Thursday, February 25, 2010

Because I'm so vain like that .

PS: Don't read this post after a meal, you don't want your meal to come straight out from your tummy again!

While I was waiting for Rachel sweetie to fetch me to Andrea's open house last saturday, I got really really bored in the hotel room and I really had nothing else to do but to stone there. So I started playing with my camera functions for the first time after I got it so long ago. Guess what! I found out there's a really really cool function to make you look super chio! Which is, the beauty shot! Hahahaha. It's really cool okay! Even you don't look like plastic it'll make you look like one! Awesome right. :D

It makes my skin looks super fair and extremely smooth ! Almost flawless!

It's not photoshoppped, edited or did any touch up before.

It automatically control the colour contrast too! I like this picture because my ring looks so cool like that hahahah wtf

Emo girl! Because Smelly Rach made me wait for half of the night pfft! (See I featured you again sweetie HAHAHHAHA)

Went to cut my hair the next day. Almost 6 inches of the dead grasses was chopped off...
But the worst part is, not much people noticed there's any changes especially the guys fml! No offence I think they are quite blind lor! Hahaha. Anyways I'm loving the shorter hair now. Feel like cutting it shorter again! (To make it NOTICABLE! Pfftttttttt) :D

My camera makes my ugly friend looks chio also! Awesome right! Ahahahah just joking Oli!

This one cannot help, her face is always flawless even without this beauty shot function thingy!

My darling and I. Sometimes I feel I shouldn't be so close to her because someone might just buy that FB joke one day and think we're really lesbian or something wtf

I apologize posting so many unappetizing pictures and I'll start to post more appetizing pictures now. =D Had steamboat buffet feast with Sunway after class on Monday. We spent like 2 hours in the heaven of food yumm yum =D Both of us ate like gorillas omg. I think we ate more than that just so you know. We ate soooooo much until we couldnt walk! Hahaha.

My partner in gluttony! I tell you she can eat alot ! Dont judge her by her size she eats nasi lemak everynight for supper hahahaha Stupid girl! Damn jealous lorrr =)

Lazy to layan her. Gluttoning all the seafood I can!

More to come! This was subway for lunch. Yummy yummy!

Nom nom nom

My cam makes my friend looks soooo pretty, right =) *She asked me to post this pic one not me okay!* She looks so distorted hAHAHAH (Like how I looked when I fell asleep with my eyes open in the seminar last time LOL FHL)

Happy happy girl!

Yue Vern doesn't like to take single shots ! Haha!

Btw, our campus got lion dance performance! Your campus got anot? Don't have lea! HAhahah ok I should stop being a bimbo

Tuesday. Class cancelled fml. So we decided to go libray to prepare for our presentation for the next day.

Lynn is a stress panda.

Sunway very semangat and serious!

Tak apa faham ! 3 lost monkeys souls! HAHHAHA

Oli and I! I like my new hair so much! =)

Our wedding picture HAHAHA

Elishia and I . First time camwhore with her. Tsktsktsk

Miss this pose? HAHA!

Having lunch with the barbarians in Sushi Zanmai after finishing our work.

My very cute Chingoo! (L)

Weds. Our presentation day! I thank god it's over now! No more Twilighttttt omg finally! If we happen to do New Moon for the next sem I will definitely quit and go A levels for sure I swear!

The nasi lemak girl. Got 2 drumsticks summore . She sapu everything again!I think the only thing she doesn't eat is the egg yoke. Hahahhaa

The vegetarian girl for dunno how many months. At last she broke her vegetarian diet for Subway! tsk tsk! And today she ate chicken. See how long she needa replace it omg.

Its been a long time since I finished a whole bowl of rice by myself. *prouds* But I should stop eating like that everyday before I turn into a gorilla and before I burn my wallet T___T


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CNY Post #2!!

I'm gonna blog about the fun part of CNY this time! Omggg I lovee this year's CNY. As I said, it's my very first time spending CNY with my friends! It's my first time visiting friend's open houses and all. All the fun of gambling.. (my very first virgin time too) Yeah yeah I know I'm lame! But I still win okay! Hahahha blackjack rocks my socks! (Yeah, thats the only card game I know ahahhaha fml) naughty people influence me! But we only gamble during CNY so it's fine! =) Besides that, the fun part of CNY this year is..... the angpau money. Money makes me smile! Hahahha. =D

Sherren's Open House.

The woman had a small open house thingy on last Friday. I didn't know how to get to her house so I had to meet up with her in campus first. But that smelly woman made me wait for her for a freaking half an hour! Thats not the worst part.. the worst part was.. she wasn't sure of the way of getting back to her house wtf I swear she's the best person in showing directions in the world! BEST! I almost dropped her at the roadside ! Hahahha. That stupid beech. But her open house was awesome awesome! Her mom baked yummy quiche for us! So yummy I almost swept everything off ahhaha! We all gambled too. Sherren's dad was the "jongker"! Won all our money T______T but it was also fun!! First time lose money also feel happy one. We really enjoyed ourselves lah! I hope she'll have another open house soon! =D

The very yummy quiche mummy sherren baked! Soooo good! I'm craving for it now T________T

With my new friends Jie En and Kenn!! =)

Gamble Time! =)

Blackjack! Lose 5 bucks to Sherren's dad! Hahah he sapu all of our money! T_T!

But we got angpau at the end! Happy happy! =)

Babi turned into lion! Miracle!

Stupid beech go berlaku curang!

This picture is to piss Eunice off. Hahahha =D

We ran out of pose!

Typical traditional family picture!

In her beautiful garden. If only she's as beautiful as her garden HAHHAHHAH just joking darling <3

Andrea's Open House

I went there at the very last minute with sweetie Rachel. Everyone was gone when we reached there that time . Hahah nah not everyone but all the goodie goodie boys and girls went back home already. Only all the naughty ones were there! We gambled gambled abit there before we went to Old Town Coffee yamcha later. Then went back to her house and gambled till 2 something in the morning HAHAHA =) My luck was actually quite good that day lorh! I won like 15 bucks for blackjack but at the end I lost 10 bucks because they changed to another lame game GRR. I only like blackjack! Hahaha But it was funnn lah! N0thing is sweeter than spending time with them I swear! We talked a lot and laughed a lot too! Damn funny la those people! Can't wait to spend time with them this friday again teehee! =D

The cutie host <3

While we were all busy gambling...

She was cleaning the house HAHAHA damn sad!

Mr Chee driving us to Oldtown.. Look at the Mrs Chee Cheong Fun's happy face! tsktsktsk

The 3 crazy bitches behind the car! Chen: Can I lick you? LOL

Package of act yeng, macho and camera shy!

Michelle the weirdo and smelly Jon! =D

I'm sorry but she accidentally transferred some of her weirdness to me!

Two pigs is better than one HAHAHA

The oh so sweet couple!

After oldtown.. we went back and gamble again like nobody's business.. Omg all of us very "lan dou" lor! But it's CNY lah everyone is doing it anyways!

Look at the naughty girl's face tsk tsk

Haahah this one very naughty also! Can be jonker already ahahha wtf

This naughty girl let mommy scold because she wasn't home yet. TSKTSKTSK! The party ends after the call ended. It was 2 something already anyways.

That's all about it I guess! Tata! =)