Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Girls Out Loud.

This outing was supposed to be the last time we go out with the guy who left us to Perth on last Sunday. It was on the day his party held also. Last last Saturday remember? Omg time passes sooooooooooooo fast now and exams are just in another 2 weeks! *deep breathe*

Both Yen and I took LRT and Monorail to Times Square after tuition in the morning. While waiting for others to come, we had the time to walk around to buy him the basketball jersey and we had some dessert in this sweet and lovely Korean restaurant,

Vogur Berry.

If you guys didn't notice, this ice cream shop is just right between Border's on the cinema's floor. The cinema's counter there... For me it's a kinda new place.. ( Don't mind me, I didn't go Times Square before eversince Pavillion opened last year. Hahhahaha. So I don't exactly know when did this shop opened but its niceeeeeee)

Well furnished, lovely ambience. Perfect for couples! The colours are so sweet!!

Told you this place is lovely and sweet!! =D
The ice cream counter. Look! There's so many balloons there! Heart shaped one!!

The ice cream we ordered. Basically it's not really ice cream. It's yogurt. There's 2 types. One is the creamy one, another one is the icy one. Besides, you can actually choose whatever toppings you want to put on your ice cream. There's varieties of fruits, plenty of syrup toppings too! But be careful, it's not that cheap you know. This bowl of ice cream cost us about 9 bucks already T-T. I rather go Haagen Dazs! =D

The pink menu! AND US!! =)

Ahahahah. The Kyean and Yen! Cha Gia Forever!

We tell you a secret. But please don't tell anyone that..

We're getting married soon!

Faster congrats us! Hahahha.

Saranghaeyo Cha Gia! *hearts*

When some LALA's soul ran into our body.....

Hahahhahaha. I dunno what to say. Maybe this is the way we *have fun* instead of having sex like any other new married couple. HAHAHAHHAHA.

Went into Borders and...

CAMWHORED WITH THE MAGAZINE'S COVER GIRL! Hahahahha omg how lame can we be. Tsk tsk tsk.

I wanna get married I wanna get married! I wanna be a sexy bride I wanna be a sey bride! hahhahaha.

They came after that. Went to buy the movie tickets and then the guys will go Arcade while Andrea, Yen and I went to had something for our tummy again! (For my tummy only actually, I don't know why but I can eat like a pregnant woman) Then it's movie time! We watched Definitely, Maybe! But it's kinda boringggggggg.. It's boring lah actually! Hahaha. I have better love stories to share lorh wtf wtf. Tell you guys next time! We went to take Purikura also! But it's too small so Yayen's scanner cannot scan! =S But it's very cute I have to say! We didn't have time to take pictures together and Yayen and I had to go back earlier to her house to prepare for the party! So we took alot of pictures on that night also what right! =)

Aiya I have so much more to post but I'm running out of time. I have to go start studying already lah if not can die pfftttttttt. So much more to study and I'm totally blank for History! Why everything also Islam one sigh sigh. The next post I'll blog about is the Closing Ceremony of Environmental Week. Stay tuneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! <3

Friday, April 25, 2008

Busy week!

Before I start ranting about how tiring the week have been, let me share some food with you guys first. The girls planned to have picnic everyday during break from now on because we don't wanna take the risk to eat the canteen food anymore. A few of them got food poisoning after eating the canteen food the previous week already. Then there's fingernails, hair and shit, i mean no shit, in my friend's food which i heard previously. So ridiculous lorh. I love eating the canteen's fish before this and I can eat it everyday but now.. I haven't been eating a single piece of fish from canteen for a week already! =S

So each of us are bringing food everyday now. Which is super alot. I have a strong feeling by this end of the month all of us will become fat ladies munching food every single minute already sigh sigh ! Oh wait, We are already munching food every single minute now! *Rach sweetie I want candy!*

These are the food we brought on Day 1. So many different dishes right! I swear it's all better than the school canteen food. They brought left-overs with rice everyday while I'm the one who ta pao either chee cheong fun or spaghetti! Hahaahaha. Maybe I should bring vegetarian dishes for them to try next week. =D

Day 2. Omg this time more food! So much more food! Got 3 tupperware full of rice! One fried rice too! And and the spaghetti I brought! With so many other dishes! 5 of us finished it within break time. Keng right? Yes lah yes lah we eat like anaconda, bandar raya or the prisoners who just came out from the prison after many many years!! Say whatever you want! We continued this plan on Day 3 and Day 4 too. Will continue next week!

The newspapers for Environmental Week.

