Friday, July 30, 2010

I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better

Many of my friends had been asking why am I so emo nowadays putting emo msn display messages but it just happen to be a song's title that I really like. The lyrics is really really meaningful. :)

by G.Na, a rookie korean artist featuring Doojoon from Beast!

PS: He's an eye candy girls! Go watch it if you haven't! :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Kuantan Love

The scent of my baby cousin's hair. The scent of my grandmama's cooking. The scent of the sea breeze. I smell home.

The feelings of being cared by the elders. The feelings of being glued with kids 24/7. and the feeling of having dinner with everyone. I feel love.

The people, the place and the food are the things I miss everyday in KL and they are the reasons why I come back. Definition of Kuantan? Home and Love.

Kuantan, I miss you :)

A Happy Update! ♥

It'll be a short post with lotsa pictures so prepare yourself! :)

Another holiday mission: Visit Satayland aka the place I stay :D

Secret agents: Lim Jiy Ni and Tam Sher Ren FTW! Other lousy agents were busy doing their lousy missions :(

I brought them to eat the cheapest lamb chop and yummy salmon linguine for lunch! (as promised) and yes they were more than sextified!:) Off to The Mines after lunch! which is the nearest shopping mall to my house. They were so afraid because they felt very away from home hahaha :D We wanted to watch movie but we went for shopping and spent like queens instead! After coming back from shopping... we went to a playground and mini jungle for photoshoot near my house! Happy mosquitoes had a great feast outta us I swear! But we had lotsa fun and took a lot of nice pictures! I shall skip the whole lunch part and shopping part to the playground fun we had :D You can visit for more ! :D

Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's OVER!!!!

It's overrrr! I, Koh Kyean hereby declare that I dont love Lim Jiy Ni and Tam Sher Ren anymore! They lied to me!!!! They made me wrote:

" Hehehehehhe somehow I am looking forward to semester 3! :D Wanna know what's the reason to this crazy thought? Because I heard one of the best awesome news yesterday that there's SNOWFLAKE in lakeside now already! CAN YOU BELIVE IT! SNOWFLAKE!!!!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~"


and they cheated on me. THEY CHEATED ON ME!!!!!!! and they made me public embarrass myself too. FML. F T L too!!!!! Lucky my blog quite dead nowadays so not many people will read and laugh at me! (Thank god for that!) Actually I was wondering why there's no one make a fuss about it and still so calm if there's a Snowflake in Lakeside (I thought Snowflake for them was just... nothing) so I still stupidly blogged about it to show how happy I was that time!! That's how much I trust them and that's how they treat me.

Nevermind. Nemai one. I can bare public embarrassment for the sake of entertainment (and attentions FML HAHAHAH wah talk until like comedian like that only wtf. but for laughing purpose why not right? HAHA laugh at me lah!!!! (I scared you dont laugh only AHHAHA)

Snowflake. Snowflake your zi zi mao lah!!!

tam sher ren ang lim jiy ni you guys owe me one month of snowflake treat to gain forgiveness from the siu hei princess! :)

Amusement Park

A day trip to Genting's outdoor theme park with the college darlings was considered as one of our celebration plans of our semester 2 ends. Guess what, we had a lot of plans before the holiday starts eg: Genting trip, BBQ party, Ipoh & Penang Hardrock Hotel 3 days 2 nights trip, visit my place and also the Kuantan's house etc etc. Among 5 of the plans only 2 worked. FOL. As I said, too much plans always won't work out! See it's proven! :( Anyways back to Genting trip! One thing for sure, we had lotsa lotsa fun in the family oriented theme park! Although not everyone was there but it was really fun! We played almost all of the rides! Corkscrew, flying dragon, Cyclone, bumper boat, pirated ship, the merry go round swing, solero shot.... you name it all! We all went for the kiddy rides too! Flying elephants and choo choo train ftw! :D

