Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Start your brand new year with a brand new name. <3 Happy new year! besides that, Happy Anniversary baby! Xoxo

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Hmm. so bored. No piano. No internet. No nothing.

Luckily, We have cute children, nice dramas, delicious food here! <3

anyways, i miss everyone of you very very much! I miss school! I miss my room's bed! ahhhh! I miss everything so badly! =(

just that day, went back to kl a few days with my aunty. stayed in a condominium near Ampang! the night scenery there was so nice! went shopping and movies with my beloved. planned to go Mun's house but failed. =( oh yeah! I miss mahjong! hahaha!

will blog soooonnnn. take cares everyone! Muacks! xoxo

Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm back. from cockroach's house.


My weekend was very very very fun. thanks to her and her family. <3

was her birthday party. so we watched a horror movie, House of Wax. didn't really like it tho. after that, everyone went to the pool. someone pushed me into the pool ( Joshep or dunno who) eh hello! I dunno how to swim one can! hahaha luckily someone saved me. Everyone saw and said: " How sweettttttttt." We had dinner at 8 i guess. Soonnnnnnn, karaoke and MahJong! At first, I sang along with all of the girls because I don't know how to play MJ! butttttt. someone pulled me to play with them. haha at first I also don't know how to play but lucky got Carmen and Calvin helped me. and i won alot that day! wheeeeeeeeeeee. It's called luck. I slept at almost 3 that morning.

morning. I woke up earlier than MY, so I wanted to tickle her until she wake up but that pig, woops i mean cockroach, roll into the bed! hahaha! I fed up and took my phone to wish my baby morning. she woke up around at 12 and we had our breakfast, fried noodles. Mmmmmm. and not forgetting the fried chickens! ( You all dont want to know how many pieces we ate) was well planned to go for a movie on that day but her mom doesn't allow us to. =( so we stayed at home. Her little bro, Chin Mun suggested us to play Monopoly. I'm the richest! and Mun yee is the bankrupt one. hahaha! about 3 something. we played MJ again. called Carmen and Michelle the lan dou pohs. but they say they coming at 6. so we continue playing for awhile until the rain stops so we can go swimming! hahaha! Aunty's muffin is very delicious! after we bath, we go play MJ again. (omg) I'm so addicted to it already. all their fault. we played until Marcus came only we go to the school concert. omg again. they all were so great! a memorable night I can say. love it!

went breakfast with her family at Imbi Palace and ............... I have to go back home already. it end so fast!

where is Koh Kyean? absent! You know why. because you can find a naughty and lazy girl hanging around Mid Valley! oops.

picture will be ups soon! <3

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Internet down

thanks to the stupid thunder strike. My modem *cooked* already. thank you.

just last yesterday's evening. My area rained heavily like cats and dogs. ahaa. sooooo. while i'm watching my drama, my house like suddenly *puff* everything and everywhere became dark. scary i tell you. and the thunder like REALLY loud. my aunty's room kena the thunder and her
marble tiles also cracked already. O.o sounds freaky. i also dont know at first until we go into her room like omg. dont talk about my modem already. =(

anyways, I'm going to stay overnight at cockroach house today. wheeeeeeee. sleep with her also (somebody help me) hahaha! Jay Kayss. She's having a birthday party laaaa. we're going pak tuo (dating) tomorrow and going to the school's year end concert at night. *cheers* I go there to see the kids dance! so cuteeeeeeeeee la. aiyoh they can dance break dance! aahha! I saw it that day while I'm helping in the hall. A must seee yeah! and the small boy can play better piano than me! aiyerrrr. so shame laaaa. I like his fingers! so cute when he plays. I like guys who can play good piano. and I also not sure got what event already laaa. Just come la everybody. the kids can dance better than the seniors. I heard Jesse is dancing too.

and not forgetting, I wanna watch Step Up! I love dancing moviessss. but so sorry, I cannot dance! hahaha!

P/s: my mom's boyfriend is coming back to M'sia next monday. wheeeeeee. can call him buy things already. I want a digital camera. he took mine last time! Hmph! I want the sony cybershot - the touch screen oneeeeeee. aahaha! who call him took my old cybershot. *slaps*
nevermind, I got chocolates from Sweden soon. who wants!? actually I want gummy bears.

will blog about the Mun yee's party and everything soon. Byessssssss.

