Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Event: Walk For Life, Charity Walkaton
Date: 27 July 2008
Venue: Titiwangsa

I finally went for the walkaton! It was sooo fun! And I feel healthy and slimmer after that!! (Before swallowing in a big bowl of pan mee from Bou Bou and brownies from Secret Recipe into my stomach after the event) Tsk tsk. I went there with Yayen early in the morning, and yes, that means I stayed over at her place the night before, and YES, that means I will have a tons of camwhore picture to be flood in this blog again! So stay tuned!!! But let's get back to the Walk for Life story first. To those who think that I'm too lousy to walk for 4.3km! You're wrong!! I made itttt and got a certificate after that! Wahahahha! Eh actually it's not very tiring after all eh. Like going shopping chit chatting and take pictures only. HAhahaha.

Our pretty Eye On Malaysia!

It started with a fun warm up first. Eh I did warm myself up also okay! Not taking pictures only! Hahah! It was something like Aerobic, quite tiring eh. But fun!

See I told you!! Hahahahah! Taken from Chen's blog!! Prove that I didn't lie okay!!

Hahahahha. I think I was having sugar high that time. HAHAHA! So cooperative!

Look at the crowdy crowd!!! Scary right!

Some funny pictures I took during the walk:

Look at the stickers!!

Stop looking at the sexy butt already!!

(This is Kim)

This picture very sexy also. Look at his sexy pimple. Make the whole picture look even more sexy!!

Hahahhaha. Picture taken by Meow Meow! I seriously didn't know while she was taking this picture!! grrrr!

Sexy backs! Hahahah! All thanks to Sue Yii for writing the sexy names for us! Wahaha! And now it's goneeee, argh!!

See! I really did finished the walk okay! Faster congrats me!!

Now it's time for the pictures taken with the people who went there on that day!


Pimple guy! Hahaha see our pants were the most striking ones! Others very dull one ok!

Me, Sylvia, JiaQi and Michelle!

Yen, Me, Mel, Kist!

The latin dancers!

Neighbour Wai Hoong!

Wai Hoong, Yen, Me, My love <3, Wayne II and Azim, right?


Cha Gia!

And my precious picture with Shinsuke!! IN YOUR FACE Sachie and Meow dan lain lain! =D

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Beloved Class, 4 Science 2.

Hahhaa. So family portrait like that can! Zhao is the grandfather. hahahahahha errrrr. Miss Latha the grandmother. Then then, Farris (The eldest son) and I are married couples and and Melissa, Yen and Drea are our daughters. ahahhaha. Then Ali (The second son) and Michelle are married couples also. And the rest at the back are their children ahahahhahaha wtf Michael you so strong arh *winks*

Spot Ali and Farris... So pretty! And Kah Seng is very the cute! Rach and Cass are very the loving! Zhao is super the tall! Hanim's pose is super the funny! Andrea, Michelle, Kyean and Yen has the biggest smile ever! (Melissa look so shy to smile like that one!!!) Hua Min, Mun Yee and Rebecca look like those very the guai guai student type! (They are what!) Alvin and Adele the very super cute couple-gonna-be! Steven is the sweetest guy ! AND NOW WHERE IS THE CAMERA SHY MARCUSSSSSS!! Why you hide your face lah Allah!

Then this one look like of course Ali and Cass are the great grandparents hahahaha. Yen and I have our lucky guy at the back of us (Who said sucessful men got a woman supporting behind them only??) Carmen, Rachel and Hanim look like the bossy aunties who always sweet talk the grandparents only one hahaha wtf Andrea the supergirl! And the rest behind all of us are our children again ahhahaha. Why are we so strong and hamsap like that ahhahaha omg what am I talking about. Don't get me started!

Cassie and Rach having their own sexy time. I have no eye see! Hahahaha! Nah I think I was spotting cute little kindergarden's children!! They're super cute lorh!!!

Funniest picture ever! Love this shot!! Screw Cass! From top to toe! Hahahahah!

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Heart Is In Pain!!!!!

Omgggggggggg. I can't believe something so bad happened to me today!!! GUESS WHAT.




but in this condition!!!!!!!!!

