Saturday, March 29, 2008

Crazy little things every Saturdays.

I started having tuition from Martin Tuition Centre since the first week of March with YaYen. She introduced me, it's the same as, keep asking me to go tuition there with her until I agreed before that. Tee heeeeeeeeeeee. I know we love each other! *Look into your eyes, then vomit 3 sec later* Hahahhaa. Joking la cha gia (L). Mou Chuan, Andrea and Malcolm are here too! Not forgetting about that SBU piggy also! EH EH AND I DIDN'T KNOW EUGENE ARTHUR JOON WAYNE THEY ALL WENT TUITION THERE BEFORE LEH!!!!

Basically the tuition centre is very well known among the secondary students in KL, different students from different school go there because they knew that their teachers are good there. Besides, there's so many different classes there with any subjects in different time and teachers depends on which and who you wanna choose. The teachers are very experienced, provides you lotsa useful notes, teaches you easier formula and ways to memorize every single crazy little things you hardly understand.

No, I'm not talking about those crazy little things here.

We do more than that on our beloved saturdays hanging out before and after our long tuition hours. Both of us attend 4 classes a day. We're so keng and hardworking and rajin and smart and and we're gonna get top 3 in class already! wahahaha *Don't throw eggs at us please* I'm not that smart that's why only go tuition okay okay. Shhhhhhhh.

why you so gangsterrrrrrrrr oneeeee

Me acting to be one! Failed!

After camwhoring in class in the morning, nah, it was before class while waiting for the teacher lah don't worry, we were paying fully attention during class okay! After tuition in the mornings, her mom will fetch us for lunch and then go back to her house. It's fun hanging around with her little siblings, learning their inside jokes, listening to their fights, complaining about each other to the parents, it's so cute and funny!! They just don't wanna take picture with us so we had to... take ourselves! Hahahahha.

Olala~ We're on the bed and and I dunno what's gonna happen next!!

Aiya take picture only lah think so much!!! =D

It was last Saturday's anyways. This week's Saturday is way crazier that you won't even think of and you don't have to know but you want to know I'm sure. How crazy you ask?

We went to Sogo, while waiting for her siblings finish their school because we were there early and the shopping mall is near their school so we just walked there. Btw there's a lot of Malays in that shopping mall for your informations! NO I AM NOT BEING A RACIST!!!! I'm just saying that place's just a Malay hang out place i guess. And I think both of us were only the 2 of 5 of chinese there. T-T Didn't have much things to do there to kill time and so we......



Both of our mom said we are like the *kao kao chen, mou bong chan* and *wan kat* type after we told them we actually did that! Hahahhaha! Don't laugh already lah okay!! Since there's not many people there waiting for the fitting room and we don't know anyone there and and won't *so lucky* bump into someone we know there right!! If we really did I think we had to dig a hole and hide our head into it! So china aunty omggggggggggggg!! First time doing that! And it's so fun!!! Hahahah. Great experience!! If not what!! We won't do that when we're older and have children next time right!!! WILL YOU WILL YOU??! Chee sin one!

Oh yeah, I cut my hair as you can see from the crazy pictures below!
I cut my hair to match with her one! So touching hor! Please say nice please say nice!

A closer look!!!! We were wearing exactly the same outfits from Padini. Very nice but the skirt make me look kinda fat!

Acting like cuu-coo womans! BTW I NEED PHOTOSHOP! I NEED TO LIQUIFY MY TUMMY AWAY LIKE HOW XIAXUE DO!! Actually my tummy where got so big don't be silly lah. Hahahhaa. it's the top's fault! TOP'S FAULT!! (Fat also don't want to admit stoopid)

Hahahha. Because I took a bigger size one and it made me look weird in it but I didn't wanna go out taking another smaller size looking like an idiot so I just wear it and take pictures together!

She wanted me to post this picture anyways. So blur! I don't like to take pictures with the front camera of my phone lah aiyerrrrr!

