Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Group Study Part 2.
Location: Vincent's House

Our study plan again. This time in Vincent's house. It's a really really good study environment. Each of us really were studying very seriously. Seriously. I was happy about it . We get to have fun while studying together. Hahaha one more month to SPM........ I mean, 22 more days. Wtf. Can someone kill me already.

Serious Vincent while doing his Science. Hahahha damn scary!

I was also studying very hard for Bio and Addmaths that time. Alex was day dreaming.

A super funny video of Beh Beh. YOU MUST WATCH IT SERIOUSLY! You'll keep repeating it . His smiley face is PRICELESS. hahaha His gf layan face also very priceless!

And a video of me very serious studying by a hidden camera !! Stupid Vincent. Hahaha I had to make him stop by blackmailling him to upload his ugly video on youtube. But I end up liking this video myself because its the first time I see myself being so serious. And syiok sendiri laughing to myself. And me being the typical me munching on food whenever I can, especially studying. Tsk tsk tsk. That explains why am I gaining so much weights nowadays. Sighhhh. Will do something about it once my darling coach comes back from Perth (L)

We fed Vincent's fishies too while we were bored of studying. Hahahah He has a lot of fishes in his house man! Indoor and Outdoor. and a hamster. hahaha damn cute okay! The name's Koh Kyean! Hahahah wtf Vincent named it wtf. And not forgetting Panda! His sister's Pomeranian who's as fierce as mine. Rawr

Hahahh in his secret garden =)

Where girls takes nice picture. =)

By the fish pond. =)

Can you spot a fish net hahahahah.

Highlight of the day

And I think I should tell you guys a funny story today, Hahahha funniest shit ever. I banged onto Vincent's house transparent glass slide door while too concentrating playing with my phone just now. HAHAHAH everyone laughed sooooooooooooo hard including his mom. Hahhaha he la dunno what's his problem! Go closed the door already also I didn't noticed, so I was just walking walking with the phone and banged my forehead on the door. HAHAHAHA it was sooo painful but I just can't stop laughing because it was too funny and stupid already. Vincent praised his maid for cleaning the door very clean and clear. while the others laughed until stomach ache. Hahah there's CCTV recorded also FML hahahahhaha funniest shit ever! =S My forehead is abit bengkak now T__________T If only they recorded it! Hahahhaha most priceless video ever!

Taking A Short Break @ PapaRich, Kuchai Lama

I only been to PapaRich for 3 times and 2 times of them it was with Vincent. Wtf. But my first time gave to my BHD already HAHAHAHAH bhd are you reading this? (L) We went around Kuchai Lama and ended up in PapaRich. Grrrr. Expected something more special than it .

The sweet couple. =)

Alex with his favourite Papa Bun. Hahaha. Papa bone wtf

My Chicken & Prawn Hor Fun.

Back to the house again. Hehehhe This time it's all about pictures. Of course we did study too. We were just relaxing ourselves by taking pictures. hahahaha Miss Olivia must be damn jealous now. She didn't want to join us because she said we will not be studying but guess who's the one who didn't study after all!

His mom cool kitchen! =)

And guess what are those green bottles on top of the shelf! They are all his dad's wine! HaHAHA super cool! =)

Us with vincent's dad HAHAHAH wtf nola it's actually the real Vincent teehee (F)

Oh ya did you noticed I changed my Little Miss Magic tee! Its because it was freezing cold there and I needed jacket T___T brain freezeeeee

Sweetest thing ever.

And did you noticed that I wear the same polo tee with this smelly Beh beh . AHAHHAA except that mine was pink!! We bought it together last week wtf *just joking, look at his gf's face now*

The bad guy who teased me almost the whole day. He says that I'm fat fat fat fat fat for dunno how many freaking times already. I think he needs a punch in his face. Seriously!!!

One family. One member missing. You know who you are. =) (but the picture is nice without her HAHAHAHHA just joking)
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Group Study

I went to Starbucks to have group study session with the guy darlings one fine day. The girl darlings don't wanna layan us. =S hehe We didn't take any picture there because we were too serious studying wtf. Hahhaha I never seen them so serious in my life before! Really one! Next time must take a picture/video of them studying hahahah. I'm like their tuition teacher/dictionary. T_T And I realised even I'm in science stream I don't know some of the science things they study in art stream one FML

After that, we went for a movie, Cloudy with a chance of Meat Balls. Hahaha. I never watched animation for so long already! Guess who wanted to watch it! Vincent Liew Kah Chun. Still small ah you. Haha but it was a nice movie! After the movie..... we were all hungry and craving for...


Vincent and his meatball spaghetti!

Bernard with his meatball spaghetti! Happy happy!

