Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year of 2008

1. Had my one and only sweet 16 birthday bash with the beloveds.

2. Been single this entire year. Life is good. *though I'm having a little secret affair with Top* Shh shhh, *and Daniel Henney too*

3. Passed my grade 4 piano exam with merit though I thought I screwed up terribly during the exam.

4. Got first in class for the VERY FIRST TIME. Hopefully not the last time T______T able to maintain the scholarship too. If not the school fees gonna be 16 K next year. Bloody hell.

5. Became a MORE crazy person. *though I've never been normal ever since some of you knew me* Rebellious student, playful girl, dreamy and unrealistic teenager and mommy's naughty daughter.

6. Been partying a lot this year. Had tonnes of sleep over partys and stuff too.

7. Went clubbing for the first time!

8. Went to high school prom too!

9. Got to know a lot of new people. A LOT OF THEM. Just knew a few more new great ones before the year ends the day before yesterday. Teehee

10. Appreciate every single friendship I treasure. I'm sorry if I've ever hurt your feelings without noticing or in a purpose. forgive me! And do not ever think that I don't cherish or don't care for you! I care for everyone of you! =D

11. Missed a lot of good things. But earned better ones at last.

12. Found my evil twin, Mr Kyean.

13. Became a lala. Hahahhaha i'm obviously joking right!

14. Became a nerd for a short period. Only a month before exams that's all.

15. Been to a charity walkaton. See at least I'm trying my best to work my lazy ass out AND NOT ONLY EATING! It's a once in a life time thing, so be proud of me prease.

16. Learnt how to bake. and cook. and become a good baby sitter. I can make a good mother and wife next time hohoho

17. Became a kindergarden volunteer for a holiday camp.

18. Started to earn some little money from this blog. Not much, but still acceptable. =D

19. Lost 3 kg. Gained back 5 kg after that. Hahahhaha. That's sad!

20. Spent the whole entire year very nicely and wisely. Though I've been slacking so much this whole 2 months of school holiday but it's worth it. I wanna enjoy to the max before the war starts next year.

Well, I'm sure there's still alot more good and bad ones. But I'm more sure that next year will be a much more better and outstanding year. Except the fact its gonna be our SPM year and it's our honeymoon year this year. But it's ending now in a few more hours time. Good bye, 2008.

Urghhh, time passes soooooooooo fast this year!

And now, my new year resolutions will be:

  • Achieve good results for SPM. Which means, I have to be more hardworking and sleep less during lessons.
  • Cut down my food intake as I have to lose some weight. but this one will fail tremendously no matter what whenever I see food! heaven~~~
  • Resist the temptation to buy nice clothes! Have to save money!!
  • Exercise MORE regularly to have a healthy lifestyle
  • Enjoy life to the fullest like how I did this year.
  • Try to become a better student in school. I will try. =D
  • Cut down all the bitchings and drama happenings to make life peaceful. So to all the bitches out there, your help is much appreciated! (I'm just joking, hahahhaha! It's a girl's thing la! I think we're born with it so yeah, runs in the blood one, can't help it)

Happy New Year Everyone!!! Xoxoxo

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ya Yen's New House (Part 1)

Had a slept over at Mich's last night after Carmen's party. Haha I didn't want to ONLY stay at her house for the whole day so I decided to either smash Rach's house (cuz it's the nearest from us) or Yayen's new house. Hahhaha. Too bad Rach's having her family today so we went to Yayen's new house today. Yea, both of us are one of the very first visitors to visit her new house. Hohoho. I almost fainted when I get into her SUPER BIG PALACE. It's the biggest house I've been to so far, I can say. I wanna stay there forever T________T Basically what else can we us girls do in such a pretty house with everything so pretty and a camera? You tell me. =D


Our family portrait. Hahahha. Teddy I miss you!!

Did you miss me? *hearts*

He said yes by licking me! Hahahah! Awww so sweet!

Bring Teddy around with us. Hehe

A black and white picture of us. Hoho
the lost child. HHahaha

Damn we look so sleepy ! Hahah I mean both of mich and I! Hahaha! We slept at 5 in the morning FYI. Damn long winded our grandma stories. Hahhahaha

I'mma boss!

The drama queen got so sexcited when she sees a open aired bathroom. Tsk tsk

I found my love at her house =D

tanning herself

the rich tai tai resting

and the old grandma sitting on her rocking chair hahahahha *not exactly a rocking chair lah!*

Want some?

Just some pictures I really like I took there today. Hohoho. Wash your eyes afteer you see them. Hehe
Having a hard emo time with my beloved
the balcony broke after I sat on the handle! (I'm obviously joking right)

enjoying the breath-taking view of kl from her house

*the gardener is kinda sexy* look. HAHAHAHA

I wanna stay there forever!

So do Michelle. She didn't wanna leave too! Hahhaha!

Stay tuned for Part 2! Till then! Goodnights everyone! Here comes 2009 in another day!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just Another Simple Day

- with the Paris Hilton wannabe.

