Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ya Yen's Sweet Sixteen Bash

No not Pavillion this time, not Sunway Pyramid too. We've decided to go to KLCC for a new change. Simply because we're so patriotic like that. Hahaha. Well the plan was actually supposed to be going for a Paint ball session but her mom disallowed. *Thank you aunty!!!* I don't wanna come back with bruises all around. So we went to KLCC just for a simply chilling session. Much more better for me I will say. =D

The theme was actually Beach after discussing for so many times. Are we beach-y enough? No right, Hahahha. No not bitchy, BEACHY.

The beloved girlfriends.

Actually we planned to go Delicious for lunch. But we were slightly late due to the traffic jams and the movie queue. We didn't have enough time to walk to Delicious so we went to Madam Kuan at last. Patriotic aren't we. Malaysian cuisine it was!!! Rach, Mel, Mich, and the birthday girl had fattening Nasi Bojari, while Oli and I had delicious Char Kueh Teow, my all time favourite. Cass had Sambal Petai & Prawn with rice. Something I wouldn't order because I hate Petai. But I still ate all her onions in there cuz she hates them. Hahahah. We don't waste food. That's our motto!! =D My dearest Mun didn't eat much, she ordered Golden Dreams as her dessert. Something you wouldn't like if you don't like corn just like me.

Just after the lunch, our movie was about to start. Babylon it was. Omg the most difficult to understand movie of the year. The movie makes me dumb. Cuz I still can't figure out what's the whole story about until now. I almost fell asleep in the cinema that time. That explains how difficult to understand! It's as complicated as the lessons being taught in class. I'm serious. =./ Cass had to go after the movie. So we walked her to her father's boutique shop. Such nice friends aren't we. Tee hee.

We heart big mirrors. From Edmund Ser.

Michael Jackson wannabes. Hahhahah. Just joking!

After that, we decided to walk around the park to take some pictures and walk to Delicious for tea break. But wth, some people with *very good sense of direction* who *knows* where is Delicious brought us to walk a big fat round around the KLCC park. It's not funny okay. Plus imagine Mich and I was wearing high heels. Smelly. In the end we didn't get to Delicious too cuz we were all so frustrated of walking, so we went to The Apartments after all.

Pictures time!

Cool people yaw! *Spreading the A-ness* Too bad Rach was taking this picture for us so she wasn't in!

Without Mun this time. =( Still doing the A thing!

All thanks to Mr Self Timer. You made us all together again! I love you!

Oh my. We look so happy walking together with heels! Why are there 3 kelefehs at the back of us grrrrrrr.

Lovely picture.

The Apartments, KLCC.

They have a very warm interior design too. Gives you a home sweet home feel. This is just part of the corner of the restaurant. Definitely will visit this lovely apartment again soon!!

Ma Girls. *Including Cass of course!*

With the bloggers.

With the not. Hahaha! Look at their sad faces! So cute!

My very very rich chocolate mousse! Sigh, by looking at this picture makes me drool already. I miss it so much!! It's sooooooooo freaking good! Can't wait to try their others dessert!!

The best damn thing on earth. - Including me okay! Hahahaha. Love this picture of me! Look like Daniel Henney's wife hor hor. *slaps face*

Not forgetting a picture with the lovely birthday girl. *hearts kisses and hugs*

Mun's Palova something something. I didn't notice the name. But it's very nice too. It's very creamy milky and tasty. I wonder why she didn't like it. We all love it to bits!

The sweetheart complaining how bad it was. I fed her with my delicious chocolate mousse to fill up her noisy mouth! Hahaha!

Group Picture!

We are so cool like that. Hahahah the original spreader were Rach and I! We made people around us cool like us! Wahahah!

There's other parts too! Stay tuned! Feed yourself with this delicious post first! It should last you for a few days from now! =D
Back From Mars

I just got home. peacefully. Had so much fun time this whole week at dearest Mun's house and Chagia's happy sweet sixteen. Everything were great except my body is aching and my eyes are stretched now. =S This shows how much fun I had. Time to be serious on my studies now. Exam's one month away. *gasps*

Anyways, I have a very very very bad news for all of you. I forgot to bring my camera out since Tuesday! And I can't go home to get it because my mom left to HK already! WTFFFFF. I failed as a blogger. I feel so sorry for myself. I didn't take any pictures of anything last few days. I feel like killing myself. The feeling was like.. There's no camera on my wedding day! HAhahahah omg am I being too exaggerated. But seriously. LUCKILY, I have all my beloved blogger girlfriends and I know they love me enough to share all the pictures with me right! That's why I love them so much! *kisses all over you guys*

Till then, I'll promise to update once I collected all the pictures from them k? I have so much things to blog about. And we made a lot of crazy videos on those nights together. Stay tuned! It's very interesting. I promise.

