Friday, March 31, 2006

Surprise! I dont know why i just got that mood to blog now. haha

After my overstress-ed week. ^^

Jiy Ni, Mouz, Joshep, Jonathan, May Xin, May Teng, Jia, Sut and I went to Times Square today. haha but I din watch the same movie or have lunch with them though.. Just joined in. =) I watched Dont Open Your Eyes with mom. =_+ haha Its kinda lame in a scary way, but funny. lolx while they were all watching Ice Age. Eeeeeeeeeks... Oh yeah, Yu Jia Village Restaurant. Go try people! haha their *teapot soup* friggin tasty. and cute =p My mom and I loves it very much. Haha It's really good.

Sighss Im tired haha All your fault la sachie all your fault! Look what have u done to me hahaha * YOU KNOW LA* =DD

Assesement week. awwwww.. Im so gonna study now but im too lazy to study. haha But I dont wanna failed for anything. No I am not gonna failed. I wished. haha =S

I dont like to blog adey leh. Dont like to write.. and i duno what to write.. haha Sorry Sachieeeeeeeee pie =)