Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hi Guys from Singapore now..

i'm bored. haha went to shopping these days. . bought alot of CHRISTMAS PRESENTS.. enjoyed.. n tired. lol miss everyone n home =D din online for a long while. miss u guys!! especially SPECIAL SOMEONE.. LOL watched The Sad Love Story.. by Kwon Sang-woo!! Kim Hee Sun n Yeon Jung Hoon! OMG.. leng chaiS n leng lui man!! but it's SAD.. VERY VERY SADDDDDD.. lol n i CRIED.. HAHAHA something like Stairway To Heaven. lol. it's RECOMMENTED =p

Saturday, December 10, 2005

A black sweater
The memories of two people
After the rain has passed
It is even harder to forget
Forget that I still love you

You don’t have to mind
The tears only just happened to be falling
I was already waiting at the bottom of the valley long ago

I know I cannot keep you from leaving anymore
And I know I must have a backbone
I am thankful to you
For letting me possess the beauty of autumn

Watching that white dragonfly
In the air it forgets to go forward
Can I still
The memories that are pilling in my mind

Say I love you again
Perhaps the rain won’t stop
The black sweater
Where is it hidden?
Then just let the memories stop there forever

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

1 day out =)

Well went to times square wid shirl, keong, foo n sut nin today.. lol we watched Aeon Flux.. haha n went to de theme park!! hahahaha keong was so cham.. lol 1st ride also let us pull to de clock thingy adey.. hahahaha well, i sit infront of him so i saw his scared-looks!! AHAHAHAHA.. it was sooooooo sooo sooooo damn funny.. hahaha like fooooooooooooo foooo.. fooooooo.. ahhhhhhhhhhh.. closing his eyes oso.. haha funny =D for those who have been tortured by him and did not see it was sucha waste ahahaha u'll never fgt how he looks like! LOL haha well it was a revenge time . sorry shirl. (U) hahaha n keong almost vomited in de toilet. yikes haha disgusting. lol den he straight away sleep on de bench there n sleep adey ahaha. while me, shirl n sut playin DNA Mixer.. wahahaha de sth like merry go round drive us crazy also hahaha well we ate at de Nippon Tei before going back home. haha n yeah! we went to de bookshop n read COOKING BOOKSS for cakes.. hahaha ding dongs. well, i enjoyed myself alot wid u guys today leh haha =D guess it's late now. Have to go to bed soon. nites XoXo

Monday, December 05, 2005

back to kl.. whee.. i'm.just.tired. haha nth much to say.. lol chattin wid nat bout food now.. man.. hungry.. hahaha well.. gotta prepare go to bed soon.. goin to times square tomoro wid baby honey darling n haha guys.. LOL
Bu De Bu Ai - Willber Pan

Thursday, November 24, 2005


oh boy.. geez.. kuantan was boring.. huhu kinda sick .. bad weather.. rain rain rain! YOR.. lol in tmpoint now.. lol free online services.. haha looks like i'm de only one online in there TT hahaha asses.. lol freakin bored these holidays.. TT watch movies everyday.. korean.. cantonese.. taiwanese.. english.. haha boring!~ miss everyone especially special pple in my heart!! hahahaha remember shirl baby honey darlz? haha still got alot leh.. my big happy fake family.. hahahaha n sweetie.. darling.. honey.. ding dang dongs.. simpanans.. hahaha jk!! lol okae.. gotta go soon everyone! cya guys.. muaxxx.. ^^
Le Yuan - Jolin Tsai

Friday, November 11, 2005


well.. last day of skolll.. T T sueh man.. lol cant wake up dis morning.. asss.. missed soooooo many things.. bleh.. haha came afterskol.. lol went klcc wid daddo litimo n mommo jesso, haha yau, keong, n marv ^^ *it's suppost to be a FAMILY LUNCH la* hahaha n..n.. de de keong was like just zhou zhu sai.. hahaha jkjk keep kickin my leg.. such a monster lol we had family day tho .. enjoyed ourselves alot ^^ lol we watched * Just Like Heaven* kinda funny wan.. lol eventhought it's some kinda normal story.. but it reli goodd!! ~after movie we walked around almost all de same floors.. wahahaha such dongS.. lol jess looks like our maid.. hahaha wid litim's bag.. LOL when she saw prada.. her reaction was like "oh my.. it's prrr..prrrrerr..prru..ra.. praadaaaaaaaa.. ahahahaha den chhhh... chhaaa..channnnnelllllllll.. hahaha stupiat

i'm goin kuantan tomoro.. dumb dumb~ n i started to miss skol =)

*opps i missed my drawing from foo AGAIN* aihz..