To Brendi - My lovely sista:

I'll miss you! take care and have fun in Spain! love love love you! <3>To do list:

  • clean bedroom.
  • plan what should do during the holidays.
  • watch movies - Step Up!
  • and death note too. - with him.
  • I need to reload my phone again.
  • birthday party at cockroach's house.
  • sleep with cockroach *nightmares*
  • go shopping with cockroach.
  • go pasar malam tomorrow night. (eat pan mee and everything in the pasar laaaaaa)
  • and the mini concert.
  • find Estella later and give her a treat. ( She will hug me!) I got a new friend too, Jaclyn's sister, Bridget. <3
  • Help the fuzzy guy beside me now, Malcolm. do all his stupid orders.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Missed School

This morning, when I was still sleeping tight in my dreams, the birthday girl, Mun Yee (for once, and one day I dont call her cockroach okay) called.

Me: e...loooooo! Birthday girl!


Me: *rub eyes* AHHHHHHHHHH! 7.45 already!


Mun: You know then good laaaaaaaa. stilll dont come! faster come la! sure sleep very late last night one! what did you do!

Me: hahaha! sudoku! but but but.. I haven brush my teeth.. change my uniform.. comb my hair.. eat my breakfast! haven't prepare yet!

Mun: Sei fei poh like pig only. always know how to sleep sleep sleep and eat eat eat. okay lah go continue sleeping la you. Bell ring joh.

Me: okayyyyyyyyy. seee youuuu darling!

before putting down the phone, I heard she said... That pig still sleeping ah! to everyone!



so I continue sleeping until now, 1.30 pm.

I am the piggest pig in the world. tata

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Exam results.

Bm - 68 %
English- 71%
Mandarin- 77%
Maths - 85%
Science - 80%
Sejarah- 80 %
KH- 81%
Art- 96%
Moral - 65/80 + project (20) = 85%
Civics - 96 %

Bm - B
As you know, how strict is Pn Alina for marking the Paper 2, so I didn't expect much. and I did quite badly for my Paper 1.

English - B
As you know also, Miss Lee is another strict teacher for marking the essays. T.T She gave me 18/30 for part 1. Am I that teruk?

Mandarin - B
ahahahaha. No comment. Will be better next time!

I realised my language subjects are weaker compare to others. So I will work harder on this coming holiday. :D

Maths - A
It's a very big surprise for me!

Science - B
yet to be confirmed. I will continue argueing for my Paper 2 with En.Sam tomorrow morning to get an A. hmph I don't care.

Sejarah - B
Memang kek sek ngor. ( Malay + Cantonese = Rojak) My itchy hands changed 4 answers but the answer before I change is correct! so if I did not, I would get an A for History already.

Geography - A
Thanks to my project. and sorry because I killed alot of trees for the project. hahahha. Believe it or not. It's very very very thick! I mean, VERY! and I got alot of careless mistakes for that paper. lucky can ngam ngam hou get A. phewwwwwwww.

KH - B
IT"S A MIRACLE I TELL YOU. I never get 80++ for KH in my life before. or 60 over. The highest for me is 50 something for the last term's test. OMG.

Art- A
ahaha. My purple glitter fan. <3

Moral - A
I don't care. I will make Mr. Wong to give me full marks for my project.

Civics - A
ahaha. well what can I say. no laaaaaa. I got two mistakes until now I also dunno why I wrong.

1. Individu berikut layak untuk mengundi, kecuali

A. Tentera
B. Warga Tua
C. Warga Asing
D. Golongan Kurang Upaya

so. I put D. golongan kurang upaya lorh. but the answer is C. Warga Asing. I din know kurang upaya also can vote maaaaa.

2. Siapakah Yang Dipertua Dewan Negara Kini?

A. Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
B. Dato Seri Dr. Abdul Hamid Othman
C. Dato Seri Diraja Ramli Ngah Taib
D. Dato Seri Dr abdul Hamid Pawanteh

okay yes. I put A. notadawi meh!??! yerrrrrrr. the correct answer is C. siapa tuuuuuu?!

Aiya, nevermind already lah. also over already lorh. It's time for me to enjoy now. *cheers*

okay g2g!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

20 People

1. Gary
2. Mom
3. Ya Yen
4. Mun Yee
5. Sylvia
6. Keongy
7. Ken Vin
8. Brenda
9. Sookie
10. Joon Chian
11. Sachie
12. Shirley
13. Alia
14. Li Tim
15. Arthur
16. Shoma
17. Yau
18. Malcolm
19. Alfred
20. Marcus

How did u meet #14? [Li Tim]
By Jess. ahaha. He's my daddy and Jess WAS my mommy.

