Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hello my curls. <3

Bye bye my straight straight hair.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Our Science Assessment 1.

Imagine you're a sperm, write a interesting story about your journey to the egg to fertilise it. wth

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Back to kay elle.

Got tonnes and tonnes of assessment tomorrow. die die die.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Blame my smelly mommy.

Her la. Her friends dont miss her my friends also miss me one ma. haha! Dont wanna come back on on time. Make me cannot go to school. make me cannot go to someone's birthday party tomorrow. =( make me missed so many lessons. make me miss so much fun. make me got so many homework waiting for me to do. make me miss my piano lesson and english lesson tomorrow. make me make me make me make me cannot see my darling for so longgggggggg. HAHAHA.

anyways, I got a new baby boy cousin yesterday! It's one of the reason I cannot come back to kl also. He's so super duper cute. I wanna get pregnant again. hahaha! just jk. =)So I'm now busy finding baby names from him. any ideas?

I'm rich! i collected about 800+ bucks during CNY. 300 from mom and etc etc. I think it will be more when I come back to kl. and I got a big big big ang pau from Sweden also ler. *wink wink* anyways, lucky I dont gambleeee. haha I played mahjong without gamble money one. If not lost until pants also drop. =(

Oh yeah. I perm my hair. Dont get shocked. Yy is very excited already. She say sure look like.............. hahaha! I promise IT'S NOT!! <3

Haiyerrrrrrrrrrr. why boy's present so difficult to find one.
Die of shopping.

Fat pig sitting on fat fat pig. hahaha actually her smelly fat legs make them looks like mine. =(

HAHA. seeeeeeeee. We hide in the fitting room cam-whoring when we're tired until cannot walk already during shopping. KENG EH. anyways, thats my cute fat little cousin, Phoebeeee. super dai sek one. but sometime kek sei yan.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The most memorable First day of CNY.

I have one pregnant aunty gonna give birth next month already. But that night before we had our reunion dinner at home, she fell down went she was taking a plate. OMG VERY SCARY YOU KNOW THAT TIME. You know la pregnant woman fall down very dai wok one. My uncles and my mom quickly send her to the hospital then the whole night we didn’t have the mood to eat already. Really very scary one arrrr. My aunty keep on crying that time. Lucky nothing happen to her baby and herself. I thought got baby coming out on the first day on the CNY already this time. LOL anyways, she came back yesterday from the hospital already. But pity her still cannot walk. Now she say wanna go for operation instead of giving birth AUTOMATICALLY. =( soooooooooo sad. Now I’m scared of getting pregnant and giving birth already. I don’t want baby already. No twins. Hahaha just joking. =P

Anyways, I saw a lot of babies during this CNY. Super cute lerrrrrrrrrr.
One girl one boy.

Oh yeah. I collected a lot of ang paus this year.

The cutest ang pau ever.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year with lotsa lotsa ang paus. <3

Reunion dinner. =) It was awesome.

Yee Sanggg.

and the vegetarian foodies. =P

So I'm now here blogging in Starbucksss.

I'm eating and sleeping very much this CNY like a pig. of course ler, pig year ma. hope I wont gain much weight like a pig ler. hahhaa There's so many delicious waiting for me omggg. CNY cookies are so yummy and and my grandma's and aunty's cooking.HOW TO TAHAN WORH. oh yeah, I didnt get to eat mandarin oranges this year. later cough until blood also come out then choi ler. HAHA

I'm now in Kuantan enjoying collect ang paus. yeays I feel so rich now. =) you know you feel so good when having enough sleep. sick is getting better. All my little cousins is sticking with me 24/7 when I'm back. and I'm so gonna play Mahjonggg everyday ler. hahah I miss playing Mahjong with you all ar lan tou pohs. = Michelle, Carmen and Mun Yeeeeee. I'm gonna win win win alot this CNY. Call me Mahjong Queen ler. (L) and dont forget I'm a SMS professional okay. hehe and and Kids loverrrrrrr. <3

Me and My twinssss. yes how I wish. hahaha they're my twins cousin - Andre and Andrei. I wish I will have a pair of twins in my future. *pray*

Another cousin doing break dance. <3 and he's only std 3 omg.

