Friday, December 03, 2010

Makan Makan @ Kajang

My beloved college darlings drove all the long way from Bangsar to Kajang just to see me during the holidays. awwwww moment *wipe tears away* Okay okay i was just kiddding. The truth is, they came all the way for our usual makan session only. (what a cruel truth right) okay okay i was just kidding again. I'm very sure they came all the way to see me AND makan session. RIGHT? hehs syok sendiri betul. hahaaha. But nothing change my love for them <3

7 Girls in 1 CRV

1 Drebar

1 Camwhore Queen

1 poor ah lian behind the car boot . (AWWWW)

dan lain lain

Brought them to a western restaurant in Bangi, San Francisco. Serves unique pizza and great pasta.... LOL yes im serious. they serve awesome shit with reasonable price. We had 2 lamb chops, 2 pastas and 1 pizza and 7 drinks that day for only RM160 with tax and all. I would recommend it to anyone who stays near Kajang/Bangi to try it because it's one of the best restaurant around the corner.

Yes, we really had lunch at San Francisco Bridge.

My beloved Tamtamtam who bought me eggtarts :)

Yuevern with her new Hello Kitty Iphone 4. Major hates.

My new blue cardigan and accessories. Major loves :D

Our pizza.

Creamy salmon linguine. My all time favourite.

Cheapest lamb chop on earth (and yummiest too) for only RM13.90

Aglio Olio with chicken cubes

Ms. Ho Ho Ho.

Sunway, my partner in crime for food.

Jine with her good hair day

and not forgetting our stupid ugly ah lian who loves to uglify her self, eunice ng su veen. What is life without you? :)

To get there:

Pizza San Francisco (Corner Shop)
1 & 3, Jalan 8/1, Section 8, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor
Tel: 03 8925 5600

Next destination: Nyok Lan Kajang Satay @ Restaurant Malaysia

Of course, you cannot miss out the famous Kajang Satay when you're already in the Satay Town. Apart from Haji Samuri, Nyok Lan Kajang Satay is another one of the most famous satay restaurants in Kajang Town. So we went there for our second round no matter how full we were before heading back to Subang for our major THIRD ROUND for dessert.

They serve the usual variety of meat like chicken, mutton, fish, beef and duck. Duck? Something new. We ordered chicken, mutton and fish. 10 of each. Finished in seconds.

Here's the peanut sauce, mixed with sambal to create a sweet and spicy taste.

No technologies on the table please and thank you .


Restoran Malaysia (Nyok Lan Satay)
No. 31, Jalan Semenyih,
43000 Kajang, Selangor.
Tel: 03-8733 1160
Closed on Tuesdays.

Anyways. I think I still prefer the satay outside my housing area. Cheaper and tastier. But their quality not everytime also good one. So I don't dare to recommend.

Which one look more appetizing? You decide. Might share about this place next time :)

Last Destination: SNOWFLAKE @ SS15, Subang Jaya

*faster salute us*

My favourite combination: Grass Jelly Series + Set 4 + extra taro balls

a closer look *yums*

Jine's favourite Set 2.

don't know why this darling eat until look so sad like wanna cry only. AWW

the party pooper who doesn't appreciate Snowflake like we all do.

LOOK AT THE WAI SEK FACES!! One says: don't steal my snowfrake and another one says: distract her, imma gonna steal some goodness from her bowl . LOL

End of story. No words could ever describe how full I was at the end of that day. Mommy, now you know I'm not lying when I say my college buddies MAKE ME FAT! But this is why I love them <3

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Princess Mun Mun's Eighteen Birthday Bash

7th November 2010

Venue: Max@iHaus, Imbi

The 6 of us, went to this interesting spacious and cosy double-storey bungalow restaurant for her birthday lunch. The homely ambiance makes us feel like as if we're dining in our own house (except the interior design is much nicer than our houses) We can also choose to dine in the living room or the kitchen area or anywhere in the restaurant. What’s more interesting is that the restaurant is also a boutique furniture show room! Therefore, almost every piece of the imported furniture there are purchasable!