What would your life be if u havent met #1? [Gary]
Owh. I may still being a girlfriend who doesn't get love and caring from her unloyal ex boyfriend. and I wouldn't feel how lucky and grateful I am to have a boyfriend like him. love you baby!

What would u do if #20 and #9 dated? [Marcus , Sookie]
ahahaha. I dunno. and they don't even know each other and Sookie has her Nick already. So what would I do if they're dating? I think Nick will do something to Marc first before i do. ahaha!

Will #6 and #17 make a good couple? [Keongy , Yau]
Ahahahaha. Ask them!

Describe #3. [Ya Yen]
Pretty and cute. Smart and intelligent. Funny and sweet. My very best soul-mate and we share secrets.

Do you think #6 is attractive? [Keongy]
He is attractive when he spends me breakfast and delivers them. hahaha!

Tell me something about #8. [Brenda]
oh, she's my songs producer also known as my favourite sis! A very sweet year 6 chick.

Do you know anything about #12s family? [Shirley]
Yes of course! She has a very cute and chubby small little sister! i mean, VERY CUTE! and she has a handsome brother too.

What is #7s favourite? [Ken Vin]
Me of course. hahaha! dont you say no. I would stop sending you songs and provides you piano scores.

What would you do if #11 confesses that he/she likes you? [Sachie]
Woops. she had confessed about it so many 34567232493948 years ago already. *shys* ahahah!

What language does #15 speak? [Arthur]
English, Cantonese and Mandarin

Whos #9 going out with? [Sookie]
Hohoho. Nick Siau la who else.

How old is #16? [Shoma]
18 years old.

When was the last time you talked to #13? [Jess]
Thousand million years ago. ahaha joking. just yesterday night. she asked me for a breakfast.

Whos #2s favourite singer? [Mom]
ahahaha. MY lee hom and MY jay chou lorh. she likes Rain also omg

Would you date #4? [Mun Yee]
Yerrrrrrr. noooooo! i don't like cockroach smell. ahahaha!

Would you date #7? [Ken Vin]
nah. he's too guai guai chai and I already have my lou gong chai. ahahahha!

Is #15 single? [Arthur]
I don't think soooooooooooooooo. *wink wink*

What is #10s last name? [Joon Chian]
Chian! Wong Joon Chian the pig!

Would you consider being in a relationship with #19? [Alfred]
noooo. Him and I already taken by someone LUCKY. =3

What schools did #3 go to? [Ya Yen]
some government school named chung kwok.

Where does #6 live? [Keongy]
near Mines Resort. He is Estella's neighbour omg! so unfair =(

What is your favourite thing about #5? [Sylvia]
She's very helpful and I love when she's hanging out with me but nowadays seldom already because of her prefect thing. gah

What do you think about #13? [Alia]
She takes professional pictures as known as a certified cam-whore.

What do #4 and #19 have in common? [Mun Yee , Alfred]
Good question. haha they're good in latin dance!

What special qualities does #17 hold in your life? [Yau]
Just a normal friends. He holds a special quanlities before in my life.

What is the most memorable memory you had with #18? [Malcolm]
Hmmmm. memorable? I remember there was one time, before exams, he tutored me in the classroom and we got chased out by the security guards of the school building. omg it was the MOST memorable memory i had with him lol.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

there's someone say she likes to read my blog - my lou poh sylvia! I love you! hahaha and dont be jealous, gary!

siiiiiiiiigh. holidays are ending. and results are nearing. aiyoh i wanna......... sleeeeeeepppp again. holidays are so good. for once after 2 months, i have enough sleeps. more than enough! someone said to me - pig also dont sleep so long lah!


as a promise, I will blog about the michelle's bday. well it was quite fun in the Neway. everyone get to sing together and shouts. at least better than my birthday. hahaha everyone sitting there saying " you sing la. i dont want! i dunno how to sing!" hmph monsters. then, all the girls sang dont cha together! hahaha so funny! - dont cha wish you girlfriend was hot like me, dont cha wish your boyfriend make more money? so so so funnnnnnnnnnnn! and for the cake part, mun yee and me gave her a surprise! we shared and bought an ice-cream cake for her! Everyone loved it.

