Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hi Guys from Singapore now..

i'm bored. haha went to shopping these days. . bought alot of CHRISTMAS PRESENTS.. enjoyed.. n tired. lol miss everyone n home =D din online for a long while. miss u guys!! especially SPECIAL SOMEONE.. LOL watched The Sad Love Story.. by Kwon Sang-woo!! Kim Hee Sun n Yeon Jung Hoon! OMG.. leng chaiS n leng lui man!! but it's SAD.. VERY VERY SADDDDDD.. lol n i CRIED.. HAHAHA something like Stairway To Heaven. lol. it's RECOMMENTED =p

Saturday, December 10, 2005

A black sweater
The memories of two people
After the rain has passed
It is even harder to forget
Forget that I still love you

You don’t have to mind
The tears only just happened to be falling
I was already waiting at the bottom of the valley long ago

I know I cannot keep you from leaving anymore
And I know I must have a backbone
I am thankful to you
For letting me possess the beauty of autumn

Watching that white dragonfly
In the air it forgets to go forward
Can I still
The memories that are pilling in my mind

Say I love you again
Perhaps the rain won’t stop
The black sweater
Where is it hidden?
Then just let the memories stop there forever

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

1 day out =)

Well went to times square wid shirl, keong, foo n sut nin today.. lol we watched Aeon Flux.. haha n went to de theme park!! hahahaha keong was so cham.. lol 1st ride also let us pull to de clock thingy adey.. hahahaha well, i sit infront of him so i saw his scared-looks!! AHAHAHAHA.. it was sooooooo sooo sooooo damn funny.. hahaha like fooooooooooooo foooo.. fooooooo.. ahhhhhhhhhhh.. closing his eyes oso.. haha funny =D for those who have been tortured by him and did not see it was sucha waste ahahaha u'll never fgt how he looks like! LOL haha well it was a revenge time . sorry shirl. (U) hahaha n keong almost vomited in de toilet. yikes haha disgusting. lol den he straight away sleep on de bench there n sleep adey ahaha. while me, shirl n sut playin DNA Mixer.. wahahaha de sth like merry go round drive us crazy also hahaha well we ate at de Nippon Tei before going back home. haha n yeah! we went to de bookshop n read COOKING BOOKSS for cakes.. hahaha ding dongs. well, i enjoyed myself alot wid u guys today leh haha =D guess it's late now. Have to go to bed soon. nites XoXo

Monday, December 05, 2005

back to kl.. whee.. i'm.just.tired. haha nth much to say.. lol chattin wid nat bout food now.. man.. hungry.. hahaha well.. gotta prepare go to bed soon.. goin to times square tomoro wid baby honey darling n haha guys.. LOL
Bu De Bu Ai - Willber Pan