Thursday, November 24, 2005


oh boy.. geez.. kuantan was boring.. huhu kinda sick .. bad weather.. rain rain rain! YOR.. lol in tmpoint now.. lol free online services.. haha looks like i'm de only one online in there TT hahaha asses.. lol freakin bored these holidays.. TT watch movies everyday.. korean.. cantonese.. taiwanese.. english.. haha boring!~ miss everyone especially special pple in my heart!! hahahaha remember shirl baby honey darlz? haha still got alot leh.. my big happy fake family.. hahahaha n sweetie.. darling.. honey.. ding dang dongs.. simpanans.. hahaha jk!! lol okae.. gotta go soon everyone! cya guys.. muaxxx.. ^^
Le Yuan - Jolin Tsai

Friday, November 11, 2005


well.. last day of skolll.. T T sueh man.. lol cant wake up dis morning.. asss.. missed soooooo many things.. bleh.. haha came afterskol.. lol went klcc wid daddo litimo n mommo jesso, haha yau, keong, n marv ^^ *it's suppost to be a FAMILY LUNCH la* hahaha n..n.. de de keong was like just zhou zhu sai.. hahaha jkjk keep kickin my leg.. such a monster lol we had family day tho .. enjoyed ourselves alot ^^ lol we watched * Just Like Heaven* kinda funny wan.. lol eventhought it's some kinda normal story.. but it reli goodd!! ~after movie we walked around almost all de same floors.. wahahaha such dongS.. lol jess looks like our maid.. hahaha wid litim's bag.. LOL when she saw prada.. her reaction was like "oh my.. it's prrr..prrrrerr..prru..ra.. praadaaaaaaaa.. ahahahaha den chhhh... chhaaa..channnnnelllllllll.. hahaha stupiat

i'm goin kuantan tomoro.. dumb dumb~ n i started to miss skol =)

*opps i missed my drawing from foo AGAIN* aihz..

haha okies dat's it.. take cares everyone gud nite ^^

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

lol.. my last post.. was juz a rain's song la everyone =)

haha went to skol went to skol went to skol today!! hahaha better den sitting at home online le honestly.. nth much to blog.. n ya yen cut her hair!! lol still super sleepy le.. watched LOST last nite till super late.. aiks.. kinda yucky too >.< de bloodddd... aiyerrr.. hate blood not gonna become doc tho rite.. lol told my mom wanna go study oversea after PmR.. i wanna skip form 4 n form 5 in M'sia.. lol she haven give me an answer yet.. T.T

g2g everyone.. in lab now.. gonna see ssg idols soon.. wheeeeeeeeeee

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Dont wanna go back to you,
Dont wanna see you,
I dont wanna love you,
But I love you but I love you.
Dont wanna hold you ,
I dont wanna miss you,
But I miss you but I miss you.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


attn: brenda yew from std 5 is officially my new sis now! wheeeeee

woke up at 2.00 p.m today.. super tiring man.. lol woke up den start online d.. went to Jw Marriot hotel for wedding dinner.. sueh.. damn hungry.. lol woke up at 2.. 8 at nite oni eat.. LOL my 1st breakfast at 8.13 AT NIGHT haha lol good news for my grandma!! i told her dat i'm gonna stay wid her on her b'day dis year! lol coz every year i'll juz celebrate b'day for my mother side's grandma in kuantan.. and both of my grandma's bday same man!! unbelievable.. lol 17 dicember 1938.. gagaga well she's reli happy to hear dat ^^ i'm glad too

saw sth i reli shudn't see juz now.. dat makes me gonna cry.. i shudn't see it!! reli shudn't!! ahyer.. saw some sad part.. my sad pasts from june to sept!! alalalalas i found dat i din forget bout u n de pasts =D i lied to myself T.T i noe i <3 u ^^ so do you? lol

stupid pig kena punk-ed by kyean again!! hahahaha i'm in m'sia now la stupad.. gaga dun whack me coz of small things pls!! hahaha nth to play.. LOL n syl!! missie blurrie!! ur da most cutest ever hahaha believe me pak tuo now gagaga i watched zorro 2 wid mommy la not DADDY lol

i appreciate everyone especially my best frens! serious! n dont wanna let pple say dat i pilih kasih hahahaha rach, tien, syl, n yayen! they're my bestfrens now n i'll appreciate dem!! yes i'll. =p

i'm gonna faint now haha omg it's 2.45 now.. still listening keong crapin.. sad.. LOL i'm gonna shoo him now.. bye everyone! ~

wish i could tell u de love that i dont dare to tell ^^

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

my best collection of de month = November

well.. wat a fun day for syl n me =)

woah.. we reli enjoyed ourselve alot man.. in sg wang n times square although lousy place =.=" LOL we BOUGHT NOVEMBER CHOPIN!!!.. took pics from de fancy fancy machine, watched LOVE STORY again.. reli fed up d la dis time.. NO MORE LOVE STORIES ANYMORE T.T haha duno la.. memang tak ada feelings langsung le for me.. *cold blooded*or *no hearted* LOL but de couple sit beside us cry till like water fall man.. haha de girl was rubbing her own tears den de guy was like hugging her tight n keep on callin her to stop crying lol wth annoyin le after movie.. went out n meet da pig * u noe hu u are * =D stupid le.. bring us everywhere wid his blur looks.. lol n..n.. never die b4 meh cross road lidat.. i was like so cham.. duno wanna folo anot.. lol reli scared de car will eat me leh.. >.< n dun torture my baby le.. feed it la.. so long din touch miss baby u noe!! LOL u monster + torturer + piggggggggg T.T jay reli drive me crazy now.. high blood pressure.. almost faint oso lalala cant stop hearin his new songs le!!! ahhhh.. guess i wont sleep tonite haha
nitez ~