Alex with his baked Fish Spaghetti. (Special case)

Me and my baked meatball spaghetti! I didn't have a nice picture because of that retarded Vincent!! (angry) Keep disturbing me when I was taking picture /slaps! Make me so angry and no mood to take picture anymore! But guess what he did to make me smile back later..

AHHAHAHHA he said sorry and gave me this smiley spaghetti. HAHAHAHA sooo cute & funny! (and ugly too)! Of course I can't hold back my anger anymore and laughed. Urghhh. (Nemai I let you win this time!!!) But it's very hard to get angry of him one! I wanted take revenge of posting ugly video of him but... I'll let him go this time. Teehee. Maybe next time when he pisses me off!

After lunch, Vincent and Bernard went back and left Alex and I there doing something special for the girl darling's birthday present. Hehehe they'll be the happiest girl on monday! Who wants to bet? =)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Surprise Party

Miss Olivia will be the happiest girl on earth on her birthday because she has cool friends like us. That's what I meant in my Plurk on that day. Tee hee.

After the birthday dinner at Delicious with the big gang, we came out a perfect idea to surprise her after the dinner at Mun Yee's house. Vincent was responsible to fetch her home, so she thought that he'll be fetching her home and that's it. She really had no idea about it. Who would think of there's something else waiting for her after the dinner especially the most blur birthday girl. While Mun Yee & Beh Beh went to get their car with Olivia and Vincent, Alex and I quickly went to the nearest bakery shop and bought a cake for her and rushed home quickly before Vincent reaches. (Of course we did asked him to drag time lah but that bugger always very fast one! Grrrr) So at last he had to play "merry go round" around Mun's house area and start giving Olivia stupid excuses that he wanna go pee and he wanna go starbucks for a drink wtf so stupid! But the oh-so-blur Olivia still didn't find out a thing!! Soooooooooo soooooooo blur, but thankfully , we get to reach home earlier than them and prepare for the surprise party! So tell me, isn't she the luckiest girl ever? :P

Happy Birthday Woman! I know you're smiling while you're reading this post.

Now now, see who's smiling now. Hehehe

The view of the birthday girl when she was walking in. Aren't we sweettttttttttt. Sometimes I think we're angels sent from heaven! *coughs

Her cool friends! All thanks to us who planned all this!

Look at her expression and you'll know how happy was she that time. =D

The birthday girl and her driver + slave! =D

The birthday girl with her girls. (F)

Birthday girl with the boys!

Birthday girl with her present. (What she wants from who she wants) AHHAHAHA lucky b*tch! *hearts*

Here's a video of the birthday girl ! (while I was looking for a cameraman that time, hehe so you'll see a xiao zha bor being a Kelehfeh later!) Oh yea, she mentioned my name first this time! *wipe tears away

The 6 of us.

Happy happy us! Poor Alex was sick that time. =S (Olivia, look carefully, look who's smiling DECENTLY NOW!)

The way cool people eat their cake! It taste sweeter this way! Really I swear! Cuz got alot of saliva that's why sweeter wtf Hahahha

Okay, super heavy pictures post ahead!

Me with the boys. Lucky them!! (ahahhahaha okay lah okay lah, lucky me lah wtf)

Birthday girl with the boys

Mun also want a picture with the boys! Hehehe

The guy's turn now. Hahaha smelly person who's late turn!

Smelly rubbish smell person's turn. :P

And the smelliest beh beh on earth's turn now. SMELLIEST!

Here's some interesting picture you'll get to see. Hahahha. We're mix matching with each other! For picture purpose only of course! Hehehehhe. Damn fun okay!

Mix Matching #1 (Cat fight between Mun and Oli will happen, nono)

Mix Matching #2 (Beh Beh will kill someone, nono)

Mix Matching #3 (I don't want the smelliest bear on earth!) oh ya you owe me 50 bucks for this pic pfft

Mix Matching #4 (Brother-sisterly love)

Mix Matching #5 (Cat fight between Oli and Mun will happen, again NONO)

Mix Matching #6 (BIG NONO. I don't wanna smell rubbish everyday HAHAHAHA)

Mix matching #7 (Hehehhe, might happen one day, who knows right?)

Mix Matching #8 (Korean poster feel much?! for picture purpose only HAHAHHA I can sense someone's gonna tease me again noooooo T_______T) *sings again and again wtf

Mix Matching #9. (Aiya actually this pair also no needa mix match already, it's a perfect match already!)
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Mr Self Timer is always our bestfriend. It would be nicer if we get to take with the fireworks. Oh yea, did I forget to mention there was fireworks on her birthday! Super lucky girl she is! :P

PS: Very sorry to those who we didn't invite k!! T_______T It was too last minute! Hahhaha But we still love you all k! (L)