Sunday, June 29, 2008

Disclaimer: I don't hate anyone but here's a list of the sort of people I get irritated easily at:

  • People who try to act different to be cool. Everyone's different, if you have to try to be different and flaunt your uniqueness like then you hold no worth in my eyes. I can't stand people who always talk too much when they don't have to. Or people who's trying too hard to make other people like them. Same as those people who doesn't know when to say the right thing in the right time. Or people who give stupid comments or opinions on a subject they know nothing about.

  • People who thinks too much of themselves. Eh what's so great about you! For example, some people look down on Lalas, man get a life! I don't have a problem with Lalas, they're still humans right! It's only their own fashion and life, who are you to have the rights to say about them! And for people who thinks that hanging out in Times or Sg Wang is such a shame, you're the one who should be ashamed! Going to Starhill or Pavillion doesn't make you any higher class if you think like that! Leave them alone!

  • People who acts like an arrogant idiot! They don't listen or accept your thoughts and idea at all! Moreover, when they're very bossy and make you accept and do everything they say when you actually don't feel like doing anything for them! Get a life!

  • People who likes to exaggerate way too much. They like to make a huge deal out of everything. I find it kinda irritating especially when you're talking seriously and then here comes those people who just like to exaggerate it to make things worst or greater than it might seems! Yeah, like drama queens! And no I'm not mentioning about anybody here, some of us will over react sometimes also right especially when we're excited, but don't so kua chiong until as if you want the whole world to know lah okay. Calm down.

  • People who thinks that they are so great and are rude about it, especially when they are actually not!! Wah this kinda people are the most hak yan chang people ever! They actually think that they can conquer the world with their appearances, fame, money or power. This kinda people always like to talk about how good they are or act as if they're the kings and queens of the world. They thinks that everyone beside them love them so much until they will fulfill every of his/her demands. One sentence for you people, "You think you're hot but you're not"

  • people who are stupid enough not to realize that other people doesn't fancy them much but they're still trying to tag themselves into other people's group or conversation. Yes, nosy people. But I think I'm that kinda person also. What to do! Imagine lah, when you're talking about something really juicy with your close buddy and suddenly there's this nosy annoying person that you're not even close to or you don't feel like sharing the topic with them asking you WHAT WHAT WHAT are you guys talking about! Tell me tell me! And if you guys stop talking when they're there, they'll either reply you a Yer yer! Why so bad don't tell me! Always also like that! Yer yer! What kinda friend is this! Omg you feel like slapping them and tell them that you obviously don't like them in their face right. But normally this kinda people don't know one so the best reply you should give them is, we were actually talking about how nosy you are. =D

  • People who don't have a sense of humour and get offended easily. If you're a girl then nevermind lah I still can understand, but if you're a guy and you still cannot take jokes or simple mistakes, go back home and sleep. But I pujuk and apologize when I think I'm really wrong lah. But most probably not more than 3 times if the siu hei person don't forgive me, sorry but I'm like that.

  • People who spams blog. Especially when they don't reveal their real names by creating names like guest, stranger, passerby, form5, your mother wtf, and worst still, CNN reporter hahahahhah. Eh eh that one not so bad, the worst one is still those who uses other people's name to create havoc like dunno who used Yong Enn's name in Andrea's blog last month ago. I find them are the most childish people ever. If you really wanna spam also spam smarter lah, do you know that your own way of writing betrays you sometimes, or maybe your chicken brain might betray you too. Please lah, you think very funny to write such things meh. Don't test our intelligence okay. Eh wait, maybe you guys really don't have brains, (and life too), so you guys will just find lifeless things to do, such as spamming people's blog. Too bad for you anti-social! Maybe you're just jealous!