see. it's pink and a <3 shaped ice- cream cake! lovely.

then. we went for a movie - john tucker must die and took some neoprints!

it's something like that. HAHA! dont mind my smelly phone camera lah. I dont have a digital cam currently okay! someone took it. so, i sticked it on my calculator. dont steal my calculator okay! somebody like alvin.... hahahah! just kidding. Can you spot the birthday girl and the only guy in this pic? and guess who is it! p/s: picture missing Andrea and Joshep. after all, we went to Jogoya at night for her birthday dinner. har, again? hahaha okay lah okay lah, I liked the kimchi soup. and I din get to eat much on that day because someone was there - that keongy lah. make me no appetite! hahaha! you know what! he said that he has only one boss which is michelle lim! *heartbrokens* and now he say that it was only a lie. hahaha for her birthday only he said that and begs me to forgive him, shall I? hmmm. anyways, thanks for the treats, shoma!

me, on that day!


went to A'Famosa.

we rent a banglo there. it actually looks abit like a small pen-house! lol. it has a swimming pool there. a big dining table. a small tv in a big living room. - what do you expect. a plasma ? haha 4 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms and a big mirror! lol. i cam-whored alot there. shhhh. went to the waterpark. wheeeeee for so many years i never been to a waterpark. we din get to go to the safari because malaysia's safari sucks - it means that it's dirty and smelly. but the canival at night was fantastic! - because of the fireworks. it was really really beautiful i tell you! i love fireworks!

me, in my swimsuit.


oh yeah, i spent my holiday with the princes and princesses too!

That's about it!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I got this from my very best sista, sookie.
Let's Get Loud
Name 3 thing in your purse/bagpack/bag
1. hair band
2. Tissues
3. Cash
Name 3 things you do when you're really stressed
1. Talk to my love ones- gary, ya yen and my mom
2. Eat as much as possible- especially chocolates and desserts
3. shopping! ;)
Name 3 places you go on a daily basis
1. my dream world
2. School
3. My piano
Name 3 favourite fruits
1. all the berries! <3
2. seedless grapes
3. mangoes
3 names you go by
1. Gary - taakana! <3
2. Ya Yen - peachey
3. Mun Yee - strawberry aka cockroach
3 of your favourite foods
1. urm. i love pretty food.
2. Caesar salads with smoked salmon
3. Ice-creams!
3 things you're wearing right now
1. playboy spagetti strip - christmas pressie from darling tien
2. pink espririt mini skirt
4. Necklace and earrings
The whos -
Who's in the house with you?
grandparents. mommy. and maid
Who ( or what ) are you thinking about right now?
1. My baby boy
2. Michelle's bday
3. results
Who did you last talk to on the phone?
Who sits next to you in class?
Used to be Kist, but now's the peachey yen.
Who was the last person you told you love?
Who do you wish you were right now?
I don't wish to be anyone else =)
Who gets on your nerves most in school?
Josh and mc
The wheres -
Where is your phone?
Right beside me
Where do you sleep?
In my bed laaaaa
Where was the last place you took a ride to?
michelle's bday! omg it was so so so great. I tell you what. i will blog about it later!
Where are you now?
At home. sitting on my bed blogging.

The whats -
What was the last thing you ate?
Jogoya again. - with Michelle the bday girl, carmen, another michelle, jaclyn, shoma and keongy aka nobody
What colour shirt are you wearing?
black and Pink
What is the closest item to you that is bright pink?
my science referrence book
What is your favourite colour?
Purple, pink, baby blue, white <3
What was the last movie that you watched?
John Tucker Must Die
The whens -
When did you start school?
When I was 3. I took nersery okay! and i love school so much that time. lol
When is your birthday?
March of 19
When did you last go to the mall?
Just now.
When did you last burn something?
I dont burn things. =)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Party Time!

