Thursday, March 29, 2007


01. Hair color: black. or dark brown!
02. Eye color: Hmm. Dark brown like mine? Black will do.
03. Height: 175 cm ++
04. Six pack: Hahaha. I dont really like muscle type of guys. Very scary.
05. Long or short hair: Short Hair. =)
06. Glasses: It's fine with me as long as not those nerdy or ah beng specs.
07. Peircings: I don't mind at the ears.
08. Scars: Noo.
09. Eyebrows: Hmmm. Just right.
10. Big butt or little: Lol. Sexy! not big but not small also laaaa.
11. Chest hair: Ewww.
12. Buff or Skinny: buff! Cause Im not skinny. hahaha. but not too buffy laaa.
13. Straight teeth, Gap or Braces: straight teeth please.
14. Funny or Serious: funny but yet serious.
15. Party or Stay home: Both! Equal laaa. Just like me! LOL
16. Should he cook or bake something: yes, and only for me! or we can cook or bake together. <3
17. Should he have a best friend: yes of course he should. Everyone has one. =)
18. Should he have a lot of girlfriends: sure, but i'll get jealous lorh.
19. Outgoing or Shy: not really shy laa. out-going with our friends. =)
20. Sarcastic or Sincere: sincere. Or not very sarcastic la. Must have the limit.
21. Should he love his mother: yes he should. and my mother too!
22. Watch chick flicks with you: Why not? but I'd prefer watching others with him. like korean dramas. THOSE SWEET ONE LA. not those like Sad Love Story. wth
23. Would he be a smoker: Aiyerrr. I'll kick him far far away if he smokes.
24. Would he drink: For special occasions only. =p
25. Would he swear: Yes.
26. Would he play with your hair: Haha. As long as it doesn't annoys me.
27. One or more girls at a time: One and ONLY ONE. =]
28. Would he pay for the dates: have to be fair la. but he should pay for the expensive dates. LOL
29. Does he kiss you on the 1st date: no.
30. Where would you go to dinner: anywhere with delicious cuisine.
31. Would he bring you flowers: on special dates.
32. Would he lay under the stars with you: Yes pleaseeee. <3
33. Would he write poetry about you: yes, it would be really sweet!
34. Would he call you hunny, sweetie or baby: Anything but not smelly. hahaha.
35. Would he hang out with you and your friends: sometimes.
36. Would you hang with him and his friends: sometimes too.
37. Will he walk you to the door: hahaha. Yes he'll always do.
38. Holding hands: Not in front of scary teachers of course. hahaha.
39. Soccer: okay okay lah.
40. Baseball: Urm.
41. Basketball: Ganas.
42. Football: I think most of them likes it.
43. Water polo: Woolala.
44. Surf: Hmm. It's quite dangerous. So I'll ask him to play something else.
45. Skateboard: Dont fall down can already. hahaha.
46. Snowboard: Malaysia mana ada snow?
47. Sing: i love guys who can sing! <3
48. Plays guitar: why not?
49. Piano: Yesssssss. Very romanticc. =D
5o. Play drums: Very noisy ler.
51. Clean his room: hahah. i dont know and Im not staying with him. Haha As long as its not messy and dirty laa.
52. Paint/Draw/Sculpt: Anything will do.
53. Writes his own music: lalala. I wanttt.
54. Uses the word dude: yes, but not to meeee.
55. Uses the word tight: urm.
56. Would he watch the sunrise with you: Yes yes i would love it! =0
57. What kind of car does he drive: hahah. errr. Nice cars lorh. as long as its not those ah pek or turtle carrrs. HAHAHA. or sport cars. I dont wanna die so early.
58. How old is he: Older than me of course. I dont like didi.
59. What would his name be: Kim Jae Rong. <3

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

No matter what happens, I will always be there for you, I promise! =)

I love you! <3

Monday, March 26, 2007

I've been tagged. =3


Name : Koh Kyean aka Kae Yeon.
Date of birth : 19th March 1992.
Current status : Engaged!
Eye colour : Dark brown.
Hair Colour : Dark brown.
Righty or lefty : Righty. =P
Zodiac sign : Pieces.


