Monday, August 31, 2009

Everyone says Happy Birthday to My Cha Gia

We celebrated her birthday in her house last Friday. She invited the whole class and 2 bimbos from another class. ( you know who you are ;P) We had Fatman Steamboat in her house!! Hahahha the funny thing was, a bunch of them were actually Lok lok virgins. AHAHHAHA It was their "first time" eating lok lok on that night. HAahaha so funny!

So let the picture do the talking now shall we. ;P

The birthday girl with the gift I got her. The hairband she's wearing and the World's Sexiest Princess sign. Hahahaha.

I think she likes it very much. Teehee

Bimbos acting bimbos as usual . It was funny when I asked "How to act bimbo ah?" HAHAHAHAA

while everyone was enjoying lok lok downstairs

Feast feast feast~~

Hahahhaa. dear drea drea, height cannot lie one!!!!!!

HAHAHHAHA. My beloved boys in class!!! Soooo funny all of them! All became baldie already!

HAHAhAHHAHA. So many Alvins suddenly!

The cake time! It was Alexis's Pavlova . Soooo pretty and niceeee =D

Birthday Girl with her favourite cake

Birthday Girl & Family

Everyone singing for her. In English, Canto, Mandarin and tamil ahahahah almost!!

I hope we had a better quality group picture!!

It was the garden time! I took this pic, faster say nice!

Half of the girl classmates

Hua Min, Mun Yee, Teddy <3>
My loveeeeee =D

Teddy loves me =)

The cool people yaw!

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHA GIA!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Satu Malaysia

To all Malaysians, Happy National Day!!!!!! Merdeka !

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Currently the hottest song I'm listening by a Korean girl group, Brown Eyed Girl. My beloved 2pm did a parody of it and IT'S SOOOOOOOO FREAKING FUNNY <3333 I'm spreading the 2pm love to everyone!!! Wild Bunnies partners in crime are Rachie, Sachie, Munnie and...... MORE TO COME SOON!! hahahah and yes, TEACYEON IS MINE SACHIE! hohohoho

During the holiday's Wedsnesday, I went to Pavillion (yes,again) with my bimbos and babboons AHHAHA Went to Mun's house to get my face caked up by the so called professional make-up artist Olivia, then Mun's mommy fetched us all to Pavillion and then the day started with....

Having lunch at Food Republic, we had pasta! =)

My bimbo number 1 =)

The only incomplete picture of 3 of us

Our Seafood Marinara . Very generous portion of seafood and pasta =)

Chicken Bolognese. 3 of us ate 2 big plates of the pasta. But this is only our appetizer. =)

Tell me I look like a successful restaurant owner HAHAHHAHA

Girl's Favourite Corner. After finish doing our "business" in the ladies, we went to Dragon I to have LUNCH again. hahahaha

Oh yeah baby we are so cool like that :D

I was too full for any other meals (cuz I ate dimsum before this!) so I ordered a dessert so that everyone can share. ahahhah I know I'm like an angel right ;D

Munnies with her favourite Sichuan Spicy Soup.

Siu Long Pao with her Siu Long Pao AHHAHAHA she insisted to send me the picture of her with her siu long pao because she said she looked like...... a siu long pao. AHHAHA funny like shit! I was the one who took picture for her that day and I think the camera really hates her alot! =)

After that, we met up with the babboons. No, I don't know who's the jail breaker standing beside me. =) The 2 guys behind are Alex and Beh Beh. And there's one japanese doll with us that day AHHAHA she's Pui Ling anyways. =D The lauya cameraman was Kah Wei who always bully me! Groarrr.

We went to watch a movie together after that. I love you, Beth Cooper it was. It was a good movie but I got really frustrated when they cut a lot of scenes. Stupid stupid stupid. Definitely not a guy's movie because all of them complained!! Hahahah. Anyways, I enjoyed Sachie's laugh from behind A LOT AHHAHAHA. Yes yes, we met her in the cinema together with Fariza. :D

My beloved Ching Goo(s)

Top & Taec's Lover HAHAHAHA (I give you Top la ok?? I want Teac <3)

Doing what we do best!!! Hahhaha

Credits to Olivia Siu Long Pao for the pictures! Now I feel guilty for shouting at you that day in Pav....... slap me if you want :D

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dress Shopping and Girl's Night Out

I went to Mid Valley last Sunday for prom dress shopping after having dim sim brunch at Ritz Carlton Hotel's Chinese Restaurant with Mun's family. Besides that, we also went to Concorde's Hotel lounge on Saturday night with her parents. I had a very good time last weekend I swear!!