haha okies dat's it.. take cares everyone gud nite ^^

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

lol.. my last post.. was juz a rain's song la everyone =)

haha went to skol went to skol went to skol today!! hahaha better den sitting at home online le honestly.. nth much to blog.. n ya yen cut her hair!! lol still super sleepy le.. watched LOST last nite till super late.. aiks.. kinda yucky too >.< de bloodddd... aiyerrr.. hate blood not gonna become doc tho rite.. lol told my mom wanna go study oversea after PmR.. i wanna skip form 4 n form 5 in M'sia.. lol she haven give me an answer yet.. T.T

g2g everyone.. in lab now.. gonna see ssg idols soon.. wheeeeeeeeeee

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Dont wanna go back to you,
Dont wanna see you,
I dont wanna love you,
But I love you but I love you.
Dont wanna hold you ,
I dont wanna miss you,
But I miss you but I miss you.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


attn: brenda yew from std 5 is officially my new sis now! wheeeeee

woke up at 2.00 p.m today.. super tiring man.. lol woke up den start online d.. went to Jw Marriot hotel for wedding dinner.. sueh.. damn hungry.. lol woke up at 2.. 8 at nite oni eat.. LOL my 1st breakfast at 8.13 AT NIGHT haha lol good news for my grandma!! i told her dat i'm gonna stay wid her on her b'day dis year! lol coz every year i'll juz celebrate b'day for my mother side's grandma in kuantan.. and both of my grandma's bday same man!! unbelievable.. lol 17 dicember 1938.. gagaga well she's reli happy to hear dat ^^ i'm glad too

saw sth i reli shudn't see juz now.. dat makes me gonna cry.. i shudn't see it!! reli shudn't!! ahyer.. saw some sad part.. my sad pasts from june to sept!! alalalalas i found dat i din forget bout u n de pasts =D i lied to myself T.T i noe i <3 u ^^ so do you? lol

stupid pig kena punk-ed by kyean again!! hahahaha i'm in m'sia now la stupad.. gaga dun whack me coz of small things pls!! hahaha nth to play.. LOL n syl!! missie blurrie!! ur da most cutest ever hahaha believe me pak tuo now gagaga i watched zorro 2 wid mommy la not DADDY lol

i appreciate everyone especially my best frens! serious! n dont wanna let pple say dat i pilih kasih hahahaha rach, tien, syl, n yayen! they're my bestfrens now n i'll appreciate dem!! yes i'll. =p

i'm gonna faint now haha omg it's 2.45 now.. still listening keong crapin.. sad.. LOL i'm gonna shoo him now.. bye everyone! ~

wish i could tell u de love that i dont dare to tell ^^

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

my best collection of de month = November

well.. wat a fun day for syl n me =)

woah.. we reli enjoyed ourselve alot man.. in sg wang n times square although lousy place =.=" LOL we BOUGHT NOVEMBER CHOPIN!!!.. took pics from de fancy fancy machine, watched LOVE STORY again.. reli fed up d la dis time.. NO MORE LOVE STORIES ANYMORE T.T haha duno la.. memang tak ada feelings langsung le for me.. *cold blooded*or *no hearted* LOL but de couple sit beside us cry till like water fall man.. haha de girl was rubbing her own tears den de guy was like hugging her tight n keep on callin her to stop crying lol wth annoyin le after movie.. went out n meet da pig * u noe hu u are * =D stupid le.. bring us everywhere wid his blur looks.. lol n..n.. never die b4 meh cross road lidat.. i was like so cham.. duno wanna folo anot.. lol reli scared de car will eat me leh.. >.< n dun torture my baby le.. feed it la.. so long din touch miss baby u noe!! LOL u monster + torturer + piggggggggg T.T jay reli drive me crazy now.. high blood pressure.. almost faint oso lalala cant stop hearin his new songs le!!! ahhhh.. guess i wont sleep tonite haha
nitez ~

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy DeepaRaya & Selamat Hari Raya Everyone!! ~

yoyo peepz.. sylvia's blog is done by me!!! ^^ haha finally! got jay-ish feel wan u noe.. hahaha pls visit if u're free! n thanks ~

wow i reli miss skol. miss everyone. miss my loveSSS haha went to KLCC n times square today.. well ts was bored.. after waitin for mom's slimming programme >.<" haha we had lunch at jw marriot hotel again. T.T haha den we went shoppin at KLCC afterdat!! lalala we watched April Snow.. n tell u guys! it was bored! wasting time n it was reli reli reli boring T.T their dialogues were all jus like same.. cried so many times.. T.T it was not sad tho.. it was a lil disappointed. i expected too much for dat show haih T.T yay it's 1st of november tomoro!!! sylvia wat day is it again ah? ahahaha ur day! de day u have been waited for long n patient.. n..n.. crap i duno wat am i ryting now oso >.<" lol NOVEMBER CHOPIN is arrived. ^^