Seee. So much different if I take with the back camera! *Mr Khaw ar let's all make our school uniform something like that because my tuition teacher say hor, our uniform design and colour very awful ler. Green and Yellow until his grandma also refuse to wear worh. Hahahhaha. It's just an suggestion anyways.*


I DIDN'T CUT MY HAIR LAH. HAHAHHAHAHA KENA TIPU ALL OF YOU!!! I'll be out of my mind if I cut my hair until so short lah aiyo! I was hiding my hair at the back! Tee heeeeee. *Don't you just feel like slapping me now sigh sigh* Slap lorh, I look like a statue in this picture also. That Babi, Baby, Bab 1 or whatever took my shades and she took a picture while I was complaining!! Urghhhhhhhhhh.

Our own top today with the skirt. I like this picture more!

But she like this one! So just post both lah fair and square!

We had Choco Fondue before fetching the siblings home.


After dipping the chocolate. Look like something I don't wanna know.

Us with our dunno what! it's actually strawberry dipped with chocolate you silly.

Back to our tuition class again. Me with our favourite leong sui! There's so many things to eat there! Like fried chickens, tong sui, steamed egg, porridge, delicious noodles and so much more! It's called Wai Sek Kai, Wai Sek Street in Pudu. Just right for people like me. =)

I know I look very arh-greeeeeeeeee.

But actually I'm quite pwee-ti one ehhhhhhhh. Ahahahahhaha.

*Slap me before you leave*

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thanks for the presents people!

To Mommy, Thanks for the cake and the 5 bras which costs you more than 400 bucks from Sloggi! <3 Everyone of my friends freaked out after they heard that!

To Yennie Cha gia, Thanks for the very cute birthday song recording of you singing and and the lovely diamond necklace.=D *Fake or real one also I like lah!!*

To Rachel Sweetie, Thanks for the Apple flavour hand balm from Skin Food and the earrings from Forever 21! You know what I like!! Hahhaha. And the hand balm makes my hand so smooth now! *Touchie touchie*

To Cassie Beachey, Thanks for the sexy super short dress from your dad's shop and your sexy strip dancing while singing me the happy birthday song. It was better if you let Rach recorded it! Urghhhh!

To Shirley, Thanks for the very cute photo frame! So creative one!! =D Next time I'll put a picture in it with me and you! hehehe.

To Gong Gong And Ma Ma, Thanks for the birthday lunch treat at the vegetarian restaurant! Nice hor the restaurant and food I brought you all to! The one I went with YY last saturday. It's so good! Did anyone try roti salad before yet?!

To Aunty Choo, Thanks for the pouch from PlayBoy and the bracelet from Perlin Silver which looks like you got it from Chanel!

To Uncle Hua & family, Thanks for the limited edition cute water bottles from Tupperware!! Super cute lah until I don't wanna use!!

To Cousin Jodie and Phoebe, Thanks for the big heavy pink & purple pretty butterfly necklace from Axxezz! Will wear it next time! Most probably Gong gong & Mama's 50th anniversary this year!

To Estella, Thanks for the cute little teddy bear!! I put it in my mom's car now. =)

To LOU POH SYLVIA, Thanks for the cute little SUPER MONKEY undies!!!! THE CHEEKIEST PRESENT EVER!! *We'll use it tonight tee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

A few of them said that they owe me a present but until now also haven't receive anyone! Hahahhaa. Nah, just joking. Still love them! =D

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tagged by Malcolm Ng Sze Cun

Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total 20 questions, then tag to 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

*somehow I did this tag already lorh fatty. Why still tag me! Urghhhh.*

1) What is your dream when you were in your childhood?
- My dream when I was a small kid was to go Disneyland and stay happily ever after with the princesses there! How many times I have to say wor . So pai seh already. *blushes*

2) Rainy days or sunny days? Why?
Not so sunny! Not heavy rain also! Neither! Hahaha. I like windy days so shaddap already.