Yay! Exams are over. New life people!

now, I can rest in peace, woops I MEAN *touchwoods* sleep in peace, eat in peace, shopping in peace, pak tuo in peace, watch dramas in peace, online in peace, play in peace, joke in peace and time for my party time already. wheeeeeee but wait until results come out, i really can rest in peace already. =(

i have not really enough sleep since this teo months already. so my eye bags are getting bigger and bigger, pimples getting more and more and getting fatter and fatter already. *you know why, thanks to chocolates! I cannot study without them!* Sighs. So I must must must sleep until I satisfied this coming holidays, and have fun of course! I already got my party plans already. going to klcc with my baby tomorrow and going to my darling michelle's birthday on saturday at times square, movie, karaoke and etc. and I'm planning to do nails art design this holiday! hahaha like jolin! so nice. *darling darling I wanna do!*

How was my exams? - so many people ask.

>Bm - paper 1 was okay. paper 2 already said. kek sei ngor.
>English - paper 1 was good. paper 2 I duno. Miss lee haven't mark mine. yes. only mine! pilih kasih-nya
>Mandarin - I don't wanna talk about it anymore. haha actually it was okay. I go change my answer only. =(
>Science - thanks to Uncle Sam - my science teacher. gave stupid tips for paper 2 . and good i din study about the water or whatever acid that is and i got wrong for the whole diagram. congrats . paper 2 was very very very shitty and for me the paper 1 was easier. i mean not bad.
>Maths - as usual. careless mistakes.
>Sejarah - the one who set the paper went mad. *you know who lah* set so hard. I almost cry when I first get the paper and when I saw the first question also shaking already
>Geo - no comment. waiting for results. teacher say no one fail. thank god
>Kemahiran Hidup aka Kemahiran Mati - better than mid year's I can say.
>Morals - hahaha you look at me also you know how I did the paper already. well what to do!
>Civics - no need to say also. ahahaha! *cause I haven even touch the book yet*
>Art - nah, look at the purple fan. <3

Before I go to bed, I wanna thank especially alfred, andrea, and malcolm. okay i can go to bed now. will make my blog more lively from now on.

My Very Own Small Garden

and My Lovely Hut.

its just outside my room. guess what. i used to play tea-cups with my dollies in there when i was young. sometimes with my cousin. running around the hut. such memories. and now. it become the place i go when i'm on the phone with my beloved at night or at the playground, sitting on the see-saw.. whee *its because the phone line in my room is so cacat-ed* and not forgetting the plants too.

i call them purple puffs when im young. haha isnt it cute? so puffy-puffy-like. and it's purple! <3 href="">

and clover leaves! awww I love love love clover leaves! ahhh! just look at them. so lovely. I love my garden. thanks mama! - my beloved grandma to built a small hut for me to play when im young. it was the place i spent most of my childhood there okay! *feeding mosquitoes* (kidding)

lotus plant. I remember there were some fishes there swimming around the pot. very cute one! but dont ask me where's the fish now pls. =( the water seems to be so dark, and dirty with mud, if i were the fish i also cannot breathe la right! hahaha! so I dont know where the fish go already.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Stupid one lah, I read 2847987439243840321 times of kemalangan jalan raya and it came out in karangan berpandu for LANGKAH ONLY. I WANNA SCREAM. nearly scream today when i got the papers. hmph and the masalah displin. who say will come out ah *wink wink* got lah. for the ringkasan. haha SO GERAM AH. lucky the komsas was correct, nilai nilai. wheeeeeeeeeee. honestly i read that only. haha if come out others i sure die until very cham. okay enough of penulisans. i wish i could get more than 30/40 for my pemahaman only lorh. or at least a B for my bm. I also happy enough already. *Pn alina pls dont mark so strict*

Gonna study history soon. wish me luck

Friday, September 22, 2006

New blogskin!

So princess feel lah hor the skin. pink pink hearts all around. <3

WHY LAH WHY I HAVE TO BLOG UNTIL SO SO SO CHILDISH AND FUNNY ONE LAST TIME. Yerrrrrrr . somebody kill me. dont laugh so loud when you see all my spoilt english when you read my archieves yeah. Promise!



summore the time-table changed already. Change change change, change what change lah! All the period also different already. Especially the Friday ones. It suppose to be all the unimportant subjects likeee... First, we have Moral lessons. You all know one lorh. Mr. Wong's lessons are like free periods. Second, ICT. after break got Science then Maths. Then Balik rumah. Of course not balik rumah lah!


now, they changed everything. First, we have Science. Okay okay lah. Second, our En.Nazri will come into our class. Oh boy! then at least got one lesson of Moral before break. after break got maths and THEN after that got BM lessons!


and and and it falls on the last lesson sumore. Haiyo. now I have to say bye bye to my favourite day, friday already. Hmph!

oh yeah, and not forgetting they're gonna follow the thursday time table tomorrow. I GOT 3 MANDARIN LESSONS IN A WEEK. *vomits blood*

I have lotsa lotsa lotsa work to do before finals. like I went to the ampang lrt station today with my darling, yy and not darlings, mal and mou. Took lrt back to the Maluri station and met a pervert old man in the lrt. Gila babi. Pui. still got alot of studies to catch on.

