Thursday, July 30, 2009

What are you gonna be next time?

This question is tickling us more than anything right now. But as for me, I would really want a suitable job for me, as I could enjoy while working at the same time. I mean, who doesn't want a job like that, right??

At first, I told myself I wanted to be a kindergarden teacher when I was helping out at the kindergarden last holiday. Which I know my mom wouldn't be happy if I really gonna be one next time. Then, after that, some of my friends advice me to be the kindergarden principal. AHAHAHHA I mean, seriously?? Principal? Then I must take care of my presentation alot lor. Cannot have fun crazily. I mean, which parents will send their children to a school with a not serious looking principal, right?? And I don't think I can put on that "good good girl"image for a longgggggggggggggg period!! Hahah!

Then, this ambition was gone, and I wanted to be a wedding planner next. Well well, wedding planner! Hahaha I wanted to be one because I will always get to see lovely couples getting married happily! Do event planning for them to make their wedding success! Or maybe open a wedding gown studio and sell pretty wedding gowns and take wedding photography! Oh soooo lovely!!!

At the same time, my mom wants me to be an accountant because she claims that my maths is good. (Where got?!) Then become a financial consultant after that. Till I'm very professional at accounts already, then open an audit firm myself, WHICH I DON'T THINK I WILL ENJOY IT AT ALLL. FYI, I've only did accounts before during Form 3 for the KH subject, that one also I tembak one. Cuz I don't find accounts is interesting at all. And I know being an accountant having a good maths skill is not enough. Must be very be careful la, patience and....... more.Why still wanna spend my life with it??? I mean, how can you enjoy yourself with numbers unless you are Mou Chuan AHHAHAHA i mean T____T, I like maths but I don't wanna spend my life with numberssssss T_T and do accounts for other people!!! SO SAD WEH!

And I don't wanna look like that for the rest of my life because I think most of the accountants look like that. T____________T

Besides, I also thought about being a fashion stylist at once instead of a fashion designer because I can't draw for shit! I like to advice people on how should they wear and I think I'm quite good at it, *blushes* But I know it'll be hard to survive in a fashion industry, and why would I wanna spend everyday by mix and matching someone's clothes and think of what hairstyle should they do everyday instead of grooming myself first! So free ah! I don't have to do this for my living right T____T But I still like fashion and I will consider opening an online shop next year if I'm free! =)

btw this is not a dress but a long skirt! I love to explore new things in fashion thats why I have this passion of making other look good . eg Mr Lancerie =)

Then I considered Pharmacist at once before because, my thought was, I would rather do pharmacy more than being an accountant. And I heard pharmacists are in demand now, so can earn big bucks. HAhahaha but then again, I don't have the passion to cure people's diseases lor. As you know, I'm very afraid of those grossy things like blood and stuff, how to be a good pharmacist like that. Aiyoyo If someone run to be with blood to ask for medicine, I think I will faint first than he/she. No I'm not joking ! And I wouldn't be happy if I had to face sick people everyday and smell like medicine for the rest of my life!

SOOOOOOOOOOOO, for now, my conclusion is, as I love to dine so much, ( I have a very very great passion for fooddddddddddddd), why not do something to do with food and bevarage? I mean, I'm not gonna be a chef la! But what I wanna be now is, operate a restaurant by myself, or maybe a small dessert cafe or something like that by myself. Design my own shop with lovely furnitures all by myself , inovates more special dishes myself, what do you think?? Well, this is what I like and I think I'll do fine in it! At least I don't have to manage other people's account but managing my own, at least people come to me to cure their stomach, not their disease, I THINK THIS WILL BE THE BEST JOB FOR ME. YAYYYYY maybe I will still open a wedding studio in the future, who knows, right? As long as I'm doing something I like then I'll be happy!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Update For Tienie

My xiao zha bor <3

(F) к у є α и с є я ї є says:
i ask you ahhhhh
what is transformer's parent called

Litien says:
dont know
tell me
must be some lame joke

(F) к у є α и с є я ї є says:
i bet youre laughing now

Litien says:
you are so hgfhskjgf hbjskfhkjwh lame

(F) к у є α и с є я ї є says:
i bet youre laughing!!!!!
dont denyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Litien says:
it was funny
any more?