my day wasn't gud

Thursday, October 27, 2005

sicked... T.T

went to skol.. ahha yy n me were like folding stars de whole day *swt* haha nth to do.. reli crazy.. n n i felt myself kinda childish too >.<" LOL de whole day was like sms.. listening songs.. (from baby honey darling's ipod) hoho.. fold stars.. n CHOCOLATES hahaha i'm shocked by ivan during break =.= wid his megaphone haha reli! haha suddenly pointed at me n said "VOTE FOR IVAN!!" when i was eatin.. haha lucky din chocked lolz wow after lunch sicked d.. boy.. feel hot n cold.. haih sms till terdoze off.. lol came back home.. still feel sicked.. after piano.. went to nap for awhile den sms like H.. lolz den on9.. haih better sleep early today i juz feel sicked T.T
Gui Ji is reli a meaningful song..
Sweet dreams everyone =)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Happy Birthday to you haha de pig de de de Joon Chian =)0

haha i enjoyed myself at home de whole day.. 1 day off.. wheeeee wake up.. eat.. tv+eat.. on9.. nap.. eat.. play piano.. tv.. eat.. on9.. sleep.. on9.. gagaga lazy me.. make me dun feel like goin to skol tomoro again but i must lol n sach wat did i dooooooo.. why dun let me goooooo.. u monster.. T.T haha how much i oso will give u wan le as long u let me go can d... ^^ lol i'm crazy baka kyeano i'll make u crazy 1 day if u dun let me go.. haha i mean i'll crazy if u still dun let me gooo.. hahaha

everyone.. haha i'm not in a relationship now le.. why suddenly so many pple ask? LOL i'm juz loyal to my lou po (L) onii leeeee.. gagaga jk buubye everyone nitez ~
ai wo bie zhou - jay chou

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

all done by Mr.Foo Sze Zhan ^^ lol from jay chou's drawin became dis =.="

hate those damn rashes on T.T i promised myself i wont eat seafood from now on but i juz couldn't
i'm juz too love dem +.+
haha such a boring day haih wake up.. go skol.. sit there.. let josh de monster bully again.. =.=" hate my place man.. i mean i hate josh sitting behind me >.<>

Saturday, October 22, 2005

i'm so in love with him =)

Friday, October 21, 2005

one day without skol...... =)

gaga woke up at 9.00 dis mornin.. check my phone.. wooolala.. 7 msgs.. lolx from syl.. yayen.. yau.. some other frenz from diff skol ^^ lol when to dental clinic today.. NOT FOR BRACES.. juz for dental check oni de.. ^^ he still say dat i protect my teeth till veri gud hahaha but everyday still eat sweet stuffs.. lol at least still brush teeth a rite! hahaha n yeah.. lou po syl.. ur tin chan-ness.. lol! i play play oni le.. i'm not goin to put braces anyways.. mom say no need >.<" wat la haha miss yayen my beloved say she miss me veri much n lou po syl say 1 day without me she's gonna be crazy soon! >.<>.< as short as a MONK.. wakakaka no la.. juz cut abit oni.. no worries ^^
tak ada ipod for dis week again T.T
disappoinnted with my results n frenz..
bubbye nitez everyone~

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

sooooooooooooooori joon chian ='(

a million hundred thousands sorry.. forgive dis stupid dumb lousy forgetable pig la pls.. dun haih haih haih d pls i beg u.. gonna cry d! u sendiri tell me de wrong code still blame haih haih.. make me so kan cheong so sad so moody so fan so serious de whole day till de rain cant stop till now T.T lucky u still got de box wid u! liar still say it takes u 500 bucks *slip slap*

de whole week so moody d >.<>.< but but.. HAIH.. i'll come.. dipaksa oleh someone now.. pls ah i mengorbankan my beauty sleep pls forgive me n forget bout today k hahaha dun remember de sad pasts.. not gud not gud ^^

at last i'm thinkin which place i gonna go dis friday T.T COMPLICATED!!! ahh.. my 1st choice.. go 1 utama wid jess and all.. 2nd.. go popular for jay's NOVEMBER CHOPING!! @.@ syl lou po is gonna be crazy! grrr.. haha ur jay jay jay j..j.j..j.j.... ARH! tak boleh tahan.. and de last choice.. got lunch wid mom n her bestfren, i'l get an ipod!!! WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY GOOD CHOICES hahaha but if i go 1 utama no transpost, traffic jam, too far n stuff.. dat's wat my mom's excuse.. 2nd.. if i go shopping pak tuo wid LP.. how about my MOMMY.. haha n IF i go wid my mom.. i'll be alone.. no frenz.. no funs.. no freedom.. NTH! but at least still have an ipod so wat choice peepz T.T
life is complicated
bye bye bye