Aiya I think it's time for my bed now lah. If not I would be complaining until tomorrow morning. okay lah it's gonna be so late and everyone's asking me why am i still online already. tata

Monday, September 18, 2006

okay LOH fine. I update. Don't complain anymore ah!

Hmph. What you guys wanna see ah? haha so lazy to blog la me! have to study for final exams already. =( So stressed up and it caused me sick again. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-chu!

Okay guess where is this awesome place.


Right. Jogoya. *actually I'm scared of Jogoya already lah honestly* Shhhhhhh

but the desserts there are damn good. Ice-creams, yes please. and the coconuts too! So cute right, haha i can drink like about 3 of it. Tee hee. The raw fishes, oysters, and prawns there are just okay-okay only lah. =) The cooking there is not very good compared to other Japanese Restaurants like Kampachi, Equatorial Hotel and etc.

The service there is good. very professional, very warm. well-informed, too! You can hear a big big big welcome when you go into the restaurant. lalala enough of it.

hahaha. Went there two weeks ago again with mom and Gary. Cool huh. Both of them were talking about my bad stuffffff. Hmph =( You don't wanna know what they say. Cause someone laughed until stomach ache already. I don't wanna tell you guys also. bleh

Just look at my darlings. hahaha so talented hor hor hor. <33333

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Malaysia!

* I was the one sticked all these words on the wall okay* haha


Guess which handprint is mine!

The Banner - Done by my class.


Primary Marching~!


Bed Time !


Off you go! <33333 Nights nights!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Japanese Cuisine.
Jogoya, Starhill.

Went there with all my Form 2 friends yesterday night to celebrate ya yen's birthday. Very very nice environment can! It's it's it's like my food heaven there! and not forgetting the room we booked, big like dont know what! hahaha! ! The place is really really big and pretty! The best buffet i ever had in my life. hahaha! RM100++ each person! I love Jogoya! The desserts, the raw salmons, oysters, prawns, scallops! Ahhhh! Make me cannot stop eating and cannot stop going out to take another plate of food again and again only. Seriously can! No time to take pics, so sorry ah! I cannot forgive myself too. My phone no battery that time lah, and no one bring camera too. Such jokes. =( But no one will bother to take picture that time loh. Haha! ahaha the food was very satisfying! My mouth and stomach very satisfied yesterday! Wheeeeee I enjoy yesterday very much too!Everyone does!

The Raw Food.


The Paper-wrapped Noodle.


I promise I will take more pictures the next time I go there okay! The place, the food, the room, the people and everything! <3

Friday, August 18, 2006

So sorry for not been blogging for so long! I miss everyone!

*You know lah, i got so many things to do, sms here and there with my darling, rampas back my sachie from darren, treating estella for food, and and and errrrrr planning some parties for my peach! - Ya Yen. OH YEAH! her bday is coming soon, if you wanna buy present for her but still dont know what to get for her, you can simply just go the the market and get her a kg of peach! Cheap Simple and Sweet!~ ahahaha!

School lifes is getting more boring everyday. Finals are coming real soon. And my internet is down. Sigh sigh sigh. Using ICT lessons to blog now, keng anot!

Im going back to Kuantan today. Lol sounds sooooooooooooooooooo super extremely boring for me and I feel like crying now! Holidays make people fat! Everyone agrees right! YupPppPPpp! Sleep, eat, watch korean dramas, sleep, eat, korean dramas! aiyah okay lah add one more activities, play with kids loh! Omg i tell you got alot of angles there you know! omgomgomgomog. Am I gonna do my revisions? Maybe. Maybe not. lalala~ Sigh Im gonna miss my taakana and everyone there! Especially next saturday! omg, it's Jagoya you know! yayyy! That peachy yen is gonna celebrate her bday there! Im gonna buy her a peach cake i dont care!