But actually there were quite a number of smelly people who almost ruin our day trip that day but failed because we really had a good time there among ourselves. If you only wanna read something pleasant about theme park you can completely skip this entire part. First, there was this bitchy Genting bus driver who gave us his bitchy attitude when we were waiting for Ken to park the car at 9 45am. But according to the clock there it was already 10am. He was like, YOU SEE WHAT TIME IS IT NOW! Wth you think i dunno how to see time ah wtf max. Then when we reached the theme park that time got some unhappy workers showed black face and yelled at some other tourists. wtf. what themepark mood also dont have already lor. In my opinenen, Malaysia's tourism really still CMI = cannot make it pfft . Moving on, when we were going back that time got one big fat middle aged lady ( a better word for a stupid fat menopause beetch who looks like she isn't getting any lately wtf) were unhappy because we were at her seat but actually it was the stupid bus drebar fault. I think they can be perfect match for each other. But she gave us her bitchy attitude and her stupid engrish accent pissed us off even more. What's worst is when she was acting all bossy on the phone to her workers giving lectures and complaints THE ENTIRE WAY BACK TO 1 UTAMA! FHL and FOL who's sitting in front of her. Imagine a talking pig talking on the phone so loud with her bossy attitude when you are trying to sleep after a long tiring day. and also F the old man's L who's sitting next to her that time. He had to bare with her "I dont care I want it by 8pm" attitude. Seriously! Oh yeah and there were a lot of Voldemorts in Genting! I felt I was in a Arab country that time. Hahaha. According to Ken, he said it is Arab season now thats why so many Voldemorts! Hahahhah funny shit! and no we are not being racist! Enough of bitching. Moving on.

I think I'll rate this trip a 10 but because of those smelly people... 9 perhaps? HAHAHA :D :D :D

Welcome to Genting theme park. Please appreciate this picture because we shamelessly went up to the stage and do funny poses just to take this retarded picture. Hehs

The weather was awesome fawesome that day! No rain no nothing! Although the Mr Sun was trying to play hide and seek with us but the Missy Mist was there to protect us and gave us cold cold weather! I love love love the cold weather! If only KL have Genting's weather. ON LAH!

In the bus! Tam tam was sitting with a poh poh. Hahaha I felt we were like going on a Historical trip to China or something because 90% of the people in the bus can be our grandparents already! Hahaha. They were all like bitching about the crazy bus driver who were freaking piao yi-ing with our innocent life at the hills wtf. He thinks he's Jay Choy or something. Freaking crazyyy! I almost swear when I saw he's the driver again when we were going back that time. tsktsk bus drebar these days!

The cutest chipets in my life =3

The first ride!


Partner in crime #1! Dont see her kecik kecik miao like that, she damn brave one!

My partner in crime #2 who deserves second place because he went spaceshot with me :)

Partner in crime #3 who's a chicken inside! HEHS

Partner in crime #4 because she screamed the loudest! HAHAHA :D

Queuing up for Cyclone - the first ever freaking roller coaster in Malaysia. *dunno real anot one pfft*

The ride was errr... like blow wind only! But Lim Jiy Ni shout until the whole Genting also can hear her voice only hahahaha!

The not so extreme pirate ship!

But somehow I got ship-sick after that lah wth.

Thunder train!

Flying Dumbos!

The choo choo train! :)

And im the drebar of the day :) SPOT THE CATERPILLAR!

Lining up for bumper boats and we got bored! *Dont take me!*

Don't ask. It's complicated.

No wonder the bumper boat I sat sank :(

Ha! just joking!

It was one of the best rides we enjoyed that day!

But the best ride for me was.. the solero shot of course!! Only partner in crime #1 and #2 dare to go for it! partner in crime #3 and #4 are chickens!

look at Ken's priceless face when we came down! HAHAHA

King and queens of the worldddddd!

I'm gonna end this post with my vainpot pictures I took there so E N J O Y!!!! :D :D :D

Gigantic teddy <3

My new family. Papa mama and mei mei :D

Starbuck's signature hot chocolate to wrap up the day! :D :D :D