Sunday, December 30, 2007

Good bye 2007, Hello 2008!!

2007 will be the most challenging year I've gone through over the 15 years. Be it in my personal life and school life. Lots of ups and downs and improvements too!

Well, I met a lot of amazing people that I thought I'd ever meet. People like Ya Yen, Cassandra, Malcolm, Rachel, Mun Yee, Olivia, Ken Vin... Almost everyone I've known. Not like Mou Chuan is not special to me, he is because he's the only one who will pick a fight with me during boring classes or recess. And I find it really fun and hope it continues next year! Hahaha! I'm crazy.

1. Let's start it with the best cha gia, Ya Yen.

Well, she's the best friend you could never asked for although she couldn’t go out almost all of the time I asked her to. But it doesn't really matter. She's always there when I need someone's support. She would share her notes before exams, share her secrets with me and we almost talk non-stop when we came along to each other. Msn, real life, phone, everywhere! (toilet too If you wanna know) We share almost everything- laughs, joys, happiness and of course sadness. I hope we could share more these coming years together until we get married and have children. hahahaha and so much more!!! <3

2. Cassandra

Cassandra Ser Chooi Yee. The most bitchy girlfriend I ever had in my life. Hahahahaha. We share a lot of dirty little secrets, bad mouthing (only to her and only her), she brought me to a halloween party and taught me dirty dancing! hahahha! and made me ate a small pieces of beef and gonna make me eat Pate (goose liver) soon! Yuck yuck yuck, but she's no doubt one of my best friend. She said she didn't like me during form 1 so do I! I never liked her bitchyness either. But things changes.. and now she's the best friend of mine. ( Gosh, what did I do in my past life!) nah, I kid. She will bitch about me again I know, but I still will love her as long as she don't steal Daniel Henney away from me! hahaha! I'm high.

3. Malcolm

Yes I'm so gonna write about you my girl friend! Malcolm, I'd knew him since form 1 and shit happened.. not gonna mention it by the way! We're close friends now too. Helped me a lot especially before PMR.. Hmm. Well well, he's funny but he's sucha mean pau until I don't wanna choi him sometimes! He pushes my head everytime when I say that he's my girlfriend, say bad stuff about him in front of him and and try to tell out the girl he likes! Anyhow, we'll still camwhore together during tuition classes, ( yes, stupid right), went to national library together for our projects and talk about almost everything! Thank you girlfriend!

4. Ken Vin

Had the most fairytale relationship with him for only 6 months and things went badly after that. You know when you're with someone for a long time you'll find out the bad side of his/her. But if you're willing to accept that then things will go smoothly but that's not the thing I'm gonna say now. His bad sides was.. I told him before and not gonna tell her too. Good sides are smart, quite good looking, came from a good family background.. almost everything perfect but not his personality and attitude. To me i guess? We're still talking to each other, he's still helping me in my studies and nothing more than that already I guess? He's the one who woke me up from the fairytale dreams and became stronger to face the reality. I actually appreciate it very much! Thank you again!

5. Mun Yee

We won't spend a lot of time together but when the time comes, crazy things will happen! She's that kinda friend that can make you happy and gone wild when you're with her! By the way, she's the first girl I slept with in SSG! We go to places together too.. swim together, watch movie together.. ponteng together and do everything together! We're planning to host Japanese student next year and have crazy funs again! <3

6. Rachel

My sweetest sweetie since form 1. Was so close with her, litien and Guang Ee at that time but we were not really close during form 2. =( Fortunately we're now closer and closer nowadays just like before! Too bad Litien migrated to Sydney already. =( and Ee changed school. Sigh! But we have almighty Olivia now! XD We promised each other to be together next year, college, when we're overseas and our future!! Yeays!

7. Li Tien

Darling!! I will find you next time when I come to Sydney alrights! Then we can be like form 1 again. Hahaha! Will miss you very much! We didn't get to go out at last. So sad =(

8. Mandy

Very good adviser of mine. Helps me a lot in my problems! Besides, she's the longest friend I'd known among them! We knew each other since I was a spoilt brat. She knows how spoilt I was. She's the one who tolerates me everytime and always protect me one. She's the big sister for me!! We travelled together to lotsa place.. even bathed with each other in a same bathtub.. baked together.. slept together and we shared quite a lot of secrets too. Don't bully me or else she will come find you! Wahaha!