Can anything look any more......... pathetic than this!!! Ya Allah ya Kuan Yin ku! =(

#$*#@$*#$(#*$(#@$(@#*$(@#*($#(@$*(@#*$(@#()@#($*(Q@#*(!@#*(#*$!!!! Bloody hell I wanna curse to all gods in this world that ...................................... nvm. =(

WHAT ELSE CAN YOU EXPECT WHEN A PHONE RAN OVER BY MANY OTHER CARS!!!!! Yes what the hell rightttttttttttt!! But still in one piece lah!!! Keng right. Like surviver only hahahahahah wtf. I accidentally dropped it on the road in front of the guard house this morning when I reached school but I didn't noticed it because I was busy tying my hair up and tucking in my shirt and stufff. Urghhhhhhhhhh. And I only noticed my phone was not with me only in class!! So I was like asking for other's phone to call my mom whether did I left it in the car anot. Then she said don't have. I might dropped it somewhere. So I quickly ran down to the guardhouse and asked the guards whether they saw a phone anot and they said yes, but a prefect took it already. I jumped happily and called my own number.. and guess what! It's Malcolm's voice! Hahahhaha! I was so excited and asked him where's my phone and stuff. And he said... You don't wanna see how's your phone looks like already.. Can throw away already.. I was like what.. got so serious anot oh. You exaggerating only isit. Still can call what! Then he said.. Got oh. You see yourself later lah. Then I panicked already. When I really saw my phone's dead body that time.. I seriously speechless and didn't know what to say besides fat lan cha-ing!!

What the hell. What's wrong with everything. I'm being so emo the whole day already omg. My heart ache so badly when I look at the phone again and again. Eh I used the phone for at least 3 years already ok! Got peelings already okay!! I mean, feelings!! And now the phone is in a very very bad condition that if whether I send it to ICU or not it doesn't make any different anymore.

I mean,

Look at the the the screen yourself... So pretty right. Some of them thinks that it was a pretty screen saver wtf. Very pretty arh now. =( then some of them thought I was joking. Please lah why would I joke with this =( =(. But most of the reaction was like.. Oh my god! God gracious! Ya Allah! OMG SEI LORH. What happened!! AHhahahaha. not funny why am I even laughing to myself. Omg why am I even talking to myself now. Omg stop emo-ing lah! Not only the screen, my new memory card with lotsa good stuff in there also lost okay!!! AND MY CONTACTSSSSSSSSSSS!! Half of it are lost now. So so it's very appreciating for you to text me your number okay. =) I'm using one of my mom's phone now. She's using my old lousy motorola phone now because she don't wanna buy a new one for me. =( Wanna know what's our amusing convo again??

Me: Mommy mommy. *sad tone* My phone cannot use already. =(

Her: Why?

Me: You know.. Got a few cars ran over my phone.. then the screen now cannot see already.. only can call...

Her: Oh good for you lah! Always so clumsy! Everytime also so clumsy this and that!!

Me: But really cannot use already lorh... *Trying to convince her to get me a new phone*

Her: Har har! Don't try to ask me to buy you a new phone lorh! Cuz I won't!!

Me: BUT THE PHONE REALLY CANNOT USE ALREADY LAHHHh. *Everyone else laughing beside me*

Her: Good lah! USE PUBLIC PHONE! Don't needa sms don't needa call don't needa waste so much money!!!!


yeah that's how my mom treat me when I'm in a deep shit condition =( So hard to get a mom like this right!

But she's still very nice to give me one of her phone to use lah. Sony Ericsson W810i. White colour. Quite nice lah. Limited edition one eh she said But anyways, I'm still gonna get myself a phone when I got the money! =D Nuff' said.

To those who loves me, time for you to show how much you love me! Tee hee! =)

and to those who hates me, clap all you want!!!!

and and to those who knows me and I know you, please send me your contact okay? Cuz I lost most of them. I don't know why I forgot to update my simcard!! urghhhhhhhh

and and to Zhao, let's take more nicer picture and stupid videos!! My memory card doesn't likes you thats why it's spoilt now!!! Oh yeah The last thing I did with my phone before I dropped it was watching the video we made in ICT room yesterday lorh! So stupid!

Haih haih. I'm asking around for phone numbers now like a desperate virgin ahahahhaha wtf wtf. Faster gimme if you're hot. I wanna date you! =)

Goodbye my N73! I will miss you! =D

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

They are back from Japan!!

As you all know, there's 2 Japanese students from Hokuryo came to our school this Monday. One boy one girl. The guy's name is Shinsuke! A very friendly and polite guy! I find almost every Japanese guy from Hokoryo all also very gentle and polite one lorh. Hahaha where got as monkey as our SG boys one tsk tsk. Hmm. I don't really know the girl because I didn't get to know her yet lah. It would be kinda weird for a girl to go say hi to another girl without introduction right. hahahah. Hopefully I'll get to say hi to her soon!

Back to the storyy!

