Sunday, December 27, 2009

How Did You Spend Your Christmas?

Teehee. I spent my Christmas this year with my loved ones. Not family but the darling girlfriends. We made a promise last year. - to spend Christmas with each other every year. We made it this year again! We'll celebrate next year's Christmas together again. Next next year too. Even if we have our boyfriends or husbands or kids next time also bring along as long as we're spending Christmas together because we're so cool like that. Ahahah

We had lunch at Delicious, Mid Valley. Everywhere was full! Car park full! Restaurant full! Cinema also full T______T

Me and my Smoked Salmon Angelhair with caviar. Nom nom nom

Mun Yee with her Wild Mushroom Soup.

Tienie with her Spicy Crab Meat Spaghetti. Yumsss

Mandy with her Four Cheese Pasta thingy.

Jojo with her sandwich!

I love my new white hoodie! Purposely buy for Christmas day one!

The Munyees. Both equally annoying and noisy!

But still love her lots!

The 3 of us with Jojo. She's Litien's cousin and she's younger than us one year(!!!) she looks so tall and more matured than her age!

Tienie Kyeanie Munnie and Mannie AHHAHAHA Mannie wtf *triple lame*

In Diva because we are one! *coughs

Pretty Christmas trees!

Then we decided to go RedBox after Munyee went back . Rachel joined us after lunch because she's uncool like that pfft. We screamed our lungs out that day hahahah! It was the most fun karaoke session ever because we all sang like crazy mad women! You know I always didn't like karaoke because I don't get to touch the mic/because I can't sing/because I'm too shy when too many people are around me. So this time was fun because there's only 4 of us and we're so close already so no need to shy anymore HAHAHA! and we took crazily lots of pictures in the karaoke room!!! Gonna flood them here now!! Be prepared!

Jojo Tienie Me and Sakai ahhahah I mean Rachel!

The three of us. My darling and sweetie! and I'm Dear! Hahhah we call each other that since Form 1 hahaha those innocent memories!

The bitch, I mean darling too lazy to layan me because she was too busy singing!

So I had to layan myself T______T

The good sweetie layan me! Hahah so dai sek! Unlike someone =D

Hahaha happy happy girls!


The shocked post!

We are the masquerade princesses! Teehee

Korean artist wannabe! We had so fun singing korean songs! Hahah I mean mumbling not singing!

The korean partner in crime! Hahahha we had so much fun singing kpop songs together even we dunno the lyrics AHHAHA soo fun! Btw that's SHINee Ring Ding Dong MV! Hahahha

Hahahhaah love this picture! My second darling after Teacyeon <3

While she go layan other girls!

I went back to the darling hehehh

Dunno how to wear mask properly!

The cute and the not!


Happiest girl on earth! I mean Litien not me! Hahhahah

So cute right! The pose! (Not her obviously HAHAHA ) just joking darls xoo

Our buffet! Totally didn't worth it because we were full and they did not have nice food already !

The act cute #1

Act cute #2

and act cute #3! Hahahah who's the cutest!

The emo girls! Haha you know how to get this effect? Just cover the flash light and the picture will look like this!

Edward and Bella wtf

Why so cute! Wanna ta kau isit ! Hahahah


Girls gone wild!

Busy ladies singing their lungs out!

And we're busy snapping pics all over! tsk tsk

O hai we're backs wtf

Crown J and In Yeong! A!

Can't stop camwhoring

Christmas kiss!

Do you know what does LT means! =)

Hahahah it's snowing in Malaysia wtf

When both of them decided to ditch me!

I went to Jojo heheh. She's soooo cute and CUTE!

Hahaha see what I mean!

Happy happy us!

And guess who we saw when we're going back! It's Jordan !

Why must see him 2 days straight! Christmas eve and Christmas! Hhahah

That's all about this year's Christmas. How was yours? xoxo