Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Sexy Bitch and Cute Bastard! :)

The awesome fun event: Dogathon 2010!

The awesome partner in crime: Mandylogy

The awesome superstar of the day: Lucas boy!

The awesome theme: Egypt, The Timeless Guardian

The awesome venue: UPM, Serdang

The awesome people behind the scenes: The Students’ Society of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (VETERNAK) and Zoologico Club in UPM.

The awesome prizes: Dog foodie!
The awesome dog show! The doggies are sooo smart and cute!

Funniest Nobody performance by the doggies and their owners! Super awesome right!

We can ride horses too!

The awesome toilet: FOR DOGS ONLY! ahhaha damn cute right omg.

The three of us :)

Mandy brought Lucas. I wanted to bring Hebe with me too but she's too difficult to handle! I scared she suddenly merajuk there (and she's not as cute anymore hahaha just kidding!) oh ya and plus she was still sleeping soundly when I was going out already so I didn't wanna disturb her before she show me her bitchy mood. :)

Our nice pedicured nails with matching flip flops !

The Superstar's secret weapon that attracted so much attention and affection! "Omg the doggie got wear shoe one so cute omg omg!" Hahhaha Lucas is such an attention bastard!

Life savior of the day #1! I remember I was sooooo hungry I almost fainted under the hot damn sun there! I almost got the thought to munch some dog biscuits that time (because it seems like that's the only thing edible there) before I die of low blood pressure or something. Seriously! Lucky Mandy's car got some granola bar to save my life!

Life Savior #2~! I was soooo happy as if I saw god the minute I saw them selling ramly burgers! I ate like a hungry dog only! Lucky Mr Right didn't appear on that day! (Imagine what will my Mr Right do after seeing the beastly side of me chewing that burger under the tree on that day like a monster hehs)

Life Savior #3! Vico! Nothing like Milo! Better than nothing when I'm almost die of starvation!
The happy Kyean after eating something enjoying sunlight and cute doggies!
Lucas Love <3

The mommy and son :)

More pictures of cute bitches and bastards! :)
The cutest bitch - A white Chow Chow!!

Look like a hug able teddy bear! :)

The cutest bastard - Lucas boy! (I took this picture!! *prouds*)

The princess poodles! Those lucky bitches! Their owner treat them like real babies only!

The sexy bitch - Siberian Husky! Omg I love Husky! Look at the original eyeliner! How I wish I have a permanent eyeliner too hehs :)

The clown - Adult toy poodle! Another attention bitch :)

Shoooo cute! *hearts*

The grandpas - Schnauzers! They were flirting with each other and PDA to the max! Keep sniffing each other's private part only omg hahahah :D

The only dogs with purple tongue in the world - Chow Chow :)

The beauties - Shih Tzus :)

The Zorro - Dalmatian! :)

The perfect prince charming - Golden Retriever!

Sexy anot my boyfriend? :)