Will blog more about my CNY again.

Gong Xi Fa Chai everyoneeeeee. Xoxo

Filtered me, Black and whiteeeee.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Last Day of school.

It was so so so fun today! we like didn't do anything today one omg. besides having Mandarin class la. after that, we played like crazy monkeys in the class and no lessons were onnnn. thanks to the 7 absentist! =) We playedddddddd:

Truth or dare. (okay, it's just all the smelly dares, no truth)

okay. it was so crazy fun. We, Andrea, Jiyni, Amanda, Ya Yen and meeeeee of course. We were all kena dared by other smelly people's dare notes. like kissing Alvin and Mou Chuan ( eww, i know, and Amanda did both of that), running around the class without your shoes ( me lar. stupid), take of somebody's shoe without telling them - Andrea's dare ( okay la so disgusting you know, all the others dont know what am I gonna do to them one was so scared, HAHHAAHA. PLEASE LAH I WONT RAPE YOU. I took out Cass's shoes and it stinks. hahaha *wash hands with dettol* then go hug the most good looking guy you think (Ya yen did this. she go hug Mou Chuan. wtf bbq!), sing & dance crazily in front of the class, ( okay. andrea did this one! hahahaha. she sang oops I did it againnnnn and Jiy Ni sang a song while rubbing her stomach - Cassendra's dare. STUPID LA I KNOW SHE WISH THE DARE WAS FALLEN ON ME ONE. cause it will looks more like pregnant woman. YOU WISH LA. hahaha. boo you. and Jiy Ni did my dare, do starjump for 10 times outside the class during break. hahahaha and and and I did Ya yen's dare i think, (Go hug someone you love and tell him you love him) Hahahahaha grrrrr. okay, i did this one. =P what else what else, oh yeah, Ya yen hugged Jeff and I hugged Darren. HAHAHAHHAA. dont be jealous la. Jeff is like a girl and and Darren is already taken by Saranya. hahahaha. Ish ish ish. We didnt hug them really tightly la, just like friends friends lorh, they're more shy than us okay. Lucky no pictures were taken. phew

Second Gameeeeeeeeeee. ( Jee Gu Bak) or whatever it isssss. Very fun also.

Its like paper scissors and stone. If anyone dont know how to play or never play before must try it!

Third Game - Wu Guai Wu Guai Tiu! hahahah so funny lar! they copy from the super trio show one.

all the others played except for me. hahaha you know lah, pregnant woman cannot tahan one ar. later water bag burst then sei lorh. AHHAHAHA.oh yeah, Yen's one burst today already. hahahhaha her baby was so cute! and BH and her is still so shy to each otherrrrr. hahah me and ken vin was like giving them a chance to talk to each other privately during break today BUT BOTH OF THEM AR. haiyerrrr that time BH still say will talk to her when her friends not around one but still turn out like dont know what only.Hmph hmph =( the baby needs a daddy also one you knowwwww. HAHAHAHHA.

Fourth Game - aiya i dont know whats the name.

It was like this. two person face back and their butt should be banging each other;s butt to make them lost. hahaha i wonder who created this game. tsk tsk tsk. That's Andrea and Amanda in the picture. and I was playing with Ya yen. You know la our butt so big, once we bang each other hor, the baby also can fall out! dont play play ar. ahahahah!

okay, I'm just joking with all the pregnant parts okay. =)

after all the games, we had break then art lesson then moral. We went to the ICT. SO RELAXING LA TODAY. The saddest thing is cannot see someone for so many days only. Sighssss. Gonna have Reunion dinner tonight. so early right? hahhaha and I received ang paus today already. got 250 cash already for the first day. woo hooooooooo. thanks thanks uncle and aunty. and I'm going back to Kuantan tomorrow too. so will blog lesser and eat more when I come back to school that time definately will look like real pregnant already one, trust me!

okay g2g prepare for the dinner now!


and and.

