Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chocolate Love

Hey hey! I know this blog is half rotten. :( I'm gonna start doing something about it before my readership turns zero. Even I don't visit my own blog anymore. Sighhh. This is getting bad. The truth is, I've been writing so much these days I lost interested in writing anymore. So many assignments so many tests. For now, I shall share this little happiness with you guys. It's a video of me having sexy time with my college clans! Go watch it! And guess who edited the video! Pretty obvious it's me because of the korean song. Hahahha it's Chocolate Love by SNSD if you dont know yet.

Hope you guys come back more often after watching this video!! :) *promise to update more often!*

Who needs guy when I have awesome friends like them? Oh wait, most of them already have their other half except me. Time to fish, Kyean!! HAHAHAH :D

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lakeside Picnic

hello hello people! Yes, the girls and I had an awesome picnic date by the lakeside last Thursday! It was actually a small pot luck thing planned by the girls. it was not a bad idea actually but a lot of people were looking at us like one kind only because it was lunch time. Anyways, did i mention that THE WEATHER WAS PERFECT THAT DAY!!? Can you imagine having a picnic at 12pm under the sun in Malaysia? Well, that day was exceptional. It was a breezy and not sunny day. BIG LOVE!! Anyways, one thing for sure is, we enjoyed ourselves to the max. Everyone brought something special. I was soooo excited for the past 2 days until that day comes because.... my 923482349023th girlfriend (koh sher ren) who was going to bring quiche baked by her almighty mom who can bake almost everything. :)

I finally satisfied my crave for mommy tam's quiche after for so many months!!

The goodness. quarter of it was gone before I get to take a picture of it. Monsters!

See that ugly Eunice eat until so ugly . hahahhahaa :) Btw this woman brought *unprepared* sandwiches for us! DIY or self service, you name it. =P

Yue Vern is enjoying it. :)

This is my number 1 darling who brought yummy sausages and cucumbers. :)

And this is my number two darling , Sunway who brought yummy spaghetti.

She made it herself. Thats why the spaghetti hard until like rock like that. Hahhahaha

Spaghetti + sausage = Happy Kyean!

Number 3 darling , Lynn who brought brownies. Oh wait, I don't have any picture of the brownies. :( But it was goodie! :3

A perfect lunch cant be perfect without drinks! And yes I brought the drinks because I'm so cool like that! Hahahaha :D

And this is my 238712838239012th girlfriend who I don't really love/care about. :D

PS: I take back my words after reading her sweet post specially for me. She is the best darling on earth who loves me very much and drives me to snowflake. Oh yeah, Her driving is...... :D ALl I can say is.. I would buckle 2 seat belts if there is. She points her finger at the roundabout instead of using the signal. OMG ON! I should be lucky that I can still write this post today. Hahahaha.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day! <3

As for my mommy, Happy Kelly Day! Thanks for being the best mommy over the years! Thanks for taking care of me and giving the best for me. You are the best mommy on earth! I wanna let you know that despite the times when you scold me for going online till late nights and shouting at me for being lazy/messy/forgot to do whatever you asked me to, I still love you!! =)

I brought mommy to Canton I for lunch on this very special day because she likes the HK style porridge and roasted specialties there. I also treat her lunch with my new debit card for the first time! hahahah :)

Told you. Love the porridge there! Smooth texture and yummy!

and the Roasted duck, Char Siu & Siu Yok FTW!

The expensive dumpling! Guess whats inside. :)

Good for constipation :)

Not forgetting my favourite (fattening) Lao Sa Pau!!! <3

Free egg tart. One for you ! :)

The present I gave her for mother's day present as requested!

Now she can haz pretty nails like mine too! I painted for her by myself! Now that's special dontcha think. Best mother's day present ever. *eleh* :D

Flower tea. Actually the purpose of taking this picture is to show off my chio nails but failed because the flower tea looks chio-er than my nails fml. =S

you know what's the purpose of taking of the picture dont you. *shai* :D

Happy Mothers Day!

Not forgetting my grandmother too. And the grandmother from Kuantan. Happy Mama's Day!!! :)

Had family gathering on Saturday night at some vegetarian restaurant to celebrate mother's day. Everywhere fully booked. Even vegetarian restaurants also full house on that night. tsktsktsk. People! Don't only buy mommy dinner on Mother's day okay! Should buy them nice meal from time to time. Like me! *coughs*


Fake sharkfins. Very environmental. Learn from the best! :D

kids nowadays. tsktsktsk

the tables of girls. one lost case.

the woman of my life oops. I mean the woman who spams my fb wall 24/7

cousin horrified of my cuteness *chokes* AHHAHA

Us with the naughty boy number 1.

Naughty boy number 2. Love this picture! If only he's that cute everyday, then my life will be so easy!

