Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Very First Day of Hokuryo Exchange Programme

Ohaiyo! =D Do re mi fa so!

It's finally here! I bet if I don't update by today you guys will boycott my blog already. =S Haha! Sorry! My mistake! So here it goes! Gonna flood this place with full of pictures again! =D Be prepared!!

Was waiting for their arrival at the courtyard. I swear my heart was nearly jumped out that time. Too nervous and excited already!

Say hello to the host students!~

Happy and excited us. =D

Add ImageSay hello to Miss Pop Sasa.

Malcolm and I. and ghosty Orivia behind.

With Mr Tall, Arexi Lum.

With Ms Tall, Nancy! =D

Yong enn-shi =)

Ms Man-ni. Hahhaa

The Ms Koreans turn into Ms Japans now. =D

Munyee and I.

*heartbeats heartbeats heartbeats* They are here now!!

Ahhhhh. Hahaha. I still can remember how anxious I felt that time! It was unexplainable!

A very eye catching performance. Wushu! Well done boys!

Speech by the Japanese principal

and now the Malaysian Principal. It was quite surprising when he started speaking a few lines of good Japanesu! =D

Speech by Mr Honda Toyota. hahahha. Nola just joking. His name is Honda!! Honyee's host. I think they look alike also! Dont you think so?!

We managed to spot our Japanese host student quite fast in the hall! Guess which is mine. Teehee

the classroom activities. well. I sneaked into Mun's class because my whole class was almost empty that time ! T_____T *well thats just an excuse, the real reason is there are more sexy japanese boys in their classroom* HAHAHA

We had so much fun that time. Played fruit basket, learnt how to make origamis. Hehehe.
but it was time to go down for another programme that time!

Bon Appetite!

The Indian Food Stall

Malay Food Stall

and the Chinese food stall

And how can we left out the Kuih muih stall!

So nice right!

Michelle and Jiyni.

Mr Baozhen was there too!

Felicia and I. heheh =D

Spotted cute little girls and took pictures with them! Pedophile or whatever you call it! =D

Kento, *dunno*, Mugen's host, and Kay! At least this picture looks more normal right! =3

With the principle. He look so kind! =D

Doing their favourite pose V, with Mr Mario, the tallest guy at the most right.

Yuki! the kawai and super friendly boy!

Daiki, every girl's apple! Hahaha!


And finally, this is my host. Ueyama Naoki! The first ever picture I took with him! I won't forget his expression when I approached him that time. He was soooooooooo cute! The conversation was like something like this:

Me: *walk towards him* Hello! May I know what's your name?
Naoki: Hello, my name is.. *take out his name tag* My name is Ueyama Naoki! *big watery eyes with a blur look* HAHAHHHAHA.
Me: OH OH OH!! I am gonna be your host !
Naoki: Oh really? Ok! *wide smile and giggles*
Me: Can I take a picture with you first?
Naoki: Ok! *snaps*
Me: *awkwards* I see you later yea! *run away*
Naoki: Alright! *skips away*

Hahahhahaha. Isn't he cute! I'm gonna share more of them in another post! So stay tune yeah! =D nights nights! I can't wait to read their email la! Hohoho

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Time flies. 3 days had just gone so fast like that. The japanese students left not long ago.

right now. I'm feeling sooooo happy and sad deep inside my heart. Sad because we just had to be apart from each other after having 3 days of good times and experience together. I've got to say that I just had the most happening 3 days in my life. Had ups and downs together. When I say ups and downs, it's really something that you will never expect. I will share it with you next time. Over the years, even my close friends didn't even see me cried once before. But, I finally cried in front of them in these 3 days. 2 times to be exact. Hahahhah. One time is when the japanese students were leaving a few hours ago. Another one I shall leave it to be a secret. I just can't let my tears to come up that time. I'm feeling soooooo tired at the same time now. Back ache. Eye tired, leg numbs and so much more. We barely sleep for more than 4-5 hours this 2 nights. Hardly have the time to rest for seconds too. Our plan was so hectic and fun. But Im gonna dieeeeeeee anytime soon. I finally have the time to sit down properly, looking back to the pictures we took together, and to come online. Geez. I feel like blogging about it now but don't have pictures to blog! So just read about the words first yeah. Won't be too long cuz Im too tired . Oh yaaa, the guy I hosted is sooooooo cute. Chubby chubby. Quite a few of them say we look alike. Or rather look nice together HAHAHAH. (I think it's because we're meaty tsk tsk tsk) Jiyni's first reaction when I show her my host was: "OMG YOU GUYS LOOK SO ALIKE MAN!" Hahhaha. Then then the close friends said we don't look alike but we both have the "look" together. Hahah Aiya I dunno them lah. Will update the pictures soon.