3) Which do you like the most? Black or White?
-Black! Because black tops makes me looks slimmer!! Hahahahha.

4) Who would you marry?
- Daniel Henney. Jay Chou. Lee Hom. Not only because they're good looking, it's because of their talents. =D *Playing Piano I mean!* wait, Daniel can't play piano but who cares he's mine already!

5) Where is the place you would like to go most? Why?
- Everywhere and anywhere with the ones I love. =) Because I feel warmed everywhere with them.

6) Who are you most afraid of losing?
- Everything I'm having now? I'm afraid of losing my mom, I'm afraid of losing my girlfriends especially. I'm afraid of losing my laptop then I cannot blog already, I'm afraid of losing the guy I'm talking to everyday. I'm afraid of losing people that I love and who loves me. I'm afraid of losing my virginity to Cassandra! HAHAHAHHAHA! I kid you not. One day I become lesbian its because of her. Trust me. but *touchwood* lah.

7) When you encounter a sad moment, what would you do?
-Cry. Let everything out. Most probably find someone I feel comfortable with and splash everything out then I'll become the happiest girl again. Tee heeeeeeeee.

8) What is the one thing you can never tired of?
-Taking pictures with my girls! Wahahhaha! So true!

9) If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him? Or just keep the secret in the heart, observing by yourself?
- That's a very hard question and I'm still wondering what would I do since quite awhile. =S I think I'll see what's his reactions first before I say anything, wait till he makes the first move. =D

10) Have you ever been cheated or cheat someone's love??
- I did. Never ever will again. I promised myself.

11) Which preferably, text or instant messaging?
- It depends! Both are almost the same what kinda stupid question is this omg.

12) What is your most embarassaing moment?
- I got no embarassaing moment because I very the thick skinned one. HAHHAHAHA. You mean digging nose or scratching butt in public? Nono I don't do that. That's so Rachel and Cass!! Hahahhaha!!

13) What is your ambition?
- Omg my teacher just asked me this question today during Moral lesson. I seriously don't know yet but I wanna get an easy job with satisfying salary. Urghh Whyyyyyyy am I so lazy! So I answered I wanna be food critic and I was the only one who gave that answer wahahhahah.

14) Would you rather be someone else at this moment?
- No. I love being myself. =)

15) If you could have 1 dream come true, what would it be?
- If I have 1 dream that could come true, my dream would be having a MILLION more dreams that will REALLY come true!! ( Yes, thank you Malc for the answer, never thought of that before, so greedy of you, tsk tsk)

16) What will you do if the world ends tomorrow?
- Go eat everything I love with all the ones I love! SERIOUSLY!! I don't care! Fat ma fat lorh! Hahahahhaa I can even treat them too! Honestly why still wanna keep the money when you're gonna die tomorrow! Spend all of them by going to the spa, shopping spree and eat all the food I love will end my life with a smile =D

17) Who's your favourite cartoon character?
- Powerpuff girls wtf. ahhahahaha. I love all the disney princesses wor how to choose!

18) What do you think that is most important in your life?
- Everything is important. If any one of them is missing, then my life will be uncompleted.

19)What do you need now?
- What else can I ask for?

20) Who do you hate the most now:

Tagging :
1) Rachel, gonna screw me while she's doing this tag
2) Michelle, also gonna screw me!
3) Ken Vin, he's so gonna screw me too! He'll say I make his life more hectic!
4) Choi Yen, she won't screw me one. =)
5) Hon Yee, Hahhaha he also won't screw me one . =)
6) Mandy, hope you won't screw me. Tee hee
7) Olivia, update your blog! You can't screw me with this! Hahahah.
8) Melissa too! Faster go update!! =3

PS: Oi you guys create another last question ar, don't say you all hate me because of this stupid tag and I know you guys will still love me very much terima kasih! =D
A Whole New Class

from 36 students became 22 students in a class now,

the people had been separated drastically,

changed some of the subject teachers, (like Math & EST, which is a good thing, I hope!) Why don't change English teacher also T_T Oh yeah, and Ms Katherine is leaving soon, oh noooooooo! =S

lucky thing is, the people around me supposed to stay stayed,

but some people who should have stayed went to other classes too, Sigh!! And someone is gonna leave us to Australia soon! Sigh sigh sigh!

good thing is, more cheerful people came into our class,

like Alvin, Andrea, Adele, Zhao Shen, Dickson, Hua Min and so much more,

hopefully the class will be fun and happening all the time,

with all the crazy and fun people in here.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Why Is It So Hot Nowadays.


