Sunday, September 16, 2007


Zhi sheng xia gang qin pei wo tan le yi tian
Only the piano accompanies me throughout the day

Shui jiao de da ti qin
The sleeping cello

An Jing de jiu jiu de
Quiet and old

Wo xiang ni yi biao xian de fei chang ming bai
I think you've made yourself clear

Wo dong wo ye zhi dao
I know and I'm sure

Ni mei you she bu de
You don't regret

Ni shuo ni ye hui nan guo wo bu xiang xin
You say you're upset too, that I don't believe

Qian zhe ni pei zhe wo ye zhi shi cheng jin
You being with me was in the past

Xi wang ta shi zhen de bi wo hai yao ai ni
I hope she loves you more than I do

wo cai hui bi zi ji li kai
Only then will I bring myself to leave


Ni yao wo shuo duo nan kan
You want me to say it, but it is awkward

Wo gen ben bu xiang fen kai
I don't even want to break up

Wei she me hai yao wo yong wei xiao lai dai guo
Why must I depend on a smile to tide me through?

Wo mei you zhe zhong tian fen
I don't have the ability

bao rong ni ye jie shou ta
To accept both you and her

Bu yong dan xin de tai duo
Don't worry too much

Wo hui yi zhi hao hao guo
I'll still be fine.

Ni yi jin yuan yuan li kai
You've already gone far away

Wo ye hui man man zou kai
And I will slowly walk away

Wei she me wo lian fen kai dou qian jiu zhe ni
Why is it that I have to accommodate you even when [we] break up?

Wo zhen de mei you tian fen
I really don't have the ability

An jing de mei zhe me kuai
Staying silent doesn't come so fast

Wo hui xue zhe fang qi ni
I will learn to give you up

Shi ying wei wo tai ai ni
Because I love you so much.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Things I seriously gotta do soon, i mean NOW!!

  • On diet. Eh seriously, I gained weight!! HOW HOW? I want a sexy body. haha mommy says:" GO MORE RAKUZEN LAH!" Not gym mehh? i asked. No need lah! Go gym already then go Rakuzen also no use! =(

  • Jump more!! I wanna become taller. hahah 165cm is not enoughhh. Mommy says again, jump more lah! later too tall nobody want you! hahaha!

  • Stop coming online. But cannot help lah! Mommy keep telling me not to come online and study study study. Bah. I feel so free noww. Like finished exams already. OMG. That's bad.

  • Grab an exercise book and finish it before exams!! Must do lotsa lotsa questions. and don't so careless mistakes! Gah. Hate careless mistakes. hate hate hateeeeeee.

  • Don't be so sad. Nothing is more important than PMR. Yeah yeah. Stop thinking about *ahems* now and try to think about *ahems* after PMR. 20 more days. HERE I COME PMR!

  • Don't worry, be happy! *deep breathes*

  • Think what to wear for Piano teacher's wedding tomorrow. Yeah lah. fat already what also cannot wear. Chams.

  • blog more often before my readership getting lower and lower! T-T Don't leave meee lah! I promise to be a good blogger after 5th of October kays? =)

  • Go gym go gym!! Hahah. and Yoga! I must lose at least 5 kgs!! (That's even harder than getting straight A's in PMR) Oh well.

  • Do more, talk less. Since I sit with this Chee chaa poh darling Cassandra, my mouth so tiredd lahhh. HAHAHAHHA. she can talk 24/7 nonn stop. But I love her. *heartss*

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Stay healthy and pretty alwayss. Be happyyy and laugh more! (Just like me!)

Lol. This is the only picture I have! <3333333

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Pictures which makes me smile.

The neh-neh-neh-bu-bu look.

When crazy cousins meet.

Another one. =.=

The cutest twin cousins ever!!

The fattiest cousin in the world. ( Noisiest too!!)

The Naughtiest baby in the world.

Mirror mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all?

Whoops. 18 sx. He's my sexy love! <3>
The cutest cousins in the world.

My Bear Bear Girl.

My favourite kid in school.

My camwhore mommy. (heheh. Don't tell her!!) and don't laugh!!

My first love! Just kidding! My dad when he was young. =D

The lovely-est grandparents in the world.

MY FAVOURITE BABY!! Wish my future baby would be like this cute little angel. <3
The Person I Hate MOST.