Monday, October 17, 2005


finished Full House.. super tired now T.T rach, syl, jess MUST WatCH! haha super duper luper nice ^^ n daddy must watch it all tonite!! lolz to everyone, i found out de full house's theme songs d.. Why, You Right Now, n I Think I Love You ~ haha got dem from foo >.<

haha n exams mark was like wth.. stupid mathsssssssssssssssss.... stupid careless mistakessssss.. T.T n n moral oso.. haih 55+ out of 90.. still haven add de dumb project marks.. T.T de only thing dat i still can satisfied is science paper 2.. but still haih.. 47/60 T.T.. n enn told me i got 80++ for my mandarin.. wakakkaka fake till die >.< "

haha g2g now guys.. cya ^^

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Blog Is Done ^^

Finally! I've changed my blogskin! haha changed something in there haha but still full house wid romance.. hahaha thanks for yong enn's n sach's helps too love ya guys =")

hahaha have been sit in front of de comp since 11.30 a.m till now.. eyes gonna blind soon.. lol jz for a dumb blogskin.. lol dumb girl betul >.< huhu

oh damn.. it's a skol day tomoro T.T haha i'm gonna become a noti girl dun come to skol soon like my lazy daddy tim after i noe my results haha kayz i g2g watch FULL HOUSE now.. hahaha bye everyone take cares muaks

Saturday, October 15, 2005

yayyyyyyy!! exams finally finished.. hoooOray! haha

haha yay yay yay yay yay!! exam finally finished.. huhu have been waited today since quite a long while d! haha waiting for results ='(

haha woke up at 11.45 dis mornin started to watch Full House till now.. haha reli quite nice le dat show.. laugh til cant breathe.. stomach oso pain.. hahaha n i finally realise rain has multi-talented.. he can act, dance, sing.. dat's wat daddy litim said haha n he's quite good lookin also!! huhu but i like another guy more in dat show ^.^

hahaha i'm waitin for tomoro.. gonna be crazy shop here n there.. or may be juz stay at home for full house again T.T waiting for monday.. waitin for my chief's PRECIOUS phone haha

well.. i g2g sleep now.. super tired >.< nitez everyone ~

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Not Gonna go Online for a month......... =p

well peepz.. i'm gonna concentrate on study 1st.. for de final exam.. huhu

Friday, September 02, 2005

bubbye monster eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ='(

btw, is dat fun taking pple's phone run around de skol without permission, sms some stupid nonsenses stuff to others? do u feel fun n happy after dat... well i guess not. it's too much! no manners, n dunno how to respect! feel super pissed off after it..
oh well.. juz..

forget wat i said...

afterskol rack man! 1st friday i stayback so far i think.. lol ( i'm ms. maybe & ms think) haha dat'z wat ee says.. haha hmm.. well it'z too fun.. it'z CRAZY!! nyahahahhaha.. 1st.. ate lunch at bam villa wid de form 1S gang while waitin carmen to bring de cake bak from jj..
well.. guess crazy stories starts here.. lol celebrated ee's fairwell party at de canteen after lunch.. n WOAHHHH... play till like monkeys oni we all.. some idiots pour de sparklin juice on me too!! tsktsk.. played cake fight.. fuiyoooooo.. de canteen like gonna overturn oni.. hahaha water spray here n there.. n de monster ee kena bully by monster sy too.. nyanyanya... so sad.. hahaha de cake's cream for facial~ lol n later on SUPER CRAZY.. went to de bam villa's swimming pool.. UH OH....... OH MY... all like came out from de prison oni la lol!! kena pushed by ee into de swimming poo!!! wth... arrrrrrrrghh.. see through!! nooooooooooooo.. haha but b4 dat she oso wet liao juz wanna find a teman to teman her wet.. tsktsk.. such kind of selfish monster.. 1st sy.. 2nd eeeeee.. 3rd.. i think carmen.. 4rd.. err.. chen teng kua.. 5rd jia qi or kar mun.. 6rd.. T-T Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. huhu.. lucky my mom din sei anything.. oni said dat ur frenz are crazy.. feel abit sicky now.. hahahahahha n shirl said hi to mommy!! hehe she says dat shirl veri mature n leng lui ^^ haha ofcoz la my baby darling honey wor.. hahahha
kk.. guess i g2g oii oii d.. haha nitez everyone~ *muakz*

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Happy Birthday Jesse Mama!! muakz muakz~ *grow older d* haha

haha.. kinda fun today during lunch.. huhu.. we was having a surprise party for my jess mommy.. play play.. laugh laugh.. joke joke.. joke bout de family thingy wid daddy litim summore.. nyahahaha.. satisfied? haha love ya.. n KEONG ORDERRED ME TO TAKE TISSUE FOR HIM!! tsktsk such kind of worker.. duno whether wanna pecat him anot.. haha actually dat was shirl's plan.. n i'm de one hu propose.. haha n den sumore someone sei dat dun wanna fren bao pei d wor!! tsktsk.. so kejam.. haih regretted!! haha jkjk.. hehe btw, mommy super happy ma... sei wanna giv me a kiss kiss on thursday! wahahaha.. lidat oni worth it.. nyahaha.. included shirlz oso k!! *must share* =D lolz haha ate crab meal afterskol wid mom n frenz.. steam crab.. fried crab.. phiew.. so full.. feel like sleepin now.. haha like wat jess sei... " bao pei de pig.." wakakaka memang betul juga.. lol haha g2g now.. cya guyz around.. bubbye~

n last....