Your heritage : Chinese.
Your fear : being heartbroken.
Your weakness : I'm a scardy cattt.
Your perfect pizza : Island Supremeee.


Your thoughts first waking up : Yeays! <3
Tomorrow : Can see someone again.
Your bedtime : I can sleep whenever I want to.
Your most missed memory : When I'm with him. <3


Pepsi or coke : No thanks.
Mc Donalds or burger king : Mc D!
Single or group dates : Single.
Adidas or nike : Nike!
Lipton tea or nestea : Neither. I like green tea.
Chocolate or vanilla : Always Chocolateee.
Cappucino or coffee : Neither. I like Mocha.


Smoke : Never ever.
Curse : Haha, curse all the smelly people.


Drank alcohol : Nope.
Gone to the mall : Yup yup!
Been on stage : No worh.
Eaten sushi : Yes.
Dyed your hair: Wanna die meh. hahaha of course not.


1 minute ago : Talking on the phone.
1 hour ago : Miss someone like crazy.
4 1/2 hours ago : Eating like a pig.
1 month ago : It was happy.
1 year ago : Hmm. Nothing special.


i love : Kim Jae Rong. <3
i feel : like going out with Kim Jae Rong again.
i hate : all people with bad personalities.
i miss : his smell.
i need : to sleep now.


#1: Ken Vin.
#2: Si Yeon.
#3: Sookie
#4: Jiney.
#5: Malcolm.

Friday, March 23, 2007

The whole week was pretty good. Get alot of presents from my beloveds.

1 huggable teddy bear - from my darling darling, Ken Vin. <3

1 smelly but cute piggy - from my smelly Cha Gia, Ya Yen.

2 necklace. - from Uncle Ben and Jiney.

this is from Uncle Ben. Special right! It's my nameeeeee. whee!

10 chocolate muffins - from Tek Kyo Shi.
Hahaha. Opps. I didnt get to take the pictures lerrrrr. But it taste nicee I can say! hahaha.

1 pair of earrings - from my lou poh, Sylvia.

1 Roxy purse - from Rachel.

1 lovely belt - from Tienie.

1 handphone holder - from fat & smelly Boon Hong.

1 photo frame - from my daughter, Estella! <3

1 handphone hanger - from smelly Mal!

1 word master game - from Jee Kin.

oh well. hahah he actually lucky drawed it. =P btw, thanks! =p

1 bottle of lotion - from my uncle . LOL

Perming my hair - my aunty! hahaha!

some smelly person still owe me presents. Eg: Brenda, Carmen Cheong, Michelle Lim, Jaclyn, Cockroach Tang Mun Yee, Low Jee Kin, smelly Yuen May and MY MOM. hahaha.

anyways, I'm still waiting! =p

was kinda happy for this whole week. talked alot to my sweetheart! had break and lunch with him. <3 smelly yy laaaa. Dont wanna teman me already. =( HAIYA DONT CARE LA. Isn't that a good thing for me? hahaha! Just jokinggg. and not forgetting our school is organising IFF ( International Food Fiesta) tomorrow and its gonna be fun! Many of my beloveds are coming too! long time no seee arrr. Especially Brenda and Sookie! I miss you all so much ar! and I'm gonna see smelly YM tomorrow with her bf. Omgogomg. *runsssss and hide yourself!* hahahaha. =)

Monday, March 19, 2007

I'm fifteen! <3 style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5043593656351113266" border="0">
From left: Kelly, Pearly, Ya Yen, Me aka the birthday girl, Jiney, Rachel and our body guards Boon Hong and Ken Vin. <3

Jiney & me.

Rachel & me.

Yen & Kyean.

Jae Rong & Kae Yeon.