Happy Collecting Cash people! XOXO

and and and.

Dont miss me too much also arrrrrrrrrrrr. hahahhaha. *slaps*

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Did you get one?

I'm exhausted.

Just finished all my homework. so tiring. I received 3 more boxes of sweets today. haha. sick still haven't cure yet. and getting even worst. I think it's a punishment. Yes, Its a punishment. =( I feel like sleeping every single minute you know. and I have dark eye circles already, not as bad as Adele's, of course. =P

Science lesson was crazy as well. Aiyerrrrr. they talked about tampons today. Cass started it. then the whole class noisy already. You know, everytime they start talking about it I will just laughed until I stomachache and start feeling disgusting. The boys la. ask what's a tampons until so desperate. Hmph then the teacher answer la, tampons are something that girls use during her menstruation. and and and something put into the vagina.................... HAHAHA. alot laaaaaa. then Cass said, "if the thing full already got one string come out then you must pull it out one" hahahaha haiyer. then the boys said :" if the string putus already how?!" HAHAHAHHAHAHA. so funny la. then she replied them " it will stay there forever and ever la until you go to the doctor there and take out lorh." hAHAHHAHA wanna die already that time. Cass and Amanda sacrisfied their sanitary pads during that lesson too. then all the boys become animals already. Scary! too bad Malcolm you were not hereeeeeeeeee. =)


This Sim Boon Hong and Sim Ya Yen ar. sure got something between both of them already ar. So secretive you knowwwwww. I will kidnap her phone tomorrow okay BH. AND the TOP SECRET IS.


I saw one bear bear in her bag today and GUESS WHO gave it to herrrrrrrr. =P *wink wink*

tsk tsk tsk. You see you seee. =)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


See. Got Valentine like that one anot. Got tuition at nighttt summore. haha wonder why my tuition teacher's husband won't bring her out for a candle light dinnerrrrr. then I wont be suffering there. You know it's almost been two weeks my flu + cough + sore throat still haven't cureeeeeeee ar. =(! It makes me so headache laaa. and and and it's so hard to concentrate in classssssss. SIGHS and I had my first assessment - English today. Lol If it was the Mid Year term exams I think until now I'm still crying in my pillowsss ar. Hahaha! until my eyes like goldfish. aiyer. I just simply tembak and write write write all those smelly jinjang things la. KEEP SNEEZING ONLY how to write worh. and my nose gonna drop that time already. hahaha! Dont touch my nose anymore ar, it's fragile.

Miss Most - Wanted in Form 3A - Lim Jiy Ni

Ahahaha. Omg really. She received so many gifts you know! haha soooooooo sweet la. especially from TIMOTHY. Woolala! she receives roses and alot of things la. I'm so jealousssssssss. hahaha! nah just jk. I recieved 6 oneeee. then I only got 4. dunno which aunty or uncle go steal the one from my lou poh Sylvia's and Carmen's one to meeeeeee. Grrr. anyways I have a pair of new earrings. once after I lost the Chanel oneeeeeeee. sigh I don't know when I lost it but I must find it back ar! It's Chanel! must match with my necklace one ar. =(!

Ken Vin, Malcolm, Ya Yen and Cheaaaa. ( okay will try! haha you belanja me then I go la) =)

Will you marry me? HAHAHAHA. <3 Isn't it sweet!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Love is in the air.


ahahahhaa. this is so sad. this smelly ya yen laaa. write nice nice for her valentine present not until 5 minutes become like that already. You terrible horrible vegetable! I dont love you already! ahahha! hmphhhhhhhhhh. so terror got secrets already summore! FINEEEEEEEEEE.

Anyways, meet my teddy family!

