Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Party Like A Bawse


(You mad, bro?)

Hello all! This post will be dedicated to my old friend (literally old now), Joshep Lee who turned 20 last week! I have no words to describe the party. It was epic! REALLY REALLY EPIC. 70 awesome people, VIP seats, 10 bottles of Champagne, 4 bottles of Black Label, 2 bottles of Hennessy, 10 flaming Lamborghinis (at least), tequila shots, LED dance floor and smashing club hits in Vertigo! Need I say more? It was crazy! But according to my dear birthday boy, he said if you wanna party, you must party this way! That's why the name of the party was, LIKE A BAWSE, definitely. We party like a boss, either boss or rockstars. #truestory

But before I start, you're gonna have to bear your eyes with some camwhore pictures of me and my partner in crimes on that night, Melissa & Rachel. :)

You know, girls always enjoy the process of dolling up together before going somewhere to party, yes we're not exceptional! They came over to my place and turned it upside down that night.. hah! No, seriously :D

Her hair very nice right, because I curl one. *give credits to self shamelessly* HAHAHAHA.

My Rachie Sweetie with her aneneh hair! Don't know why she suddenly wanna dye her hair so black like Pocahontas! :)

Last picture before we rock the night!

View from VIP table iz awesum :)

The Boss

7 years of friendship and still counting :)

My sexy ladies who danced the night away with me in the dancefloor!

Now, what's PARTY without alcohol!

The Champagne!

The Black Labels

The Flaming Lambos!

And the result?

EPIC champagne is epic.

FUHHHH! Super proud of myself for taking this shot! It's like capturing one of the epic moment of his life *tears* Do you know what it takes to take this shot? Not only face being showered by champagne, but my camera too!! But what matters most is always the end result , and I'm happy with it so it's worth it! :)

More epic shots of him. taken by Melolo :)

This is what you called, party like a rock star :)

This is me before getting flushed with alcohol, showered with champagne and drenched with sweat. :D

But.... after the...

First shot of flaming lambo..

Second shot of flaming lambo..

and third shot of flaming lambo..

Face went all red and coocoo already!

Hahahhaha. We are officially the red paus!

While the boys continue their drinking business until they go coocoo..

We girls... take pictures until we go coocoo!

My sexy leopard

My pretty lady, Jaclyn. :)

And also my forever cheerful girl, Andrea :)

Met my long lost friend, Sook Mun :D

And met some new friends! The pretty girl on the left, Agnes! Look so Korean right!

And Janette, another pretty girl! :D

With the birthday boy :)

This is when we pull the guys in to take pictures!

Steven. Long time no see classmate!

Meet Adrian, Melolo's boyfie! :) He is a smarty pants and treats her like a queen ftw! So happy for this girl! :D

My Malaysian version Nickhun back from Aussie land, Bernard !

Alex, another long time no see friend! So happy to see all of them lah!

Kah Jone! The boss who bought us flaming lambos!

Ye Yang, the one who can't open his eyes for the camera all the time :D

You see! Hhahaha! He blames the flash! Next time I'll just help him put on some eyeliner before taking picture with him! LOL

Well, that's about it!! Went home like drunktards at 3am in the morning. Hair, body, even CAMERA AND HANDBAG smell like alcohol + cigarette! But the fun we had was all worth it! Thank you Joshep for the very awesome fantabulous and unforgettable party :) Happy birthday once again darling Shep! Definitely more parties to come in the future! You're officially an old man now! Here's your walking stick! 7 ! Looks like it right? hahahaha whatever. I know you love me

Friday, January 20, 2012


As for me, I think I'm having the CNY fever since last few weeks already. "Lou Sang"-ed 3 times already, received 4 angpaus already, finished a whole box of baby mandarin oranges already, wear my new year clothes already, had 2 CNY gathering dinner + lunch already! Hahahhaha. Gonna go back to Kuantan tomorrow to continue my CNY activities!! More angpau, more yee sang, and more good food! *can't waits* This is gonna be a good good CNY! :)

Plus, I collected my RM200 "angpau" from Ah Jib Kor today! Hahahha can spend like a crazy bitch in Popular and MPH liaos! I think I'm gonna buy all the cutesy stickers, artsy puncher, colourful papers and pens I've been so kiam siap to buy! And also a lot a lot of unnecessary things that I want but don't need. hahahhhah! *Happy kid* To those who didn't collect the book voucher yet should really go and collect it!! Treat yourself a shopping spree in Popular or MPH! :)

Baby and I @ Mid Valley

On a very special Friday afternoon like today, I had a lunch gathering with the most favourite people of my life just before CNY starts! Once again, we went to The Han Room for dimsum. ( I swear I'm not advertising for Han Room but the foodie there is really nice!)

Like a boss.

not :)

Doing what we do best while waiting for the slowpokes

The dimsums <3

Special Order: Grilled Potato wrapped with bacon & Crispy Prawn Chee Cheong Fun, mad love :)

Eggtarts! :)

The Slowpoke Couple, crystal baby and nic :)

Today she is Solo-lolo , not Melolo :) HAHAHAHA lame dao

Our Miss Liu. Another slowpoke who came after we finished our food.

Ze girlfriends :)

Since the picture is not complete without the smelly Olivia who ffk-ed us,

I will do her a favour. (This is what she deserves!) But hey, at least I drew her with a dress and a pair of nice heels!! :) :) :)

Have a very good year ahead everyone!! Gong Xi Fa Chai in advance!! Money money come!!! Xoxoxo