Eh please ar. The reason why I'm writing this post is not because I wanna talk bad about anyone okay. I'm just talking about those kinda people who might step on your tail one day. So I might be one of them also because I'm not perfect too. So please please don't be perasan that I'm actually writing about you okay. But If you really think that you might be one of them I'm talking about above, think about it. =D

Friday, June 27, 2008

A special post for this cute little boy. =D

Happy 12th Birthday Baby Chin Mun! I like to call you baby like the way your mom and sister always call you. Baby baby! Hahahha. One of the primary friend I know, through one of my bestie, which is also the sister of him, Mun Yee. =)

He's one of the normal kids who loves to play video game, computer game, and all the game he knows in this world that I couldn't ever think of. While he's playing, funny words (dunno where he learn one) like fun cheong, chicken, noob noob noob and so much more will come out from his mouth one! And like to give comments when I'm playing Wii with him, sooooooo noisy I tell you. Sometimes you'll just feel like taping his mouth or kicking his ass one, seriously.

This little uncle (Only Rach & I call him that) because he loves to nag. He talks like a freaking 70 years old grandpa. He won't stop talking for 24/7 if no one shuts him up. Especially in the car, hahahahhaa. When everyone's super tired and he's still creating noise pollution. Feel like throw him out the car right? But then he'll give you an answer like "Eh! It's my car okay! You don't like then don't sit lah!" to his sister and us wtf so kek sei yan right. But let's not talk about his disadvantages first cuz he's the birthday boy today. =D

As you can see, he loves to take photos of himself a lot one. So perasan dunno learn from who one my goodness. *ahem ahem* Not only that, he likes to take picture for us and with us too. So sporting right! All these pictures were taking when he was being the camera man for us and take picture of himself secretly at the back of us. So cute and scandalous right hahahaha Note: Look at his chicken butt nose! Hahahhahaha. Sorry lah the naughty sisters create one so bad right T_T

He took picture of us while we're cam-whoring! This is like so behind-the-scene of the art of camwhoring HAhahahaha.

When he joins! =D

*pouts* We so cute right! Tee hee! But seriouslyy!!

Okay I end this post with the funniest picture of yours in my camera now! Hope you are enjoying yourself while you're reading this post now! And sorry I couldn't attend your birthday party tonight. I feel sorry, so this is the present I give you! A special blog post! Happy anot? No lego from Toy's R Us for you okay. I no money lah kid!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back to our Childhood!

Was having a fun time in class during BM lesson. We were actually studying Komsas Puteri Gunung Ledang, till then the teacher said that there's a traditional game of this legend. The classmates agreed and tada! You can see the fun we're having through the videos below. =) Anyways go watch lah! You'll find it more funny when you know our class well.

Enjoy! =D

and btw, thanks Kah Seng for being the camera man and cutting the videos! =)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sorry for not updating so often lately!

Sorry lah! Nothing interesting to blog about lately after the IFF anyways, and my life's isn't all about blogging only okay! I have to have a happening life to blog better and more interesting right! Yes no?? Hahahhaa. But seriously, TEE HEE!! *My goodness, watched too much of Ryan Higa's video already* Oh yeah, Kevjumba and Happy Slip's videos are good too. Had been watching them this few days and I got addicted to them!

Had dinner with Yayen's family yesterday night after tuition. It was some restaurant near the Rocket's building near Maluri. Eh correct anot? I don't know where was it and forgot to ask whats the restaurant's name already lah. So sat pai! *failure* The restaurant was full house when we got there so we waited there for super freaking long lorhhhhhh. But fortunately the food came out to be very very delicious and it's all worth waiting kinda food! Too bad I didn't take any pictures of the food to tempt you! Because got too much food already! Her dad ordered 9 dishes okay hahahahah. That's not the best thing yet, the best thing is, her parents fetched me home after that!!! SOOOOOOOO SUPER DUPER GOOD RIGHT! And god knows how far I live right. So far until you come one time won't wanna come second time type's far! Kajang's Country Heights, not Mines's Coountry Heights, mind you! It's a long story. My mom was gonna fetch me but her parents didn't wanna let me go because he ordered alot of dishes already and rather fetch me home. Thank you uncle aunty! Hahahhaha. And so did my mass gained again. I ate alot yesterday lah, I had buffet lunch with mom in Crown Princess Hotel's cafe on the tenth before going tuition too alright. My goodness! Buffet and feast both in one day! My tummy is so bloaty right now how! =S If I'm lucky enough, I wanna get diarhhoea by today or tomorrow! I'm serious!

