Saturday, May 30, 2009

It Says

Holiday starts when? Straight after Chemistry paper and ta-dah! I am one naughty girl who skipped school for 2 days tsk tsk tsk. I think my class teacher is so gonna chase me around for my mc letter again T_T And oh yeah! I heard that the new uniform is gonna launch after this holiday! I can't wait to see it! Hopefully its nicer than the previous one and if its nice I'm absolutely gonna buy at least one pair of them despite of this is the last year for us T_T

On Friday morning after having breakfast with mommy and Mr Topcerie (yeah yeah he wished), he sent me to my darling darling's home and we're gonna go shoppingggggg and have girl's day out for the only the both of us! hehehe! Don't get me wrong darling darling is not Chris, he's still a HE.

It's all about Kyean hohoho

The day was great, went out for movie, Angels and Demons. It was okay, not my type of movie but it's still alright. Then we went to have crazy cheap clothes shoppinggggggggggg!!! We spent about 100 bucks in the speed of light hahahahaha Will get to see those clothes soon here and the price is really really shockingly cheap!!!!!!!! I just love buying cheap + PRETTY CLOTHES!! =D

the owner of thekyeandiary.

Looks familiar? hehehe yes yes it's Bar.B.Q plaza!!!!!! Go for the onion rice instead of the normal white rice, it's a pretty good stuff. Promise.

The princess of dreamland HAHAHAH she sleeps until 11T______T

Gelato is goodd. Especially the fruitty ones. They're having a promotion now! GO try it out! =)

I asked Mr Lancerie to pick me up for dinner after a long day huhuhu then we ended up watching Night At The Museum 2 in Leisure Mall HAHAHA one day 2 movies. Fortunately my eyes didn't go blind after that cuz they're really long movies ! Night at the museum 2 is as funny as the first one! =)

Yin Yiong + me = veryyyyy nice!

Wong Kok's Yin Yiong plus Lai Cha together = wtf HAHAHA

Showing off one of those items I bought during the day! Cute anot lea! I'm collecting them now!

Just because I'm a little bit troublesome sometimes HAHAHA

Walked Pasar malam with him for the first time and it was fun!! HAHAHA we ate lok lok together huhu soooo nice! and he is now doing his favourite typical pose with the oh so famous penang laksa! (No Eye SEE)

Bon Appetite!!!!!!

Before the clock strikes 12 tonight, wish little miss Paris Hilton a happy birthday again shall we!!!!

Okay Michelle this is your present hahahahhaha wtf do you think I'm joking, no I'm not joking, this is your 17th birthday present hope you'll like it and print it and frame it and put it on the wall of your little messy room kthxbai . and I love you!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


EXAM'S OVERRR. OMG TIME FLIES MAN huhu soon enough I will say OMG SPM IS NEXT WEEK HOWWWWWWWWWWW T____T TIME FLIES....... again. I'm so scared . =(

But the biggest lesson I've learnt this time is.......... NEVER STUDY LAST MINUTEEEE.

I had a hard time in the exam hall . Especially Physicssss omgggg Miss Cheah why so hard one =(
AND CHEMISTRY TOO. Totally didn't expect it to be THAT hard. I totally didn't have enough time to finish both of the papers. =S And for addmaths... I feel that I did alot of careless mistake T_T And for others paper... I got no comment. =( I needa studyyyyyyyyy really hard from now on that's for suree T_T

Bad. Exam make us look ugly. Big eyebags. tired looking. look stupid too. Kthxbai.

Hahah. Brought the twins to the satay stall ! And guess what!! We walked there from our house ahhahahah soooooooo tired T__T they are so cutee! They give up walking and sit in front of people's gate don't wanna get up. Ask me carry them summore T_T

Hahah so ugly ! He's a cam whore! Just that he doesnt act cute. he likes to act ugly . While the other one.....