(F) к у є α и с є я ї є says:
transformer sister lea

Litien says:

(F) к у є α и с є я ї є says:
its transistor

Litien says:
you know im a big fan of your blog
i always read it even when im here
so you should UPDATE MORE OFTEN

(F) к у є α и с є я ї є says:
HAHAHAHA okayyyyyyyyy
theres another joke
i ask you ah

Litien says:
what (so fierce)

(F) к у є α и с є я ї є says:
there's 2 lizards fighting on the wall, and fell down
the 3rd one saw
what did it say

Litien says:
tell me

(F) к у є α и с є я ї є says:
guess first

Litien says:
aiyerrr i dont wanna guess

(F) к у є α и с є я ї є says:
actually this joke must tell real life only funny
but anyways
the answer is,
tsk tsk tsk

Litien says:
i dont

(F) к у є α и с є я ї є says:
thats how a lizard sound like
tsk tsk tsk tsk

Litien says:
omg i get it now
when u said thats how a lizard sounds
i actually did the sound
then i only got it

(F) к у є α и с є я ї є says:
funny lea!
tell me im the best!!

Litien says:

(F) к у є α и с є я ї є says:
ni bu ai wo de (U)

Litien says:
so fast heart broken
dont you have school tomorrow
let me tuck you into bed

(F) к у є α и с є я ї є says:
howwwww?? *blushes*

Litien says:
stop thinking naughty

(F) к у є α и с є я ї є says:
i know you want it
sexy principal this time???? AHHAHAHAHHAHA

Litien says:
omgo omg!

................. the rest is left to be private and confidential heheheheheh

My turn to sayang her this timeee heheeee

there you go , an update ahhahahahha pfftttttttttt i miss you my lao zha bor (L) soo , sexy principal tonight?? AHAHHAHAHAHA WTF

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I know you love camwhoring with your friends, but have you tried camwhoring with your own mom at least once? I think you should try it!! HAhahaha Don't blame me if you get a scolding or anything :P

Was taken on the bed. Hahahah she said look like errr..... sex scandal ahahhaha wtf

sex scandal 100% wtf wtf

When i said pout your lips! Then she really go pout hahahahha wtf so funny can die when we were taking this picture! Cuz I keep on laughingggg T_T

That's my pretty mommy. Why didn't she gimme half of her genes T_T sometimes I get jealous when she's prettier than me pfft

Just so you know, I did not spread your ugly things out. If others didn't tell me about it, I would have been the last one who will know about it. If you are really so unhappy about it, don't fake it and tell me personally that what you are not happy of . I'm really tired of that childish drama thing. Thank you very much .

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ching Goo - Top & Taeyang

Sometimes, when you expect too much, things wouldn't come as smooth as you wish. Same goes to good friends, you can treat them as good as you want, but you can't expect they will treat you as well as you treat them in return. You will get disappointment more than anything else when they somehow... didn't treat you as good as you expect them to be. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining about anything. It's just my opinion. That won't change my mind to treat my friends bad. Hahahah. I have to learn not to expect so much from others lu. I still care a lot for them, hence make me so upset because of it. Sigh I'm still glad that I still have plenty of good friends who treats me very very good and care for me a lot, share things with me and talk to me when I need them and vice versa because I think that's what friends are for. And I can't imagine my life without them. Thank you and I love you all heeeee =)

This brings me a smile after 2 long days of depression. So cute right!
Thank you Lambodar! Btw, can anyone guess what is it ????? Hohohoho Hint, it's a type of dessert. lalallaa~

There's one funny joke I got from darling Mun I would like to share here:

What is transformer's parent called?

Tell me the answer yourself to get the real answer! Hohoho

PS: Joshep, I bring you to eat Korean food the next time you come back okay? I DRIVE YOU THERE...... with 60km/hr ok cuz I very scared HAHHAAHHA Don't be too touched!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Gara Gara Go

btw, it's Big Bang's new song! Go listen to it! NOWWWWWWWWWWW

Went out with baby yesterday instead of today. (Because every Saturday is our day) And guess what, he was late again, because of traffic light wtf and leet cookie !!! URGHHHH #*$@#&$*#$(#*$#* I wouldn't be so angry if the weather wasn't so hot maybe but the sun was burning & flaming hot yesterday! I was all dressed up standing outside Bam villa waiting for him and I thought I was going to melt anytime soon T______T and at the main time scared kena rompak HAHAHA at the end make me sweat like a pig summore! YOU SAY ANGRY ANOT! I was showing him the angry face but he didn't see because I was wearing a big ass shades that time HAHAHA

