Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Famous Amos.

I'm absent today again. School's very boring nowadays. Especially on Wednesdays - Co-co. Everyone knows how boring it will be. So, I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO IS ABSENT ALRIGHT. Let me guess how many people went to school today, I think it'll not more than 10 for sure. =D

Woke up at 10 this morning. Feel so good to have enough sleep. And I was just playing my baby camera once I woke up without having breakfast. like straight away. Of course I brushed my teeth. Hehehe. *Morning breathes* I was taking my garden again. So fun and happy!

Favourite pictures of the day.

Ouch. Can you see the thorns?

Balsam Plant.

Some leaves.

Aloe Vera.

Then after breakfast, I read a good book, Chicken Soup for the teenage soul. It's nice! It has a lot of different touching stories. Should read it! I learnt a lot of things from the book. =D

And I'm so in love with Famous Amos 's chocolate chip cookies. It's so delicious and chocolicious! Tasty and not very sweet. & I know it's fattening. =(

The best partner for you while you're watching movies!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wish list fulfilled!! =D

I just got my new digital camera. Happy happy!! Thank you so much! =D

I was testing my new cam when i just got home. Never felt so happy since for quite some time. But this baby cam made me feel so happy!

Here are some pictures:

My Home Sweet Home.

Nice eh the feeling. hahaha. Garden Views.

Some flowers & plants I took in my garden. =D

And lastly....................................

My doggie, Hebe.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

School Day

Before I start, guess whether 8 people was absent or 6 people was present yesterday. ahahah. It's so ridiculous right if I tell you only 8 people was present yesterday. BUT IT'S TRUEEE. I almost laughed until fainted when MC told me yesterday. ( Oh yeah, cannot talk about him now, especially about this girl, he don't like it already) so shhhh!! But it's so fun to come to school to tease him, wahaha, I'm so evil!

Cass gave me a small present. The TATTOO!

Well, school was actually quite boring. But saw friends again, I feel happier. hahaha. like can joke joke with them, eat together, and gossips! We did something during art lesson today. hahaha. WE WERE SO BORING. then i said, let's go paint something. Well, we did glass deco first, then we gave up cause all the colourings has dried already. Then we did this:

My abstract art.

Hahahaha. Don't ask me what's that. I myself also don't know. Well, Cass gave me inspiration. ahahhaa. I think it's some kinda feather! What abstract art lah. It's like.... I dunno. Ask Dickson! He knows how to explain it! hahaha!

And Cass's real art! Lol.

She said I gave her inspiration. AHAHAHA. OMG. She said it's a wedding dress. Something like that. Well i guess no one dares to wear like this during their wedding right? HAHAHAHA. Nice lah, nice lah. I will wear it! Promise! aahaha.

Actually I went to school today was to give him a surprise, but it turned up to be disappointed. Oh well. I think things will turn up worst next year. Sigh. Move on, Kyean!

Oh yeah, no school tomorrow. I'm gonna meet up my favourite ex ssgian tomorrow! Guess who! =3

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The 12th Day.

Haven't seen all of my friends for 12 days already. Especially my close friends. I saw Cass and Ya Yen since last Friday in Cass's house. Totally miss it very much! I miss all of you! and i miss school! But according to those friends who went to school said school was deadly boring. There's 10 of us in my class absent today. tsk tsk. Can you imagine. I am starting to feel very useless. like. you know. Do nothing besides eating, watching dramas, sleeping, shopping, and playing with baby cousins since PMR was finished. We're now like waiting for the big news. Well, depends on whether it's a good news or a bad news after Christmas!

I had bbq dinner today. It was delicious! Well, as normal, my aunty prepared lamb chop, chicken wings, prawns, squids, (si hams), and sausages! And I don't know what happened my aunty brought back a cake. Omg, so delicious! I feel so fat now. =S



Friday, October 19, 2007

Huan Huan Ai

Main actor and actress are Kingone Wang, Mike He and Rainie Yang.

A very funny and touching drama. Should watch it! I cried many times especially in the end! The way the love story begin is very interesting also. They really sacrificed a lot for their loved ones. Really touching until you can cry till your eyes bengkak. The way the guy bully the girl is unbelievable can! You will laugh till you roll on the floor and stomach ache. Although Mike is quite bad in this movie, but I think I fell in love with him! hahaha! He's very cute! Especially his eyes! *melts* Then Kingone, (what a funny name), is the good guy. Omg, joshep look alike. Serious! Especially their eyes!!! He's totally my dream guy in the movie. Handsome, smart, kind and caring, loyal and rich too! hahaha. <3333333 Rainie acted almost like in devils beside you, innocent and cute.

I give the movie 8/10! Go watch!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Happy Day! =D

Woke up early this morning because my mom planned to bring all of us for an outing! We went to a secret garden first, then beach! It was so so fun! And of course, I took many many pictures! We enjoyed ourselves very much. Thank you mommy and aunty Shirley! Love ya lots!

We took a lot of pictures in the garden. Took many pictures for the plants too! Pretty flowers and green plant. Nice scenery with cool fresh air. I'm lovin it!

In the garden:

My secret garden. *hearts*

My Favourite flower. - Orchid

Cactus! Love this picture!

Some cute purple flower.

And guess what! Periuk Kera! haha it's pitcher plant in English.

Some cute pink flower. ( I dunno what's the name!)

Good morning! hahaha. Morning glory! <3

So cute little red thingy! And it's hard. Dunno what kinda flower is this.

So pretty!

Moi. =D




The Beach:

Teluk Cempedak.


My wonderful journey.

To the left, to the left, to the right, to the right. HAHAHAHA. =D

Enjoying the wind blowinggg. =3

To my dearest love. <3

New Hair Day. =3

I just trimmed my hair abit. I have fridge now! and more wavey hairr. Happy happy! Since my aunty is a hairstylist, I get free haircut! Now only I know I can do a lot of things in Kuantan. Maybe it's because exam's mode is over. So my mind become very free and blank, can do whatever I like.

I get to play with kids every morning I wake up. I got 5 kids in my house. Super noisy and fun. Sometimes when I make pancakes, puddings and jelly for them, they will be very happy and joyful. Although it's abit tired, but when you see their happiness, then you'll know that's worth it. Perhaps I'm the eldest, they will listen to me everytime. Super obedient! I love kids! I really don't understand some people who doesn't like kids, I don't know whether they're heartless or cold hearted, or maybe they think kids are just very noisy and annoying brats? Oh well.

Besides, I watched alot of movie series during this week. I learnt many things from those movies. Such as love relationships, friendships, family affairs and moral values. Surprisingly, I cried a lot compare to last time. This time, I learnt a lot of things through the movie. I realised I should appreciate people around me. I understood a lot of moral values and I knew there are many bad people outside to hurt you. So must be careful! And I learnt how to make myself a better person. =)

I was looking for clothes this morning in my closet. I saw this dress. I didn't know I had this dress! Omg. Lol. and I looked very sleepy and tired that time. haha. There. naughty kids want me to say cheese! XD

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lazy blogger like me.
Hey peeps. I've been having fun with babies in Kuantan!

They're so cute! Both of them are my cousins, Hin and You. =D One of them is 9 months and another one is 11 months. Remember when I looked at them during CNY, they're just babies! Now they had grown up so fast. Feel so prouddd. (L)

This is another one. His name is Shen. He is a very naughty boy. Always jump here and theree. Super active! His mom wanna throw him to me already. hahaha. But nvm, he's cute! Wheeeeeeeee.

Now you guys know why I dont wanna come back to KL already rightt. Lol. I get to see kids everyday. Feel so good. =D

*am I cute?* pinchess pinchesss