During the dinner. Yy's siblings. So chubby right! Hahaha. They're fun kids. They can talk, argue and laugh with each other 24/7 one. Sucha happy family lorh. How I wish I could have younger siblings like that, sometimes being the only child is quite lonely you know! But somehow till the time I have siblings right, I scared I will become a big bully just like Yy always bullying the youngers lorh! Hahhahaha. Just joking!

See see see. They it goes again! Arguing about who's chubbier this time! Hahhaha. They very funny one lah. Always make fun of each other for being fat. Hahahhaha. Soo cute!

The younger brother. He's not that shy in real life one. Just pretending to be shy in this picture. Wait until he shows you the true colour and you'll be surprised! More talkative than any of his siblings! I swear!

Anyways, just some updates and pictures I took in school for the past few days,

During Addmaths discussions, done by Mother Mary (Rachel) and the virgin gang! Ahahahhah.

Nehhh! More like sexy mamasitas right? The mother Mary and virgin gang sounds so holy like we're the church's sisters already! Halleluyah!

Me is Kyeanie, He is Zhao! He look so manja in this picture and why do I look so naughty and turned on wtf wtf. History lesson too boring already!

The thing is still on my hand Zhao T____T and it's itchy like crazy lah! Oh yeah, see the colour contrast of our skin colour? This is the difference between going water polo or not! =)

Look and our eye bags Hahahahaha T____T Watched too much of late night dramas already lah! =S The poor sweetie fell sick already! But still as hyper and have a good appetite as always. Look who's going Japan soon! Sigh! *Eh eh bring me back some cute japanese guy ok ok I sayang you kau kau after that*

And LOOK WHO'S BACK! Super smelly lorh him come back also never tell us! I was so surprised when I saw him this morning standing outside the guardhouse! I didn't expect him to come back so early because he told me that he won't be coming back anytime soon but it was really him wtfwtf! Lucky still can recognize him after he do something strange to his hair! This is the picture I used to make the classmates shout Joshep! So bad don't wanna take picture with me lah! FINE! You know what he said to me when I asked him to take a picture with me, he said, No, you take a picture of me, not with me! (*#$(#$#(@ HOI! You very handsome now isit!

The basketball court is alive once again. =)

Was watching him playing basketball with his friends after school today. =)

Before I forget, I have some videos of my class playing a game during BM lesson but Youtube didn't let me to upload it because the duration was too long. Will upload it when Kah Seng or anyone of them cut it first yeah! It's very very funny I promise! Stay tuned! =D

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

International Food Fiesta 2008, Sri Garden, Kuala Lumpur.

Some pretty food stalls. Didn't get to take all of them though. =)

Key Club.

Interact Club
And finally my club! Music and Performing Arts! Nice right our booth! Our theme is Hawaii!

All thanks to Audrey and her gang who made this gorgeous banner!


Today's Special! And Salsa Kisser is actually.. Fishballs with Salsa sauce! Hahahhaha. What! Attactive name to attract customers what!

The food. The best seller was actually the marshmallows chocolate fondue! Should really sell it again next year! So many kids liked it! Or make them for the kids! For sure they'll give you lotsa sweet hugs! As sweet as those marshmallows!

And I was one of the bartender for that day! Lucky you if you get to buy the drinks from me! I made mostly Pink Lady, which is Strawberry of course! Nice right nice right? Don't deny it! I know it's nice! If not there won't be people coming back buying it again! Quite expensive summore! Hahahah! I made it! Eh, seriously I was quite proud of myself almost cry already when all of you guys say its good!! I wanna thank you guys by making another cup for you! =)

The bartenders! And this Suzuki was the one who always wanna rampas customers from me! Wei Zhen and Wei Zhong were one of the bartenders too. To those guys who helped us, thank you so much! Appreciated it ! =D Anyways, this is the reason that why my arms hurts so bad the next morning when I woke up ! I was shaking the mocktail most of the time and it's not an easy job you know! The drink burst out at the end when I have no energy to shake it properly. =S

I look like I was advertising for Sunsilk right? AND the expression is so funny! Like I was complaining and frustrating that I'm tired and hot. Thanks Olivia for the candid shots though! =)

And this candid shot is frigging funny too! Why I look so constipated one! Hahahha! I wonder did I scared all the customers away on that day while making the drink. Tsk tsk. Actually the picture looks very happy and joyful right. Look at our beautiful smiles! =)

The working womans!