Haiyerrr. I don't know where's all the othersssss already. =( maybe my mom gave it to my cousins. Grrrrrr. I want a big big big teddy bear ar. haha you know got one big big teddy bear in Teddy Talesss one. Very very bigggg one ar. I want that one omg. that smelly sales girl dont let me take a picture of it. wtfbbq. =(

I cant wait for tomorrow. hahaha. <3 It's valentineeeeeeeeee.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I received this message from one of my naughty naughty best friend, Ya Yen!

Nice guys are not handsome,
Handsome guys are not nice,
Nice & rich guys but also handsome one,
Handsome & nice guys also no money one,
Handsome & Rich nice guys all also married already
Handsome & Rich and nice guys but haven't married all also gay one.


So what kinda guys do you want girls?

I want to go to school tomorrow lerh! =(

Friday, February 09, 2007

Japanese Day.

Chea says my name in Japanese is Yean yean. hahahahha omg!

People knows me will call me Kyean,
People who are close to me will call me something more special,
People who dont know me will call me koh kean or whatever (very annoying one you know)
People in my family will call me Yan Yan.
and Ya Yen will call me Cha giaaaaaa. hahaha!and now i got another new name,yean yean! eh, actually my little cousin also call me that one. super duper sweet one lorh she! <3

very busy day. early morning reached school then must help to decorate class already. You all also know how kiasu is Pn Teoh one lerrr. always compare our class to other classes. so kek sei yan. hmph. at last also NOT BAD maaaaa our class! =) Lucky she didn't complain at last already. if not I throw bonsenberries to her! just joking. i wonder why she have to be so last minute lerrr. after break the Japanese students will be coming into our class the first lesson only start screaming and rushing us to do. must do nice nice super nice one summore. I GOT MAGIC WAND mehhhh now.

then, finally! The japanese came. 2 boys and 2 girls. Lol I only remember one of the guy's name, Syunnn! Suzuki. haha both of them not bad looking ler, me and yy were busy flirting with him! HAHAHHAAHA. Just joking. only ya yen okay. I tell your *beloved god brother Boon Hong* then you know one ar! hahaha! =)

Shun , me and another guy. dont wanna tell you his name! they're nice. I got 2 already. How many do you have? ahhahaha! =p=p=p

Us. =)


Stayed back for awhile. then went to Klcc with mom wanted to buy CNY clothes one. VOMIT BLOOD AR. First, I went to Top Shop. nothing at all. then, Zara. got one pants and one sleeveless but dont have my size already, haha GRRRR. after that went to the miss sixty. and went out again. then go to esprittttt. actually got a few I like oneee, but when I try that time not nice already. hahaha! smelly cutting ruined my mood. and Nike & Roxy as well. NO MOOD ALREADY. Frence Collection also dont have. NO MOOD ALREADY. haha thennnn, it's time to eat! Omg, I was so hungry that time. went to Nippon Tei. <3 I love their Unagi. and I love salmon. My mom ordered Teppan Chicken Set but I ate most of them! hahaha yummy yummy! aiya I love Japanese food la! (L)

Before leavinggg, I went to Guess to try my luck again. hahaha! I really really saw one shirt I like one, and not forgetting another jeans with alot alot of diamonds! guess how much, Rm 799 ar. hahaha mommy said to put it back. =( SO CONCLUSION, I didn't get any clothes today at all. Lucky I get some stationary from Kinokuniya and 2lucky draws for discounts from Esprit and Roxy. Aiya the parking ticket also more expensive than those 2 smelly paper la. =( HAHAHA.

Suddenly mommy say she got alot of white hair and wanna go saloon to perm & dye her hair before CNY. aiyerrrrrrr so what only. I was like so tired already and I know I wont walk already because my legs gonna patah already.Smelly high heels make my legs so pain. haha wish someone was there to carry me. =(and I know I cant wait for her there quietly for 2 hourss right. sooooooo, I decided to watch movie! hahaha alone summore you know. I wont forget today. BECAUSE I WATCHED MOVIE IN A CINEMA ALONE FIRST TIME YOU KNOW. FIRST TIME! but the movie not nice ler, Epic Movie. yeeeee. I thought it would be better than I thought! =( Dont watch ar, dont waste your 8 bucks! =)

wait until wanna cry already. - In the saloon. =)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

To my special someone,

The shortest word for me is "I"
The sweetest word for me is "love"
The only word for me is "you!"


