Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hello world. I'm back from the history world. I had to drown myself in a sea of history facts and points for the past few days due to last minute study =S Gonna go drown myself with the 3 science subjects later or tomorrow..... I wanna die * double T___________T STILL GOT SO MANY MORE TO STUDY AND IT'S ALREADY THURSDAY NIGHT NOW! FMLLLLLL

Anyways, I must admit I did enjoyed myself this holiday. How can all study and no fun right? That's totally not me. I had quite some fun to destress myself.. But REAL REAL fun.... had to wait till SPM over. Well that's life T_T

First entertainment.

I enjoyed myself for being a driver every morning. I volunteerly wake up at 8.30 every morning to fetch 2 of my cute little twins cousins to their kindergarden. AHHAHA tell me I'm the best cousin ever!!!! =D

Super cheeky smile ! Oh ya thats the watch I bought for them! nice right! hahaha Each of them have one! So nice of me right I think I'm an angel from heaven HAHAHAH WTFFF

Another cheeky one hahahah
Second entertainment.

Went on a road trip to Tanjung Sepat, a small fish village located at southwest part of Selangor. It's a tourist attraction with lotsa seafood restaurants open in this area. Hehe of course food lovers like me go there for their seafood right ;D

Was too bored in the car for 2 hours. =S

Mom and I. Somewhere near the beach.

Nice picture of her

Nice picture of mine

Nice picture of us. ahahah

Too bad I didn't take any picture of the food. But we had a great seafood feast! And now I'm having world worst's allergy ever FML T________T *itchy here and there

Third Entertainment

On Tuesday night, went to watch The Ugly Truth with my ugly friends hahahah nola all of them are pretty :D Handsome Vincent who is so nice to fetch me out from home with his pretty wife . We went to The Mines Wonderland HAHAHA how random right but its a nice place now! =D Anyways, The Ugly Truth is a very funny romantic comedy! All of us laughed our lungs out in the cinema especially Alex hahahah *serious no joke*! After movie it was already 12 midnight. We went to some foodcourt to feast because we're beasts!

The OH SO LOVELY couple!


Match made in heaven!! ahahahha I hope this can sextified you Vincent & Olivia! You know what I mean :D

Hahah with Alex! Look at the sleepy faces!

Was stuffed with too many food! We had Fried Oyster, Pan Mee, Grilled Stingray, Satay, Fried rice, Popiah... and I think I left out some HAHAHAH

Oh yes she is! ;D


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Baby One More Time

okay I know that is a very old song . I just wanted to say that it happened again! Yes, I went out again with other little miss naughty and Mr Naughtys. ahahhaha It's getting worst! MUST CONTROL AND FOCUS!

But before I focus on my studies again, let me spend a bit time here first. hoho I'll talk about the BBQ party I went to last night! It was hosted by our Mr Alex Lum lum and his other slaves! Hahah.

Our host of the night!! ahahahah eh eh wrong one! But he's cute right! The cuter version of Mr Alex Lum!

This is the REAL Mr Alex Lum ! ahhahahha His little brother looks 100% like him if he takes out his specs! hahaha he's like Alex Lum with specs and smoother face.. and cuter ! AHHAHAHA cuter version of Alex Lum. =D

It was a fun party! Everyone is having their own good time.

Some were bbq-ing for us

Some were having vain disease having fun with the camera

and some were having sexy time ahhahahaha

My partner in crime of the night. ahaha

The oh-so-unsweet couple ever hahahaha always fighting 24/7!

Olivia says that he looks like eff in almost every picture and I didn't understand why....

But now I kinda agree with her already HAHAHAHA (Vincent this is for not fetching me home!!!)

The Prince Haru haru. If you know what I mean. HAhahah Bernard looks good in almost every picture I took with him but I look BAD in EVERYONE of them! Including this!This is like the best out of them already T____________T FML

Hahahah I'm spreading the Kyean pose to everyone! But some of them failed! They can't do it as cute as me! ahhahaha

Definitely I look cuter !! HAHAHAHA

Vincent as ugly as always hahaha go do other poses!

But someone did it CUTER than me! hahahaha HOW CAN! Alex is sooooo super cute like a baby in this picture ! HAHAhhA tell me how to look cute with your hair smells like bbq chicken!!! (he will kill me if he sees this picture here!)

Hahahah finally a decent picture of him with his beloved wife!

My flen, Ken Onn! hahaha he always look unfriendly but he is not what I thought! he was the first guy who offered to take picture with me! So nice right AHHAHAHA =D

Chun Lam who is so nice to bring us his mommy's yummy curry chicken! hahaha He wears like Mr Rain but too bad the muscle we saw was fats! aHAHAHA just joking!

Alex who is so nice to grill yummy chicken wings for me!

smelly beh beh. smelliest bear bear ever. He is not nice! Always bully me one! Say I wear baby shoes! Hahah He wears uncle shirt!

this is the worst ahhahaha i had to beg him to take picture with me HAHAHHA Bad guy!