Oh yes it's Pavillion again. Just a simple day out before my mom went to KK last Wednesday and is only coming back on the 26th. She said no flight to come back. Urghhhh. I've been feeling like I'm in prison for the whole frogging week already. Staying at home taking care of the little evil twins and my dog. Sigh sigh. Stupid Chris says gonna save me and bring me to siu kai yek but plan ruined by *somebody*. Then, Tienie said gonna save me today by fetching me out but plan failed again due to the distance I stayyyy T______________T. I wanna cry already. Haih. Smelly mom. Well let's see how she will treat me when she's back. =(

ok ok now back to that day. Exactly one week before from today. Well. We planned to watch Wild Child together ever since don't know when. Finally that day comes. Hmm. Nothing really special, just watched movie, shopped around and eat! Hohoho and what else what else. Hmm *thinking hards* Yes lah, we met Tienie also. But its not a plan though. Both of them went to another movie and left me alone *wipe tears away* after that. No lah actually I didn't join them because it was time for me to go home. Hahhaha. I'm gonna spend Christmas with meanie anyways!

bare with us

cuz it's our tradition =3

Emperor Q it was. A newly opened chinese-japanese restaurant by MOF. Just opposite Japanese Sweets @ MOF. Give it a try!

the tai tai wondering what to order

while another tai tai drinking her chinese tea waiting for the buzzy fuzzy tai tai

the 3 colour combination sushi we had. Yum yum

After brunch, off we go to the MOF sweets for dessert.

the soft ice cream with sesame sauce. doesn't look so pleasant but good!!

Green tea ice cream with red bean paste and hot sweet potato. Orgasmic! =D

Enjoying our day with MOF. Hahahha.

XXXMerry Christmas Eve People!!XXX

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Luna Bar After Prom

Luna Bar. The rooftop poolside lounge bar located on the 34th floor of the Pan Pacific building. Sounds very cool I know. The first clubbing place I went, ever. Thanks to the girlfriend's boyfriend gang . Tsk tsk tsk. We didn't wanna go clubbing at first but VK promised us that they won't bring us to those crazy clubbing place. Just a nice place to chill out and stuff. True enough, Luna Bar is not one of those really crazy clubbing place I've imagined. Great ambience, great musics, great lightings and interior designs. It's open-aired so it was kinda breezy and windy there. Very very comfortable. One good thing about this skybar is, you can really see the whole KL night scenery on the upper deck.Seriouslyyyyyyy. I didn't know KL was sooooooooo beautiful until I see it on top of the bar. Best night view in town! The only thing is, they charge you 50 bucks for cover charge with a drink. It's abit pricey though, but once in a blue moon, why not? The breath-taking night views really worth the price! =D But oh prease don't go there on a raining night or or cloudy night lah. I heard they have age limits there. You have to be at least 21 to get in there but I don't know how they let us in, maybe we look too old for high school students lah sigh!! Rawr!




Enjoying the lovely scenery =3

and chillin' out.

Dont worry mommy, I'm just drinking this! It's just some cranberry juice and expired coke! No worries yaw! HAHAHAHHAHA. I'm obviously joking right. They added some vodka and Chivas Regal into it. Not bad though. Hahahha.

No, you don't have to blackmail me or say anything to my mom or whoever else lah! You know what my mom says when she knew I went clubbing? She saidddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd....

"wah, lucky I never go there that night lorh, if let me see you there then sei lah! How to tell my friend that you're my daughter! How are you gonna telll your friends that I'm your mommy!" HAHAHAHHAHA. Then we agreed with each other that, if we ever ever ever see each other anywhere late at night, pretend we don't know each other can already. HAHAHAHAHA MY MOMMY IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOLLLLLLL. I love you mommy. I miss you too T__________T (actually just telling you how much I wanna go out only, when are you coming back grrrrrrrrrrrr)

Now everyone can cheers and drink happily =3

The picture I love sooooooooooooooo much! The three of us, again!

It's gettin’ hot in the club, I can see they want some more~ I will give you more, I’m your number one!!

Not forgetting the Flaming Lamborghini I was talking abouttttt. It's not your dream car lah guys! Heheheh. It's just a name of a fabulous alcoholic drink! Too bad we didn't try the Tequila Pop though. Hmm. I wanna try again next time!! The 3 of us shared this drink but I was the one who drank the mostt. Tskkkk. lousy people. Hahaha. Actually I have a video of us drinking this but don't know who's the drunk photographer *cough Vk cough* who took the video, the video will make you puke soooooo, better not post it here. =D

Enjoying our flaming lamborghini Hohoho

Awwwwwwwww. Sooo drunk omg. Noooooo not me! I wasn't drunk!! Ask them!! I was the clearest of the clearestttttt. Hhaahhaah Well guess who was drunk!! The one kissing me!!

Group Picture. Hahahhah no la you can see got some unknown italian faces one!

This is the real group picture. Hahahahah Waikin was soooooooo drunk tsk!!

Edwyn the Mr nice Guy

MunYee the girl who claims herself is not drunk but the most drunk among 3 of us ahahaha

And her "cute" friend she found after she was goneeee. tsk tsk Hahaha! Damn annoying guy! "We go party next round until 6 wtf it's your prom lalala"

A very nice picture of them XD credits to me!

The super dark, super fair and super RED! teehee

I was just resting =)


Vk, Joshie and Kayang

Here comes the blue blue girlfriend hahahaha I like this pic colour combination. blue blue grey grey!

back to the girls again. But the guys still wanna squeeze in. tsk it was 3 something that time! Time to gooooooo home! I mean hotel!

Guess who's drunk and who's not!

Last picture of the night!

scandalous picture!

Ready to flow, ready to go, Ready for the spot light, ready for the show~

What? no more partying next year ma. It will be the first time and might be the last time in a long long time also ma! hohoho. Will turn back into nerd again once school reopens. But for now, let me take a break and enjoy to the max first, will ya? Xoxoxo wait till nerdie Kyean is back!! Till then! XD