Monday, February 27, 2006

Leadership Camp. =)

My god. Leadership camp rockss.. FANTASTIC <333 bro ="D" href="">

Mr.Wong's son, Ryan.

He's mine. He's my teddy bear. hahaha He calls me his minnie mouse also. ahaha damn sweet and cute la him. lol We both like sticking each other everywhere we go. haha He's 9 years old, around there la. haha He got 50% looks like Mr. Wong but 50% leng chai-er then him. hahaha Jay Kays!~

Well, i cough until no voice, blocked nose until cant breathe, fever until headache already noww.. super tired. My whole body so numb and pain now.. haha when i came back yesterday straight away lay on my sofa and sleep until 8 at night. hahaha with no feelings at all. Sighs. I feel so bahagia when i get home. My god. Gotta go rest now people.. Cya guys!~

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I dont understand anything about rit. =(

The things i always do during Kh lesson.

sleep (well)
2. play
3. laughhhh
4. chat
5. do homework (really de)
6. play phone *sometimesss but not sms la =)

The only thing that i couldn't do during Kh lesson:



Saturday, February 18, 2006


Everything in school was so bored today! BORING!! arghh! yayen n i were walkin all over around the corridoors during the first two free lesson! haha hahaha but. i feel like more miserable n looks like one of those lepak-ers lorh. sighs. Cause most of the students + teachers went down to the school hall for the Japanese Exchange Programme thingys ma. T-T Man. Japanese guys and girls are so cute! ahyer! jealousy me =( oh yeah. went to Times Square after school with mom to watch movie - Kungfu Sweetheart. N GUESS WHAT. I hide myself when i saw two girls wearing ssg's uniforms walkin up from the stairs. (ahahahahaha! i looked super messy that time) and guess who are they. Jia Qi and Vivian! hahaha oh my. Mom and i laughed super loud in the cinema. again haha but Shopahotics and Kungfu Mahjong II is better. Kungfu Majong is the best! hahaha (L) I remember when i was watching KF that time, i laughed until my pants almost dropped hahahaha shhh and my mom laughed until her tears also come up when the part we saw that guy actin like RAIN hahahaha =D

I hate people who always jugde people with their looks only. VERY argh! haha Eventhough some of them who are older then i am, or us, also like to talk bad about others at the back of someone's. Even some of the adults with no morals are doing the same thing as we (teenagers) do. =p It's like so yer. haha disgusting and busy body. I remembered when i was young, my grandpa heard our conversation between me and cousins. he straight away slapped all of us! oh man. i cant forget about that. PRETTY? so ? got attitude anot ? UGLY? kind hearted is enough for everything. =) Almost everyone, boys + girls like to judge people WITH THE COVER only lorh. Sighs Another type of people i hated. hmm. People who play with friendships.

Many people asked me the same question lately.

Anonymous 1: How come you and __________ din hang out already?
Anonymous 2: You guys fight?
Anonymous 3: WHY WHY WHYYYYY?

Sighs. I also dont know leh seriously. But i'm not that kind of person who dont care bout friendship loh. We're just like nothing much to say like last time adey T-T But i still love you guys de! <3 <3 <3

okay enough of my complicated an cacat problems. I hate those sad stuff T-T It's like so stress for me. I prefer to be a simple girl with innocent minds lorh. haha (oh no. Im not) But, i'm not blamming everything now la! I got so many friends now who loves me! * hahahaha perasan!* I appriciate everything you guys gave me. Honestly. ;P Yup, so if some of you dont like me cause i'm lc , or anything else, haha i dont care. I am me, myself & I. I wont force you to like or love me right! ahaha damn.. (is not a good word - Miss Khoo) okay . ^^

I LOVE ALL OF YOU! ~ nites

Monday, February 06, 2006

Back From Chinese New Year Holidays~

Happy Chinese New Year everyone there! haha just came back from the beach vacation from Cherating with uncle & family. I really miss it. I had so so so much fun there! Superblyyy~~

Here the pic i got sunburnnnn T-T man. that was crazy. haha me n cousins went to the beach and swimming pool once we wake up at 9 something and played till 5 in the evening! me n my siao-ness haha I cant move my neck now. Cant even carry my bagggg. sighsss.. n my face.. T-T peeling! lol

ahaha me n my cousin. <3>

First Day of School =)

Wheeeeeeee. first thing they said when they saw me today.

Rachel said when she saw me was " OMG kyean u look sooo much darker!" haha

Sylvia" Yerr.. how come you look so dark already"( which she asked for duno how many times already) haha

Yayen " aiyah.. mm hai gong hou hak la. haha (not to say very dark) O.O haha

Arthur " your face so.. kesian" haha

Eugene " u looks like an indian " hahaha!

Joon " wah. malay or indian?" ( Where is my lotionnnnnnnnn n LCK) haha

Kim "omg SK II will cry man if they saw one of their modal like you become so dark lidat! hahaha still got alot of stuff de. lolx

I slept during lesson! AGAIN! hahaha during Science Lesson. T-T for 5 minutes only la =p super tired cause first day of school marh. haha time table changed. Hell man. haha talked alot of craps with yayen today. i mean EVERYDAY! hahaha shyte i still dont know what to do for drama =S lol guess i gotta go now! homeworks are waiting for me ='( byeeeeeeeeeeeee <3>