Tee heeeeeeee. =)

Heh heh. My beloved twins hoho ain't they cute!! They lose some weight right especially the left one, Andrew HAHA he don't wanna eat rice ah! He said cuz he's fat so he don't wanna eat AHHAHAHA I dont dare to tease him fei chai already T_T and now he says that I'm fat TT_____TT


Back to youtube nowwwwwwwww . and I SKIPPED SCHOOL TODAY HAHAHA AS EXPECTEDDDDDDDD!! My grandma is the funniest one. My mom was complaining to her that I tau lan (curi tulang) today, she said, OH GOODDDD. Everyday everynight study for what! RELAX lah! hahahhahah sooooooo funny!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fusion Heaven

Yes, that's the place he brought me today after school! As a reward treat for studying so hard I guess hahahahah I guess he knows that I'm suffering from exam stress so he bring me to such nice place to recharge my energy for next week AHHAHAH. And now I'm energized wtfwtf hahahah Seriously I'm so happy that this week is over. After writing all the Sejarah, Bm and Moral essays, after suffering from Physics paper and I am almost dead today. thank you baby you are the best!! *kiss kiss*

Fusion Heaven serve pretty good fusion food I must say! I don't know but this is the first time I go but definitely I will go there again to try their other food!! It's a fusion of Korean, Italian, Japanese and thats all I know by now. Gotta check it out again soon!!! By the way, The restaurant is located at Sri Petaling, For more information, you can ask me personally. =)

Aloha Chicken Cocktail as Appetizer and his Pepperocino . Tsk tsk this guy really knows how to eat one.

Hahahhaa. Beast! The stress free & not enough sleep look with his fooddddd

And this is the exam stress look = not enough sleep look

By the way this is my Pan-seared dory tower HAHAHHAHA this tower very tower hor. I like it alot, it's towered by some italian soft pastry and vegetable beside the tower. Soooo creative!!

Good food = Happy Kyean!

I'm so happy after eating this tower, it's like can go heaven already!! No doubt that the restaurant's name is Fusion Heaven Hahaha!

Oh wait wait, did I forget about their dessert? They only have one dessert in their menu and ITS THE BESTTTTTTTT!!

AHAHAHHAHA funniest pic of the day HAHAHAHHA I can't stop laughing when I was taking this picture and everytime I see this picture nowwww. helppppppppp. I think it's even funnier than Jian Yong's maid joke today (inside joke) By the way Chris is not the dessert but that black little thing!!!!!

Hot Chocolate Fudge with ICE CREAM!!! IT'S TOO GOOD TO BELIEVE!!! Both of us finished it in like.. less than 2 minutes??? Hahahha! Sooooo niceeee!

Here's a closer look of this piece of art T______T it's soooooooooooo orgasmic and I'm not bluffing T____T

Thank you baby! I feel like the happiest woman, I mean girl on earth!!!! Muacks ! =D I will do my best next week okay! ( But it's Addmaths & Bio ah baby , so don't expect so much ah heh heh)

Signing off and back to books now!! xoxoxoxo

You want an Update? Here's an update . =)

FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! Exam's week 1 is OVER! It's not the end yet. Still got 3 more papers to go. THE EPIC ONE. Addmaths, Bio and chemistry. Hahhaha After that I'll go on a long long hibernation trust me. I've not been sleeping very well hence = sleepy eyes and puffy look T_T and LOL, in case you don't know what's LOL, it's not laugh out loud, it's LACK OF LOVE. HAHAHA Finally get to see him today and he's so nice to bring me to this new place and we ate EPIC NICE FOOD AGAIN!! Will post it out and must post it up soon!!!!!!!

Im taking a break now so I'm here to update this almost dead blog. T_T

Advertising for the San Fransico Restaurant ahhahaha

This happened 2 weeks ago. The last time I see him before my exam starts. Hahahha He brought me out for dinner after studying History for like a long whole day T______T

Our seafood soup! zomg heavennnnn T_T

The seafood is fresh, and the soup, taste so good.

Did I forget about their Pizza? Their pizza is a must-order dish! Any pizza of thiers is good. T_________T and you know what's so good about it?

The ingredient they used and the portion is very very generous. The amount of mozarella cheese they put into the pizza..... orgasmic! o.O

HEH HEH. Are you hungry yet??

And this is the dessert of the day! Tiramisu! Is that your favourite or is that your favourite. Well, its mine! =D AND HIS. I just love the taste we have for food. Very alike until very scary one T_____T If I like A&W rootbeer and waffle with ice cream, he also love one. HAHAHA okay that's random but it's always like that one! How!

