Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CNY Gathering Dinner

Sorry for posting this 2 weeks after CNY! I've been really really busy enjoying my holiday! Seriously I'm not bragging about how awesome my holiday is but I'm really having a good time not wasting my holiday every single day! But gonna be more serious starting from next week. Got myself a part time job (with a good pay indeed!) , gonna learn French alone and also lose weight! I heard my uni has a new gym already AND IT'S FOC until April! Sounds good enough for me! Hahahaha! I'm a very determined individual afterall *coughs*

Anyways, back to the story.

Friends are like family to me. So die die also must have a CNY gathering and lou sang this year! *choi choi choi CNY cannot say die* Btw, it's our very first time lou sang together though :)

My baby girlfriends. love 'em lots and can't imagine life without 'em :)

Us with our other half! Meet Adrian and Jee Kin :)

Olivia's bf didn't make it to the dinner so the gf went coo-coo! -.- Having some imagination kissing her bf tsk tsk poor girl Hahhaha! Anyways, meet Nicolas who recently joined our family haahah!

Venue? Restaurant Extra Super Tanker! Sounds funny right! But the food there isn't funny! Very delicious! :D

My Dinner Date of the night

They were each other's date that night. Haha so cute :3

Her name is Debrajohanson because she's so cool like that

With her boyfie

Miss Pop Sasa the dancing queen!

and her lucky guy :)

Now time for some foodie! Blogging about it makes me so hungry now T_T

Our first dish :) Salmon + Jelly Fish Yee Sang

Thumbs up for the crispy crispy crackers!

Nom nom nom!

Steamed Talapia Fish with Assam Sauce :) Everyone's faavourite dish of the night!

(Special Order) Thousand Layer Crispy Beancurd - My personal favourite!

Salad Pork Ribs with Assorted Nuts! Something different! :)
Kong Po Chicken with Yam Ring! Awesome !

Fried HK Cabbage with Yam :)

Fried Butter Prawn with Rice Cracker :)

And not forgetting our dessert! Who doesn't love lotus pancake you tell me!!


Gong Xi Fa Chai from the girls!

Our Mr. Right

My Mr. Right.

Second Round in The Beer Factory, Scott Garden :)

Grainy Film

The cute couple

Smelly baby

This couple camwhore non stop -.-

Our Killkenny!

Our game of the night - Ring of Fire! Brought us alot of happiness and laughters :)

Olie Polie

Had a sleepover at my house later that night!

Meet my doggie, Hebe

Goodnight!! <3

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Yayen's CNY Open House (年初六)

As we all already know, Chinese New Year is all about open houses, gambling, collecting angpaus, eat eat eat and eat for the Chinese especially people like me. This is why you see my body getting bigger and bigger after CNY without fail everytime! Well, blame the CNY cookies and family & friends gathering dinners.

It's been awhile since I last visited her house! Got the shock of my life when I went into her villa last Saturday. Apart from a swimming pool, her house has everything everyone wants. It's like a club house there. So I suggested her to start making business out of her entertainment house. Hahaha. Steam room, gym, karaoke room, snooker table, you name it. * I jelly* Too bad she's leaving Malaysia next week already. Gonna miss this woman a lot :(

Partners in Crime on that day, Rachel and Michelle

Spot the perasan muscle man beside me! Hahaha

Have a thing for big mirrors LOL

The super semangat Steven! Spot him from the previous picture hahahah trying out all the gym equipments!

My Paris Hilton! Super long never see her pretty but weirdo face already! Miss her so much

Her doing obscene work out hahaha

One last picture at the gym before we hit to the steam room :D

Hellu Hellu! Of course we didn't go in wearing like that hahahha. Went in for picture purpose only LOL

The boys, Ali and Steve :D

Okay here's the steamy part! (sounds wrong but hahaha wtf) Can you see us!

She does looks like angel from heaven right HAHA

While the rest were sweating their asses off in the steam room, we went to chill in the karaoke room because it was so cozy there!

Was so fascinated by this blink blink ceiling deco that changes colour! Coolios!

Long time no see classmate, Huamin! :)

After awhile of singing, our tummies were growling like tigers! Sooo partner in crime and I went up to look for foodie hahaha. *waisekness* And the moment we saw the amount of food, we felt like we're in heaven *tears*

The pretty deco :)

Now now, what's open house without good food right? :D

You can have anything you want literally. Fly rice *fried*, spaghetti, Fish, Chicken, prawn, satay, everything!

Kuih Muih


Best thing is, JAPANESU FOOD! You can haz all the sushi you want *screams*

AND TEMPURA TOO! Kill me plz thanks -.-

Not forgetting about our refreshments! :)

Are you hungry yet? Hahaha.

Took so much food! Sooo greedy but we just can't resist :) The food looked too good to be true :D

Hahaha. Caught in the action! Cuteness!

Andrea who thinks her contact lens make her eyes look like she's not looking into the camera but I think she's sooo kiut! :)

Finally the host is here! Super busy have to entertain her friends and relatives!

Can you see what my tshirt says? I LOVE MY CRAZY GIRLFRIENDS! Which I really really do

Same goes to my best crazy guy friend, Shep! :) Do you wanna see a comparison of our picture on the previous night (Vertigo night remember) and this picture? It's funny!

Last night look like one look like a mafia tai gor + dragonball and another one look like 24hours clubber but wake up another day looking like this. Sooo nerdy and guai HAHAHAH AND GUESS WHAT HE BROUGHT!!

POKER SET! *jeng jeng jeng* His present from Vertigo LOL

So while the guys were gambling...

We camwhore! Hahhaha! not difficult to guess right LOL

Rachel and her new bf :) hahaha

Kids nowadays -.-

Bao bei who has the brightest smile everytime :)

Last picture with the pretty cha gia and Teddy (her Poodle's name) before I go! :)

More pictures of us coming soon!! :D :D :D