Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm Lovin' It

You know, once we have too many choices to choose what to eat for lunch everyday, we don't know what we should eat anymore. After trying all the food around our campus area, we decided to try something new. Jingyi and Jiyni (sounds so alike right) drove all of us out to have McD for lunch! And who says fastfood is unhealthy? Who cares right! The one who said it (Olivia) ate the most fries! Hahahahha. Conclusion is, we enjoyed our lunch in McD's and definitely will visit again! (probably after 3 months!)

Melvyn is our new girlfriend. =D

Children's heaven.

Olivia is probably the most ladylike person you will find in any McD outlets! Pfftttt She uses the knife and fork to cut her fried chicken wtf pisses me off!

Here's a tip:Use your hand! Taste nicer too! =)

Bimbo Melvyn wears shade indoor. tsktsk macam fly!

Jingles darling! My soulmate in college! Saranghae!

Happy meals! I'm lovin' it! =)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Everyday Is A New Day

It's the third week of college now. Everything is running smoothly. The coursemates are great people. I actually love college more than high school. No more science subjects and high school bitches! Don't get me wrong, I definitely miss the people there! Hahaha. But somehow, I have a feeling that maybe I'll do better in Science subjects compare to Communication courses. T______T All I have to do now is just write write write and think think think and write write write again! As for science subjects, I just have to memorize and count count count only. Let's hope I'll do well! =D I expected a more carefree life in college but I was so wronggggg. And guess what, I have tonnes of assignments to do and midterm exams on next Monday already! Life is good. =D

Look we are so united!

Together we are one! hhahaha wtf

This is my darling bf HAHAHAH look at my facebook relationship status! This is the lucky guy!

My Sunway darling! She's so cute cute cute! I love my chio nails! DIY okay!

Because we're so cool like that =P

We're having fun with Jine's pink shawl! It's super duper cool! We can do so many things with it. You'll see how.......

She look super chio with it okay!

I'm the chio-est alien on earth! If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it!

Sherren is a cute pink octopus!

The rapper in my class. Hahahha

Selamat Hari Raya !

Lynn is Victoria the vampire.

My class rep Danesh is Gandhi's younger generation HAHAHA

Oh hi! who says cannot wear bra on the outside?=D

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Darlings!

There's three important guys in my life who has the closest birthdays with each other ever! Therefore it's mean if I only wish one of them and not the other two here. Hehehe. Am I the greatest friend or what!

First of all, it was Alex's 18th birthday yesterday. We celebrated with him earlier last Saturday already. We went to the Hulu Langat hill for night view. Chilled at the Gasoline and had fun in Neway later! I hope you're happy with it! Anyways, Happy belated birthday to you my big brother who always treats me sooo good! PS: You are the best boyfriend I've ever seen! YY is the luckiest girl ever! =)

Second, it's Mr Kyean's birthday today! Ahaha! I still can't get over the fact that he's someone who has the same name with me. I always believed that I'm the only Kyean in the whole world until I met him . T_______T and now there's 2 in the world! hmph! He's my evil twin. Everything about him is nice. Just not as pretty hot and sexy as me. Hahhaa. I'm just joking. I'm really glad that I get to know the male version of Kyean 2 years ago. Happy Birthday evil twin! Stay PHAT! =D

and thirdly! Guess who's birthday is tomorrow! The sexy boy! (Not really sexy, he claims himself sexy only) My darling Joshep! Happy 18th birthday Shep! My best buddy! Thanks for being there for me whenever I need you even when you're so far away from me when you were in Perth! Thanks for your caring when I was upset and thanks for listening when I need a pair of ears! (Also thanks for letting me bully you over the years but god knows who bully who more) I don't know how to say this but.......... I'll try to stop stealing bfs away from you! Hahahhaha =D

Since I don't have a picture with you guys on your birthday I'll just take the most recent one! I know you love me! Happy birthday buddies! =D
Orientation Party for Fresh Fishes!

Btw, fresh fish means newbie! And yes, we are definitely the fresh fishes for this year! After one whole week of college, the seniors held an orientation party for us at the Lakeside campus last Wednesday! Many new students from each course went to the party that night. I get to meet some old schoolmates there that night. Also get to meet new friends too. The dance performance was awesome awesome! (Because my soul mate was performing teehee, remember the 2 hot girls dancing? One of them is my beloved soul mate Hohoho) But the whole point is, we had shit lotsa fun there! As expected, Mass Comm people are the loudest and craziest monkeys among the whole big bunch of people in the hall! I always feel soooo fun with their presence in College. I'm loving all my classmates more and more everyday <3

The 4 of us went to have lunch straight after class. We're all hungry monsters! We also went to Lynn's house and Jiyni's house to chill because we had too much time to kill. Hahaha.

