Friday, May 30, 2008

Grandma’s 70th Birthday!

Nono, not my maternal grandma. She’s my cousin’s grandma. But I call her poh poh also one. Okay can anot?

Anyways, the family invited 5-8 table of friends and relative in a restaurant. It’s like a big thing for a small town here. Everyone attended and the dinner was great. The grandma was super happy. And I was happy too! Especially happy with taking pictures! You know me!

There’s me with my grandma and mom. My mom look like my grandma right! Like the mini version! Hahahah! Too bad I don’t look like my mom at all. No one said so. They say I look like my daddy!

See they look alike anot! Hahahhaha.

Here’s 2 of my handsome twin cousin! Tall, smart and caring! Who want?! Hahaha. No no not for you! They belong to me! Roar! Btw guess who's the elder and the younger one!

Here’s my cousin sister. Same age as me! But you see my size and her size T_______T She made me look like a giant standing beside her! =S

My strong strong uncle who’s a very talented guitarist! He goes to the gym, that explain he has a muscular body. =D

His beloved wife, My aunty Sally who’s a hairstylist who’s also my hairstylist!

Their very fat and naughty daughter Phoebe! Cannot stand her roughness sometimes! If her big meaty body ever lie on you, I tell you your dinner will immediately puke out one! No joke! And don’t ever ever make her angry or let her sit on you! Otherwise you’ll die of either her scream or her big butt! Hahahhaha!

This is baby Chloe! A hyper active baby! Always move here and there and run here run there one. Make everyone chase her!

Me with the goodie bag! Besides a pair of chopstick and bowl, there’s a big ang pau in there too! Guess how much!

Enjoy your dinner! I have too many food's picture so I just put the prettiest one here! Later you guys blame me for making you guys hungry coming to my blog! =D


This is the elder brother! TEE HEE! Nice right this picture? Now now I can go bluff people that he's my boy already. So secocok! =D =D

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Port Dickson Trip!

Hello fellow readers! Sorry for not updating so far! My internet here was down for 2 days already sigh sigh! Then I was busy drama marathon-ing, playing with my cute cousins, eating good good food which are very fattening! Here am I in Starbucks blogging with my Green Tea Latte! I’m enjoying like a princess in Kuantan now, gonna gain weight when I come back! No doubt I’ll have a diet plan again! A drastic one! So I’ll eat whatever I want now here. My god, my mom’s best dishes, braised pork! Then my grandma cooked assam squid too! With my favourite lotus soup, they made me ate 2 big plate of rice yesterday night! You can’t believe meee! I attended my cousin’s grandma 70th birthday last Sunday night. Pictures up soon! But now I’m gonna fulfill my blog with the pretty pictures I took in Port Dickson last 3 weeks before exams!

Oh yes! I went to PD with my uncle’s family right before exam’s week! Actually I was quite surprised that my mom allow me to go too because exam’s coming in few days! But she said I was studying too much I have to relax myself but actually I’m not! Am I keng or what ahahahhaha. But I studied there also okay! Nearly shocked my cousins to death! *touchwood* Anyways I had hell lot of fun there! The hotel I was staying especially!

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. The first thought of Port Dickson beach for you guys will be “Yer so dirty and disgusting!” Well you guys are right. I didn’t even bothered to go to the dirty beach. Perhaps the sand are dirty filled with flies flying around! So dirty it can turn you off and stay in the hotel for the whole day! Fortunately, the hotel I’m staying is like heaven! I’m sure you wanna take a look of the heaven I’m talking about

Actually it’s not really a hotel, perhaps it’s a chalet. BUTTTTTTTT. Have you seen a chalet on the beach before??? Well here you go! The Legend Water Chalet!

The chalet’s view!

I couldn't wake up early morning to watch the sunrise, Soooo,

I gotta catch the lovely sunset!

The poolside, Look at the sexy lady standing there! Hahahhaha!

The most exciting place is this Jacuzzi! The hot tub! It’s exactly the same like The Sims’s hot tub! If you got play you should know! You can really set bubbles, water spa and and do naughty stuff in there! Hahahhaha! EH IM JOKING ONLY! But there were hot guys there when I was in the tub you know! I know you girls are jealous!

You can even play golf there! Oh oh, I went there with some rich hot guys!

In the gym room! All of the equipments are new and look so high tech!Not that I'm a jacoon! I go to the gym with my mom sometimes too okay! But only hide inside the steambath and sauna! Tee hee. XD

The comfy douwy bed for me!

Besides, the best part is the bathroom!

You can see through the water under you! But it’s not the best part yet! The best part is!!

The bathtub! So relaxing and big until can fit in 2 people! Eh eh stop thinking dirty!!

