Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Niu Year

I'm back from Kuantan! Back from the wonderland with good food and great family! Everything is good there, except for the weather. It's so hot I think my fats are boiling inside my body without even exercising. I'm not even exaggerating . And you know the worst thing is, the wind is kinda sticky and salty there cuz of the sea breeze. So you know, I have to bath like 989349482394 times per day. T________T

First day of CNY. Muka baru bangun! It's not red this time! It's hot pink!

So as I was saying, Kuantan is the heaven of food for me. Everytime I get back there, my grandma will for sure cook a lot of nice food for me to eat because in her mind, I got not enough food for me to eat when I'm in KL because I'm vegetarian way back at home so I'm always thin. But this time is a little bit different, everyone says that I'm more meatier (not fat) when I reached there. I was kinda upset that time cuz everytime I go back they sure say I very thin la this la that la. But this time, say I fat T_______T. I got emo but it didn't affect my appetite to eat like a cow anyhow! (Aiya, cow year ma!) until my grandma have to stop me the more she sees how I eat. T______T. This is not a good sign =(. But how you tell me!! Every dinner got at least like 5 different dishes to tempt my tastebuds, how to control you tell me!!

Fried Mee hoon (breakfast ONLY)

Mini cheesetarts. My relative baked ALOT of these little enemies. I mean like thousands of them. So I was swallowing all these everytime I see them on the table. I think I ate at least 20 of them per day. Rawr

Then we got the Yee Sang almost every night. Every night must at least lou sang one time one. Tsk tsk I don't understand them one, my stomach don't even have the place for that!

This is only our lunch prepared by my aunt if I remember. =D 5 dishes!

Dinner prepared by grandma! 6 dishes this time!

This time 7 times! kau lek kau lek one! This is only the kid's portion. There's another part for the adults. Same portion also lah! means got double of these dishes! I starting to respecy my grandma more and more now already!! 7 dishes for the WHOLE big family!!

Well, besides all these, there's still CNY cookies, alcohols, and more other stuff which lures my tastebuds during CNY. Do you know those mini mandarin oranges, omg, they're like my heaven. Its like, I have something in my mouth every minute. Wont stop one. Oh yeah, and caramel popcorns! Another best friend of fats. They're coming on their way! =D Don't comment about me k, will try my very best to go on a strict diet after CNY. Before the Japanese comes thats for sure! Hahahah! =D =D

Wishing everyone a very happy cow year with the cousins!

Spreading the good things to the younger generations now! Hehehe

Are we matching or are we matching or not. My sweet & lovely Shyen.

My naughty & playful Wen.

Me and my baby boy Yew Yew. *hearts*

And now, who says only girls like mirror shots! Haha!

Mommies on board. On the way to open houses to pai nian.

We're Teng Kyean. Hahahhaha. Eh really one. Her name is Teng and my name is Kyean. Hohoho. Combination of my evil twin. Damn cool.

Cute or not. She's Phoebe. My naughtiest and most talkative cousin! Of course, she's the coolest among all of them! Well, at least she do silly stuffs with me in front of the camera! =D We can be really really ugly together! Seriously! You see yourself lah! Hahaha! More funny than the CNY movies I bet!

Just the beginning. Drama queens!

Hahahahha she got double chin! Hahahaha damn cute!

Her hair bery nice to smell! Serious wei! Hahhaha

FUNNIEST PIC OF THE DAY! Hahahah! She is soooooooooooooooooooo cool! She look like the penguin in Madagascar 3. Dontcha think so? HAhahahah Love her so much!

I also wanna immitate! Hahahaaha. So ugly can die. I'm uglier than Chris now already sei mou T________T

Ugliest and funniest picture on earth. I just noticed that I can be really really REALLY fugly! SIGHHHHHH. and look at her eyeballs ahahhahah her facial expression man! damn funny. laugh die me.

cheekiest picture on earth. And why are we so pink!

Happy collecting cash!! Xoxoxo

This is officially my phone's wallpaper of CNY week! Brings me good luck!! =D Happy CNY and enjoy your holidays moo moos!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's all about food

CNY CNY. I gained 3 kgs before coming back to Kuantan. Definitely will gain another 3kgs, or maybe more when I come back!!!! Not too free to update now. So, enjoy yourself by gambling, or swallowing CNY cookies yourself!!!!!!!!!!! =D Have fun munching!

A very funny conversation of me with very very funny Sachie (My husband's mistress)

[§] said:
no probs girl. enjoy your cny! dont take too much pork!!!!! think of me when u see pork!!!!!!! hahahaha :P
(F) Kyeanies said:
(F) Kyeanies said:
(F) Kyeanies said:
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday My Evil Twin <3

Mr Kyean Teng, the guy that I knew through the internet last 6 months. Well! He found me through my blog. Wanna know how? He googled his own name. Hahahhaha (So vain, I know right) Then he dropped a message in my tagboard telling me that he has a same name with me. The first thought of mine was like...... sure somebody prank me one. I don't believe, but yet I still wanna continue playing with this mysterious person. So in the end he sent me his frienster link. I was totally speechless that time. Hahaha. I was like! Eh is this a joke or something! Then I started viewing his pictures.. Man, Can you imagine, he's a guy who has most than 200 pictures in his friendster account.. Hahhahaha! Lucky dont have those camwhores one. If not I will be freaked out by then. So after knowing some details about each other, we started chatting with each other since then. Well, it was pretty amazing that we found that we have alot in common. He's really like my evil twin now. We talk to each other very very often online. I don't needa hide anything from him and be very very natural while talking to him. We share alot with each other. Haha, you will be surprised if you see our conversation! Too bad it's P&C. =) Well, I have to say, he's a really really nice guy and I won't feel weird or feel dangerous talking to him or meeting up with him . Haha! Well, he's just a stranger I meet online afterall. He asked me about this question a lot last time. " Won't you feel weird or scared meeting some stranger online? " Well honestly no, not even a single time. Hahaha You wanna know what feeling of you to me? "So far yet so close." That kinda feeling. Hahaha. Are you touched or are you touched or not! =D