9. Chea

The best gay friend I'd ever met!! I have to say, I will go nuts when I'm with him. like very crazy can laugh every minute one! hahhaha. We can laugh at anything we see, or whatever we do or however we acted. We can laugh until very retarded one you see. Or or we laugh at someone else's hairstyle.. fashion style or the way they act. Very bad one. Yes that ajushi influenced me!!

10. Sulearn

Very sweet girl. She made the best spaghetti ever! with tuna one! soooooooo nice! I miss it so much ar. hahah come to my house then we cook together alrights?! <3>

11. Andrea and Jiyni

Both are my good friends too. Peeps that I hanged out during recess and lunch time. Nice people! Andrea is the out-going type of person while Jiyni is nice when you don't step on her tail! hahahah! We help each other in our studies too. =D

12. Estella

Best little buddy of mine! She's the sweetest girl I know. You see, she'll find me everytime and first thing she do when she sees me is to run over to me and hug me very tightly! She gives me the very warm feeling in school.. and she's very innocent that you will find it very comfortable being with her, not like being with those fake people.. you will find it very.. uncomfortable and disgusted. So yeah, I love Estella! She's like my little sister and she calls me mommy sometimes. =.=

13. Yee Jin

Met him in the Halloween party Cass brought me. We have a lot of similiarities.. like our lazy-ness. That's why we call each other piggy. And we both like char siu and siu yok very much. Hmm have skin allergy!! Summore what else. Hahaha. Alot lahh. Besides I always call him a her because he acts like one. Malcolm, your another friend. =)

14. Jee Kin

A banana boy. We talk a lot in msn. =) Nothing much about him, we knew each other since form 2. Kinda close to him too. He gives me good advises too! =3

15. Raphael

Hahaha. You won't know who is this. It's a secret name I supposed. A new friend of mine but we knew each other quite long ago. Ahhh. We chat a lot of msn and sms nowadays till late nights sometimes. Very nice person! Introduced me a lot of old nice songs too. Very sweet! =D

I think I'm gonna write till here first. Still have so many other people is important to me leh. Ish. Continue later. XD By the way, I have to thank all my teachers that helped me so much through the whole year! My results won't be so good without you!! Thank you so much Pn Alina, Pn Masayu, Miss Lim, Miss Regina, Cik Mahani, Pn Teoh, Miss Khoo of course! Mr Aru and Encik Nazri! I got A for KH leh thank god! =)

I'm not gonna have any resolution for 2008. I might forget about them or lazy to follow them too. So I'll just let it to go smoothly..

About boyfriends, Cassandra don't let me to have one cuz she said I'll love her lesser and forgets about her when I have one. Hahahaha.

About school, I'm kinda worried for form 4. Like everything will change and I'll have to take 10 or more subjects already. It's like a big jump for us. And science stream won't be easy. I'm not gonna let myself to be lazy next year! Promise! And and I will try to be more active in co-co!! =D

About my weight, I'm gonna do something about it soon! Holidays ma. So become very lazy just sit there and eat. Sigh!!

About my blog, I wanna make it more happen! Hahaha! I want more visitors and and so I can earn more money from Nuffnang! Nuffnang give me more higher band ads please!! Hahaha.

Happy new year everyone! Hope you have a good one! Till then, this will be the last post this year! Appreciate it!! =D

Sexy Mama's Big Day!!

Not this sexy mama lah. Her sexy mama! Anyways, this one not very sexy also.

Well, She celebrated her sexy mama's big day earlier due to her sexy mama's big day is REALLY big, if you're wondering, her big day is on the 1st of January. Big enough huh? Tee hee. It'l be very inconvenient to celebrate on that day. Oh well, back to the story again, she brought her sexy mama to a very posh restaurant and treated her a very delicious lunch which is in Angus House, A Japanese Charcoal steak Restaurant in Pavillion! Well, it's not really expensive as what you guys will think about this kinda restaurant. It's around RM 120 for just only both of us. Not bad lah! You see what we ate first. =D

The ambience didn't really disappoint us. Service was good too!

To start off our lunch, we were served with bread and butter! It was very chewy! Not forgetting it was hot like just from the oven! So fresh!

I asked mom what soup is this, she said it's pumpkin soup! Not really sure, didn't get to ask the people over there. It was so creamy! But you won't feel yucky and fattening! Yeah baby!

Mom enjoyed her soup very much.

So did I. =D

Up next, their salads! The special thing about their salad was that they used bonito flakes, aka katsuo bushi for their dressing and it was a good combination with the salad! Tasted so good!! Their vegetables are very fresh and juicy tho!

Our Main Course...

Mom's seafood Grill.