Monday, August 29, 2005

sleepy~ *yawn*

haha kinda fun today.. 1st day of skol.. haha missed pn teoh's class too.. haha lucky din sleep in class.. super sleepy!! haha me, rach n tien were crazy in class during maths lesson again.. tsktsk.. we played n laughed till like orang giler haha n TIEN CALL HERSELF PRETTY!! wahahahhaha.. perasan punya PURE evil monster.. spoilt my pencil case.. cut de zip!! memang nth to do wan la.. haih i dun care!! i wan it bak!! n i wan ROxy!! lol =D dun stick a roxy sticker on it pls u kiam siap.. hahaha n she cut my nails during break!! super muka tebal wan la.. tsktsk din call her to cut oso force pple to let her cut.. haih.. let her go la.. at last.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... cut till so ugly.. haih.. u're de one hu make me scream everytime oni la.. dun complain my scream voice! u're de one hu make dat sound!! nyahahahaha.. such a great day in skol.. haha pe lesson was fun too.. haha

BUT afterskol damn........

n SUDDENLY!! woah.. my mom was ruining my happy mood in car juz now.. phiew.. super keng! >.<>.<" haha haha oh well.. sudah biasa .. tak ada apa apa le.. lol saw ee in her car too.. haih.. my mood turned sad again.. 1st day without her..

n YAY!!~

no tuition tonite.. juz recieved a sms from my tuition teacher haha i had juz noticed dat i sms-ed 800++ sms during dis holiday!! @.@'' ohmy.. i oso cant believe dat.. hahahaha k i g2g for dinner now.. cya guyz.. muakz god blessS~

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Finally... i'm bak to KL.. yippie!~

haha yay! i'm finally bak.. happy happy douz.. haha miss all of ya! hehe sumthing had changed in dis holiday.. i turned darker.. lazier.. n heavier!!! ahhhh.. lol btw, haven check yet.. shhhh.. lol ahaha i'm scared.. lolx when i came into de haus dis evening.. my grandma said dat i became more chubby liao! wakakaka..

de whole week in kuantan was boring!! totally boring!! absolutely boring!! cant stand it.. grrr.. T.T haha went shoppin wid cousin dat day.. wooow! de shoppin complex there was fuiyo.. small! dirty! smoky! ahhhh.. memang tak boleh tahan! haha bought some cd's there too.. crazy frog.. some mix hitz.. gonna become de crazy frog soon if still have 1 more week there! lolx went to de beach too... dat'z y get darker d.. sighs.. haha n i watched The Maid last nite wid uncle n wife.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! so scary!!! T-T.. make me cant sleep d whole nite.. wuwuwu.. btw, nice show.. interesting story... hahahhahaha 1 more thing.. i cant believe there got gsc.. wakakaka (without carpet) lolx~ haha

hmm.. jesse ma birthday is comin!! 1 day before merdeka.. olala~ wondering wat to get her.. powerpuff handkerchief!! lol!!! jk! hahahahhaha oh well.. g2g soon.. cya guyz in skol tomoro k!! muakz nitez~

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


waitin.. waitin for few more days.. wait till saturday i think.. i'll be bak to kl.. wheeeee~ phiew.. still got 4 more days to go.. stop day dreaming 1st.. hahahha

waitin.. waitin for de next monday.. to c all of u..

waitin.. waitin for assembly... c whether can skip again anot.. wahahaha

waitin.. waitin for en rama to ask questions..

waitin.. waitin for tonite's dinner.. (hungrynya)

waitin.. waitin for my mom to fetch me now.. go bak for dinner!! lolz (in cc)

haha oh well.. wat am i waitin for?? bubbyez everyone.. ~ hhahaha i noe it'z lame
oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh..

i'm gonna bored died.. in dis prison... noooooooooo...

argh... i tried to talk de wall.. but it dun answer me.. haha talk to my doggie.. it look at me like sor sor dei oni.. lolz i miss skol.............. i miss u.. i miss him.. i miss her.. i miss my lou po.. my forever.. my dear.. my sweetie.. my darling.. my honey.. my sweetheart.. mr khaw.. mrs tan.. mr kenny.. encik sahari.. woopz.. hahaha

haha finally.. i finished half of my geo project liao.. frontpage.. penghargaan, pendahuluan, objektif.. kaedah.. rumusan.. so proud!! hahahahaha jk bet u rach n tien haven start anything yet rite!!.. lolz haha btw, dun get surprise when u c dis blog.. coz i beg beg beg wid my knees veri long liao oni i can come to dis lousy cc.. to check mail.. post blog.. msn.. hi5.. yafro.. haha

haha believe or not! kyean being tortured by small little kids.. wow.. it was fun man! hahaha pinch here pinch there. sleep wid small kidz yesterday nite... all of dem keep forcing me sing T-T haha no way la ofcoz.. den they merajuk.. haha haihz.. make me cant sleep as soundly as baby oni!! lolzz! poornya..

haha gonna have bbq dinner tonite.. yay! so haha g2g soon.. catcha guys later!! byezz!! miss ya guys lotie lotz especially.. hahaha muakz..