In the mean time, I shall post some pictures (From phone) to keep my blog alive while waiting for the others from their cam. *Slow pokes*

Being the best cha gia ever. I made this Blueberry Cheesecake FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE with other girlfriends for the cha gia. Will blog about it more later!

Don't you just love her. (Sorry for the big fat eye bag. Just woke up)

Favourite hot spot. Hahahhaha

Ma babies! The toilet family wtf wtf

I heart big mirrors! Went out with Mun and her mom yesterday to The Gardens.

By the way, look who's the one who took all the blanket. Don't simply blame me hor!

You may take one before you leave! It's from Celicakes. =)

Before I go, Happy 51th Merdeka! *kiam siap fireworks*

Meanie Kyeanie is signing off.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Guess who's birthday is coming up next. =D

I'll be the first one who wish you here. Bleh. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHA GIA!!! I bought you a sexy boy as your present! Just joking. But I'm gonna do what a Cha Gia should do. I know you're gonna cry!! Just wait for the fun. =)

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Sigh sigh. school's starting tomorrow. Obviously I'm still not satisfied with my holidays yet. Isn't it just too short. I'm kinda guilty to say this but I've never touched any books during this holiday at all. All I did was just sticking my butt in front of the computer screen watching We Got Married, Hot Shot and Moonlight Resonance from It's very addictive. I feel sorry for myself now already. Time to push myself to study soon. Finals in less than 2 month time. Die die dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Anyways, we went for a Addmaths Camp last Sunday for 4 hours. It's crazy. But there's a break for us. And here goes. The boy thing and the girl thing.

Boy thing

Girl thing

Forget about that. Hungry anyone?

Taiwanese Cuisine this time. My warm dinner.

Anyways, see all of you in school tomorrow. Have a lot of things to catch up.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Choir Practice at Rebecca's House

Konon-nya. Over 21 classmates only 10 turned up. Ahh, but it was still fun honestly. I'm sure it would be better if those turned up also! How can we missed out Cass T_T Then other guys went for tennis, and Zhao went to the 9th state for water polo. Sigh. Oh yeah, and and Hanim's angel voice wasn't there too. Only got Mike's holy voice. Hahahahha no lah no lah just joking. So while waiting for our beloved class monitor and Mr Deng the late birds, we, the early birds were having our fun time of.. You should know best. =D

Nuff' said.

Nuff' NUFF' said.

I simply love this picture. So koreanish right! Like like Andy and Solbi's family picture wahahaha.

Thanks to the photographers Carmen and Hua Min.

This is the original picture. I did not write that. Hahahaha the photographer edited it! So nice right! I took some other pictures from her too because it's so nice itself and I couldn't resist! =D THANK YOU CARMEN & HUAMIN!

Crown J & In Young

Where's others?!

Baby One More Time~

Moi, Hua and Yen.

Influence the others with the A thing!

Playing aroud her pretty garden with her colourful fan thingy.

Mike & Eddie was having sexy time. Susan was jealous! *evil laughs*

Ouch. Haha!

Heading to the playground. Just for fun!

I'm only 6 this year. =)

Rachel says: Me too! XD

Told you. We're having a fun time there!

Mich & Kyean myself! Teehee! XD I purposely wear the top to look more Koreany AHAHAHHA wtf. It's not funny to wear that in Malaysia ok. My cousin was asking where am I going in the morning before I left my house. Then I asked him, where do you think I'm going. He said, Artic! T_T

A picture for only ME&MYSELF&I.

And now the group.

And the class! Nah! Half of the class! 9 girls and 1 pimp! Hahahahha!

Influencing the Korean fever to more and more people .

The crazy us! Hahaha! The Sampat Mich and The Manja Me. The Blur Yen and The Cool Rach. The Crazy Jay Chou Fans - Mun, Carmen and Becca, The typical Drea and the Cute HuaMin... And the PIMP!

That is all before we left the house for our own activities. For Rach, Michelle and I, we went for Korean food in Ampang Avenue. For others, they went to a small dessert restaurant to chill as they were not as korean as us. Hahhaha. So here goes.

Our soup.

Korean BBQ with lotsa small side dishes.

Korean seafood pancake! Delicious!

And Bibimbap!

Mike enjoying his food.

Eddie and Susan also happily enjoying their food. See how good it takes for having korean food. There's no any thoughts of snatching Mike away from each other. Wahahaha.

At least a group Picture.

Cheers! We had SOJU! It was good.. and tipsy! and sexy! And you don't wanna know. =) *winks* Oh before the Ahem part, we went to the Korean market to buy some Korean ice cream and coffee as our dessert. =D