I practically showed him (a more ugly face) and kept quiet for awhile to make him feel bad HAHAHAHA so bad right!! until I realised I was wearing shades HAHAHAH no wonder he didn't realise I was angry !!!!!!!! Soooo, wear shades next time if you don't want people to know whether you're pissed or crying wuwuwu btw you can see how noob I camwhore from the reflection of the shades HAHAHA noob camwhore FML

Lucky he brought me back home to see baby Jeejun! If not I sure continue to FLC AHAHHA Anyways!!! soooooo cute right him. I mean baby JJ HAHAHA I waited for him to wake up and play with him T__T But he was quite blur after he woke up AHHA he must be thinking, who is this crazy girl why keep disturbing mee!! I WANT MOMMYYYYYY

And started crying HHAHAHAHA noooooolaaaa!! I can EXPLAINNN!!! He was crying before I sayang him ok not after I sayang him AHAHHAHA wtf He was crying for food only (or the cameraman too ugly hahahah nola) He is just sooo cute!! (L)

After that, we went to The Gardens instead of our plan, taking purikura for our 3rd and 4th month, will take 3 months in a shot next week i think HAHAHA

You guys heard of Sushi Zanmai right? But have you heard of Pasta Zanmai! Hahaha it's located in Mid Valley right beside Madame Kwan! GO TRY! Heheheh damn damn good <3>
His Salmon Garden Salad with Sesame dressing!! His more healthy than me for some reason T_T

My half boiled salmon pasta with sesame sauce! Yummy to the maxxxxxx. If possible I will lick the plate clean AHHHAHA

After lunch, we walked back to The Gardens for movie! And yes, we went for the Premiere Class Cinema (and it was our first time ahahhaha shys) and our first time gave to Harry Potter already AHHAHAHA omg sounds so wrong, but yeah! We watched Harry Potter and the half blood prince yesterday and I think it was quite awesome! Totally worth the premiere class ticket!! (Just my opinion because I didn't read the book, hahahah but I still think the first one is always the best one) Teeheeeeee =D

Last picture of the day! Was too tired to give him a smile after all the long day shopping and movie HAHAHA he doesn't have a picture because he's too ugly to be shown AHHAHA or either I'm just dating myself T_T (Actually I dunno how to use his canggih camera la okay I admit pfffft)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Very lazy to blog lah"

Seriously, I have nothing nice to blog about recently. School isn't so great but still tolerable. I have funny classmates for entertainment that's for sure. I'm starting to be more serious on studies now since midterm's result wasn't so great. =S Hardly go out with the girls nowadays too. Can't wait till next Saturday to go for prom shopping with them!

The good and the smelly. The one at the sides are the smelly ones. You will know why later =)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

When You Wash Your Body, Wash Your Hands too - Wondergirls (Nobody's Parody)

Hahahhahha. Damn funny video! Heh heh go watch it!! =)

Sunday, July 05, 2009


I finally got my L licenses last Saturday and I just had my first driving lesson today . Oh my god it was sooooo fun, nervous, and excited!! Combination of FUNERCITED HAHAHAH I don't know how to explain the feeling that time. I was happy that I finally can drive, at the same time I had a little phobia (of the accident happened this early of the year but not many people know abt it hee), I was so scared when I was on the big road T____T But the driving instructor said I'm quite good for first timer HHAHHAHA. So proud of myself *pats self wtf

I woke up earlier than any other weekend today wtf I can't help it but the excitement I got in me is unexplainable HAHAHA (nola actually I slept very early last night only) had breakfast and..... went to the driving school ahahhah. I was quite surprised because it was a woman. I was like... err okay I just hope she won't throw her tantrums to me cuz in my mind I thought driving instructors are mostly moody plus..... she is a woman. a quite old one summore HAHAHA.

Surprisingly, she was very nice. Totally opposite than what I thought she was gonna be at first. Good thing. If not I will cry in front her again AHAHAHA nola

I started learning how to move a car to the front and reverse it for almost 29312 times. They call it, gostan HAHAHAHAH soooo funny. Now, gostan your car HAHAHAH ok back to the story.