* happy belated birthday keong!!*

Thursday, August 18, 2005


kinda bad mood these few days.. especially last nite.. something happened.. dat reli made my heartbroken.. i'm not gonna trust her anymore.. i'm not gonna tell her anything.. i'm not gonna share my secrets wid her.. i feel disappointed..... not gonna tell u guys hu is she.. oh well, it'z over.. ='/

haha i have been tortured by 2 monsters today.. wuwu haha grr.. rach n litien i'm gonna die.. haha let me gooo.. plz.. haha 3 of us played each other's hair during maths lesson.. haha it was crazeeeeee... hahahhaha plait each other hair.. too bad ee's not there.. if not.. uh-oh.. cant imagine it.. hahhahaha two days without ee.. i feel... dun go plsssss.. haih

oh damn.. i dun wanna go bak to kuantan!! argh! plz plz plz mommy.. i dun wanna go bak to de prison.. 7 days without comp.. without frenz.. without fun.. oh my.. nooooooooooooo!! argh.. lucky i still have a phone.. but it oni left 50 bucks!! hahahahaha i'm still wondering whether it'z enof for a week anot.. gaga

feel like studying dis whole holiday... wahahahaha i'm serious, not kiddin.. whee~

oh well.. nitez~!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Stupid shyte day.....

wat a day!!! phiew.. arrrrrrrrrrghhhhhh... stupid shit day.. 1st i lost my money den litien lost her phone!!! gosh.. malang betul T-T wat is dis.. how could dis happen to us! argh! grrrr!! let me n litien find out hu is de pencuri sure chop he or her till 18 pieces! i'm serious >.<>

nit~ god blessez pple

Monday, August 15, 2005


1st day of skol.. i feel happy to see u guys again....... haha thank god no assembly! wheeeeeeee~ wahahaha such a great day.. i din play phone during lessons today.. haha n I STUDIED SEJARAH DURING MATHS LESSON TOO.. lolz CAN U GUYS BELIEVE! muahahahahahhaha =) oh well.. i got prove.. lolx when josh saw me studying he shouted so loud! XD haha "OMG, R U STUDYING?" wakakakaka his reaction so funny la.. feel like slappin him.. haha btw, josh, jon, n me gonna organise a study group.. hu wanna join!! come come join us.. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^ ^ haha i'm sure we'll have lotz of fun there.. lolz haha i bought tien my darling a small blvgari hp hanger for her b'day.. haha happy anot ar? haha not fake wan k! dun dream.. wahahaha

well..i feel like wanna study now.. lalala~ ( gosh, mommy.. de laptop is gonna make me crazy soon) arrrrrrrrrrrrrghhh.. hahaha


a small child 4 years old, Yau Jia Xin needs O negative blood type at Nam Hwa Yi Hospital. urgent! if anyone has it n feel like help dis poor kid pls contact 0124275813 or 0124930031. thank q.. god bless~

haha nitez everyone.. muakz~

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Happy Day... wheeee~

haha woke up kinda late today.. 11.30a.m lolz haha lucky no skol.. if not my unresponsible chief a.k.a alarm clock gonna got into trouble again.. lolz hahahahahhaha jkjk keong, shoma, me n josh was chattin in big ultra funny chatroom yesterday midnite till 3.00 lolx so make me cant wake up early dis mornin..
haha my mom's mood was kinda weird today.. lolz her mood gud until she said:" kyean, dis laptop nice anot? study harder get an A in ur final or u play at least more den 5 new piano songs dat i like if u wan it." den i was like OMG.. wat happened to her? lolz den i stared n i asked her:"mommy.. r u serious?" hahahahahahha den she said: so u wan anot?" haha den YAY!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. she's serious.. WAHAHHAHAHA.. i rather go pratise my piano more den study.. so sylvia lou po...... REMEMBER to bring de piano pieces for me tomolo k.. hahaha my laptop is in ur hand now! wakakaka
Yay! i'm not grounded anymore.. wheeeeeeeeee.. haha went to lot 10 today.. boring betul.. haha din buy anything there.. haha b4 goin home.. i saw de esprit got new stuff again.... grrrrrrr!! haha nah.. i promised myself dat i would not go in ever again * maybe* hahahahha but i'm gonna go another shops.. so too bad.. blek.. haha btw, i oso gotta study for de final exam soon.. haha *miracle hor* hahahahha oh well.. it'z true btw..
haha oh gosh.. keong is so cham now.. haha me n shoma is torturing him AGAIN.. lolz haha pity pitynya.. hahahhahahha keong keong.. dis is ur punishment coz dat u alwayz curi tulang, break ur promise again n again, n keep makin de boss angry.. wakakaka so better dun make it happen again k.. guai guai hahahha den maybe me n shoma will sayang u more n wont do stupid things again like u noe.. hahahahhahah =p

okay.. i feel tired now..

nitey nitez everyone =)

Friday, August 12, 2005

Boring days.....