Lol. I gotta go now people! Dont miss me too much when Im in Kuantan kay! ahahahha! Joking! Take cares~ Kyean

Saturday, August 05, 2006

To Gary, Sachie, and Kimmmmmmmmm (my cha gias):

We're gonna rape all the ice cream stalls laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. (lecka lecka, Haagen Darz, New Zealand) ehehehehe. No probs.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Make sure you dont laugh after you see ah. Make 100% sure ah !

AHahahahah! I know you're laughing now. LAUGH ALL YOU WANT LAH OKAY!! Im Harry Potter's pet sis now so shaddap.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Let's meet Miss Brenda Yew Tze Yenn the baby seater!

I tell you all hor. Her sister super super super duper cute loh hou mou! hahahaha Sorry Estella I just have to say that she's cuter than you abit moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! But i still love you alot lah no matter how cute she is.<3

Angle Eyes


I did this with the kids during my weekends! hua hua hua EH SERIOUSLY, we had so much fun that timee.. the kids.. aiyerrr hahaha so cuteeeee!! When I say to them.. " Wei wei wei, Jie jie teach you all how to chop chop chop cute cute nice nice art want anot?" then they said.. " I WANT I WANT I WANT!! yessss yesss yesssss jie jie yesssS!" *pulling my pants* hahah thennnnnn i sayyyy to them. Close your eyes now ah, cannot open ah, if open adey cannot play joh!"*quickly run to the kitchen and get stuff* after 10 minutesss, all the lady fingers, starfruits and capsicum in front of them adey.. *yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!*SHOW TIMEEEE!!

..... they enjoyed very much i think. hahaha pity me need to clean all the stuff.

Friday, July 28, 2006

I'm back again, everyone! Wah, my counter increase so fast de, so fast 1212 already? Wheeeeeee Let's talk about my class today. HOHO

The guys in my class. ahahahah dont laugh !

Have schoolmates like that too. ^^

I have this paper.. Jiy Ni wrote this morning during Moral lesson, Chao Shu Kia!

Form 2A Students has super powers.

Aiyak i just remember some interesting powers only woh.

The Power of:

____________ Power

Mun Yee = Cockroach Power! *Ka Cat!!*
Kist = "Emo" Power !
Pei Ern = Boney Power
Sue Lyn = Smelly Donkey Power
Mellissa = Lingo Power
Mal = Cum Power?!
Dickson = Popiah Power
Darren = "Sachie your darren say he has Money Power!
Joshep = StinkzZ Powerrr

_______ You off!

Alfred = Dance you off!
Qassaff = Talk you off!
Ya Yen = Sweet you off!
Jiy Ni = Boss you off!
Andrea = Nyeeeeeeeeee-a you off! hahahaha (only Form 2A people know what i'm saying! =p)

Others :

Marcus = Kena you like shiat!
Kyean = Sms Super Professional ^^
Sachie = Her fav quote : YER SO CUTEEEEEEE!!! * I know you're laughing*
Rebecca = can laugh in a very asthmatic tone.
Wee Yang = Innocent face!
Samatha = Goes high around ? I forgot!


Mou Chuan = too hairy to say a.k.a KELEFEH! *mou mou*
Alvin = one word. THE KELEFEH OF ALL COWS.
Kelly = aiyoh. Kelefeh.

One Left out. Dunno who. ahahaha Mi yan Neh! - So sorryyyy

2 7 0 7 is another special date. <3

Thursday, July 27, 2006

What I've Been Looking For.

It's hard to believe
That I couldn't see
You were always there beside me
Thought I was alone
With no one to hold
But you were always right beside me

This feelings like no other
I want you to know
I've never had someone that knows me like you do
the way you do
I've never had somone as good for me as you
no one like you so lonely before i finally found
what i've been looking for~

So good to be seen
So good to be heard
Don't have to say a word
For so long I was lost
So good to be found
I'm loving having you around
This feeling's like no other
I want you to know

I've never had someone that knows me like you do
The way you do
I've never had someone as good for me as you
No one like you
So lonely before,
I finally found
what I've ben looking for~

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

During class-photo taking.




AIYAK!! *screams Pn Teoh*


The picture came out to be abit blur.