Mexican mamasita lookin hot!

The sunshine honolulu girls !

Not forgetting this one too!

When Hawaiian babe and Japanese girl met.

This babe is from Thailand. Don't know whether it's a real female anot. Might be a shemale too! I don't know! You don't wanna hear her voice! Hahhahahha! Okay lah she's a girl, I can promise it with my whole life!

The interacters. Everyone meet Jaclyn. =)

And this is my Lou Poh Sylvia! =)

The tee shirt girls!

Seriously, pregnant woman also can wear their t shirt lorh! SO big and not sexy at all! I mean the right one. The left one is super sexy and hot! Hahhahahhaa.

I don't know but I know I'm hot. Quoted by me! I know you feel like slapping me right now.Just do it!

The new girl Pei Chin, as known as June! Last time I used to make fun of this name of my ex's friend by calling her May June July. So random right! Anyways, she actually believed that I am a Korean when my other classmates told her. Anyeong! *in a sweet tone*

With the president of my club! Eh I look so short standing beside her! Not fair! She was wearing high heels only! Cheating one!

Us again. Cute right the clown. Hahhahha. He was making a deal with me that I make him a drink, and he will give this lovely balloon to me and promote my drinks! So thoughtful!

With the man of her life! Hahahah sucha cute couple!

So do this pair! AWWWWWWWWWWW.

Too bad. I have more pictures with the guys! Hahahha. Because I go around and collect pictures with them =)

Kah Seng and I. Yes lah yes lah I know they look better together!

I know we look good together! Just that he make me look fat standing beside him! Cuz he is super skinny! Eat more lah you Zhao!

Arthur and I. Cute right? Too bad he's taken already. Hahahah. Not much students from his batch came though. Lucky my BHD Shirley and worker Keongy came. But they only stayed there for awhile. Summore appear in front of me during my busiest time! Summore never get to take picture with them! So smellly!

Eugene & I. He was acting blind with the shades he was wearing. Tsk tsk! Watch where you're touching man! Hahahha!

Wai Hoong. The guy who's staying just around my house area. Thats amazing! I finally found someone stay so near with me. Because I stay so damn far that no one would wanna come visit me! =S Next time we go makan or jogging together okay! =D

Justin. The guy I usually meet on Tuesdays. Another guy you'll look fat standing beside him! So skinny lorh! He's like Zhao number 2!

Wai Weng. My darling loyal reader number 1! =D *And I am not smelly!*

Ken Vin. The ex ex ex ex ex. Hahahha. He said that we look good together, do we? *Actually I don't have so many ex before lah where got so naughty*

Yun Jae. The korean guy that will make you look short standing right beside him!

Alex! Looks hot right? I mean, look REALLY hot right! Of course lah! Look what he was wearing! See also feel hot and sweaty already. Hahah! Someone's turned on now. *winks*

*jeng jeng jeng* Mou chuan the smarty ass! My new boyfriend. =D

OKAY OBVIOUSLY I WAS JOKING RIGHT! The picture was actually taken before we start argueing again!

The sexy mamasitas! =)

With Sookie & Brenda. Miss you guys lots! Visit SG more okay! =)

With Chea this time. Hhahhaa. Don't kill me when you see this picture Brenda! That's the only picture I took with Chea on that day! Sorry! =)

The latin dancers, Sylvia and Alfred. =D *Eh they look good together right right?* EH WAIT, she's my wife! Sorry not for sale!

With the cute angels and the fancy clown. Sucha happy picture! I like! =3

With Choi Yen & Phoebe. We look so sweaty! Haha!

With Melissa and Rachel. 3 lookin good lah! Fair and square! Tee hee!

My favourite picture of the day. Cuz it makes me look like I lost 10 pounds in that picture!

SO here are the IFF pictures you waited for so long! Now I'm worry that I have nothing much interesting to update already! Gimme inspirations!