haihz.. skol closed for two days juz because of de haze.. haze haze haze.. haze is everywhere now.. take care everyone~ btw, de weather is better today ^^ kinda gud news too.. wheeeeee

i miss skol................. ( oppsie daisies.. i mean i miss frenz) haha especially my lou po sylvia n my baby haney darling shirlz.. haha satisfied? haha love ya lotz.. haha dun get jeles my sweetie rach n darling tien, honey eeeeee as well.. haha miss all my lou poS la.. wahahahaha boring days.. without crapin widd rach, fightin wid tien, screamin wid ee, sweet talk wid my lou poS, without de monster's bullyin.. i feel dat i'm gonna rot soon.. someone help me plz.. haha boring like shyte........


i heard sth bad today... noooooooo... monster ee is gonna leave ssg soon.. nooooooooo wuwu i'm gonna cry.. sobs sobs.. arrrrrrrghh.. no one gonna whack my butt everyday during mornin, break n lunch liao, no one gonna torture me during mandarin class, no one gonna make me scream.. no one gonna teman me when i'm happy or sad.. no one will crap or teach us rapin lessons during pe liao... nononono.. dun go pls dun go... i'm gonna cry T-T wuwuwu......

At last..

i promised my RESPONSIBLE & LOYAL worker joon chain.. opps.. i mean de CHIEF of de workers.. telah dinaik pangkat since yesterday nite.. haha happy now? dun nag me liao plz... haha n i din break my promise.. so BELIEVE DE PRINCESS.. wahahaha

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

rachel, cindy(me), guang ee & litien~
created by kyean

Stupid weather T-T

the weather was terrible today.. can u guys imagine how serious it is.. phiew.. all around de skol oso white white one.. cant see things clearly.. all de corridors was full of stupid smelly haze T-T cant breathe.. n i can feel dat my asthma is comin soon again.. arrrrrrghhhhh.. nooooooo.. lousy me.. lousy weather.. n believe wat keong said juz now.. " boss, if we sell masks in skol sure our company will untung alot wan!" den i was like.. "wow.. budak kecil.. gud idea man!" wahaha den josh like wanna order de masks.. den he said dat scare later no haze liao will rugi until cham cham.. he said let him buy de rubbish n burn near de skol 1st!! wakakakakakkkakka once i heard dat i laugh until pengsan >.<

btw, skol was totally rock~ lolx desmond n adi (de two clowns) was sitting beside me during kh lesson.. des keep on disturb me when i'm playin wid my phone.. he keep on nagging me to lend him my phone but no reason.. lolx when i ignore him dat time he sang!!! so funny... cant stand him.. until my bulu roma all oso stand up.. lolx like " wo deng zhe ni hui lai..." is a ghost movie's song.. when i heard he sang.. i laugh laugh laugh until like sor po oni.... wahahahahaha! man! so geli.. lolx den later during maths lesson~ mr tan-das..olala~ desmond became a china vampire! @.@" damn scary.. jump here jump there around de class.. n he cekik-ed me!! monsters T.T oso den i like photografer oni take here n there.. lolx make de mr tan geram till like wat oni.. noti kyean *tsktsk* finger wagging..wahahahaha.. i'm hyper active n happy now.. i feel weeeeeeeee......

haha okay okay.. i promised someone to list out all de pple dat are related to me now k.. pooooooooooo ~

rachie- my sweetie ~
litien- my darling ~
ee- my honey ~ , a.k.a my sifu n grandma oso^^
sylvia- my lou po ~ *muakz* lolx
jaclyn- my forever ~ lolx
carmen- my dear ~
andrea- my sweetheart ~
nancy- my saltie ~
KIM & sachie- my aunties *hi5*
sook mun & lennie- my mei meiS ~
litim & jess- my daddy & mommy =)
shirley- my baby honey darling ~
joon chian, josh & keong- my responsible n loyal workers *cough*
joshep, mal, jonathan, kah choong - monster bros T-T
yau- my grandpa ~ lolx
* make sure i already listed up all ur names here or else u guys are gonna kill me* =p

yay tomolo no skol.. i feel like jumpin all around again...

nitez everyone~ muaks ^^

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


my gosh.. wat a dat without tien n rach.. wuwu haha lucky still got de monster ee teman me crazy today.. lolx hangin out wid her is reli fun.. but.. haihz.. she'll whack my butt until nonstop oni.. wahahahahhaha! *tsk tsk* noti grandma.. lolx skol was reli boring.. all de pmr subjects.. cant reli play phone during lesson oso.. almost sleep in class d.. wakaka hate joshep!! arghhhhhhh.. i'm gonna die.. i dun wanna sit beside him adi....... i feel like sittin wid a monster more.. he's more teruk den a monster.. haihz.. he's makin me crazy.. dun ever touch or mess my hair n touch my stuff again or i'll chop ur hands off! serious!! >.<>

kinda boring today..... *yawn*..

