Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hana KimiI spent my whole weekend with this Taiwanese Drama, Hana Kimi (Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu. VERY NICE & FUNNY OKAY. Quite crazy also. Must watch! (Got cute guysss - Wu Zun & Jiro). *wink wink* Ella acted like a pretty boy in there too. Very cutee. You can watch it with Youtube too. I wish there's gonna be coming a Part 2 soon. So what are you waiting for? GO WATCH LAAAAAA! If not nice you can come spank my butt. (just joking)

The main soundtrack is one of our song too.

Zhuan Shu Tian Shi! <3

Enjoy! <3

Friday, May 18, 2007

I feel like a princess.

Do you know why ?


and the most important is..

I can sleep in peace.

go out with friends, (my sweetheart),(& mommy too)

go swimming more often!

aiya can do alot of things la.


Exams - Don't talk about it YET. Mandarin Paper 1 and Maths Paper 1 were terrible. and I didn't study for moral.*eh who did ar?* Surprisingly I think my KH will definately do better than last year's. I THINK LAAAA. I dont wanna think about others yet. Btw, this was my art exam!

The title is to create a baby's product shop Bag. and the theme was Babies. Some of them said that it looks like selling babies instead of selling baby's products. hahahaha!

After school, I went to Rakuzen with mom. I love Rakuzen!

Rakuzen Restaurant, Chulan Square.

Their special salad served with crabmeats. Very deliciousssssssss okay. The best salad in the world!

They call this dragonboat. LOL It's a big tiger prawn roll. Must try!

Unagi maki. Not as nice as the prawn one though. BUT. THEIR UNAGU IS THE BEST! =P

My favourite is salmon shashimi. you can mix with some other raw seafood such as scallop, toro, kampachi, etcccccccc.

After that, we went shopping in KLCC. My mom bought alot of hair accessories from Evita Peroni. Super expensiveeeeee. She said she spent about 1000 bucks in there. Grrr. WHY DONT USE THOSE MONEY TO BUY ME A CAMERA WORHHHH. hahaha just joking. So I walked around alone ( so cham right, yes I know. Neh my Mr. Lek went camping straight away after exams without going with me! Hmph! ) *bring me back something kay darling, pluck flowers from there, bring back some river water or mud also can. hahaha!* I MISS YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! <3 anyways, I met Natalie and gang that time but I was so blurrr while I'm looking for some jewelleries. haha she called my name loudly and I was shocked. * Naughty girl didn't go to school. Lol*

After this.... my mom & I had a perfect moment at Chocz. We had Choco fondue! there goes my diet plan. hahaha

It looks like a heaven. LOL.

My strawberry chocolate delight. <3!

I feel goodddd, nanananananana~

Don't be jealous. <3

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!! <3

I love my mommy.

I love my favourite( hahaha! hor hor ti ya yo. UNCLE LAAAA)

I love my baby cousin. <3

I love my poh poh.

I love my grandparents.


I love my family!

I love flowers!! <3

I love my baby! Happy 100th days anniversary! <3