We secretly took pictures of the dress in the dressing room . Can't tell in which boutique of course!!

Similiar to my last year's prom dress except it's purple!

Mun's very cool black suit! It's not a dress but it's like one piece of pants with top together! It's bare back and low cut. Super sexyyyyyyyyyy but she didn't want it tsk!

Favourite dress of the day but damn expensive!!!! And I don't look very slim with this dress pfft! Fyi, Miss Universe wore the same dress before hahahahah!!

The Saturday Night Fever. Spent almost an hour to prepare ourselves! Tsk girls memang girls!

Notice anything similiar? Hahaha we wore matching clothes! Blue dress with white belt!

Saturday Night Fever!!

Alex quotes: Drunk picture! Ahaha ready to go out and have fun!

Our drinks! I forgot those names but I'm very sure my drink was alcohol-free because I'm so cool like that!

On the way home! hahaha she was drunk!

In the BMW latest 7 series!

My beloved darling is a good host <33333333


omg I just came back from watching the world most scariest horror movie T______________T It's so scary until I dont dare to sleep alone tonight wtf and I'm officially scared of any girl who name is Esther now . Damn freaking scary okay!!!! My heart is still beating very rapidly now hahahaha More scary than driving in a busy road okay wtf anyways leave the driving story aside first!!! GO WATCH ORPHAN IF YOU WANT TO GET SOME EXCITEMENT DURING THE HOLIDAY!!!! I watched it during midnight summore ! worst experience ever!!! Can someone like talk to me now during this hour???? It's 2 in the morning hahahaha I'm so scared and lonely right now wtf HAHAHA another esther!! I dont think anyone will dare to adopt an orphan after watching this movie lor! And the movie reminded me someone a lot!!!! DAMN FREAKY LAHHHHHHHHH AIYERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3 Little Miss

Last Saturday, 3 little misses went to Pavillion. All they wanted to do was to hunt for prom dress and shoe shopping but didn't get anything except for Little Miss Splendid. She got herself a dress but not for prom. While Little Miss Fun and Little Miss Sunshine were just window shopping for good stuff. Besides that, Little Miss Splendid, Sunshine and Fun also went to watch a movie, The Proposal! It was a very touching romantic comedy. Little Miss Sunshine and Little Miss Fun cried for the movie too *tears wuwuwu But it was a really funny comedy!! very worth watching! On that day, we bumped into Miss Jamie and Miss Felicia that day too. So coincidence! Too bad didn't get to take a picture with them haih haih!

Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Fun and Little Miss Splendid at the picture perfect spot for the Pavillion Crystal fountain!

~FYI, they are all wearing my clothes!! HAHAHAH my little miss collection is enough for all my girls, no joke!

Little Miss Splendid and I with my green tea ice cream *loveeeeeeeee <3

Little Miss Sunshine and Little Miss Fun this time at Forever 21 dressing room!

3 little miss =)

We chose the same dress and wore it out at the same time! so omgwtf-ly sam ling siong tong right!!! But I look like a giant beside her hahahahha. Shortie Mun!

Black and White polka dots fluffy dress. Quite cute!

Favourite among all. Didn't buy it though =(

Accessories time! Little Miss Splendid with a gigantic straw hat! ahahha sooo funny!!

Shades moments! Mine is the heart-shaped one!! Both of them are the nerds of the nerds!

Picture of the day!!!!!

The colour combination is perfect right! Look at our how lovely our tees are *perasan slap

After that, we had lunch at pretty Dainti Hill which serve pretty food.

Little Miss Splendid's Seafood Pasta!

Little Miss Sunshine with her favourite pork rice! Pork + rice = her favourite!!!!!

Little Miss Fun with her pretty cold noodleeee. Soooo delicious!

And papaya soup! (To boost up her boobs wtf ahhahahahhaa)

Our dessert. Mango & Ice Cream Ice. Not bad! Go try!!

Very happy for our lunch!!