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Man Up! - by Omarion feat. RAIN.

I loveeeee school and I wanna go to school everyday. hahaha! but not his class ar. =P.

I'm sicked. thanks to all the monkeys in my class la. haha i mean the smelly monkey class teacher Pn Teoh ar. Pass the flu virus to me then blame me that I passed to her one. hahaha. got this kinda nene one hor. Lollll. Today was okay. but I'm very tired ler, keep on sneezing and i finished one whole pack of yy's tissue today ar. hahaha. nose also wanna drop already. thank god Mr. Joshep didn't come today. so I get to rest for one lesson, and and and get to hang kai kai with YY. hahaha! eh, not funny okay. We both kena scolded by Pn. Jamalia today ar. hmph YOU KNOW WHY. Dont wanna tell you. =3 then second lesson ar. OUR FAVOURITE TEACHER, Mr. Adenan came in to relieve. hahahha CRAZY AR. Adele keep on talking dirty with him. tsk tsk tsk. * Darling darling, remember tonight hor. same place same time okay? YOu want me to wear what colour?! HAHAHHAA. red or what? LOL then I was like * NOOOOOOOOOOOOO TEACHER! How could you! * everyone laughed so loud. hahaha!

You know, this 2 aunty one pregnant one then another siao one. torture me until I sit there wanna cry already. hahaha

but I look happy in this picture lerh. hahaha! AT LAST. They made me look like


Friday, February 02, 2007

Me and My Sister. <3

Nothing to update currently. School was good, Friends were crazy as normal, Family, of course okay lah, besides my evil aunty with her black hearted ar. You know, everytime i play my piano, she sure will say something bad to me one, like " Very noisy ar", or straight away go close the lights. KENG hor she. ^^ butttttt she very smart one, she only will do that when my grandparents or others not there. LEARN ALL THE EVILNESS AND SMARTNESS LAH. Dont know what is wrong with her mind ar. Jealousy i guess. Really one you know. Once my mom changed her car to BMW and Harrier that time she crazy joh. haha she go say to her husband in front of me" Normally drive BMW people hor, very very selfish one ar." HAHAHHAHAHA. want me to slap her stupid face anot. that time i was still so young you know. also wanna hurt my innocent heart ar. then got one time when i was 4 or 5, the lantern festival ma. I give her daughter a lantern, then ar, dont know what happened to that crazy woman go fly the lantern away in front of me you know, WANNA CRY ALSO CANNOT CRY OUT AR. hahahaha. aiya still got alot of cases one la. got this kinda adult one hor. tsk tsk tsk. So now right, everytime i see her or my uncle also I wont greet them one, not to say wanna fight or what la, but cannot call out ma. sometimes my grandpa still scold me worh. Aiyah, he dont know what happened before ma. lucky my grandma and all my others relatives knows all the things she did to me ar. Lol that witch. will see what happen to her next time la. =)

..... I wonder why I write so much about her in here.

About school, You know la, I got so many hamsap classmates in my class, You know who you all are la okay. HAHAHA. yesterday was chapter 4 - Reproduction. YOU KNOW ALL THE MONKEYS AR. hahaha make so many funny noises, and especially Cass and Amanda ar, shout so loud somemore. tsk tsk tsk. the guys was likee *woooooooooooo* very sampat la them. Yy and I was observing their hamsap-ness. hahahah! shhhhhh. =) IT'S JUST AN INTRODUCTION ONLY LA OKAY ANOT. I cannot imagine next monday's science lesson already, oh my god.

Anyways, I still love everyone and especially my darling & sweetheart la. <3>

and cheese tarts.

and my magic garden.

and valentine of course! <3

- Some nice gift shop in KLCC, D'NATA.

oh yeah, Ya yen says she's gonna get me the piggy and a teddy bear on valentine! hahah! <3