Well, my class is competing with other classes to win the trip to the recycling factory and what not. This competition is fun at first, but not at the end already. Why? Hmm. Some other class wanted to win this so badly until they wanna BUY newspapers from somewhere.. which is not helping the environment obviously. They're killing the environment on the other hand. And this morning we were shocked when we saw a big lorry full with 1 tonne newspapers for some other class. And guess what, its from the recycling factory.. Some people's father own the factory.. Wah like that also can zhar dou. =.= What else people can do to win this. It's only for a trip to the recycling factory, hamper and certificates. I'm not saying that the prices are lousy and we do wanna go to the factory and that damn hamper and certificate. But we won't BUY newspapers to win this or ask our own father's factory to send a lorry with 1 whole tonne of newspaper from the recycled newspaper lorh. Urghhhh. They made us felt so pissed off and I dunno what else to say, but it's stupid. We felt like giving everything up and sell the remaining newspapers ourselves and use the money to party also better. RIGHT?!

Anyways, we learnt something from this competition, which is teamwork. The teamwork from everyone in my class is so strong. Everyone put in so many effort for this.. even our parents too! At this point of time let us thank our parents one more time for being so nice collecting newspaper from their offices and friends just for their beloved children. Some of us even stay back to collect newspapers from bam villa and the neighborhood around our house area. Each of us brought newspaper to school and every morning you'll see my classmates waiting at the guard house to take the newspaper from our car. None of us ever complained or sneak away from this before. We used the "ant method" to carry the newspapers from guard house to our class every morning you know.. Like one of us carry the newspaper from the guard house to lobby.. then someone will be waiting at the lobby to carry to the stairs.. from stairs to stairs there's people to carry up like this, you tell me where to find such teamwork like that. Not self praising mind you! Class, If we really lost because of the amount, don't be sad, at least we didn't lose our teamwork. Everyone can see. No doubt.

This is our hardwork today. Not so hardwork yet until all of us brought them up to the class one stack by one stack. Best exercise to lose weight!

Tada. This is for today's only. But don't compare us with the class which came with a big lorry or classes who bought newspaper which is kinda like cheating? =S

These are the previous day's one. Almost everyday's result also got something like that. I still can't believe we might lose. Sigh sigh sighsssssssssssssss

I just wish that our class can win! Hopefully the first prize! *Disqualify them disqualify them*

Hahahhhaha, nah I'm just joking. But if we really lost I really feel that all our hard work and efforts also like no use lorh. We should have sell all the newspapers to the factory ourselves also got more money and we can use the money to party and stuff! Agree anot? =)

Only SOME of the pictures I took with them today. Hahahah

We were sitting on the newspapers! Hahahah.

How come I look so constipated one. =S Zhao also! Hahahahaha. Guess what we were saying that time! *Penis and Vagina*

Anyways I love this picture very much! Apart from there's a superman behind me, Rachel punching Zhao, my legs look super long in it! Hahahhaha. I like!!!

I didn't take much picture with them. (They took a lot of pictures without me okay!!) Sigh sigh I felt so left out. There, thanks to the sketch practice rehearsal I got exempted almost the whole day nowadays. But trust me me myself also think that myself cannot act, you see yourself on Monday lah. *sigh sigh I'm gonna embarrass myself in front of the vips also haihs* And I think i missed lotsa lessons and fun in class. Did you guys miss me?? Hahahha cuz I miss you all very much! =D

Actually there's so much more things happened this weekend. There's some dramas going on about my club and stuff. But the problem has solved now so I don't wanna talk about it anymore. That's the bad thing! Let's talk about good things now. Someone came today after school. Guess who? Jee Kin. He bought me a few big candy which most likely will bring me diabetes after that. But they're very pretty. So I don't think I'll cruelly eat them right? hahah thanks anyways! =3 Will update more often soon!

Updates! I'm gonna screw myself up soon. Exams are coming and I find myself not studying lately and continue online and still enjoying all my own sweet time like a princess. Exams mode come back to me!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Joshep's Farewell Party, 19th April 2008.

I know everyone's waiting to see this post until neck also long already! I saw that I have alot of readers these few days until I feel sorry for not updating already so I have to post nicely right! And for the sake of our beloved Mr Joshep Lee. Good news! There's a lot of pictures to fulfill your hunger and appetite now if you haven't eat your dinner yet. (Just like me, of course lah! Good blogger like me sacrifice for my blog one omgomgomg)

I wanted to take a picture with the banner at the back of me but the picture turned out blur! Sigh!

It was raining quite heavily early on that night. It never really stopped though! But who cares IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER! As long as there's no thunder right! ahahaha.

The boys playing basketball in the rain! Sexy sexy!

The food on that night.

As you can see there's alot of finger food! I miss the tuna puff and the cake! Very yummy! Oh yeah, and there's grill lamb too! Sushi anyone? =D =D Thanks Joshep's mom for ordering the delicious food!

None the less! There's assam fish, stew vegetables, curry chicken and onion rice too! Hungry aren't you!! I miss the fish very much!!