And my grilled chicken! Yes, we went to a steak house but we did not eat their steaks since both me and mom don't take beef! Everyone said it's really sadd. Hahaha! It would be a good choice for beef lovers I guess. Anyhow, they served good grills too. The seafood was still very juicy... and my chicken.. Hmm. It's not bad lah but I don't like chicken breast! I still admit the chicken breast was well cooked! It still remain it's juicy-ness and it tasted special! But I don't recomment it. XD

Our dessert. Tiramisu! Oh my gosh this is the best tiramisu I've tried recently! soooooooo good! The tasted of Rome was so heavy and I really liked it!

I told her that this was her birthday cake and she really believed it! More surprisingly for her that I paid for the bill. Tee hee. First time you see! But the surprises are always at the end. She didn't really suspect anything.. cuz she thought it'll be the last of the day! Too bad mommy!

" I love love love the cake! <3>
The birthday woman and Moi! =)

Cassandra Ser Chooi Yee said that I look like a whore! @.@ ahahhahahaa. Saw her today at Pavillion, you bitch! Whoopsy.

Yes, her biggest surprise is that I bought her an ice-cream cake from Baskin Robbin's! It's her favourite flavour too, Pistachio! Of course I'll be the one to serve the cake to the queen! Went to uncle's house cuz no one was at home - grandparents went overseas and everyone will be out on Sunday.

Sexy Mama with her lovely cake!


Then we had dinner somewhere near Petaling Jaya. Heard their seafood is nice! and we love seafood! No harm giving it a try! hahaha! It was so so only lah aiyo. Anyways, thanks Uncle Hua for the dinner!!

Spicy crabs with man taos, salted egg crab, salad and butter prawns !

Tofu was good!! Tee heeeeeeeee.

Cousin loves!

Sorry ar. this one is only my real PMR results. hahaha. There, everyone makes mistake. AIYO. So nevermind lah. hahaha thank you Malcolm for giving me the real results! I appreciated it! Oh yes mommy, this is the present you wanted for!!

Happy birthday mommy! I love you!! xoxoxo (I know you will read this)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ben & Xulyo's Wedding Dinner.

Didn't really know them.. Grandma's best friend's son wedding if I was not mistaken. She just drag me along to the dinner as there's an extra place. Lol. The bride and groom were pretty good looking! Too bad I didn't take any picture of them/ with them. Feel a bit weird leh. =D

It was in Nobel Banquet. Nice ambience. Food wasn't really good. XD

The Wedding Gift!

Tee hee.

The VIP table, wedding cake was pretty! & an uncle was blocking the screen. Potong steam betul!

Haha! Yes. This dress again! Somebody buy me a dress! I can't see any nice one nowadays. Sigh!

Happy Wedding!

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Finally, I can sleep peacefully, eat happily, play joyfully all I want!! I cannot sleep last whole night and keep rolling around my bed thinking everything about today and keep telling myself not to worry about the results but I just stayed up to 4 in the morning and woke up automatically at 8 in the morning! Gosh, eyebags were the first thing when I look at myself in the mirror. =(

After preparing, was going to Ken Vin’s house to collect his books first and gave him a Christmas present as he was giving me one too. Oh, it was a special sudoku puzzle. I loved it! You know that I love playing sudoku don't you. hahaha! Thank you so much. =)

This is it. XD

Then I passed Cassandra her birthday and Christmas present ( 2 in 1!) before going to school as they live really near to each other. And that smelly woman of mine was not gonna go to school early so I have to pass it to her first. Urgh! As soon as it goes, went to school to fetch my cha gia and Malc to go yam cha first since our special (mafan) school can only get our results at 12 pm. (AND OH MY GOSH I TELL YOU THEY WERE BOTH WEARING COUPLE COSTUME, *QING LUI ZHONG*) Oh my gosh oh my gosh I thought I was still dreaming or still haven’t wake up by that time I saw them. LOL!! I’m so failed that I forgot to take a picture of them. AHHH. Sorry lorh was worrying about results! We didn’t even have the appetite to eat at that time too!

Okay, while Pn Teoh messaged us half way when we were at some cafe asking us to go back hurrily to get our (good news). We were like shouting and screaming all the way in the car! So kan chiong I tell you! So yeah.. 3 of us got 7 A's!! Not forgetting my beloveds Cassandra, Rachel and so much more!!