Right now, I just wanna say that I miss you, Naoki and the others!!! Sayonara! =D

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hokuryo High School Programme

Ahhh. I'm hosting a student this year! *finally of all these past few years* =) And it's a guy! *hohoho* His name is Euyama Naoki. So are my close friends. Heheh. All hosting guy! What is this you tell me! Hahaha. Wanna host girl also feel weird. Lol. Cuz we're all gonna stay together and have fun! I just finished planning with all of them today. Hohoho seems like a nice plan! I can't wait for it!! =D

It's gonna be another hectic week for me! Gonna celebrate sweetie's birthday on this Thursday night. Then gonna stay staying over at Mun's house for another 5 days! OR maybe 6! Hahahah! My smelly mom is going overseas with Mandy's mom. =( Urghhh. She is the smelliest ever! And she said she won't be going to school this friday for the japanese programme for the photo session. She said, "Go for what, pai leng ar. You think I got so free ar. I no need to.... do this and that ar." "It's just a photo session. "Please lah. It's not that I got a father. or 2 mothers. OR EVEN SIBLINGS!" I said. Then she go ask me to find a temporary mother or father on that day. omg she is the coolest and i dunno what to say mom HAHAHAHA I WANNA CRY T______T


He likes fishing. and he would like to go fishing in Malaysia! HAHAHAHHAHAHAH

I burst out laughing when I saw this on his profile that time man! I was like! Oh my god how am I gonna bring him to go fishing in Malaysia!!! Hahahahha! Fish spa can lah!! That would be his first time fishing with his own legs! HAHAHAHHA! =D =D =D

Friday, February 13, 2009

Under The Sea

Had an outing with Mandy, Wei Zhen and Leslie last Monday.. It was a kinda last minute thing. We got headache just to decide where to go early in the morning. Haha. From The Gardens, Mid Valley, then became Sunway Pyramid, Genting... then lastly, KLCC. But before we head to KLCC, we went to have our late brunch at around 3-4, tell me which restaurant got so good open for you that time except for Nak Won! Other Korean restaurants also never open that time lorh! Haha!

Had Korean feast like korean beasts! Hahahah! First time for Leslie! Welcome to the gang!

Ahhh, best couple 2008, Mr and Mrs Teh! =D So cute can melt!

Hahahha, this is childhood partner! Not scandal! Mind your language Mandy! Hohoho I asked MT's permission before bringing him out k! Hahaha! Look at him and his childy smile!

Oh ya! I ate beef that day and it was sooooooooooooooooo delicious! I thought it was going to be just one piece but I was wrong.......... I'm so sinful now tsk!

"Watermelon also wanna take ar!" Ah boy said. Yes, good for digestion! Hahah!

Drink and leave! Hohoho. Off we go now! *wipe butts*

After brunch, went to the mini market and saw this! I think Mandy was more excited than me that time! (Well, mine is excited and a little bit of sexcited) HAHAHHA.

It's Daniel Henney's coffee are you hearing me! Hahhaha! I will feel so delighted every morning just to drink the coffee to welcome my day~! Tien and Jamie will so totally agree!

Yes baby, I'm listening ! HAHAHHAHA. Aww, don't be jealous! =D

Off to KLCC after that. Bought movie tickets and walked for awhile. Since we don't feel like shopping (and don't have walking ATMs with us) that time, We decided to go into the Aquaria since all of us didn't go before. But damn, it's 28 bucks per person and 20 bucks for student price (only for college and university student) damnit. I was kinda like... Har, I pay 30 bucks just to see fishes ar, go eat fish also better la right! Hahahhaha. Damn wai sek can die one me.

It's starfish peeps! Sooooooooo cute! You won't wanna eat them for sure!

Sea turtle! So cutee! *hearts*

Those days we just got to know each other.. Ahh, the childhood memories.. So amazing.

And now we had all grown up! Still having fun with each other! Well, add another one more mandy's WZ! And Ah boy's girl! And where's mine!! =S

Guess what were we holding!

The mermaids~ We're Pisces babies!

Before entering the aquaria... we saw some weird insects displaying there and I feel sooooooooo unconfortable when I see this........

Holy frog. Sooooo frogging big. It's like my shoe size this time. Good thing though, can't get into my shoe! Sigh... You know I'm having phobia every morning now when I'm wearing my school shoe. Must step on the shoe before wearing. Hahahha. I was gonna puke that time when I saw this! Suddenly all the flashbacks!! Hahahah!

This one looks like chocolate jelly-like. Omg omg, *goosebumps*

My mother's best friend. Hahahhaha. There are a few more like spiders and snakes. My mom will get nightmare if she goes in that time!

Going under the sea now!~

Well sometimes it can be really dangerous!

And bewares of the Piranha! The fish that eats human!

"Oh my, what is the fish doing? Why bite the other fish gills?? That fish die already ar! " I said.
"Oh, they're mating!"
"................ I see. *laughes out loud and walks away*

The seahorses having their own sexy time! *Dont ask, Mandy took this picture*

Fish spa anyone?? =D

Besides! We went to the longest terowong, i mean tunnel that makes your head spines in Malaysia!

The weird couple... got bf to kiss dont want go kiss the *bak sou gong*!

This one got gf to kiss don't want, go kiss the shark!

Hahaha. Both me and Leslie acted like kids that time! Got so fascinated by the underworld! Its like all the fishes were swimming beside us!

Mandy & I. Woohoo

Nice right this pic! I take one okay! Like getting married under the sea only them! hahaha!

Look at the reflections! Heheh! And I'm taller this time! Bleh!

I rike this picture a lot. Scandal your head.

The happy us! =3

And the best seller are not the pencils erasers and rulers la! Don't listen to her!

It's them! Hahahah so cute! I mean the seals! =D

The snakes and us! Hehehhe.

Ahhhh, the love birds! Happy Valentine everyone! Xoxoxo

Oh yeah guys, visit too! Got more pichas there! =D