The people on that night!

I don't know how many exact people were there. There's too many to count one by one! But he invited around 60 people. But some of them couldn't make it though.

The girls!
From left; Vivian, Mun Yee, Carmen, Sylvia, Me, Jaclyn, Michelle Lim, Cass and Michelle Lee.

See I so kind take picture around for them. HAHAHHAA.

The gang.
From left: Olivia, Mun Yee, Cass, Me, Rachel and Ya Yen. Die die also must take a picture together before we get wet! =D

A picture of us with Sulearn. =)

With Jaclyn too. Tee heeee.

When the handsome host joins! *hearts*
Me with the Rachie Rach Rach!

Me with Cassie Cass Cass. Stop looking at my tummy already! Hahhaha. My top's supposed to be like that! Very flowy! Hahah.

Me with the MichelleS. The Ms' becomes heart shape already! Hahahah.

Me with the Lou poh! She damn sexy on that night you know! She was wearing this bikini inside, yes she didn't wanna take off her top. But the top also very sexy! Bare back one! Pheeewt! Too bad you can't see it from this picture! She's mine!

Me & Zhao with the very *ngong kui* look!

We are the cool people yaw wtfwtf. =3

Me with the Mou Mou! Hahahah. It's a perfect picture if if the both of the red aunties were not standing behind us! =S

The most important picture! Me with the HOT HOT HANDSOME HOST! I miss you already lah! =S Don't leave lah! Or buy me a ticket and bring me there!! =)

(These are only the pictures before getting wet, be patient people)

Throwing people into the pool time!

This is a very cute picture of them lorh. So sweet right! LIKE GETTING MARRIED ONLY! Hahahha. Too bad she's mine already also. CHA GIA FOREVER!

Mou's turn!

Then my turn! Hahahha. Smelly Malcolm and Jonathan this time! Hmph!

Pool's Pictures!!

Zhao is a photo ruiner! But we still look hot under the mushroom! =)

When the sexy mamasitas dancing!

We just smile for the camera! =D

Take 1.

Take 2.

Take 3! Getting more and more people already!

Everyone with the lala pose! Hahahhaha. Can't get enough of it!

After the pool!

Everyone's wet now! Looking like I dunno how to describe! Hahhaha. Mou took Cass's place! =) =)

There's my Cassie baby! Love this picture of us! Not Olivia! Rawr!

With the quiet guys. Kenny and Kah Choong!

Hahahaha. Caught stealing food! Was super hungry after the pool okay! =p =p

Dance dance with the darling. Eh wait, now's lingdar already. Ahahaha.

Cha Gia Forever!

With Andrea! =)

Zhao with the muka steam! Don't think negative okay! I was actually touching Rain! *blushes*

And hugging my Rain! Hahahaha. Love the shirt more than Zhao that gay guy! Tee heeee.

With smelly guy who threw me into the pool!

Me with Steven the guy who has a STRONG BRITISH ACCENT! =D

AHAHAHHAHA!! ME HOLDING HANDS WITH THE CAMERA SHY GUY befor he runs away from the cam! But you might see him one day playing tennis on the tv one day in our future! Then I can show my kids this picture and tell them I know this uncle! HAHAHHAHA. Marcus don't make me show others your gay pictures okay! =D =D

The kid inside us.

We actually planned to take a picture of the background, which is the boys playing basketball but failed.

See the monkeys? ahahaha. There's so much more behind me that time! The whole playground was fulled of monkey noises! Tsk tsk tsk!

Not forgetting us! =D

To you,

Hello Joshep. I know you're very updated that you always check my blog one and I KNOW YOU'RE SO READING THIS! Well, I just wanted to tell you that school without you will be really boring. Just like today's PE lesson, we were looking at the guys playing the basketball, somehow without you the spirit wasn't there. Like what I'm trying to say is that you bring the spirit to your team! Hmm. Class without your rebellious personality that create jokes and laughs to crack us up is just so dull. Even your lame jokes make our day! Can you imagine, just one day, I already starting to miss you, I'm sure everybody does. You will miss us as much as we miss you right? Well, all the best when you're in Perth with your basketball scholarship! Hope to see you in MBA games on tv one day! Good luck! I can't wait till the day you come back and all of us go on a holiday together! Nuff' said.

Okay okay. One more thing lah! YOU ARE VERY NICE TO HUG JOSHEP! Hahahahha. Maybe it's because of your fats! I mean abs! Hahahahah!! I wasn't crying on that night but deep inside my heart it doesn't feel good looking at you crying your lungs out. Remember,

Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I'll miss you,
Until we meet again!



PS: Oh yeah, did you like the jersey we bought you? It's from YY, Rach, Cass, Mun And I yeah! =D