They are back from Japan of course! 5 of my classmates went there, which are Rach, Steven, Ali, Farris and Hanim! God I miss them so much! Especially my Rach sweetie! You guys missed out a lot of fun and gossips in school while you're away from Japan! But the class had been so boring without you guys seriously! =( But but guess you guys left your heart in Japan already lah) You guys still miss Japan even you're back to Malaysia now. =( Please don't tell me anymore my heart can't take it! Don't tell me about how much fun you guys had in Universal Studio, don't tell me about how small the toilet is again, and and don't tell me about the food thereeeeeeeeeee anymore lahhhhhh pleaseeeeeee!! OH YEAH, AND STOP THE HOT GUYSSSSSSSSS TOPIC ALREADY!! Hahahahha! Anyways I can't wait to see the pictures lah! Can anyone faster update ar! =D

The smelliest thing is, That that gatal Rach said there's a lot of hot and cute guys there!! Too bad she never bring back Fukuda for me!! =( =( *Even his picture also don't have!!!* But good news is, he and his girlfriend broke up means i got chance already ahhahahaha wtf so bad. Anyone got his EMAILLLLLL! Send me as soon as possible ok ok! I treat you lunch!

Aiyo just joking lah! I where got so desperate one right right right TEE HEE.

*But you guys still can help me give him my email address one if you have his contact lah haahahahah*

Anyways, the guys are super sweet! They brought us back souvenirs!! Rachel gave me the most souvenirs! *kisses* There's sweets, green tea egg roll *drools*, a pen with Japanese doll picture, and a a friendship good luck charm! =) Steven is soooo sweet too! He brought me a very cool and pretty necklace (and wore it for me himself!!) *AWWWWWWW*!! Hahahha! (It wasn't for you Cass! You took it away from him when it's supposed to be mine!! Hmph! You got your abang's necklace enough already!) Ali got me a Japanese doll ahahhaha.

Oh yeah, the darling of mine is very sweet too! He got me a box of Godiva chocolate when he went to Thailand last few weeks and and a big packet of Famous Amos cookie (without nuts!!) as a surprise for me today!! Ahahahaha. Wanna know who is the sweet guy? Lim Wai Weng! Hahahhaha you can go bash him now if you're jealous wahahhaa. You know he's so perasan omg.

It was something like that:

Me: I got nothing to blog ler. Gimme inspiration! Hmmm I think I'm gonna blog about how good you treat me okay!

Him: Hahaha. Later other people jealous if you blog about me how! I scared they all hate me and come bash me up ar. Don't blog until so kua cheong ar!

Me: Aiya don't worry lah! Not like I got a lot of admirers also!

Him: Okay, but i got alot of admirers what. Hahahhaha *joking*

HAHAHAHHAA. Perasan giler! I throw apple to you tomorrow!

No lah, just joking. Will update again soon! =D

Thursday, July 17, 2008


To be honest, I am really not a very sporty kinda person. Meaning like, I do not fancy sports activities in school especially, and I am obviously not into them when it comes to CCA sports. I will never be like any of my other girlfriends who are like the sports girls of the school. I admit myself that I don't like doing sports because I can't do it properly and I get tired super easily! I kinda hate it when it comes to sports. Not that I am those "dai siu jie" type that hates dirty, (part of it, Yes, I'm kinda like that kinda person too because I don't really like sweating and DO NOT like the sweaty look of myself) But the main reason is, I DID NOT BORN WITH GOOD STAMINAS AND I AM TOO LAZY TO TRAIN MYSELF OKAY!

You think I like the fact that I dislike sports? No I don't! You don't know how much I wanna sweat like a cow like any other people but I just too lazy to move my ass out! Plus!! I do not like to do hectic exercise such as running, or or JUST RUNNING AROUND! (and walking up the staircases sometimes) because it makes me so tired and exhausted! But in the end I still did move myself out right, give some support lah! You don't have to say anything to discourage me!

You know I kinda hate it when some people goes like,

"Omg, Koh Kyean! I can't believe that you joined A Walk For Life! I'm so proud of you!"

"Hahahha! You really going to run ar? Serious one arh! HAhahahhah! Can one anot!"

or or

"Kyean! You should be the goal keeper!"

Not funny! You make me wanna punch you until you become beautiful!

wtf people. What are you trying to tell me man. Like what's the real point of telling me all this for! If I join then I join lah, talk so much for what. Sometimes people just need someone to shut their bloody mouth up for them. Or do you think that I'm way too sensitive. Maybe they just don't mean it? Nooo. I know when does it mean it and when does it not. Yes, it's one of the million chances for you to hear that I actually joined this activity, and yes, YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF ME bitch! And you said you wanna see how I run on that day? Good. We'll see. But I might not come on that day, don't be so disappointed yeah. But I think you should go for the running more than me, because obviously you have more lipids need to burn than me! Please lorh, don't ever say anything about me or others when you don't have a body like this,

*Caution: It's hot!*


and this! So hot he makes me melt!

