Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hong Kong Disneyland Part II

Disney's Let It Snow Christmas Parade:

Event: Let It Snow Christmas Parade

Venue: Main Street U.S.A, Hong Kong Disneyland

Date: 24 November 2007

Here comes the marching band. AND LOOK WHAT'S AT THE BACK.


Just look at the foot. omgwthbbq.

Christmas Elf!!

Chip & Dale's Candy Factory!

I love chipmunks! Love their squeeky voice!

and the Gingerbread walking around! sooooo cuteee. He/She/It came to shake my hand!!

They really put a lot of effort for this parade. Everything just look so cute.

Hidden Mickeys!!! Cannot see meh? 1,2,3,4,5,6 ! I can see 6 mickeys!!

Here comes the rats. I mean, princesses!!

Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Belle. EH WHERE'S BELLE!!

sorry lah, they ho-ho-ho so fast until I can take their butts only.

Mommy, I want a tall tall boyfriend okay. so I won't be taller than him if I wear high heels with him. Okay, this one tall enough anot?

Alice in the Wonderland!

Flowers! *loves*

The Little Mermaid! I think I like this the most.

The star fishes are so cute!

Look at the cute octopus! Can make takoyaki! wahahahha. Omg I'm so wai sek.

okay lah, you also very cute! *pinch cheeks*

Here comes the army! Omg they shaked my hands also!!!

Toy's Story. My favourite movie when I was young. I watched it for 394394032940324 times already. =D

and I hated the dinasaur like a lot. Cuz he's annoying and stupid. hahahaha. I'm so mean!!


Wanna see more? Watch these videos! and you can see snow falling!!

This is at night during the Mickey's Sparkling Castle Lighting done by our most favourite character, Mickey Mouse!

P/s: More about food and hotels in Disney!!!
A date with my cha gia. <3

WELL. You guys shoul
d know who's my cha gia already, no, not new guy, it's my best friend since form 1, SIM YA YEN! hahaha. Yeaps. Both of us went pak tuo today, and yes, this is our first time, only both of us. soooooo sweet! Went to Times Square again, cuz Pavillion haven't got cinema yet. =( As usual, we meet each other in front of the lobby. This time it's different. They have a big, i mean ENORMOUS Christmas tree with pretty decorations around. I love Christmas. I simply just love pretty decorations and lights. We even took some pictures there. tsk tsk.

Here goes.

Santa Claus is coming to town~

cis! potong steam betul that blue stripe big tummy guy.

so I decided to take from upstairs. Hmph.

Moi. =3

The cha gia. *loves*

None the less, we took Purikura too! Well, you guys have to bear with us again. hehehe.

She decorated both of this picture. I'm the bunny!! hahaha.

and i decorated both of these. Our favourite is the pink (last) one tho.

At last, we watched Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium. The movie was like omg. It's not our cup of tea. It's about magical toy's store. Very suitable for my baby cousins!!! Anyways, we still enjoyed ourselves very much too. I love you cha gia! =)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hong Kong Disneyland Part I

PS: Super heavy post with pictures!!

Are you ready?
Tickets? Checked.
Map? Checked.

Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland!

wheeeee. The weather is so great I tell you. 21 celcius.

I was like :" Is this the castle?" hahahha. The disneyland is so small lah. By the way, it's actually the railway. See the long long choo-choo train. =)

Ice Fantasy

There's Cinderella's glistening ice carriage in front of the Sleeping Beauty's Castle with four softly glowing, crystalline Disney princesses, Belle, Aurora, Snow White and Cinderella.

The Sleeping beauty's Castle is so small compared to any other Disneyland. =(

But the Disneyland was pretty enough with many Christmas lights. I'm Lovin It!

The Main Street, U.S.A

The sweetest girl in town. *cough cough*

What's so curious worh.



Although he is not Lee Hom, BUT he still can play like LEE HOM!! He smiled to me! ahahha! *blush*

Which one better?

THIS ONE! hahha. Wedding minnie. (meanie)

The Candy Shop.

I especially love their main street. Their pretty shops, lights, decorations, and everything!

Tomorrow Land.

Say hello to astronauts!

The Orbitron!

Space Mountain. haha it's not as scary as what you thought. It's like an indoor roller coaster. not as scary as Times Square's tho. so NOT SCARY. it's dark in there with very small dim lights. (they call it light stone in space) woo.

Buzz lightyear my hero! hahaha.

Adventure Land.

Going to Tarzan's tree house!

There you go!

Love this pic. It's in Tarzan's treehouse too! (L)

So cool! I can play music everywheree. Lol

I wanna be a pilot. hohoho.

or wanna be a chemist? It's gonna explode in anytime. Be careful!

Aww! So sweet!

Jane's stuff.

Fantasy Land


The background is nice. The tree's shaped! Elephants and the roll roll thing . Very the cute!

Look who I saw! Stitch! the naughtiest alien. I'm the Lilo! hahaha. Look like ma. got flowers on my skirt eh. Got Hawaiian feel right? hahaha.

cotton candy anyone?

More about the parades and fireworks next! Omg, I must say I'm the luckiest person in the world. Guess what! The Christmas theme, Let It Snow! started on the day I went to Disneyland. So there were SNOW (fake one lah, Hong Kong where got snow one), Chrismas parade, Christmas songs, Santa Claus, and super nice fireworks! God, thank you so much !!!