Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year Babesss XoXo

$$$ Happy Collecting Cash $$$

Sunday, January 15, 2006

School Life =S

Sorry pples! that i haven blogged since eraS! lalala was super busy with homework and stuff since school reopens. hahaha man.. form 2's lifes better then form 1 alot! i mean like haha more hmm.. DECIPLINE ahahahaha. GOOD teachers O.O ahahaha jokings! Our SEJARAH teacher cik or pn or whatever MASAYU was blehhh ahaha well if really compare to form 1, BETTER ALOTTTT! Lol! I like my new class now haha besides my 3 guy friends here. GRrr.. im not gonna say out your name here. but pls behave! u guys were like over-ed the limit that i could stand. =) ahahaha sounds abit lc here.. but haha oh puh-leazeeeeeeeee! haha my best ass fren in class - Ya Yen hahaha is sitting beside me now. lolx n not forgetting SARCHEY da bond.. ahahaha we just cant stop with our craps!! haha n eh eh sach!! your cute little sis said hi to me yesterday after school! hahaha she's cute n i love her <3>.< ahaha we had lunch at KimGary. ahahah thanks alot keongy! the food there was like.. ahaha erm.. okay u want the answer to be 50 % true and 50% false? ahahahaha. well, it was haha not very good! ahahaha we were all like.. aiyoh.. haha okay im not gonna be mean now! =p then we went cc afterthat. haha first time i went into a cyber cafe in MALAYSIA.. ahaha sounds stupid. well~

Blogskinnnn T-T

GrrR.. YONG ENNNN.. help me plssss.. lol i hate this blogskin. now. haha very much.

Gomenasai rocksS ^^

oh man.. it's almost 4 in the morning now.. ahahaha guess i gotta go! cya guys! nitez Xoxo