The 2 bimbos in front of the car bimbo-ing with another bimbo on the phone. Its a extremely bad habit! DON'T LEARN FROM HER PEOPLE! No phones while driving!

Because we were shit sleepy after classes. HAHAHAH this picture is so unappetizing T_T

I'll show you a more appetizing picture instead! It's our lunch that day! Yummy yummy!

Seafood Marinara. My favourite *nom nom nom

The princess and witch in me! Monster at times!

I've got to say that my friend here have a super chio room! Pink and white stripes! It's so Xiaxue inspired! I want also! =(

We had desserts in Hong Kong (I'm obviously joking right) before we head to the party!

It's in Tim Pan Gor Gor. From left: Mango Pancake, Egg Custard, Watermelon Sago and Coconut Pudding. Yummy to the maxxxxxxxx =D

Orientation Party. So here it goes.

With Olivia the shortie LOL, Elnaz the cool Irabian girl, Sherren the teddy bear, and Eunice who likes to challenge me!

My darling Jingles! (Jing Yee) She's the soulmate I was talking about! She loves Kpop as much as I do. Likes the fashion that I like! My partner in crime (to wear heels together, get crazy over Korean boys, etc etc...) Saranghae!

Her name is Sunway (Sun Woei) and she is super cute! She always sit beside me during lectures. I pity her because........ nvm =D

Our Class Rep Danesh. He's very responsible for his duty! He always make sure to get whatever our class needs. Teehee =D And he was also the one who was laughing at me whole time in the cinema when we were watching Legion that day! Everyone was scared also okay! T_T

Rab the super shy Malay boy! But he's someone's petunia . Guess who's! Hahahha

With Shaun the brother bear and Melvyn the monkey boy. HAHAHA sorry I couldn't think of anything else =D

Our first class portrait! Foundation in Communication. Not all of them were there though..

I just noticed. Does this picture look like a heart shape to you? Awwww =)

The ultimately big group of that night!

So the first question that people will always ask now is "How's college?"

I'll answer, "Definitely fun!!! Never regret taking Mass Comm at all!"

Saturday, January 23, 2010

To Our Friend

To my hero Bernard! You'll be in Australia by now when you're reading this. I hope you'll do your best there! I know it won't be easy for you to be alone there. But think of the good side, you get to meet more new friends and you'll get to date chilly hot Australian girls too! By few years time you'll be rich rich rich when you come back! (Remember the plan you told me? AHHAHA) The only bad thing is you'll miss out the fun we have here! But I'll share all of them with you online okay! I'll also continue sharing all the nice Korean songs with you! Don't be sad! And take careee!

PS: Don't ever forget about us! Keep in touch ! I'm missing you more and more nowwww. T_T

Thursday, January 21, 2010

College Stress!

It's second week of college and I have tonnes of assignments to do already! One of the assignment is to do 2 movie reviews of Twilight! Yes I know! Sooooo random right! The funny thing is most of my classmate thinks that Twilight is boring. Second assignment is......... BLOGGING! hahaha omg LOL we were asked to blog about careers in IT and all. And we have Communication's assignment too. GREAT!

Actually apart from the assignment part, everything's cool. We just had our orientation party yesterday night. Mass comm students are the most hyper and loudest I swear! Everyone's soooo friendly and funny. It's good that we're having fun while we are studying! We go yamcha when we have breaks! We go Pyramid as if it's our second home! We go pool when we feel like it! I'm definitely enjoying what I'm doing now. (Especially when I hear about how my friends are suffering in A Levels, Sam and all now) AHAHA just joking!

I'm gonna go blog (for homework purpose) now!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sweet Escape

Friday, January 15, 2010

College Fun

This was the second day of college. Had a lot of orientation talk and all. It was torturing. The auditorium was FREEZING COLD and I'm not even exaggerating. We had English Placement Test that day too. It was harder than what I thought. Harder than ESOL. And the worst part was, I had brain freeze that time so my brain cannot function properly FML. This is the first English test that I'll be worrying about. Sigh. But second day was cool. Get to make more new friends during the Team Building and all.

Hahhaha. TIP: Shades can hide your sleepy eyes ! But shades/sunglasses are not allowed in class. T_T

Yes yes. Jine is that bored. Omg I don't know this woman AT ALL.

yo. this is Florida's wife. HAHAHHAHA

It was hoodie day! We were still cold although we're wearing it. Must wear winter wear already lorh!

Hahaahha. We're stoning because we're so bored T_T

Teehee! Are you having fun in college? I know I am! I had the first outing with the girls today in Sunway! Haahha. =D