After 29312 times of repeating the same thing, the instructor finally let me drive around the driving school surrounding for another 21312 times before letting me to go on the road. I thought I did quite good in controlling the car. As in turning and all AHAHHA I know its not hard but.... the feeling was very exciting that time HAHAHA I got quite frustrated when it comes to controlling the gear . HAHAHA stupid gear damn wtf can . The gear almost break at the end of the day cuz i was too rough HAHAHA and I had to step on the clutch all the time and I hate the part when the engine died HAHAHA . Keep sei foh-ing. Urghhhhhh

After driving a few rounds in the surronding the instructor finally asked me to drive out to the big road. AHHAHA I WAS SO SCARED T_____________T so many carssssssss. My legs were shivering hahahah nola almost pee only. First time in my life driving on the road damn scary wei T_T All the cars behind must be swearing at me why I drive so slow HAHAHAH 20km/j only HAHAHAH nola I went up to 50km/j and the instructor keep asking me to slow down cuz she scared HAHAHA. And I got so scared when all the cars passing by me that time T______T those big & fast cars were really scary T______T really one =( And I hate the moment I had to stop the car and then continue driving. Change all the gears back and all. SO IRRITATING LOR !! I had to pass around like 6-7 traffic lights and my engine died in the middle of the road for 2-3 times HAHAHAH matha parker I was so scared wuwuwuwu T__________T The instructor keep saying : "Ni tai jing jang liao, ni tai jing jang liao " means you're too nervous X100 times . and that make me MORE NERVOUS. But after all that it was quite smooth already. I even went through the scary roundabout successfully . hahaha so proud of myself kekekeke and I drove myself home at last! I rate myself 7/10 AHHAHAHAHAH

Not this car of course HAHHHAHAHA

And surprisingly, when my mom and I came home from lunch just now, she let me drive her Accord around my neighbourhood. HAHAHA THAT GIANT CAR. Okay compare to the small L car I drove this morning, it was really a giant car T_T And it's an auto car summore VERY THE CONFILL LOR. You needa use 2 legs to control the paddles for manual but you can't use 2 legs to control an auto car T_____T and I was quite surprise my mom let me drive around lor . When we reached home, she said, my heart gonna jump out already and I used up a lot of guts juice just now HAHAHAHAHHA so funny T_T

But this is funnier. Funniest Thing I've Read Yesterday .

Mun Yee wrote this in her blog post, "Princess Going For NS"

Hahahaha. The most shocking thing to hear about NS was that Little Princess Koh Kyean got chosen. O.O

It's like an oh-my-damn-goodness. [ Not gonna curse my god again :) ]
Pity her seriously. (awwwwwwwwwwwwwww)
Can you imagine asking Cinderella or sleeping Beauty to NS??
Maybe Cinderella can still be accepted to go to NS cause she can still do all those cleaning and stuff. But sleeping beauty to NS?? (AHHaHAHAHAHAH soooo funny)
Sleeping beauty has to wake up at 5 am???
Sleeping beauty can become MAD-beauty.

Hahahaha but but but but Koh Kyean is nothing like Sleeping beauty cause she doesn't sleep as much as my Ma'am. Hahahah
Rachel the sleeping beauty. O.O [ I'm so fired ><]
Guess what kind of Princess is Koh Kyean????
Guess Guess Guess. Tee hee~
Some hints. She comb her hair with a fork.
Hahaha. Next time you know what to give to Koh Kyean when her comb is broken. Winks winks. Hahaha.
The answer the answer right right right.
Obviously the answer is Little Mermaid. [ Her english essay :P] Hahaha.(AHAHHAHA she still remember)
So typically, Little Mermaid has to go to NS. Hope she won't get tanner.
Kyean, I don't mean to scare you. :D
Hahaha, promise to buy you some sunblock.
Hmm, maybe some is not enough.
I'll buy you tons of it. Hahahaha.
(hopefully, ;D)

Princess Little Mermaid Ariel knows how to drive with her tail already. =)

Friday, July 03, 2009

Happy 4th Month Baby <3

I Love You! =)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Tears No More

Yes. I finally digested the fact that I'm going to go NS. I can even go tomorrow if I can. HAHAHAHA I'm so proud of myself. Wuwuwuwuu. I'm gonna bring a diary there to write it everyday on what did I do and I'll share my experience there with everyone here T___T I'm so strong! I'm even stronger than Alvin AHHAHAHAH damn sissy he don't wanna go no matter what my god T_T I'm gonna pull him there with me! LALALALA~ To all the NS-kena-er, HERE WE GOOOOOOO~~~

I'm just hoping for a good camp now! WISH ME LUCK. I can see my bright future coming soon!!!

(Maybe I'll come back with a smaller butt pfft) kthxbai