Right now I'm waiting for that sleepy pig to wake up now so he'll send me all the pictures today and I'll update again! In the same time, I shall study AGAIN ! T_____T

Bon appetite!! Xoxoxo

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Here We Go Again

Cover Michelle because she's so weird like that

Exam's next week. I can't breathe. Can't sleep either . Somebody helppppppppppppppppp TT__TT

I just can't wait to have fun after midterm!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Heh heh. What did you give your mom? How did you celebrate with your dearest mommy? Hohoho. Well, I treat her a lovely treat in San Francisco Pizzahouse near my place. It's a very nice western restaurant which serves good pizza and pasta. hohoho. Good for me, stay sooooooooo far also get to eat nice & cheap western food. Oh did I just mentioned cheap? Hahhaha Well it's cheap for it's price lah and the quality of the food is still there! Thats what I like the most! Heh heh! Baby and I went there the other day and goddd, we were so satisfied with our lunch. Hohoho and guess what, this restaurant is recommended by my mom HAHAHA usually I'm the one who recommend but now its her turn. =)

Best picture of the day. Taken by me of course. Pretty mommy I have. Hoho

My all-time favourite drink .

Pose for the camera! heh heh!!

Our appetizer - New Zealand Mussels Vineigrette . Hohoho the mussels are so fresh!! Abit too sour by its appertizer afterall.

Our Hawaiian Pizza . With lotsa lotsa lotsa cheeseeeeeeeeeee!!!

You seeeeeeee?????

Our Marinara. Seafood Pasta we call it. Damn niceeeee!!!

Picture of us together. Tell me which part we look alike. Hahahah We doesn't look alike AT ALL from top to bottom. tsk tsk tsk sometimes I wonder whether I'm adopted anot hahahah nola! =D

Hmmm. Well well, so am I the nicest daughter or what??? =D
Kyeancerie's Version

Purikura every anniversary! And this is the second one. Hohoho Faster say niceeee!!!

The great couple meme! Originally from Pinkpau . I saw this quiz from many many other blogger's blog before but I didn't have a boyfriend to play by then . (Sounds wrong but yeah). So now I finally get the chance to play already wtf

Tell us about the first time you met and your first impression of him/her:
I was in the music room in my school. He was talking to a few of my friends. About dancing, love and so much more. He was just a stranger to me that time. Perhaps, he didn’t even know that I exist too. I find he’s kinda cocky that time by judging the way he speaks. Fortunately he’s not so much like that anymore. (Because got moisture of love already ah!)

2)What's a weird habit or quirk that he has?
He likes to make videos whenever he have something to comment HAHAHAHA. Comment about malaysian drivers, comment about tesco or he'll just make a video with his brother to make me laugh. Piano grade 9.5 =.= Or or he'll just make a random video of himself in the Purikura machine telling his brother that how amazed and scared he was that time HAHA. Now he likes to take video of me when I'm eating HAHAHA =(

3) What makes him sad?
When I fat lan cha or sad. Probably when his dancing students gets on his nerves. But after telling me all his frustration, he’ll go lovey dovey and happy again. Heh heh.

4) What makes him angry?
Malaysian drivers. HAHAHAHA.

5) What excites him?
HOT WHEELS. BMW M6! FERRARI. AND KOH KYEAN. End of story. Why my boyfriend love cars so much one T_T Did I forget about Konata and errr.. some other japanese animation. =(

6) Tell us something funny about him?
Oh he’s very funny based on what my friends and mom says HAHAHA. He’s almost funny everytime and sometimes when it’s not funny also become funny one. I'm serious! And he's funny when he speaks in a Malay/ Indian/ China Apek tone and super malaysian accent and he's super good at it!!! T____T

What's he like at home?
Ugly. Topless. With specs and epic mushroom hair probably talking to his gf online or playing with baby cousin Jeejun <3 but now he got a new toy already, wii =(

8) What's he like at work/school?

Very strict and serious. I don’t think I will love him anymore if I ever get to see him teaching . HAHAHAH nola. He's probably the teacher I’ll hate but boyfriend I’ll love <3 heh heh

9) Describe his room.

MESSY. With Japanese hentai posters HAHAHA nola it’s his favourite anime characters with long legs & big boobs but he claims that those are his brother's T_T Bie if you ever gonna stick those posters in our room next time I think I’ll request for a divorce or I’ll probably burn all of them only HAHAHA because I’m so sweet like that heh heh

10) What's his best friend like?

Jonathan Fam. Top latin dancer. Good friend. Naughty boy during high school. HAHA that’s all I know I guess! I haven’t get to see him in real life yet! He’s also quite cute *blushes* but I think Chris is hotter heh heh. Am I the only one who say that HAHAHAH nola I love you bie <3

11) Do you know who he hates the most?

His boss HAHAHA nola he doesn’t hate anyone as long as I know. He doesn’t hate because he is filled with love already HAHAHA

12) Have you met his exes?

