Tuesday, September 30, 2008



Anyways, Selamat Hari Raya everyone.

To 4Sc2, the smelly kungfu panda (you know who) haven't email me the answers yet. By the way, to those who I don't have your e-mail, drop your email at my tagboard please! thank you very much!


To people like Dickson, Alvin, Mel dan lain lain, don't go too extreme this time okay! I very the scared now already! Sigh sigh! Damn kan cheong weh! Who asked me to go so extreme during Mid Term. If that time I never get first then goood lorh. Still might improve what right. But now.. I feel that I sure can't make it for this time. I got so much pressure ar. T_T My mom say if I get first in class again will sponsor me everything for prom. Hahahhahah. Summore someone said that he'll give me anything I want if I get first again. What lahhhhh. If this time I really get first in class will be super miracle lorh. I promise not to eat meat for a week. MY PROMISE!!!!!! Hahahhahhaa. God gimme clue!! And if if you all don't go too extreme (gimme some chance), I belanja you all anything you want ok. MY PROMISE! =D =D =D

Saturday, September 27, 2008



MEL!!!!!!!!!! Nothing.

Steveeeeeeeeeee. Nvm.

Yennnnn. Mou yeh jor. Hahhahaha.

I'm loving it because I'm so childish like that! It's just a game created by god knows who yesterday since school's not so lively. The childish game's like, when you call somebody's name, and when they answers you, then you say nothing. Or nevermind. Or forget it. Hahhaha. Trust me you won't catch the game well no matter how good you are in ignoring. You'll automatically answer them when you're not noticing and concentrating. So, next time when naughty people (like me) calls you for no reason, be smart and don't answer. Hahahhaha. One day I should record a video about that. Very addictive. Rawrs.

Anyways, I've finally found someone who boos or rawrs like me. More than that probably. Awesomeness. The week's passing really fast. Last day of school tomorrow. Time is passing soooooooooooo fast. I cannot breathe. Will spend the rest of the holidays with books, reference books and more reference books for sure. Life is good. However, my mind's been loitering around about something else. Still living in my fantasies of fairytales. I'm starting to think about what should I do after exams already. Starting to plan for prom already. Starting to think about many other lovely things that I shouln't think now already. Urghhh. I need someone to wake me up! *slaps*

GEEKY MODE: TURN ME ON! *Hahahhaha omg sound so 18 right wtf* I have this theory that says, when I'm in my specs, the 100% geeky nerd in me is alive! (but still sexy ok), but once I take it off, you'll definitely see another me! =D =D yes la yes la I look very secretary with specs lah happy? T______T

Geeky enough? Hahahhaa! I can solve rubix cube already!

My master. HAhhahah. He can solve it in 2 minutes my godness! Alvin the King of Physics! =D

Oh yeah, not forgetting, Zhao had been bugging me to advertise him here since forever. Here you go! Happy? Hahahha.

The Sneezing Panda Video. Hahahhaha. Made the whole class laugh. You should see this.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dainti Hill & Abit of me and her.

My heaven. Cheongook! Tee hee.

The interior design took my heart away!

Pumpkin and Broccoli Consomme.

Dragonfruit salad.

Orgasmic unagi rice!

Prawn roll with tomato and cheese sauce.

My favourite dish of the night. Fish something something. I forgot! It was quite some time ago. Hahah. Anyways, go try !

What girls do best. Need I say more?

Although she has her Lum Wai Keong,

Doesn't mean that I don't have my pillow right? Hahhahaha.

That's all for now, must must must go study already. Feel so lost right now. T_T

Friday, September 19, 2008

When Ms Kyean meets Mr Kyean

Believe it or not, I found someone who has the same name as me and he's a guy from Malaysia too! Ahhhhh. If you noticed, he wrote something in my tagboard only this week and I thought it was someone naughty who pranks me. But sooner he gave me a link to find out who he really is. Damn I was so surprised and speechless while looking through his profile! I'm like, omg I THOUGHT MY NAME WAS SPECIAL and no one else in this world could have a same name as mine! But goodness sake!

