Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hello world.

I'm back but no longer will stay here blogging. We have only less than 100 days till PMR examinations. So guys what are you waiting for? Go grab your referrence book and start reading before it's too latee! =D Trial is coming real soon. In 2 weeks time i think. yeah. Sooo. Won't be blogging so much from noww. Unless I have special occasions! Stay tuneeee with me okay! Do not leave me and my blog yeah. Especially some of them who came to ask me why am I not blogging anymore. I still love you guys!

That's all for this time. Here's my baby's jersey. Not for you! <3

Saturday, June 16, 2007

To my darling Ya Yen and Jiney.

Don't be jealous or angry ar.

I wanna show you something.

I know you will still love me, i know you do. <3>


Thursday, June 14, 2007

One Week Wasted.

Grr. Since school reopens, we actually never study or do anything in class. Almost. I mean MOST of the subject teachers, eg English, Maths, Sejarah, Scienceee.

Smelly one ler. Miss Regina got chicken pox, Miss Khoo left and new teacher is coming next week. ( Will be Mr Aru/Anu most probably) Puan Masayu IS PREGNANT. Now only pregnant. I mean like, before our PMR trials and all. Sigh. But have to congrat her to have a baby too la. It's like so difficult for her to get a baby since so long already. Very pity ler. =3 and Cik Mahani, Grrrrr. All The King and I's fault. Our week was like so miserable in class. T-T Luckily we talked and joked alot in class to cure our boredness. We talked about ghost, period pains and everything. hahahah Very funny ler. BUT WE WERE JUST PASTING OUR TIME BADLY. It was bad, really. I must get into the exam mode next week. MUST! dont care. Enjoy enough this week first. Hmph.

Going to enjoy myself tomorrow. of course not in school. But The King and I. Not only because of the play. I get to go out at night with my sweetheart, an of course hanging out with my beloved cockroach, in case you forgot who's cockroach, (Mun Yee).

Saturday, June 09, 2007

My new haircut & new dress.

went to KLCC with my Mr Lek on Wednesday with that new look. Aish my hair is likee so short now. no more curls. T-T cut cut cut. That hairstyler made me cried once when i was 8 you know. Smelly one ler cut until nonstop. Grr. Anyways, we watched Shrek 3! Quite nice what. Lol Jiney aka nene said its not nice. aiyo. very funny ler. The movie was kinda short too. Unlike Pirates. Lol After the movie we went to Kinokuniya to (pak tuo). Hahaha. Which couple will go there and pak tuo one ler? Us! At the end, this Mr Lek bought me a book, Chicken Soup for the Couple's Soul. His purpose was to encourage a lazy bum to read. Love it! Muacks!

lunch @ Chilli's on that day.

We had Soup of the day - Mushroom & Chicken Cream, Yummy! Our favourite Caesar Salad again. Equatorial's better and this dunno call what Chicken thingy already. Lol nice try! It's just that they served with beans and i hate it. =(

This was at the National Library with my cha gia and 2 of our missing bodyguards, Malcolm and Mou2. One word, TIRING. Just for the smelly history project and we couldn''t find any informations of adat PERKAHWINAN. GERAMNYA! and you know lahhh, THE NATIONAL LIBRARY YOU KNOW, NATIONAL LIBRARY. SOOOOOO BIG. one book about perkahwinan also don't have mehh. Rawrr. Waste money waste time waste energy. not going there anymoreee. and that MPAJ also. we went there to ask information for our Geography project. SUPER SMELLY ONE LER. those people in there are just sooo unbelievable to keep asking us to go everywhere. PLAYGROUND MEH NOW. Everyone of them are saying the same thing..

"Bukan sini lah, you pergi ........................."

Smelly or not.

As I had been told on the phone to take the elevator to the 7th floor, we did. Unexpectedly, the so called person-in-charge there ask us to take the elevator to the 13th floor after we explain to him what are we looking for and our purpose of visiting the building of informations and so we go. Long story cut short, from 13th floor, we was asked to go to the 10th floor. At 10th floor, we was again asked to go to 15th floor and back to 10th floor then 7th floor. Giving up hopes in Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya, we left unsatisfied.

- this is a small part from Malcolm's Blog

Enough of projects. =)

Has anyone see or do before glass deco? It's very fun and interesting! I did it all by myself. Pretty right? *perasan* the left one is for my love love and the right one is for my mom mom. =)

2 more days till school reopens. Have enough sleep before it starts again! See you by then!


Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hello hello peopleeeeeeeeee. =D

Holidays are kinda bored. Just finished Grey's Anatomy Season 2. It's kinda interesting after all. But some of the scene are really.. (just don't eat when you're watching. ^^) Anyways, thank you darling for lending it to me! <3 went to Raintree Club with him last week. Swim swim and eat eat. Very fun! It was our 4th month anniversary too. =D I wanna watch Shrek 3! Has anyone watched it and is it niceeeee?

In the spa, Hotel Equatorial.

Went there with mom this evening. I went to the steam bath, sauna and Jaqquzi. Super comfortableee. (Can lose weight summore you know) hahahah. Skin also smoother. I swear! You can see the Jaqquzi pool in the picture above. lol. Beautiful placeee. You don't expect me to take pictures of the whole spa right. heheh. After the spa, we went to have dinner at Etoile, a bistro in the hotel. It's a gourmet French-style bistro with specialty coffee, breads, cakes, pastries and savouries, to dine in or take-away. Their ala-carte are not bad too! =)

This is mine.
Lamb Chop served with French fries, side salad and Wild Mushroom sauce. It's not the best but it's better than alot of the otherss. =)

and this is my mom's.
Caesar Salad young Romaine tossed in a creamy Cheese and Garlic dressing served with Parmesan Bread Toast and Turkey! Super yummy!! <3

My dessert, Cheese Cakee. I loved it!

Tata. Enjoy your holidays people. =D