Nicest guy of the night ! He deserves another picture hahahah. Alex who is so nice to fetch me home at last! hahaha and it was so jam even during midnight! and my place was so far for him! Thank you so much! hehehe Buy you lunch soon okay? ^^

The picture was supposed to be only 2 of us Olivia HAHAHAHA At first Vincent kacau. Now Olivia kacau. What is this!

Some funny ( wannabe model) pictures we took yesterday! hahaha erm the title of this picture is Lovers in emo land AHHAHAHA

This is Lovers in Ding Dong Land. hahhaha

Mr & Mrs Busy!

Yes yes, GONNA TURN ON MY BUSY MODE NOW! Study timeeeeeeee!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Little Miss Naughty

Oh yes I am. Knowing trials is coming soon, still go out like nobody's business. But this time will be the last outing until trial ends! I promise!! Cross finger! =D

We went to Sunway Pyramid yesterday, (hahaha, Pavillion no more!) and we went for ice skating!! Hahhaha the last time I went was the first time and I fell like countless time, but this time I improved alot! At least it's countable! I only fell 4 times ! HAHAHAHAHA and I was able to skate alone for a few turns by myself k! Beh beh and Kah Wei's first time!! but I fell more than them because they didn't even skate much hahahah sooo funny !! Most of the time we were all just holding each other and skate. Olivia is the ice queen because she learnt last time! Hahah there's a lot of professional skaters doing stunes too. It was so amazing. Best experience ever! But both of my legs are hurting like f now. It was so numb yesterday so I slept at 9 30!! Still BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! :D

Will post the skating pictures once I get it from Lingggggg. :) But enjoy the pictures of us enjoying in Sushi Zanmai after the ice skating session. Everyone looks so tired already T_T

Seee. tired anot! There were 10 of us in a row plus the boys! Hhahaa all hungry and tired!

Little Miss Olivia wearing my little miss.

Haahahha Look at me! I'm a teeth monster! (yes yes, Teacyeon's another half) Teeheee

Vincent kacau.

Hahahaha the first worthless & priceless husband and wife picture.

Me and my smoked salmon salad again! Love love (L) Munyee hates it cuz she is a voracious carnivore! I can't remember the last time she ever chewed a small piece of green. tsk tsk. Wonder how she shits! HAHAHAHA

Will REALLY REALLY STUDY NOW!! Blog when I'm free! I think I shit also no time now! T_________T

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Omg. Words cannot express how I'm feeling now. I don't know what to say. To tell you the truth, they're like my favourite group all along after Big Bang. My feelings grow more and more for them as I spend almost everyday watching them on youtube. They're really very special if you compare them with other boy band. They show their original face in the camera. They are the most happiest & funniest stars in KPop. Their performances are always awesome since their debut. They received almost all the best awards eversince their first album were out. They are........ 10 Points Out Of 10 Points.

Recently, they have this tv show of them called "Wild Bunnies"showing them how they act in real life and all. They're all really really funny and dorky! I basically love all of them so I started spreading the "love" to my bestfriends and all of them loved it to bits! (Even the guys!!)

But the leader of the group is leaving the group now due to some stupid reasons. During his training life in Korea a few years back, being a kid at that time, he complained about how his life in Korea that time and he said something like "He hates Korea, and Koreans are gay. " Many of the korean netizens made a big fuss out of it and created a petition of he should commit suicide. Wtf man. It's so unbelievable. It's a few year back! And they should understand how hard it is for a young boy to go through everything alone in another country without his family and all. He was alone there training hard everyday hoping that he'll debut one day to be a successful star. And now he is. Why they wanna break his dream just like that over a small thing? Anyways, this has brought the leader's confidence down and leaving a message behind today before he goes back to Seattle.

"I'm sorry for giving you my last greeting through this letter.
I think it will be hard for me to see you all on stage because of my sorry heart.

I'm really sorry to everyone, and I'm even more sorry to the fans who have shown me love.
From today, I will leave 2PM.

2PM boys, I'm really sorry to the boys and I'm sorry I couldn't be strong as a leader and a hyung and have to leave like this.
However, I hope you will be more cool and charming.

Again, I'm sorry.


I got soooooooo emo after reading all this news of him and almost cried for him. For me, he's like the most happiest, craziest, funniest person ever. He is the best body figure and he was muscular guy I like!! That means alot to me okay. T_T And he is also very good in dancing and rapping! He's the best group leader. He brings smile and happiness to us especially he doesn't care about his image and act crazily in the tv shows.

How can he just leave us like that?? I really hope he'll come back again. By judging the amount of fans begging him not to go in the airport just now was unbelievable. They kneeled down too! That shows how amazing he is. I just hope the netizens will realise how silly they are to make Korea lost someone who is so talented! And I really hope JYPE will do something GOOD about it soon. 2pm is not the real 2pm without the lovely Jae Beom.

The other 6 members are waiting for you to come back. So do the HOTTEST! and me. ;D

So stay strong Jae Boem! Spend some time with your family when you're back to Seattle but don't be long because everyone is waiting for you to come back! Hope you'll be reading this!! =D