And I found out that we're actually quite similiar. (Ah, finally I found my another half!!) soul I mean. Hahaha. But that's just my assumption after talking to him a few times. We got our names from our dad. We have single parent. WE ARE TALL. *Yeays!* WE LOVE OUR NAME. and we are quite vain. Hahahhaha. Guess what, we shared the same experience. We cried before while we were cutting our hair. Because of the smelly hairdresser's fault! Ahhh. There's much more things coming up that's for sure. One thing I find that is I have a lot of things to talk to this Mr Kyean. I don't normally talk to strangers online one. (Crazy meh so many cases in newspapers still dare to simply meet friends online ar) Ahh, but don't know why I feel save talking to him because I'm more scary than him!!

And guess what,

I don't know when and how I became so scary! Yerr, I got so shocked of myself too. It's like I have a super strong 6th sense when it comes to guess his stuff.

I guess his birthday correctly after 2 guess. Cuz he said it's on the January. Then I said 27 randomly. But he said close. I said 25. THEN CORRECT ALREADY. Keng right I also dunno why I said 25 among the other 31 days in January. But he said I was lucky that time.

Then this time is the most scary one. I guessed correctly his number in my second try! EXACTLY THE SAME MAN. He gave me some hint lah. But it's only like there's 4 number of 5. Then got 25 in there one. THEN I GOT IT EXACTLY THE SAME NUMBER. I SWEAR I DON'T KNOW HIS NUMBER AT ALL. How would I know his phone number anyways. I think he was freaked out too. I ALSO FREAKED OUT OKAY. He said he didn't wanna talk to me anymore because I'm that scary. Sigh sigh sigh. (But still he talks to me lah, hahahha cuz got another Kyean accompany him in this world already ma) After that he also got my number for his first try too. But there's tips for him lah. He didn't believe me at first but he sent a message to my cellphone by saying I'm scary.. hahahhaha. He said if its not me he'll kill me. Tsk how would he kill me lah so dungu right. Lol But isn't it cool or something. I think there's 6th sense between both of us. Like so close yet so far. Yikes. Is god trying to tell us something? (We got the same dad hahahahhahah just joking)

Afterall, I'm not the only Kyean in this world. Is that a good thing? HAHA. Best thing I found out through this year though! Don't you think so. When you found out that there's someone else who shares a same name with you. Opposite sex summore. Not like got guys call Michelle or girls who has a name of Marcus. Hahaha. That's just an example. Somehow I feel very good and special to know you, Kyean! =D

(I'm not talking to myself rawr)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


A special post just to cheer you up sweetie. God knows how important you are as a close friend to me. I wish we could always share our happiness and sadness together. No matter what happens, I'll always be by your side! Anytime anywhere anyhow! If you need a shoulder, look for me! (Don't look for Mike, she makes people cry more) Anyways, don't be sad anymore. I wanna laugh happily with you everyday.

Here's a very nice song dedicated from me to you! (The video you saw before and you burst out laughing while you saw my mom and my doggy walking pass by) Hahaha.

To the person who stole her camera, shame on you! You should feel sorry for yourself! Don't you know that camera meant a lot for us. You don't know how important it is. It's more important than a phone sometimes. Camera is like the one who keeps our memory and past in there and will always take and snap our new happy moments together to share with more other friends. AND YET YOU TOOK IT AWAY FROM HER. I'm sure you're the one who stole one of my another friend's MP4 too. wth. So pathetic meh. No offence. If no money to buy those yourself then don't study in private school lorh. Why wanna steal other's valuble belongings. It's not like she don't have money to buy a new one, but losing something so precious to her is like.. You can't buy another one with the same feeling you used to have before. Hopefully you know how pain the feeling is. (By losing something most important to you in your life) I believe in karma. That's all I wanna say to you. Good luck.

Hahahhahaha. By the way, his phone is like those lousy camera phone which takes super blur pictures. SO SWEET OF HIM. =)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Sweet Update

I attended a wedding dinner last weekend. It was my grandmother's brother's son wedding. Let's call it the Ken and Chloe's Wedding at The Summit Hotel, USJ. All the best for their sweet coming wedding life! Hope it'll be as fun as WGM! Tee hee! =D

The dinner look. Well, actually Mandy dressed me from Top to toe. Ahahah. Well not to toe la. But the dress is her's and the make up is all done by her! I got put fake eye lashes on that night. hahahhaha the next Xiaxue! All thanks to my personal make up artist! So nice of her doing all this for me when she's having History and BM exam the next day. Kisses for her! muah! xoxo

The queen and the princess! *slaps self*

My beloved grandparents.