Thats all for now. I have 5 assignments to do and a mid term exam coming up next week. My life is so "fulfilled". Tell me about it! Can't wait till all these shit ends. ROARRR

Happy Mother's Day again!
<3 To Aunty Kelly, please do not forget what you promised me. :D

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A Yummy Update

I realized that I haven't been blogging about food lately (since Singapore Trip actually). No wonder my blog is not appetizing anymore. Hahaha. Truth is, I became very very lazy to take pictures of the food I eat anymore. Unless its pretty and special food. Or food that I haven't eat before. Or really yummy food. But I eat pretty normal food nowadays. So no point blogging about them. I shall find more new food to eat and to blog about it. Who's with me? :) :) :) Tam Sher Ren the wai sek poh will be the first one in the queue. Hahahha :)

Today, I shall introduce a yummy restaurant I recently went to, with another wai sek poh, Mandy Chan. The name of the restaurant is Yakiniku. It's in Pandan Indah. Very near to Anakku, or Mandy's mom pub, Shirley's Place. I think most of Pandan Indah kaki should have heard about it before. I only went there once before as I always go Pandan Indah for the Kin Kin Pan Mee and Bou Bou Pan Mee. Now I have a new place to dine in. *yums*

The outside view of the restaurant. I don't know whether it's a Japanese or a Korean restaurant as they serve both Japanese and Korean food. No matter what it is, they serve really really good+cheap BBQ !!

Yakiniku, my new favorite restaurant in Cheras. :)

Had lotsa lotsa BBQ meat. From chicken to lamb, and then pork <3 oops, sorry tak halal!

The highlight of the day - old school charcoal pot that almost burnt my hair when the fire "got angry"! Pfft!

The most yummy + cheapest BBQ meat ever! You won't believe the price. RM5.90 for a big plate of bacon and lamb for less than RM15? DAMN CHEAP!!!

Apart from BBQ, they also serve Japanese food like ramen, bento, sushis and all.

Korean food goes to the very favorable Kimchi fried rice!! All thumbs up for this!! :)

Very sextified with our lunch @ Yakiniku. And guess what, I really got a 10% off after mentioning Cheesie's name to the boss. AWESOME MAX! Definitely going back again next time! =)

So who wanna come with me? <3

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Lakeside Campus

As much as I have to admit, I don't like Lakeside Campus. I have so many things to rant about it!!!!!

*rant rant rant*

First of all, I HATE THE FREAKING JAM OUTSIDE THE CAMPUS ESPECIALLY IN THE MORNING! Every morning's headache URGH. If I'm unlucky I'll stuck from the LDP highway into the campus for more than half an hour when I can reach the journey in less than 10 minutes FML. Waste time waste petrol waste leg energy pfft! Thank god I don't have 8 o clock class everyday!

SECONDLY! THE CARPARKS! #*$&*@#$(@#$(@($# Omg everyday also parking full one (For good parking spots lah). I wonder how early those people get there to get such good parking. I think they really deserve those good and near parkings if they reach there at 6 or 7 every morning. For me if I reach there at 8 for my 10 o clock class, I will have to park at that stupid far far away land already =( . There you know that in-constructed parking where you have to walk like a big fat U turn to get into the campus. Yes that one. OMG ON!

Crazy lots of car! To add emphasize on the amount of cars, this is only part of it.

There are still cars at the other side of the world, I mean lake

And I only get to park there FML. TELL ME ISIT A BIG FAT U TURN OR WHAT! My idea is to suggest ferry service from the carpark area to the main campus. Good idea right! *starts writing proposal*

So the conclusion is, there's only 2 choice for me. If I want good parking, then I have to go early. which means I will have to go through all the jams. But if I choose not to go through the jams, then I will have bad parking. Simple. These 2 reasons are enough to make me don't feel like going to college anymore.

THIRD THING IS, the food ! How come they don't have A1's tomyam mee hoon and the aunty's breakfast set B there! Oh yeah and the LCS pan mee too! =( Everything is so expensive there now! The only thing I like there is the Norwegian sandwich bar. Love their smoked salmon sandwich. Not forgetting their berry tea too <3 I tell you if I'm going to walk that much and eat sandwich for lunch everyday, I'm sure I'll lose some weight. (I HOPE!)

A healthy diet plan starts with smoked salmon sandwich. :)

Shirley the BHD with her beef sandwich <3

I also recommend their chicken supreme sandwich and hot dogs there :D

THE NEXT THING WILL BE, the lift! It's always so slow and PACKED everyday! But now it wont be a bad thing for me since it'll be the reason to make me use the stairs! Another way to lose weight. AWESOME!

Anyways, no more bad things for now. The best thing is some of the awesome people I know are here now! Mun darling and her darling's big gang, baby drea, BHD (who has a BDH now HMPH), and some of my primary friends (who I can't recognize!) Omg sooo cool! If the hartamas gang people are here then it'll be perfect perfect . <3>
Egg seat *hearts*

I know you hate me!

Apple vs Blackberry. Love both!!

Even Lynn is annoyed at me . :(

Pfft. Hopefully this coming week will turn out better. =)