Friday, September 22, 2006

New blogskin!

So princess feel lah hor the skin. pink pink hearts all around. <3

WHY LAH WHY I HAVE TO BLOG UNTIL SO SO SO CHILDISH AND FUNNY ONE LAST TIME. Yerrrrrrr . somebody kill me. dont laugh so loud when you see all my spoilt english when you read my archieves yeah. Promise!



summore the time-table changed already. Change change change, change what change lah! All the period also different already. Especially the Friday ones. It suppose to be all the unimportant subjects likeee... First, we have Moral lessons. You all know one lorh. Mr. Wong's lessons are like free periods. Second, ICT. after break got Science then Maths. Then Balik rumah. Of course not balik rumah lah!


now, they changed everything. First, we have Science. Okay okay lah. Second, our En.Nazri will come into our class. Oh boy! then at least got one lesson of Moral before break. after break got maths and THEN after that got BM lessons!


and and and it falls on the last lesson sumore. Haiyo. now I have to say bye bye to my favourite day, friday already. Hmph!

oh yeah, and not forgetting they're gonna follow the thursday time table tomorrow. I GOT 3 MANDARIN LESSONS IN A WEEK. *vomits blood*

I have lotsa lotsa lotsa work to do before finals. like I went to the ampang lrt station today with my darling, yy and not darlings, mal and mou. Took lrt back to the Maluri station and met a pervert old man in the lrt. Gila babi. Pui. still got alot of studies to catch on.

Aiya I think it's time for my bed now lah. If not I would be complaining until tomorrow morning. okay lah it's gonna be so late and everyone's asking me why am i still online already. tata

Monday, September 18, 2006

okay LOH fine. I update. Don't complain anymore ah!

Hmph. What you guys wanna see ah? haha so lazy to blog la me! have to study for final exams already. =( So stressed up and it caused me sick again. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-chu!

Okay guess where is this awesome place.


Right. Jogoya. *actually I'm scared of Jogoya already lah honestly* Shhhhhhh

but the desserts there are damn good. Ice-creams, yes please. and the coconuts too! So cute right, haha i can drink like about 3 of it. Tee hee. The raw fishes, oysters, and prawns there are just okay-okay only lah. =) The cooking there is not very good compared to other Japanese Restaurants like Kampachi, Equatorial Hotel and etc.

The service there is good. very professional, very warm. well-informed, too! You can hear a big big big welcome when you go into the restaurant. lalala enough of it.

hahaha. Went there two weeks ago again with mom and Gary. Cool huh. Both of them were talking about my bad stuffffff. Hmph =( You don't wanna know what they say. Cause someone laughed until stomach ache already. I don't wanna tell you guys also. bleh

Just look at my darlings. hahaha so talented hor hor hor. <33333