The cousin Yuki. By the way, are you thinking what I'm thinking. HAHAHHAHAHA. It's all REAL AND ORIGINAL OKAY. *winks*

The sexy cousin, Phoebe. The little boy ruined the picture of us.

That makes me fight with him. Hahhaha.

My aunt!

*Told you I'm the tallest girl in my family!*

With my sexy and FIERCE mommy.

Because we're so vain like that. I got it from the gene!

Cousin Jodie.

And cousin Robbie. He look weird here somehow.


Last vain picture of me .

Goodnight! Cinderella~

Monday, September 15, 2008

We Got Married Fever

For those who watches WGM, this post is dedicated to you. And the videos down there are a must watch! It's so freaking hilarious! Rach and I acted as them before but failed terribly in Mun's house that day. Hahaha. Keep doing the A thing is so cool! I love Crown J and In Young! Not forgetting about other couples too! I heard that WGM is gonna change new couples soon. WEHHHHHHHHH! I mean, WHYYYYYY!! I love every single of the couples in there!! Sigh! Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo is getting more and more interesting every week! I won't forget Andy's Love Dance and Alex's forever romance too! Why can't I have anyone of them! Rawr!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Before I start this post, Happy Mooncake Festival everyone!

Actually this post is all gonna be about the making of YY's sweet 16 cake by all her beloved friends and her best cha gia on earth *cough cough* Just be patient and scroll down your mouse and you will find something very *normal* for you guys already. Being as the best Cha Gia on earth, I decided to plan a little surprise for her. Of course it's not gonna be done so perfectly without the help of Mun, Rach, Oli and especially Mun's mom. It's all our first time baking something so meaningful for someone, mind you. You should be proud cha gia. So blueberry cheesecake it was as it's her favourite cake.

The ingredients. Not all of them, Apart from 4 eggs, flour, blueberry jam, we still need whipped cream, CHEESE and LOVE. =) I promise to write the recipe here one day soon because I can't remember exactly the exact exact portion and stuff like that. I screwed up one part, I added the whipped cream into the cream cheese too early, but fortunately nothing screwed up. If not I'll be the first one to cry! Damn kan cheong you know! *Phew* Cheesecake is sucha challenge for first timers. Especially when we don't bake often. We have so many procedures to follow! If you don't, something will either go wrong or taste wrong. You don't want your cheesecake to turn out like cheese tart... or worst still, lasagna! Hahahha!

The fresh cheesecake from the oven before decorating it!

I know, NICE RIGHT! Hahahah! Rach wrote the Y, Oli wrote the E, and I wrote the N and all the cacated cream design around the cake. While Mun put the ! sign on it plus a love shape. The love wasn't that perfect before, but after someone like me masterpieced it, It just had to look like some masterpiece.I'm so proud of myself! *wipe tears away* Everyone said it was very good for the first time. I hope we could keep up the result until the next time we bake again! Hmm, maybe I'll bake one for my mom's birthday this year. No someone significant to bake for... yet. Tee hee. Except for the girlfriends. XD So if you're smart enough you can tell me what cake you like now and wish there was someone to bake a cake for you on your birthday. (Only if I love you enough, I'm not that free also ok!) I have a great sifu now who teaches me how to bake or cook (Mun's mom!)

Teeheeeeee. It took us for at least 5 hours to finish everything okay. Such nice people aren't we. =D Look who's birthday is coming next. *winks*

After Olivia went home, it was obviously our most happiest time of the day. *right girls*

Because Olivia is

so pretty!

so angellic,

and she is the best of the whole wideworld!

Well, maybe. =)

Ahahahhahahahahhahahaaa. Just joking! *act innocent*

No eye see what will happen later. *evil giggles*

Inside joke. Hmph. You'll all see me wearing a spec like a kindergarden teacher soon. No joke.

3 blind mice

who doesn't sleep at 12 midnight and play prankcalls to everyone. Well, Sorry guys !

Us with her Lum Wai Keong. Hahahhahaha

See no touch!

Me and my partner of life. Hahhaha.

The last picture of the night. It was already 3 in the morning that time! More crazy videos will be posting up soon ! Stay tuned!

Same thing what will happen in the next morning....... By the way, I know how to play Haru Haru on the piano already just by listening to it! I'm sucha show off . Tsk!