I don't know why I just couldn't stand the weather these days. It's crazy!! What's more the school had fire drill for 2 times in a week already wtf summore choose the hottest hour can make all of us melt and die under the hot evil sun! It's sooooooooooooooo hot until you can feel the lights are sharping into your skin and and you can even fry an egg on your head!!! Bloody hotttttttttttttttttttt. *Pants on fire* As if we don't know how to run when there's fire lah omg. You think if the building is burning we will still walk like as if we're going shopping meh lecture lecture lecture under the hot sun summore rawrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Obviously I wasn't listening and complaining the whole time but I got tired and leaned on my cha gia's shoulder and melt.

A short chat between me and Hon Yee during the fire drill.

Him: Wa yid dou sei! (bloody hot!)
Me: Em mai bei fo xui sei, yi hai bei tai yong sai sei! (not burn by the fire but the sun!)
Him: Yid dou hoi em dou an (hot till can't open eyes!)
Me: Dai em dou ye le~ (can't see already!) *faint on YaYen's shoulder*

Taken from his blog by the way =D

The tulan faces due to our behated Mr Sunshineeee

Let's go to Snowy landddddddd. Tee hee!

Ookay. A few pictures of us pretending we're enjoying the sun very much. Hahahha.

Nahh. More to advertising our new korean drama named Autumn In My Dreams. Hahahhahahaa.

Casting by Su Fen and Kae Yeon!

Don't you guys just think that the pictures are so lovely and romantic!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm Sixteen already!

Anyways, thanks everyone for the birthday wishes through Sms, blogs, friendster, msn, face-to-face, birthday songs, birthday hugs and kisses, and birthday presents! I appreciate them very much!!

My phone became like hotline when the clock strikes 12 on that night. Some messages were very touching!! Teared a little and giggled after reading. Messages from some people I didn't expect warmed my heart too.

Some of the funny messages:

From Chen Teng. ( The most accurate according to my phone)!

Happy birthday Grandma! Getting older already lorh! Need to sang sing lah. Dont pak toh so much lah! Enjoy!!

My reply was:

Thanks old hag! I didn't expect you were the most accurate one!! And btw I where got pak tuo so much lah aiyo!! I very sang sing one!! Thanks and good night!! =D

From Rachel the sweetie. ( She set alarm to wake up okay okay! So touched!! The message also!)

Happy birthday Kyeanie dear! Have a great day! =D College awaits us, we'll make more friends, no doubt. But we won't leave each other behind, yat sut hae! (I promise!) Hope we'll spend every little things together in future! Saranghae!! You know i love you! *sniff sniff* Stay happy always! And meet your perfect guy! =3

I forgot what exactly I replied but my heart just melted after reading her text! It was so sweet and true!! no doubt we'll go college together next time and stay together sweetie! And and cook everyday! Wahahaha! It's a promise! Yat sut hae!

From Joshep.

Happy Birthday animal!!

My reply was:

Thank you cuu-coo bird!! =D

And I didn't know you'll come back all the way for me!!! Hahahahhaha. *If it was really the reason you came back before Friday and you came back before Wednesday summore!* So sweet of you Joshep!!! (F) Anyways, Where's the hot stuff you promised to bring back for me? Don't say your body!! Hahahhaha.

From Wei Lip. Its quite funny lahhh.