And look at the shower part! You can see stars while you’re showering at night! Luckily Superman, Spiderman, Ultraman or whatever man doesn’t exist in this reality world! If not! They’ll be flying around the chalet! Hahahahah!

You have to believe me! I miss this bathtub so much!

At night, we went to this restaurant nearby the chalet, their special dish is Stuffed Bun with Curry Chicken!

Pretty right? The bun's very chewy and the curry's very very aromatic! Couldn't forget this dish until now! It's a heart shaped aluminium foil if you didn't noticed!

And their very very delicious cheese crab! Sooooo delicious I almost ate half of the plate!

I like this picture of me. Look! I have blue eyes! And I swear I wasn't wearing contact lens! Tee hee!

Say good morning with morning glory! And yes, I just woke up that time with my bengkak eyes!

Hahaha. There's a child inside me. Don't tell anyone!

And here's a big big ship for you!

One of the guy I know there! Hahahhah! Just joking! He's a lifeguard!

My cousin and I.

I enjoyed the PD trip very much. Feeling bored this holiday? Try going there for a few days! But I suggest not to go to the beach! Or you can come visit me in Kuantan! I bring you to eat nice nice food and the beach! Not dirty one I swear! But not crystal clear lah! I miss my girls! Faster come! I make you guys fat fat!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Exams Over Day!

Yes yes, only both of us this time! We have our own space right now! Hahahha. Our date was awesome without any interruptions! All the other girls didn't go because we don't want them to! Hahahahha. Naww just joking! They all too busy already. Wanna study after exam I guess! Well anyways, where else can we go other than our favourite spot Pavillion! I know you guys are bored of it already but we so long never go there already okay! Almost cannot recognize the directions already! Yeahhh, that bad! =S We went there by Wai Kin's car. Thanks dude!

We had our lunch at Tony Roma's. Goshhh we couldn't think of what to eat that day you know! Like omggg, we walked around the food court floor and the highest floor to look for food but we couldn't make a choice so in the end our choice is Tony Roma's for a change!

Soup of the day! I don't know what soup is that and what meat they got in there! But I don't think it's beef cuz I haven't got any allergies yet!

Here's our starters! Kick'n Shrimp! I liked it so much! But I don't think Mun likes it cuz she's a carnivore! She hates vegetable and i love it!

And look at the KICK'N SHRIMPSS. SO juicylicious! The topping sauce tasted very unique too! I like!

Our main course - Lamb Chop! It's delicious but it's too fat and oily! Not good for health! Okay basically the portion they serve are very huge so we shared 2 of this dishes only and we were super full already!

After lunch, we went shopping around but we hardly buy anything cuz the things there are quite expensive and we can't afford them. We went to Bebe, Zara, Top Shop, Espirit but cannot find anything for us too. Then we went to MNG, she bought a top, I wanted to buy this bare back top! Eh super nice and sexy one okayyyyyyyy, sexy until I don't dare to wear! So I didn't buy at last wtf T_______T I might go back and get it someday! We watched What happened in Vegas! Damn the movie is just so awesome that you won't stop laughing during the whole movie! I know I'm quite late to watch the movie now but blame my exams and I wanted to watch it so long already! So eager to watch it and it didn't disappoint us at all! SO FUNNYYY AND ROMANTIC! *thumbs up* For you guys who still haven't watch, what are you waiting forrrrr? =D

After movie, we went to The Loaf for high tea of course! It was raining so heavily while waiting for her driver to fetch us home . Sigh sigh, why rain so heavily and scary nowadays one T-T Anyways why am I talking about raining now pfft. We ordered 2 big cupcakes and shared together! Eh quite expensive okay, 5 bucks per one to gain weight! I mean 5 bucks per one to enjoy!!

Chocolate and Strawberry one. We prefer the chocolate one more! And I look like a drug addict in this picture! Basically everyone is having their eye bags during the exam period! And I don't look good with it! WHO looks nice with eyebags you tell me!!

You see what I mean! Eyebags on my beloved Crystal!

Take a shot before we leave!

Anyways this is the picture of me, Mun and her piggy WAI WENG! Hahaha! Also known as my little darling! Hahahha. Cute anot? Cute right cute right! Hahahha! *this is the picture I'm talking about lah aiyo where got take picture with you before!*

Her acting like a pig! Tee hee!

Eye bag girls! Hahahha! Anyways this is my favourite picture of the day!

I started the post with a mirror shot, So I end it with a mirror shot too!

Anyways, I'm currently having this drama marathon thing so I'm kinda busy to update often yeah. but I promise I will blog at least 1 time in 2 days time okay! So don't leave me! I tell you what drama is nice, Fated to love you! Faster go watch now!