Honestly, even my family member says the same thing to me! And I'm quite used to it already. I know I like to eat! I know I like to sleep my evenings away! I know I like hanging around the malls than going jogging in my neighbourhood! I know I like to sit in front of my computer and go online everyday!

Even my mom! When I asked her to fetch me to Titiwangsa for that running activity, You know what she said?

"Mommy, can fetch me to Titiwangsa or let me go Titiwangsa next Sunday anot?"

"For What?"

"There there's this charity activity and everyone will be walking or running for *Correction* 4.3km around Titiwangsa in the morning. Yayen they all going'

"But it's a Sunday! I'm so lazy to go out on Sunday lah! Every weekdays fetch you to school! Saturday got tuition! Sunday let me sleep peacefully can anot!" (Got the lazy genes from her)

"Yer please lah! I pay already lah!"

"Pay already good lah. No needa go already! I never promise you anything!"

"Yer! I wanna run la! Got chance let me exercise lose weight lerh!"

"You wanna run ar? Outside garden so big I never in my life see you run before! Outside neighborhood so big! Go run lah! Why wanna go until Titiwangsan and run!"

... ... ..

"Aiyo! All my friends going lah!"

"They can run mah! You can run meh!"

Thank you mommy! I love you so much!!! You complete my day!

See what I mean, I'm so inactive until my own mommy have to rub it on my face too!But please lah, give me a break already! Not like I'm like this also!

*touchwood, I won't ever become like this*

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Joshep's Farewell Lunch at Dragon I.

It was supposed to be in the Italian restaurant somewhere near Leisure Mall. I forgot the restaurant's name already but I heard it's very good and worth it. But but it was closed when we go there last Friday. Maybe they don't open during the afternoon. Anyways, I'm still gonna go to the restaurant one day later, and El Cerdo too! (The porkilicious Restaurant) Who wanna join? Let's make a big plan, sorry to all my Malay friends. =)

With the girls waiting for the guys.

Tell you guya a funny story. Is it possible for a taxi driver don't know how to differentiate between Mega Mall and Leisure Mall. My goodness, I don't know whether it's a blur or cunning taxi driver, brought the pity guys almost to Mid Valley when they actually wanted to go Leisure Mall. Hahahhahah. So funny. Don't know wanna cry or laugh better. It's so stupid. I think the way they argue will be funnier. Too bad no one video-ed it! =( Imagine, the distance between Mega Mall and Leisure Mall! I don't really know about the taxi fare but I didn't dare to ask them anything more than listening to them complaining. So ganas!

see Jon's "Do not disturb" face. Hahahhah

Hahahahha. No mood to order or eat already they all

the guy who gained 12 kg of muscle back to Malaysia (You can choose to not believing it, maybe its 12 kg of fats wahahhaha)

waiting for our foodddd

My best friend siu long pau!

Jonathan's dunno what. hahahah. And he dunno what he ordered also omg. Can see how angry he was at that time right!

Mun's Spicy Sichuan La Mian

Yen's pork soup La Mian

Kah Choong's beef fried La Mian

My favourite Za Jiong La Mian! But not mine, it was Joshep's.

I couldn't eat anything spicy or heaty that day because I was having a bad bad sore throat. So at last I ordered this seafood La Mian. It was quite good also!

The dessert which make me cough like a cat for a few days! Eh serious one. Like got asthma already. Anyways it's Glutinous Ball with sago and Mango!

Yayen's Mixed fruit sago dessert. It reminds me of the last visit to Dragon I with the girls lorh! We actually got a free dessert from a stalker waiter. Hahahahha.

After lunch, we went to the arcade for awhile before leaving. Was playing the game we usually play there. HAhahaha this time play with high heels! Can you see the ghost holding his darling basketball at the back! Dunno what Jon was doing!
Too bad still cannot break the record yet! Nyeh! Don't needa say "Almost"!

Him with the cha gia

and me with the not-enough-sleep face and ticket he won. So short right! Lousy guy!

Anyways, he's gonna leave on this weekend already. So does my Darling Tienie. No doubt, I am so gonna miss them! =D

PS (Especially to Rachel Liu Su Fen): For the students who are going to Japan tomorrow, do enjoy yourself and take more pictures there to share with us who didn't get to go! Don't bother buying back souvenirs cuz things there are very expensive! (Not hinting anything, really) , Take care and have a safe flight tomorrow night! And I am gonna miss you sweetie Rach! Sorry for not seeing you today in school because you know why already! I promise to give you a big big hug when you're back! No matter what you know I love you! <3