Hey hey birthday girl! Happy Sweet Sixty!!! =)

My eyes turned bigger after reading it and replied:


From Joon.

Hey Babi. 16 already loh. So happy birthday! Santa will send you present in your dreams tonight!

My reply was:

But why santa!! Christmas meh! You owe me presents for 2 years already! Hmph! =S Anyways thanks pig! Didn't know you remember!

From Keongy,

Well well boss I still remember today! (F)

I replied,

Then why never do any action!!

He replied,

But.. Boss always dont wanna see me.. So.. to make boss happy i dont wanna appear on your birthday ma haha

I replied,

=S. I gave up all the hopes I gave you already! You're fired! Hahahhaa.

From my cousin Vivian:

Sor poh! Happy birthday ah! Stay pretty and healthy all the time!! Have a nice day!!

I replied,

Why lahhhh why still wanna call me sor poh on my birthday T_____________________T

From Malcolm: *He sent earlier around like 11?*

I know it's very bad to do this at this time but my eyes are really heavy.. Cannot stand already.. So, here i wish you a very happy birthday! And I don't think I can give you your present tomoro.. I don't think it suits you.. So Im buying it again.. But have to wait la k? HAPPY SWEET 16!

I replied,

Hahahha. Why so char one. Really really? Okie dokie smelly fatty! Thanks anyways!!

Then he replied,

Hmm Actually I wanted to buy something which cost like 100 bucks for you one. But now ar? 10 bucks enough lah.. ^^


Then he said, ok ok depends how you treat me first! Wah! My birthday also wanna threaten me!

From busy handsome uncle Alfonsus from Singapore:

Happy Birthday my dear! Sorry for being late, been too busy, Will make up to you! *Kisses*

My reply:

Hahaha. Thanks hun! Bring me back Daniel Henney then! <3

From Eugene in Sydney now:

Happy 16th birthday! Enjoy growing older and growing up! Cheers from Sydney!

I actually wanted to reply him bring me back Krispy Kreme doughnuts but I forgot!!! =S

From Justin,

Hey princess piggy! Nah I'll be the last person to wish you happy birthday!! *12 before 20th*

I wanted to reply but I was too sleepy,

Not like it's my last birthday also smelly pig!! =S =S =S

From Mom,

I didn't forget about your birthday. I will sent you a birthday cake and many many wishes! Happy Birthday girl!

From that guy,

Happy Birthday! *kiss* Hope you have a wonderful day! With a picture of a rose. Awww. Wish it was real! Sigh! =S

Still have plenty of them in my phone. Mandy herself wished me 3 times already! Some of them called. Most of them are like MMS, Cute messages, warm birthday wishes like what you normally receive on your birthday.. So I won't write here lorh. Anyways, thanks for the wishes people! You know who you are!

Of course I won't forget about my beloved Cha gia's message!! Although she accidentally fell asleep at night! It was sooooooooooooooooooo sweet until I almost cried! She sent me a message of herself singing Happy Birthday to me!! Sooooooooo cute lah the voice. Now I hear a few more times also don't know whether it's her real voice or her sister's one anot. Hahhaa. But but I love it! And the necklace she gave me too! Got diamond one don't play play! Hahaha

And and I won't forget about Cassandra's present and her birthday song! She gave me a dress and and guess whatttttttttttt. She striped dance while singing a birthday song for me in front of the class!!! Soooooooooo funny I tell you!! It was crazyyyyy. Too bad she didn't let us to record a video of it. T____T I think if next time she didn't manage to become an architect or something, She can become a professional strip dancer!! HAhahahh. Don't believe? Turn on "Im A Slave For You" in front of her and she'll start strip dancing!! I promise!! Hahahhaha.

About the presents, I still haven't got all of them yet lah! Will boast about them later!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Birthday Princess's Sweet Sixteen!!