This greedy boo asked me to write a long SPM essay for him . So here am I to continue. Hohoho If you don't like reading then it's too bad. Rawr

Aiyo what you want me to write. Hahah. Damn demanding. Urgh. He wants me to promote him, He said he's S.A.D, stands for single, available and desperate. So girls.. You know what to do. =)

He's very tall, and thin... stick thin. I've been always asking him to eat more but he said no matter how much he eat, he won't grow fat. Bugger.

He got splited personality. For awhile he willl say that he's super ugly, for awhile more he will say he's hot and sexy. But he cares about his looks more than anyone else. =)

He's an advertising student, studying in UTAR university in Kampar.

He has a sense of humour. He's very open minded too!

He got a huge crush on VK. Hahhahahha (omg he will kill me) but he is not gay lah. I promise. =D

He's the girlest guy I've known. Not the looks, but he's not into guy's stuff. Football matches, cars, online games.. are not his cup of tea. Well, maybe Dota. But seldom. He loves shopping and watching movie more. =) Which is good, right?

He gets angry when people say he looks like a girl, he will get upset when I dress nicer than him. Hahahah He says he doesn't wanna look like a fisherman walking with a super model. Hahaha!

He likes it when people praise him. He likes it when I do silly stuffs over the webcam. He likes presents more than the kids, but he doesn't want people wasting money on him. Tsktsk.

He loves chocolate as much as he loves me *chokes* no lah, he loves chocolate more than anyone else, more than anything.

He is currently missing something. *winks*

Well, celebrated his early birthday with him at Delicious since I won't be free during CNY.

His Duck Confit Spaghetti

My Fish and Chip . Hahah! He ate quarter of it! And yet he's so stick thin! Urgh! How to make him fat!

Him and his favourite chocolate cake! =)

Haha. The best picture of the day. The manja boy with his beloved pillow. =)

Now now, don't say I treat you like nose shit or 0.01% in my heart and always threaten me with saying that I'm your 99.9% =D

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yayen House Warming Part III

okay so this is the last post of her house warming party you will see in my blog already. Hahahah. But still got alot of other pictures . Can you imagine, all together got 300 plus pictures in just one night! Hahaha! Of course I'm not gonna post all of them. Perhaps you can find those in other blogs lah. =)

Cheers! Who says underage cannot drink? *one more year to be eligle*

The lucky plant! Take a picture with it as a lucky charm for CNY! =)


Enough of her room this time. Let's move on to some other stuff. Hehehe

The best buffet on earth. BBQ dinner. I have a confession to make. I ate quite a number of plates of those. Teehee. *blushes*

Had dinner with Teddy the lovely Toy Poodle.

What's with the white? Hohoho Nice right this picture! I take one okay! Hoho

the weirdos, sampats, and sakais

Oh there's Lum Fong on the left and Ron Ng on the right. Hahhaa! The sim brothers I suppose. =)

The Choo choo train. Too bad it's blur! tsk! Camera man!!!

The cameraman, HonYee. Hahah aiya Chris you must teach him more! =)

The brown and the blacks. Hohoho *damn racist!*

With the Mun darling.

Well. Guess what were we doing at the balcony? Heheheh. Watching fireworks show! So this is the BIG surprise I was talking about. Is it a big surprise or is it a big surprise or not! You get to see the fireworks soooooooooooo near!!! The fireworks were like like gonna fall into your eyes only. Damn pretty! AND I SWEAR THIS IS THE VERY FIRST TIME I SEE FIREWORKS IN SO CLOSE DISTANCE IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!

There are some fireworks picture here. All taken by me. Hohoho. damn show off. Actually it's YYs camera setting good lah. Haha. Must say this if not she angry. But remember it's all taken by me!! Hahahhaha *slaps self*

Pretty or not you tell me. =) But of course, seeing real life is way much better than just pictures.

The amount of fireworks . Hehe! To those who stays around Cheras area, did you so happen to be so lucky to see the fireworks on that night? =)

To those who didn't get to see, there's a small clip here taken by Andrea Low. Not that clear but better than nothing. =D

At the garden where the spotlight shines only on us *coughs*

Found someone nice who took for us from the top!

The happy kids

Reaching upon the stars. Hahaha!

Her dad's collection of alcohol. Can drink die people one, seriously! Hahaha Everything also got! *I took one bottle home, dont tell her, shhh*

The amount of gift her family received that night. =D

Well, I'm one of the latest to leave that day. Stayed over at Mun's so can lepak till late! hohoho. Well let's see who are the others who went home late too!

Nah.. A less gay one. Hahahha. They are so gonna kill me. Sigh!

Mr Pig, because he calls himself that.

Checking out little Miss YY pictures! =)

Look at the camera this time! Haha! Shep still can't get his eye off the baby Yen. tsk tsk tsk

Present hunting time! The love pillow is one of the pressie too! =D

That's what I bought for her . An aroma set. To help her destress. See I'm sucha good friend! Rawr!!

Anyways, Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! I can't wait to get angpaus!! And I miss Kuantan sooooooooooo much! Can't wait to go back this Sunday to see my baby cousins and grandma! How I miss you all!! Xoxoxo