He doesn’t have one. I’m his first. AND LAST. Heh heh

13) Do his parents like you?

Aunty Lisa do you like me! Hahhaha I hope you do! Cuz I like you and your spaghetti very much!! I know his sister likes me now after I told her that World War 1 & 2 indian joke HAHAHAH and I know Chi Yoong loves me, don't you! =D

14) What's the first thing he would do or say if he fell down and scraped her knee?

He’ll probably shout “Oh shuitttttttttt.” Then act manly like as if nothing happened if I’m not there. But if I’m there he’ll probably go manja to me telling me how pain it hurts so I will give him some love HAHA

15) What would he do in an emergency situation with other people involved?

Stay calm and start telling people around him not to panic “Nothing bad will happen one lah, always think in a positive side, when you think of it in a positive side, then nothing will happen one. If you think it in a negative side, of course everything bad will come to you lor, right?” haih I hear this almost all the time one. zzzzz

16) Which shop would he spend most of the time at in a shopping mall?

Apple Store! Toy shop! And sex shop HAHAHA nola where got sex shop in Malaysia . I think, ^^

17) What would he have for a typical breakfast?

He doesn't wake up early enough for breakfast but if he does, Lai Fun with Milo Ice somewhere near his house after sending his brother to school. HAHAHA. Then he'll go back to sleep. Tsk tsk.PIGGGGGG BIEEEEEEE

18) Where would he want to go for dinner?

Home. He goes home for dinner everytime. So guai guai chai ! I likeeee!

19) What kind of movie would he choose at the cinema?

Any movie I wanna watch. But we hardly watch movies one . Sad anot this couple hor HAHAHA nola. because we have better things to do together. Eg picnic date!

20) Describe his taste in music.

PERFECT. Exactly what I listen to. What I love, he will love also one and vice versa, omg I just love our taste in music. Big Bang is our number 1, but currently we fell in love with SoundTemp. They're sooo good. Gradano Espada =D

21) If he wasn't going out with you, who would he be going out with?

Someone hotter. Someone slimmer. Someone who’s not so wai sek. Someone who dance with him??? I dunno! But I'm sure it'll be someone who’s as cute and funny just like me *coughs* except that she won't someone who clicked so much with him as much as him and I now. RIGHT BABY??

22) What item in his wardrobe would you like to burn?

Well, you know it baby!! ALL HIS SINGLETSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Nike or Adidas also don't care!

23) What is he good at?

Good at being a good boyfriend except sometimes failed abit only. Good at manja-ing with the girlfriend. Good at pujuk-ing the girlfriend. Good at making the girlfriend laugh. Good at photography and dancing. Good at being ugly and cute at the same time =)

24) What is he totally horrible at?

Dealing with people in general but hey! He’s changing for the best now! Heh heh and Some other little tiny winy stuff like opening a plastic bags at Jusco -.-“”””

25) What's something about him that is annoying/infuriating?

When he’s late but I know Pudu and Maluri areas are jamming areas so I forgive him. But every time I’ll give him a fat lan cha face first one until he sayangs me back and tell me he’ll bring me to eat ice cream/ nice food HEH HEH.

26) What's something that you two fundamentally disagree on?

Almost nothing!!! We are the most SLST couple ever. SLST means Sam ling siong tong , if you know what it means. The only thing was on marriage. He said he won’t get married next time before we got together but after we got together, he said he wants to get married and have children next time because he finally understands love now HAHAHA that’s the sweetest thing of him <3

27) What's something that you two agree whole-heartedly on?

Our SLST-ness again!! It scares us sometimes one. Its like we already know what’s in each other mind already like we already know what each other will say before the minute we tell each other. Hmm, Things like what we like, where we wanna go, what we wanna eat, and what we wanna do. And also, the food we LOVE!! BBQ plaza and Japanese food foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

28) Is he possessive?

YES VERYYYY! He is a possessive lover , he gets upset when I get sexcited when I see/ fantasize about Top and Daniel Henney T_T

29) Why would he succeed in life?

Because he have high dreams and very determined. And he's very clear on what he wants from life and what he wants to archeive before getting married for example m6, apartment and CHI KYEAN AHHAHAHAoh wait, that's after.

30) What is the coolest gift that he has ever given you?

Coolest? He hasn't give me the coolest gift yet but he already gave me all the sweetest thing I want!! =D

31) What does he avoid at all costs?