Today I'm gonna ride away
And feel the sun throughout my hair
Finally free to be who I wanna be

Who that is I don't really care
'Cuz I've got friends who love me Blue skies & bright stars are above me
My blonde hair is everywhere

Gonna spread my wings
Sweet sixteen

It's my chance to shine
Sweet sixteen


Sweet sixteen

So much more to life
Sweet sixteen
I wanna know what it feels like I need to see it from the inside I can taste a bit of what I will find So much more to life Sweet sixteen

Hilary Duff's Sweet Sixteen which suits me so much now! Except for the part " My blonde hair is everywhere" cuz I have black hair. Hahahhaha.

Birthday Bash with the girls at Sunway Lagoon!

The only picture in Sunway Lagoon. Didn't take any pictures of us in the theme park and water park cause our cameras were all inside our lockers. C'mon! Who would bring a camera into the water park. Unless someone bought me a waterproof camera for my birthday then I'll take lotsa lotsa pictures of us playing the slides, chilling at the surfers beach and running around with our sexy swimsuit and bikinis wtf.

Truth is, we don't wanna take pictures of our unnesessary fats. Hahahhahah.

Anyways, we had crazy fun in the lagoon! We went for the slides. Water splashed everywhere and we look sexy when we're wet! Hahhahaha. I kid. We looked terrible with our hair flat and fats bursting out. =S But who cares! Not like there was a lot of cute guys there so we don't have to breathe in to tuck all our tummy in! Hahahha. Life is great! After waterpark, we went for the rides to dry up our hair! Well, the teacups helped a lot! Roller coasters and so much more. It wasn't scary! Told you! Not like the one Cha gia and I sat. The 360 degrees pirates ship! It was soooooooooooooo fun! And it's not as scary as what you think! None of them dared to try no matter how many times we convinced them to join! urgh. People who disobey the princess of the day sigh sigh. One word for me and Yayen, DARING!!!

The story was, actually we weren't screaming our ass out when we were up there. We were actually laughing very badly because there was this fat lady sitting opposite us. Her expression when she screamed and shouted and complained and scared and omgsomanyodjectivestoputin! It was very funny until both of us couldn't stand it and laughed all our ass off all the way swinging 360 degrees on the sky. It was funy but mean!! Omg why are we like this. Hahahha.

Took one picture at this beautiful spot sponsored by Ole Ole Bali Restaurant!

The restaurant we had lunch too. =D and thanks Sweetie for the recommendation!

Generally, Ole Ole Bali is an Indonesian restaurant located outside the building of Sunway. The environment and the ambiance of the restaurant are very comfortable. Food was good. Prices are kinda reasonable too. They decorated the restaurant with lotsa handicraft and paintings, lightings are nice too. Not too bright and yet not too dim. But the pictures taken in there weren't that nice as you can see below.

Very blur!

Womans lookin hot!

Bon Appetite!

Our Balinese Style Salad with grilled Chicken! The sauce is very special! Should try it as your appetizer!

Not forgetting about our Cumi Cumi, as known as deep fried calamari. Good for sharing because it comes with a big portion. Served with tar tar sauce! Thumbs up and I highly recommend this!

As for main courses, We ordered Nasi Campur Ole Ole, which is basically mixed rice with a variety of dish. As you can see, We had grilled fish, squids, prawns and satay. Chicken/Beef Rendang, served with some sauteed vegetables and a big piece of anchovies cracker! You can simply share this with 2 person too just like us. Cass and Rach while Yen and I shared one of this ourselves.

Mun Yee's Balinese's pasta with grilled chicken! It was so delicious! The grilled chicken was so soft and juicy.. The sauce was special too! Simply loved it!

KC's grilled fish and chicken! Something like fushion. Western + Balinese. Never tried but it looked nice! Hahhaa. The coleslaw is good! =D

Us taking pictures of the big and huge cushion padded on the wooden chairs! It makes the restaurant looked even nicer!

Playing with the gong outside the entrance. =D

After lunch, all of us went for groceries shopping for the dinner at night. Everything went so well with our professional cooks and planners! Tee heeeeeeeeee.