The Birthday Girl. The girl who I spent my teenage dreams with, I love you! <3

My best cha gia on earth, Yayen!

With Rachel Sweetie and Sexy Mel.

Ms Olie Polie Olie. Don't worry you don't look 3 months pregnant here! :)

Yummy complimentary bread (which I dunno how many plates the waitress refilled for us HAHA monsterss)

Appetizer (I forgot what is this)

~Our Main Course~

We only ordered 3 plates of different pastas just to fill up our tum tum first. We wanna save some tummy space for other food later :)

Seafood Aglio Olio. The seafood are all well marinated, well grilled and the scallops are so fresh and juicy!

Same goes to Marinara. Tomato based. I think I prefer the Aglio Olio one more :)

Cabonara with button mushrooms and smoked chicken slices :3

As for our desserts!

A scoop of alcoholic sorbet with a slice of rich creamy Tiramisu garnised with fruits

A piece of Hot Chocolate Indulgence with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

And also a Polaroid group picture before we leave! The waiters and waitresses are all so friendly and their service is excellent! Who do ya'll think took all our group pictures patiently (with a few different cameras) around the pretty house? Big thumbs up!

The Princesses! :)

Max@iHaus (Pork-free)

Lot No.32, Jalan Jati
Off Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2142 9720

Open for lunch (12-3pm) and dinner (7-11pm) daily

Our next journey - Mont Kiara, Solaris

Love this picture!

Manicure Session! Oh yes! All of us treated ourselves like princesses that day except for Oli the party pooper!

blur also must show off our pretty chio nails hehs


~Time for DIN DIN!~

Venue: D’Empire Brasserie, Mont Kiara

and again, we went to another cozy and yet a romantic bistro restaurant to celebrate our princess's birthday again. The environment is simply romantic with the soothing romantic 70's songs to be accompanied. The menu is indeed classy and the restaurant is definitely a great place to celebrate our happy moments together. What made us chose this restaurant is because the friendly chef and also the owner of the restaurant, Dallan Tan were like convincing us to try his delicious steaks and other food and keep offering us with "something special"while he saw us walking along the streets. By "something special" I mean complimentary dishes okay!! He promised to cook us a good good meal and in return, we must bring our boyfriends or family to visit his restaurant again in the future. How smart and persuasive! At the end, we did fall for his persuasiveness and ended up having a great meal with no regrets!!

the funny chef offered to take picture for us and he asked us to SMILE while reading his menu. HAHAHAH damn cute and smart businessman lor i tell you!

Yaya loves fruit punch.

Birthday girl with her chocolate indulgence

I love my vanilla sky!

Rach and Mel like sour drinks.

die die also must show off our nails! Which one is mine? Just spot which one looks the most barbie-ish among them, then they're mine.

Creamy Mushroom Soup (Complimentary)

Minestrone Soup (Complimentary)

The chef served us with 3 bowls of wild mushroom soup and 3 minestrone soup as complimentary he promised. how sweet!

Apple Avocado Salad with balsamic dressing. As you can see it has gorgonzola cheese cubes in it. for cheese lovers, you will love it!

The steak served with grilled vegetables! It looked sooooo good until I lost control and had a slice/ two of it. (If you remember, I'm allergic to beef) purrfect texture and everything! So juicylicious!!! I thought I was in heaven already! For beef lovers, you must definitely go try it one day and don't forget to bring along your beef lover friends too!

Seafood Marinara (again). but it was good too! We were all figting for it!

My favourite of the night, Mushroom Risotto. The parmesan cheese, button mushrooms and a touch of cream is added to make it a perfect 10!!

The proof of yummylicious food

Happy and satisfied!! Too full for dessert! First time in my and (our) life

A last picture of the day taken by the friendly waiter and edited by Melol0. :)

D’Empire Brasserie
22 Ground Floor,
Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara,
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 6203 6887

Opening Hours:

Mon - Thurs: 11:00am - 11:00pm
Fri - Sat: 11:00am - 12:00am
Sun: 11:00am - 11:00pm