To spend money on his favourite toys, Hot wheels. And some other Japanese anime character stuff eg Konata =.= just to save money to go out with me!!! Sweet or not! =D

32) What does he spend the most money on?

KOH KYEAN hahahaha and petrol money because who ask her to stay so far hahaha. Haih haih T_T Aiya mostly anything to do with me one la sometimes I feel bad one HAHA Bie I buy you nice toys next time hou mou? Heh heh.

33) Describe his typical Sunday.

Probably I’ll wake up first so I’ll get to disturb him by calling him to tell him how much I wanna listen to his morning voice HAHAHA . He’s still blur that time so he’ll just mumble..mumble and mumble. Until he wake up and get ready for his dance lessons. Then he’ll teach all day long and go to the gym with his dad and brother. Come home and talk to me at night but I’ll probably fell asleep while waiting for him then he’ll get emo all night HAHAHHA.

34) Why would he be dangerous?

That he’ll surprise you suddenly with a loud voice. T____T He crazy one always scare me until I shout "YOU SOT AH" then he'll laugh. hahhahah bin tai one T_T My baby will be very dangerous when anyone steps on his tail… so don’t ever try HAHA

35) Tell us about a time he looked absolutely gorgeous.

I'll tell you when he doesn't look gorgeous. Wearing Ah pek's singlet with ah pek slippers T_T Nola, There's this time he lied on my tummy, look at me in the eyes and tell me that he loves me, that's the most gorgeous time of him <3

36) What's something about him that would surprise all of his friends?

That’s he’s so omgly sweet towards me! HEH HEH. His best friend asked him whether what did I do to him HAHHAA.

37) What do you love most about him?

His humor. And He is a very patient and understanding person. And the way he loves me with his whole heart, mind and soul. He treats me like his princess. But what attracts me most is the face that we have a lot in common. We clicked so well. We have the same mindset, same taste of musics, and so much more. And the fact that he'll try his best to change to become a better person just for me. I love everything of him <3

38) The biggest lesson you have learnt from loving your soulmate.

I’ve learnt how to love someone even more with my entire heart. Learn how to sacrifice and to never give up no matter what happens because I've found the one I wanna be with, then everything will worth it.

Here's my version . Wanna see his version!! Coming up next! hhohoho

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Shit also no Time

Traffic jam in my brain

Due to all the playfulness and lacking in studies before this, I am suffering from last minute studies syndrome now. T____T Headache, TOO MUCH SLEEP (because the moment I take out a book, I will eventually fall asleep until the next morning), eating junkies (chocolate & sweets that my friends bought for me during my birthday.. they are so useful now to keep me awake), and my brain is gonna burst in no time and CONSTIPATION. T____T Shit also no time you guys still ask me to update blog. There you go. A boring update HAHHAHA. I wish those things I'm studying now will go into my brain easier now if not midyear sure die one T_______T I wish I will not fall asleep again and I also wish that I could shit since I've not been shitting for 2-3 days already omg all shit stucked inside my rectum T_T I think its because I saw the frog rectum ah AHHAHAH nola sigh =( I haven't start History yet also howwwww T_T

Friday, May 01, 2009

My Dream Come True

Have you ever had a dream come true yourself? Well, I had a dream come true not too long ago, which is I have finally found my prince charming over the past few years.

He may not be rice enough to be a prince, he is also not charming enough to be a prince charming. but, his personality definitely stands out more than what a prince charming is. To me, he is definitely the prince charming I have been looking for.

He made me finally understand what does "true love" really means as I do not believe that true love exists in our reality anymore. He is a very patient and understanding person. He treats me like a real princess. He pampers me like a baby. He loves me with his whole heart, mind and soul. But what attracts me most is the fact that we have a lot in common. We clicked so well. We have the same mindset, same taste of musics, and so much more. We shares a lot of jokes too. Besides, we also share some same interests which are taking photographs ( He uses the DSLR but I use the compact T_T), playing the piano and traveling. We could do so many things together. We appreciate each other a lot. The time we spend with each other every weekends are priceless. I feel like I am the most luckiest and happiest girl in the world when I am together with him.

I am so glad that my dream came true which is I had finally found my dream guy. I really hope that we will live happily ever after.

PS:This is what I wrote in my essay writing with the title, My Dream Come True and I got 10/10 marks! Is it touching or is it touching anot baby!!!! 2 more days till 2 months anniversary! Time flies zomgggggg we'll take another purikura again bie hahahah