Saturday, June 26, 2010

Little Miss Sunshine

Here I am, dedicating this lovey dovey post to my very beloved darling Sunway, the little miss sunshine who I love so much. She "did not" force me to dedicate this post to her and she "did not" threaten my life to do this post. I am doing this post at my own free will. Hahahhaha.

As you can see she enjoys the attention very much.

So do I.

As much as I hate to say. I don't like her. I don't like her at all. I don't like the fact that she eats like a cow but still so skinny, I don't like the fact that she stole my "princess" title because all my friends call her the "Klang princess" now because she's the Klang princess. I don't like her for having a lousy race car drebar boyfriend who bullies me 24/7. Basically, I don't like her at all. :( :( :(

In fact, I HATE HER!!!

I hate her for being so cute,

and ugly at the same time,

I hate her crazy cuu-coo ness!

I hate her for having a sexier cleavage than mine,

and also because she likes to go against me!

Not forgetting that she bullies me 24/7 just like her race car boyfriend,

and have bad breathe,

and lastly, I hate her for turning me into a camwhore queen!!

Hahahhahahhaha. Okay this is the post dedicated to you Ching Sun Woei! You like ????? :D :D :D

Okay stop cursing me! HERE'S THE TRUTH!

I love you as much as I hate you okay! Hahhaha as I said, when there's love, there's hate. Hahhahah but still, college life will not be the same without you! I have a confession to make, I got emo when you didn't come to college last Thursday. Am I sweet or am I sweet or not. Hahhaha. No one eat with me when I'm hungry, no one camwhore with me, no one let me bully, no one to share petunia stories with. So chammm you know! Now I know the taste of life without you, so I will appreciate you more from now on. Hahhahahaha so cheesy. I love you from the bottom of my heart okay darling!! *all of my hair fall down already now*

Oops, sorry I forgot I have bad breathe too. HAHAHHAA *durian burps* Heeeeeeeeeee

Now now, limelight back to me. :) :) :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wedding Dress

I had one of the best day out with Yayen the Cha Gia and Michelle aka Paris Hilton last Saturday in Pavillion. We've planned this outing weeks before and the day has finally came to us! It's been so long since we last hang out with each other. Gosh, I miss them so so much! It's sad that college life had separate us apart from each other. But the good thing is that we still love each other and enjoy each other's company so much! It's like... although something has changed but our love for each other did not fade! I think after what we went through last Saturday, our love for each other just got deeper again right ? hahahha Remember our best (and worst) accident experience cha gia! Hahahha. No matter what, saranghaeeeeee!!! <3

The chagia (since 2005) driving her new baby car! <3

I've made it into the Top 5 list! Hahahhaha :D

It was Pei Chin's birthday on that day. Actually the plan was to celebrate her birthday in Redbox with the classmates. But Chagia and I still cannot celebrate other people's birthday so we didn't join them. We had a short meet up session at Madam Kwan though! Happy birthday once again, Peichin! :D

Happy happy girl!

Nasi Bojari.

And my char kueh teow. All time favourite!

The long time no sees - Vivian and Carmen!

So here goes. The three of us started having our sexy time after having lunch at Madam Kwan's. We went to get our movie tickets before going to our dessert date. At first we planned to go to Honeymoon Dessert, but the place didn't look convincing so we decided to go for Snowflake instead! A better & safer choice! Apparently I found out that the Snowflake in Pavillion is 50 cent more expensive than the Bangsar one. Grrrr. Hahahaa. Btw, we watched Karate Kid on that day! (We really wanted to watch Sex in the City 2 but only left first row seats fml). And we actually planned to sneak into the cinema to watch S in the C with our karate kids movie ticket because the movie time was almost the same, but the plan failed because it was really really full house. See how desperate are we. Hahahahah (Guess who's idea, definitely not me! ) So at last we had to watch Karate Kid! We didn't regret it though! The movie was funny (and quite predictable too). Jaden Smith look 95% exactly like Will Smith. Hahahhaha like father like son omg. macam face photocopy machine only! Anyways, it's a good watch! Monster michelle laughed like a real monster in the cinema omg. I've gotta say, I LOVE WATCHING MOVIES WITH HER..... not! Although YY and I did laugh but her laugh was..... priceless. hahahaha ILY BOTH! <3

Monster smiles with the snowflake treat by yours truly!

Best seller! NOMNOMNOM

JAPAN! Combo The green tea and red bean combination is a yum :D

Snowflake makes us as happy as little girls!

After Snowflake, we had some time before the movie starts. So we came out with a silly and lame idea which is, to pretend as bride-to-be and bridesmaids going shopping together to hunt for the pretty dresses for the wedding day! Guess who is the bride to be, the paris hilton of course because she can't wait to get married! *hint hint* We went to Forever 21 and did some illegal stuff! Illegal = fun. Sounds like a plan! hahaha. The three of us got ourselves a few dresses and quickly ran to the fitting room to take a few shots of ourselves in those pretty dresses before anyone finds out! It's not that we're troubled kids but we just like to do illegal stuff when we're together LOL read: ILLEGAL = FUN!

Tell me we look good with those sweet dresses!

pretty cute cake dresses! I LOVE THEM!

Another one!

I like that piece she's wearing too!

My one and only! I like this flowery dress too! Guess who chose for her! ahhahah!

The three of us wore crazy killer heels that day. Imagine the pain of my legs on that night and the next morning, it's no joke man mother father. No more crazy high heels anymore- guess this self promise will only last for less than 1 month?! What to do, beauty kills. Ahhhhh.

Can't wait till the next outing! Let's go somewhere more FUN and do MORE illegal stuff this time shall we? <3

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ole Ole Bali, Sunway Pyramid

It's been awhile since I last dined in this Balinese restaurant. I remember it was exactly 2 years ago, on my 16th birthday. I went there with the high school darlings. We went there to have lunch after having crazy fun in the water park and theme park ! I still remember screaming my lungs out with Yayen when we were apparently up up in the air! Sigh, miss those moments!

Last Tuesday, I brought mommy there for lunch after such a long time! It's her first time going there though. She likes trying new food and now Balinese cuisine will be one of her new most-Favorited food from now on. She's been talking about it over and over again! The grilled lamb, grilled squid salad...... And she complains that why I didn't make a post of this lunch outing with her. Omg mommy, seriously. here you go!

One thing she love about the restaurant is their Balinese interior design. The ambiance there made us enjoyed our food even more as it made us feel like we're having our lovely lunch in Bali! Hahaha! :)

Got water come out from the hole summore. hhahahha

Love the headband, Gift from mommy! The color of the headband matches my hair color! Thank you lou mou! :)

Decoration? Drinking purpose? or wash hand punya? Hahaha you decide.

Our drink, Barley Lime & Mojito :)

Mommy dearest :)

When the food comes!

Appetizer - Grilled Squid Salad! Just look at the sauce droplets!

Mommy's seafood Combo. :)

And my grilled lamb and chicken combo. Comes with mash potato and coleslaw. Yes I'm a very big eater thank you very much. :D

Amen. *burps*

Queen of Bali enjoying her feast to the fullest !

Me and my headband fever.

oh yeah, my mommy wears headband too! (Influenced by me, a good influence though) Cool lea? DOES YOUR MOM WEAR HEADBAND? NEH NEH

Because I deserve one kiss from her. :)

Thank you for reading! Here's your tips! Hahahah!