Us with our groceries!!

It's like, we will feel sorry for ourselves if we don't take more pictures! Hahahhaa.

Anyways it's Cooking Time!!!!

Everything was prepared after 2 hours! Yes we were so professional! I baked the cake, Yayen was cutting the fruits for fruits salad, Cass was making her Bruchetta, Rach and Mun were supposed to make the pasta as how we made before. After putting the cake into the oven, I again cooked the pasta sauce together with them again! =D

After finished preparing everything, we went to bathe and wait for everyone to come. I was wearing a dress from Spades as a present from someone I love. Now you guys know who's is it from already hor? =D


Tada! Our "Ngoi Sam" Pasta cooked with love and care! And a lot of pork too! Hahahaha no offense lah okay. Oh yeah, that was roasted chicken! I didn't get to try la why!!! =S

Cass's Bruchetta! It was so good! Baked with Bacons, Cheese and mushrooms! =D

And the brownies I baked! *So proud of myself* Hahahhaa. Ask the girls how was it! SO GOOD UNTIL YOU WILL CRY AFTER EATING IT. HAhahahah. Sorry Shirley BHD for not be able to let you try on that day but I'll bake for you next time! Only YOU!! =D =D

Forgotten to take picture of the fruit salad but it was good. Whats more with MunYee's mom special made salad sauce for fruits topping! =D

While we were having our feast! The little cameraman was kinda naughty because he took before of my cha gia's and lou poh's butts tsk tsk.

A picture before YY leaves! It was blur!

After she went, we took pictures again. AGAIN, it's blur! But the effects is cool!

One of the millions. It turned out so clearly.

Anyways, We get to take more clearer pictures because we had a very good photographer helping us to take such clear photos.

And that's Shirley! Thanks BHD! Saranghae!

The karaoke session.

It was crazy. When Cassandra is here. It became crazier. When Michelle joined, it became I dunno how to say already. AHahhaha. Both of them were so crazy until I took a video of them singing and dancing which I promised them I won't post it in anywhere or send it to anyone. *So kind of me* Anyways, everyone had fun! Sang some romantic songs, bitchy songs, noisy songs and hakka songs! I dunno why are my friends like that seriously. Hahaaha. No doubt I love them all!

Told you that I have the sweetest mom. It was supposed to be a surprise but she ruined it herself. Like she called me while I was doing some touch ups for my brownies..

Mom: Did you receive anything?
Me: What thing?
Mom: Some sweet thing!
Me: From who!
Mom: Me lah!
Me: Hahahhaaha. No worh. WHAT!
Mom: Go see the fridge!
Me: Hahahha. Nothing also! * Actually they hide it in the basement's fridge*
Mom: It's a very nice cake lah. You go see yourself!

I am the queen of the day!! =D

See. Even I have friends who sing me Happy Birthday with sucha cute video. *Almost cried*
Hahahah. Eh, they actually didn't layan me at first okay. Just because I chose too many hot songs for them already so they couldn't stop themselves T-T

Somehow my birthday songs are then became, Superstar by Jamelia! Yeah by Usher dan lain lain lah! At last it was my current favourite song, How are you lately by SHE! It's niceee!!

I'm sucha happy woman ! I've got friends to love me, mom who cares!!


They asked me: What were your wishes?
Me: Getting a real hot body, A good boyfriend, And a Happy life with everyone in my life!
All of them: SO GREEDY ONE!!!
Me: Hahahahha. Okay lah okay lah, I want all my girls to be pretty as always, BUT I wanna be the prettiest!

All of them laughed like mad womans. Tsk tsk tsk.

Thanks ladies for celebrating my sweet sixteen with me!

Last picture of the night! After we cleaned everything and preparing to go to bed.... NOT!

We spent our night having very wild sex and it was good. Cass is still complaining about me biting her stomach in school T-T


We talked about the day and soon we head to bed at 2 in the middle of the night! School was tiring the next day as usual. =S