... I don't think she deserve a post here. OH WELL. SHE IS MY AUNTY. MY SUPER WICKED AND OLD AND FUGLY AUNTY. I wondered why my uncle would choose her to be his wife. OH WELL. YOU KNOW WHY. CAUSE HE IS SAME AS HER TOO!! SO CRUEL!! I wonder why my dad has this kinda brother. I DUNNO WHY MY GRANDPARENTS GOT THIS KINDA SON AND DAUGHTER IN LAW. WHY LAH WHY. WHY I GOT THIS KINDA FAMILY ONE. okay okay, I never treat them as part of my family too. BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE THIS KINDA FAMILY. I have a very big warm family with a pair of lovely grandparents, a mother who loves me alot, other uncles and aunties that who pampers me sometimes.

BUT NOT KMT & CHL. There, those creatures. I think monster suits them more. Yuck. Disgusting creatures who bullys me since I was young, with no music sense, love to act like one of those good people, bah liah, and yong sui. If next time you see got this people's name, i mean creature's name those above, please fart at them and walk away. =)

But. You can just don't care about them right? I mean, both of the creatures with no heart. TOO BAD THEY STEPPED ON MY TAIL. 踩到我条尾.

okay here goes.

This morning, I woke up and decided to turn my speakers on to listen some songs. You know lah, those nice nice feeling piano songs, It was all the Secret's OST. Sorry lah I'm in love with those musics! With my door close, You won't hear very loud outside right? (unless I'm deaf) then that stupid creature 1 ask his daughter to come to my room and tell me that my musics are very NOISY. WTHBBQ. PIANO MUSIC WEH. NOISY YOUR BUTT LAH. Don't insult your music sense okay old man.

Just now, when I was playing piano alone. EH they just came back only okay. then creature 2 tell her husband. eh noisy eh. noisy eh. very NOISY EH. VERY NOISY EH. SUPER NOISY EHHHH. at first I just acted like I didn't listen and played louder (hehehe) but at last. I'm like closed the piano and everything LOUDLYYY and bang my door very hard. (then everyone would know what that creature do) YOU THINK I VERY EASY GET ANGRY NOW ISIT. I'm very patient okay!! Then I told her that, 积一点口德! like. Say something with good morality lerr. FOR GOODNESS SAKE. Another creature with no music sense. Both of them make a good couple man. If my music and piano make you suffer so much then I'm sorry lohhhh. But if all the music also make you suffer, then THATS SO SAD FOR YOU! You hate the musical world so much, why god create a pair of ears for you in the first place? hahaha.

If you guys know which song I was playing also will laugh at their music taste. tsk tsk. There there, the part Jay and Sky exercise has a very lovely song. I love it so much! I SHALL MAKE THEM SUFFER FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFEEE. Muahahah! ( I am so evil hor. Not the Kyean you know hor. Well, this shows that DON'T MESS WITH THE ANGRY ME! (Ho Yin, Joshep and Malcolm should know very well.)

oh yeah.

To my very very beloved creatures:

Please don't die of heart attack after reading my blog, (if you know how to read), if not I'll be the creature, not you. =D Have a nice day, bitches!

In the Secret movie the Jay's dad said, 不听音乐的人就是坏人. I AGREE SO MUCHH!!!!

okay okay, I shall stop now. I promise this would be my first and last so-emo post. Please forgive me! Enjoy reading. and stay tuneeee.

Friday, September 07, 2007

EXAMS OVER. ( How I wish!)

Yes, trials are over. But the big big exam is coming right 3 weeks later. Exciting huhhh. Friends are planning HOW TO CELEBRATE after that already. hahaha ( Not planning the last brush up for studies. tsk tsk) Okay okay, you guys didn't see that sentence. Trials was kinda okay. BUT WHY GOD ALWAYS LET ME DO CARELESS MISTAKES ONE. Lucky this time my itchy hand didn't go and change all the correct answer this time. Only onee. there the maths paper 1. Lines and Angles thingy. Call me dumb. THE CORRECT ANSWER IS 17 freaking degreeeeeeeeeee. and the semisphereeee. I DUNNO HOW TO DO. Urghhhh. Cannot get 97 this time already. (HAHAHA. LEARN FROM MOU CHUAN ONE, CANNOT GET 100 this time already.) Exams is gonna kill me. The first stage make my eye bags bigger and bigger, the second stage is heart attack, the third stage is the war begins, the last stage is either live happily ever after or rest in peace. Good or bad results ma. =D

Enough about examss. Pictures timee.

This is Baby Chloe. (Sulearn and mine.)

And one more thing. SHOULD I CUT MY HAIR?

This was 3 months ago.

This was 3 days ago.

Haha Should I chop it offf????????