Sighh. I'm really sicked this week. Sore throat + Flu + cough + allergic. What else? oh. assessments! hahaha i have not been touching my books until now.. sitting here.. bloggingg.. AIYAH DONT NEED WORRY LAH ASSESSMENT ONLY MARH. hahaha woops! okay lah okay lah i studied 5 minutes before test today okay? haha satisfied or not ? AISEH. Assessements was quiet okay lah actually. not too bad

oh yeah! are you promoting yourself? *giggles* Dont try to be silly lah, pls!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I Have Sore throat + Running nose + cough + allergic


My voice is changing.. Nose is gonna drop real soon.. allergics is getting worst and mood is changing and soooooooooooooooo...



Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bop, bop bop bop, Bop to the top!

I had choco fondue yesterday with Gary, Kar Mun, Jiy ni and Ben :

Aiseh. We didnt get to camwhore also! Sigh sigh sigh Din do much things there too. EH WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? GREAT EASTERN MALL ONLY OKAY! ahahaha WoOpss I'm waiting for the Haagen Darz Ice Cream Buffet soooooooooooo badly. =3

Gary gave me this turtle. <3

Oh nooooooo! She's gonna steal it! hahaha! *the way when she "steal" look so serious and cute! *

I love this picture!

To Mal:

Eh you smelly little whore! You gave me uncompleteddddddddddd Kiss Goodbye score lah hou mou! Yau mou gau chor? hahaha *slaps* I want it to be completed on Monday okay! Gah

To All Form 2A members:

GOT WHAT HOMEWORK? hahahah dont throw fruits at me !

To Everyone:

Good nights! <3


Friday, July 21, 2006


sighhh. You still have your long future to go leh. Dont give up so easily. Although I dont know you, i still will pray for you and I'll wait for miracle comes to you. Everyone now pray together for him!

I just love my day. Wheeeee

Friday, July 14, 2006

I knew it was gonna be fun today. =)

Im currently in a dessert mood nowadays. hahaha! I know, fattening! but who cares right? who cares? LOL

Dome, The cake of month.

Kenny Rogers, Brownies with ice cream!

Okay, okay. I know it doesn't look nice compare to the cake and brownies! But, It called Ngoi Sam Dan Kou (Cake baked with love? hahaha) baked be my mom today. So warm! Eh eh, she hardly go into the kitchen you know? *touches*

Well, Sachie, Jiy Ni and I quickly quickly went to leisure mall today after school! haha Gary came to fetch us. lala then later on only we meet others (aunties and uncles) at the arcade after lunch at Kenny Rogers. Hoho aunties and uncles so old already also go arcade! tsk tsk tsk WEllllll what a great great great triple great day! haha I dont know how to explain but.. I laughed alot today. Pheww We ate super good brownies for dessert at KR's, they sure enjoyed it very much, they sure did! hahaha Watched Pirates of the Carribbeans too. Soooooo funny leh some parts.. haha we laughed our asses off too, really! Especially Sachieeee.. I can hear her voice everywhere in the cinema! HAHAHA! and i remember got one tall guy with spiky spiky hair sitting in front of me! so annoying lah his hair! keep blocking the screen! hahah I should have brought scissors! bwahahaha! Snip Snap Snop his hair! kua kua kua Who asked his hair go make until my neck so tired now HAR! Hmmph! Oh yeah, got one guy wanna pikat Jiy Ni in the cinema! hahaha Woooooo cool man! hahahah *trying to laugh like a pirate now* wheeeeee

I'm very tired. I want massages.

I love my day!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Grandpa's 76th birthday on 9th July! The cake was delicious and it looks so grand! I saw many Mun Yees in there. (strawberries) LOL It's gonna be their 50th wedding anniversery soon! Sarangeyo !

So sweet hor! <33>

Some pictures on that day.

The lighting is kinda weird. =9

and i looks sleepy. HAHA

I have a pretty granny and a handsome grandpy! Wooooo


Estella is the best best best kid ever! So i made her french toast and cincau longan today! ^^ Lol We made French toast and cincau longan during co-co. haha so FUNNNN I brought Estella into the cooking room today too. Lol Many of them asked me whether she's my sister anot, yeah lah i wished! and I played with her after school too! (L)(L) Why isn't she my sister or anything, or else i will hug her everyday when i sleepppPpp! hahaha! Why is she so super duper cute. AHHhh.. Rachel says that i'm a kids lover. =D

I tell you why i hearts her.


School was bored as usual. haha but it's gonna be fun tomorrow! yayy yayy (F)