How good it'll be if I never take Mandarin! *##&$*#$#)$@# @ But still consider as full A's right for our school? hahaha. Aiya I don't care lah. I'm not gonna tell those people I took Mandarin anyways. People will hardly know if I didn't tell! Wahaha! If they ask: How many A's did you get? I'll just say 7 A's, smile and walk away. Tee hee!!

So, yeah. Going out is a must after results, right? Well, went out with Rachel, Olivia and and Malcolm my good girlfriends ( Ha! you can't mess my hair now Mal!) and yes, a special guest tagged along after that. =) Stay tune for more!

Yes, let's start with our lunch!! Of course must celebrate celebrate first ma. Tee hee. So Ichiban Boshi it was once again!! It was really cheap until you wanna cry I tell you.

Salmon Sashimi! <3 My love for you never ends.

California Roll!

This is nice for mayonaisse lovers! Salmon roll obviously!

Smoked salmon with cheese sushi. This was nice! We took 2 plates!!

Agedeshi tofu! Cass recommended this!

and soft shell crab also she recommended one. Lol. Not bad lah!! =3

Unagi unagi! I think it's abit too sweet leh. but still nice cuz it's soft enough! I'll rate their food 4/5. =) and guess how much it was. 81 bucks to be exact! But still very cheap for Japanese food what!

Then Beard Papa's cream puffs for our desserts!!!

Malcolm says: No wonder you girls take sooo long in the washroom!

Boys and girls! Treat yourself like a prince and a princess!! Go try Baskin Robbin's ice cream fondue with friends for high tea! (Great idea to kill time when you're tired of walking around too)

Ha! There you go! (If you're wondering, that's chocolate on my lips, not cacated lips!)

Cam-whore also can kill time one. ^^

And act cool also! wahahah!


Ofifia and I! =D

And the lalas. hahahhaha omg I find this picture so funny. Olivia was like.. Lala take picture from up one!! then got dunno what peace sign, salute or whatsoever signs! (No offense!)

And we love Therdore!

Who says I cannot take Therdore home! Hahahhaa. Was waiting for our SPECIAL GUEST before the movie starts lah. Urghhh so late la him! Act like he's really a special guest only. *ahem ahem* So we have to use the time for useful things like this lorh! I tell you there were so many people around looking at us when we were taking pictures with cute little Therdore that time! hahaha! Oh yeah, we watched National Treasure. Very exciting one! Me and Mr. Special guest was like.. shocked! like really shocked laa. like jump up abit.. hahahhaha. It was stupid. And if you're wondering who's the Mr. Special Guest is..

Okay this is our Mr Special guest:

Who's that korean kelefeh singer look-alike worh you asked? hahahahaa. SEE PROPERLY. He's Chea omg! You see his hairrrrrrrrr. tsk tsk tsk. I was like..

"Eh you forgot to water your grass ar. You see now all die already become yellow colour already!"

hahahahhaha. All of them laughed laughed laughed man. I cannot laugh already la seriously! I gone high today with them already especially with this golden hair ajushi!

summore can make monkey faces one!!! hahahha soooo cute right!!! (Brenda sookie faster come see!!! Don't laugh till you drop! My camera almost dropped when I took this picture. haha!)

Was hanging out at J&co's after movie.. Each of us bought one dozen of doughnuts. tee hee. I'm not joking. Anyways, this is the second time this ajushi bought me J&co's doughnuts. So lovely hor! *omg did I just say that hahahhahaha, omg I'm high again)

Candid shot #1.

Candid shot #2.

After that we went to take pictures at the Christmas tree *surprisingly still there* and we also saw the Wind Ensemble performances too. Very niceee!! We were like guessing what's the song name were they playing. hahaha. Quite fun!

Moi & J&co's ! =D

Was messing his golden hair! I mean dead grasses! hahahah!

A group picture! See! All of us got a dozen of doughnuts! Crazy crazy one.

PMR Candidates 2007! Congratulations us! It's really MERDEKA for us now! (Wait for 2 more years and see =P )

My doughnuts! They didn't give me the oreo one lorh cheater! *##($*#$ Next time should not be lazy, just queue up and the doughnuts will be nicer! Seriously!

*Which one to eat first leh?!*

I'm really very happy today. Thank you everyone for the wishes. Appreciated it! By the way, thank you mommy for fetching me and my friends going everywhere today! Love ya lots!!! To those who got good results, Congratulations! and to those who didn't get the results you expected, nevermind. We still have SPM and our future! You did your best can already! Try harder next time! =D Till then. Nighty nights!! I'm gonna sleepppppppppppppppppppp like a pig before school reopens!! XD