We had so much fun in the themepark! Actually we wanted to go ice-skating but there were no more shoes anymore. So we had to go into the themepark at last! Anyways, We had alot of ride in there. Super scary but fun! The Colorado Splash & Grand Canyon River Rapids made all of us wet, Boon Hong's reaction was like sooooooooooooooo funny. Omg, I'm laughing at him now again. Lol Tomahawk was crazyyyyyyy scary! We called it 360 degree thingy. Pearly & Kelly did not dare to sit. SO LUCKY. Jiney was shouting up there:" WHOSE IDEA WAS THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" hahahaha! The Buffalo Bill Coaster was quite fun. then the Butch Casidy's Trail (Spin round & round thingy) made me & kenvin wanted to vomit. they crazy one ler. spin 3 rounds together NON STOP. siao. Ya yen & Boon Hong was so sweet ( in the smelly cowboy shoe). Hahaha! We went for Lost City of Gold ( the roller coaster) too! All of us shouted like crazy. hahaha. The Galleon is like the 360 degree also one. Only people like Me, KV, YY & BH dare to sit. It was so so so scaryyyy. Anyways, Hope ya all did enjoy yourself. =D


Celebrating with mom at Gu Yue Tien, Restaurant.


Leng mommy.

This is the ‘Mini Buddha Jump Over The Wall’ inside a coconut. Yummy! <3 href="">The lamb was not bad.

this is my favouriteeeeee. Shih Tzu Codfish!

and the best dessert ever, Avacado cream.

Happy Birthday to meeeeee!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Off to Kuantan!

to Sai Ham Yu. (HAHAHAHA!)

just joking laa.

Will spend the holidays with smelly Geo and Sej Projects. Wish me luck! <3

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Birthday Wishlist 2007!

1. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-N1.

The prettiest camera in the world. <3!You can stamp graphics and trace drawings or letters on your photos with the Paint function. And it has over 10 million pixels provide incredible high-resolution detail and definition for making big prints and cropping in on your subject. Plus, the advanced Sony 1/1.7-inch Super HAD (Hole Accumulated Diode) CCD design allows more light to pass to each pixel, increasing sensitivity and reducing noise. Besides,the DSC-N2 captures high quality video clips at high frame rate of up to 30 frames per second with length limited only by the capacity of your media. The high-stamina NP-BG1 Lithium Ion battery also lets the DSC-N2 shoot up to 300 images, giving you plenty of power when traveling or shooting on location. and of course, cam-whoringggggg. LOL

2. Espadrilles! <3

3. Webcam & Microphone (Brenda you still owe me a webcam since my last year's birthday!) ahahha!

4. Jewellry & Accessories.
This Uncle Ben is getting me a 5 carat diamond necklace with my name on it hor hor. hahaha! =) aiya, I love any kinds of jewellry & Accessories very much! especially dangly earrings, bracelets, necklace, watches, etc etc. I receives so many every year but I still like them very much. Who doesn't?

5. Teddy Bears.
I only say yes to soft toys when it comes to teddy bears. Lol the bigger the better! Like those 500 bucks one omg. Mommy arrrrrrrrrrrr. okay la i know you wont buy one. HMPH.

6. anything from Roxy!
shades, outfits, bags, wallet, belts, slippers, pencil boxs. lalala. <3 <3 <3

7. Michelle's love shape birthday cake! hahaha! Remember to write something special on it. *wink wink*

8. I would also like to have a loyal, sweet, caring & understanding good bf too! LOLS.

9. and of course celebrate my birthday with all my beloved ones!

10. and not forgetting getting straight A's for my PMR examinations.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Wang Lee Hom Concert 2007.
Heroes of Earth.

Wo shuar ( I say ) GAI SHI!

Ni shuar ( You say) YING XIONG!


Gai Shi Ying Xiong
Fang Kai Ni De Xin. <3
Ai Ni Deng Yu Ai Zhi Ji <3
Gong Zhuan Zhi Zhuan <3
Ai De Jiu Shi Ni.<3
Kiss Goodbye! <3
Forever's First Day.
Ya Birthday!
I'm Lovin It! <3
Love's Enemy, Beethoven.
Don't Be Afraid. <3
Da Cheng Xiao Ai.
WHY <3
A Simple Song.
Liu Lei Shou Xin. <3
Love Love Love
Ni Bu Zhai ( JJ Lim ) <3
Jiang Nan ( Lee Hom )
Thats What friends for - JJ Lim & Lee Hom
Forever Love <3
Julia <3
Zhai Mei Bian.
Hua Tian Cuo. <3
Xin Zhong De Ri Yue <3
Far Far Away.
Descendents Of the Dragon. <3
Bu Ke Neng Cuo Guo Ni! <3
Wei Yi. <3

The concert was PERFECT. I love it! But too bad someone didn't go with me. Sigh. Got alot of romantic songs ler. Most of them are love songs. The lyrics are very touching.

