prettier and prettier =)

Because we are so blueeee. Mei Yee and I. =)

With Chen Teng who has the most evil laugh HAHA! =)

Pretty Ms Jou and I! =D

Darling tang tung tang & I!

The smelly tang brother who said I'm fat! Kids nowadays, so honest. =S

Meloloooo :P

Because I don't know her *awkwards*

Results announcing time. Super kan cheong can die that time. Everyone was happy for people who got good results and the straight A's students!

One minute before I know my results.

One minute before they know their results! Shoooo cute Hahaha!

No straight A face after all. (Unlike my crazy friend Jon who got 10 straight A's without putting much efforts) Wuwuwu. Got A for everything except for Physics. It's satisfying enough I guess. I never expected this results before with the amount of efforts I put in that time seriously. I hope I put in more effort really. I remember I party way too much that timeee =S But I guess this unexpected surprise is enough to make me go gaga when they announced my name this morning. Thank you for all the teacher's help! I made it! And sorry Miss Mickey, I've tried my best! A big congrats to those who got what they want and better than what they expected too! =D

I went to Times with the ex classmates after we collected our results! Actually it was not a very class outing after all since not everyone was there. But I still appreciated the time we spent a lot =) Will find them more often to catch things up from now on!

Went to Uncle Duck for our lunch. Food there's not bad! First time visiting. I wanna try their steamboat one day. Hohoho The guys are happy with their food! =)

Rachel and her favourite duck rice.

Nah. The not so straight A face with her spring onion fish rice. =)

The one who waited 20 minutes anxiously for her order while eyeing on our foodddd. Monster!

This took 20 minutes. All of us finished eating already only her food came. Hahahah pity her!

Munyee, Michelle and Yen while the guys were playing foosball at the bowling alley (:

Sweeties! Beauty shot, you like? teeheehee

This is the last picture I took for today. Went back with Josh after that . Hope they had fun there! I know they did! Grrrr. Korean food this weekend. I don't careeee!