Love you,
not juz because of ur prettiness..
i'm getting to love u more n more..
every of ur eye's expression..
sightly touch my heart..
because you made me saw forever love & found out myself

i juz wanna use my forever to love you, from now on, u're my everything..

by lee hom

nitez everyone ~ muakz

Monday, August 08, 2005


monday... 1st day of skol.. it was totally boring during assembly.. mr kenny was teachin us how to make things happen.. not juz wait de things to happen.. u will not success.....blablabla oh well.. i dun wanna hafal it out here.. it'z too long.. takes us almost like half an hour lookin at his chubby face.. wahahahahaha

wahahahahaha! some stupid things happened during break time.. my gawd.. thankz to de small little boy brain! poooo called my name so loud! den some of de photografers called us to take de pic for de skol browser thingy!! argh!! me, rach, n tien sure duwan la! haiyo.. den de kenny n mr khaw saw n camein front to us.. he juz call us to tuck-in our shirt nicely.. den pull us there liao! >.<" it was like.. wth wakakaka after dat, many pple sms me during de 1st lesson after break.. "omg.. u guys are so famous! wat is dat for?", "jie.. wat is dat? take pic for wat?", "wahahaha.. wow! wat u guys doin there?", "wat did u do for de skol can take pic wan?" hahahahahahha! >.<>

haha me n rach was waitin for PE lesson outside de badminton hall.. den all de evil old monster mal, josh, n mou chuan came to disturb us.. haihz.. make me screamed *STOP* until so loud.. like juz came out from de mental hospital oni.. but no choice.. they're gonna make me go in there 1 day soon.. ARRR (josh, alf, n mc.... STOP disturb me in class la plz.. i beg u guys.. let me gooooooo) lolx..we din do anything during pe.. miss jessy duno pergi mana liao.. lolx so we all talk talk talk, sms sms sms, play play play, joke, joke joke, crap crap crap oni.. lolx haha den sylvia get jeolous coz of i smsing pple.. (coz i'm her lou po, she oso my lou po) wahahahahahahhahhahaha! complicated isteri dan isteri.. lolx den she said:" okay, fine! i cant tahan d.. i'll wait for u tomolo in de lawyer's office at 10.30 mornin, sign for de surat perasmian!" wahahahahaha when i heard i oso laugh till roll on de floor liao.. reli! haha got witness! haahahha den i sei:" fine! it'z over!" den we both like din choi each other for 30 sec.. but we both saling menyayangi antara satu sama lain ma.. so at last she asked me:" ok ok, b4 we divorce, u still wan me to transfer de jay chou yuan you hui to ur phone anot?" den ok liao.. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hahahahahha! funny couple! lolx

finally....... afterskol..
haihz.. my mom is comin earlier n earlier.. make me cant c my shirley baby honey darling everyday afterskol.. wuwuwu.. wahahahahhaha =) miz ya guyz lotz.. hehe

oh well..

i'm gonna tuition soon....
i feel like dieing..........
i'm sick... flu + sorethroat....
my geo map haven draw yet........
my moral haven complete...
ARRRRRR........ *pening kepala*

Sunday, August 07, 2005

my 1st day to start my blog here.. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

lolx well, was kinda boring today.. sit in front of de comp de whole day! i mean yea.. almost de whole day.. when i woke up early in dis mornin, my mom leave de haus n go yamcha wid her frenz without tellin me until my maid tell me dat "mam sudah keluar.. pergi makan dulu ya" T-T lolx but i juz ignore her came to de comp n started to on9! wahahaha haihz.. same like my last few weekends.. n i'm still GROUNDED! argh! 1 more week.. i'll wait for it patiently.. haha thankz to de esprit! i spent almost 1k in there dat saturday.. it was crazy! i cant believe my eyes when de bill came out wow *tadah* RM 899.90.. my mom's face like turning into black.. i giggled to my mom when she look at me.. wahahahaha! it was scary!! >.< lolx! so at last.. she said:" u're grounded for 1 month.." so i like:" oh fine." she stared at me AGAIN haha wow today was reli boring! my eyes started to pain dis evening.. it'z hurt! i went out to my haus garden n took some fresh air.. but it'z hazy! so i went in bak into my room again.. i lie down on my bed until 1 of my worker jc smsed me.. keke he asked:" guai princess.. watcha doin? sure on9 la rite?" den i said dat i'm lying on de bed smsing my worker.. den he said:" aiyo no productivity! regretted to call u guai lui!" den i like " wat no productivity! i'm helpin maxis not to backrup la worker!.. he said he laughed till die.. wahahahahahahaha =p haha o ya!! i missed sth.. i cooked by myself today!! disney pasta~ olala *cant imagine hor* haha it was kinda ok.. lolx not to say very bad.. wahaha


after i finished everything.. i on9 again.. suddenly.. i remembered i haven finish drawin my geo map & i haven hafal my sejarah yet! craps~ lolx n well.. i guess it'z gonna have assembly tomolo.. noooooo! hate it so much..

i feel.. like sleepin now