Fang Kai Ni De Xin.
Baby wo ai ni. Kuai le yong yuan lai de ji. so come on now, just fang kai ni de xin.

Ai Ni Jiu Deng Yu Ai Zhi Ji.
Love you = love myself.

Ai De Jiu Shi Ni.


Forever Love

forever love forever love, I wanna use my forever to love you.
From now on, You're my everything. AWWWWWWW. <3

Wei Yi

oh baby,

He can play piano + violin + guitar so so wellllllll. Wish my boyfriend can play like him. Lol Lee Hom is a boyfriend you can die forrrrr. Who says he's gay ? Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

and he can dance very well too. Love his outfits. <3

This smelly girl ar so naughty. pull off his shirt during the concert. Grr.

At lastttt, Lin Jun Jie, a very good friend of Lee Hom's became the special quest, they did quite well ler. JJ sang Ni Bu Zhai and Lee Hom sang Jiang Nan. then they both sang That's what friends for together. after that, JJ performs 2 of his new song but I forgot what song was that already. sorry !

that's about it!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Let's partay baby!

Guai Guai Pai.

Naughty Girlsss.
What are you waiting for Jineeeee? Faster go change! =)

Pool Time!

Me with closed eye Aunty Michelle. <3

and Charlie Angles! hahaha! just joking.

from left: Terrance and Carmen ( they looks like a happy couple), Britget and me, Michelle is doing that look again, Jaclyn with her sweet sweet smile and Jian Yong, dont know where is he lookin at.

Those 2 woman beside me and Jac are crazy. Don't cha think so? hahaha!

She says she loves me. Awww.

We had so much fun at the swimming pool! We played police and the theif, blind man, etcc. Very fun larrrrrrr. too bad my lou poh is not in thee pool with us. =( Jiney was the camera-woman, and my lou poh Sylvia went berlaku curang (cycling with Michelle Lee).

It's cam-whore time! - it never ends.

Angry and Happy. =) + =( Jian Yong was suppose to be happy. You traitor! Lols

We're like "I'm waiting!" See how Jian Yong wait. hahaha.

advertisment for a shoe company. =) Haiyoh, this Jaclyn is blocking me. Yeeee. and cannot see my nice nice heels also. =( PS: My lou poh so cham. big big elephant is sitting on her. HAHAHAHA. jkjkjkjks. =P

The black side and the bright side. nah, the straight hair and the curly hair side.

Dinner time.
I'm so regret because I forgot to take pictures for the foodddd. sighs LOL. Anyways, the food was good. The bbq lamb with the peppermint sauce was my favourite. Very delicious. Others like sweet and sour fish, pandan chicken, deep fried prawns, fried rice and noodles, salads, desserts, etc etc. <3
the white skirt gang. We swear we didnt "kap mai" before thiss!

Us with my worker, Keong. His hair kena bom by the bom Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Dont blame him. But one thing must scold him, for all the colours, why he wear green?!?! Keongy you're fired!

After the dinner, we went to play Mahjong. (of course lar!) Dont know what happened to me ar last night. Lose until I wanna cryyyyyy. I think I won 2 times out of the 2327179349340 times only. Dont laugh! then Estella came at last! I bring her for dinner + (feed her also) when she came. I think I was with her for the whole night already. after she finished, we go join the black jack. Its lucky also ler. I lend 1 bucks from Eugene and I won back 5 bucks. wheeeeee.

after that, we went to the karaoke room. it was so so so funny. Amran was shaking his butt while singinggg. oh yeah, he have bad farts. Ewwww. anyways, My darling estella has a very nice and sweet voice! she sang My Heart will go on. super cute version okay. <3!! Eugene and Brian asked me whether how I can stand her naughty-ness & noisy-ness worhh. Lol but HOW CAN STAND HER CUTENESS LER?!

anyways, Thanks Jaclyn for hosting the party. I love you! xoxoxo