Sunday, March 29, 2009

When Everything Comes To An End.

So, this is the airport post!! AHhhhhhh, it's been more than a month from now.Time flies. But I still remember the fun, the joy, the sadness we went through on that day. So after the KLCC thing, Sach , Rach and I hanged around KLCC for awhile more before going to the airport by cab. I tell you this was the worst thing ever!! It took us 120 bucks to reach there from KLCC. Matha,If it's not for the Japanesu I think I'm still swearing about it until today hahahaha wtf no lah. :) But I tell you I won't forget this in my whole life one T__________T. My heart skips a beat everytime the meter thingy increase the price while the 2 other pigs were sleeping like pigs that time. Wtf. They really keng one lorh. Not scared the cab fetch 3 of us go to the forest or something one. Urghhh. I won't forget their expression when they discovered the price after they woke up man! But this was one of our unforgettable experience together lah. Heh heh. =D

The princess!

and the slaves. HAHAHHA no lah. =D

We reached there earlier than them by an hour. So we decided to hang around there for awhile and we saw this lovely castle!! WITH LOVELY SONGS that will make you go emo, seriously. Hahah. After taking pictures there, we had MCD cuz we are monsters like that. Hohoho.

Finally!! They reached! Hohoho.

Going closer to the boarding gate~

Mun Yee wasn't there due to some personal reason . Yoichi was soooooo sad that time! My heart ache everytime I see him tear . =S

Sachie and her Yakuza Gang!! Look at her hamsap leg! Tsk tsk tsk! Behave yourself, girl . Heh heh! Lolli lolli lolli pop~~

Hehh heh. Temporary be their Yakuza master first! HAHAHAH. LOOK AT MR SEXY! The one doing the exotic pose! HAHA SO SEXY! =D

die die also must take a picture with him! Hehehe. Estella and Brian, this is your Mr Sexy Boy! =)

Mr Mugen look alike.

Hiroki, Yuki, Naoki, Kyean, Takuya, Rachel & Olivia.

Mr Principle and I. =3

One of the last picture I took with them before letting them go into the hall ! =(

Hahahhaha. My Naoki is the cutest! He showed me his passport picture and told me how he look like last summer! Hahhaha. Funny until I wanna laugh and cry at the same time!

When they were all in the hall already... Still not to go willingly! We were at the upper floor waving so bad at them! Luckily they saw us and waved back to us man! In that moment.. I think I almost teared but luckily I managed to hold back! =(

Lastly.... he showed a heart to us before he left us! He is the shweeetestttttttttt! =(

Holding the sweet he gave me before going into the boarding gate after he left! I was soooooooo emo! =S

Ok I lied. HAHAHHA nolah I didnt!!! I was soooooooo sad until Sachie bought me an Ice cream from MCD that time to cheer ourselve up. But I swear that was the most bitter Ice cream I ever ate. =( After the ice cream moments, we had to rush back because it was quite late already! And guess who fetched us home that time! HEH HEH! =D

Was in the monorail going back to KL central together with Aiza and her family.

The 3 little pabohs.

We smile for the camera!

Hehh hehh. So this is the last of the last of japanese post already. Unless I have the urge to look back the pictures and then I will post more! I guess...... Till then!! I MISS YOU NAOKI, YOICHI,HIROKI, TAKUYA, YUKI, RYO, SOHEI, ATS, KENTO, SEXY BOY, KATSU, YOJI AND ALL OF YOU!!! =D
Lollipop Phone This Time!!!

Yerrrrrrr. I just bought my Ice cream phone not long ago... and there's Lollipop phone now. =( Smelly big bang! SMELLY BIG BANG!! =(

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stuck In The Jam

FYI, this is what happened when you put Mun & Kyean in the car and its jamming like crazy in the city of Kuala Lumpur!

Or merajuk probably? hahahahah nono you're so wrong!

We get high!


Me want lollipop face! =3

HEH HEH! The lalat face!

She loves me!!! *hearts*

Before we get out from the house! Put some make up on for the first time! And our make up artist is... Miss Oli! The make up was nice lah! Sweet and simple! hohoho

Ready to flow, ready to go, ready for the spotlight, ready for the show!!!

I brought them to this Bar.B.Q Plaza at Times Square for lunch! It's their first time going there and I think they are satisfied with the food! AND THE PRICE TOO! Hohoho. Well, it's my current favourite lunch spot there too! I brought a lot of my beloved ones there before too! My mom and him love it to bits. =)

Supreme Pork Set. BACON IS MY FAVOURITEEEEEEEEEE!! Oops, i mean, OUR FAVOURITE! Well, there's other meat in the set too! For Example: chicken, squid, prawn and some vegetable to make the soup sweet. =)

HEH HEH. *wipes saliva away*

Look at her hungry faceeeeeee!! HAHAHA smelly girl look so good with my black scarf thingy!!!

Bon Appetite!!

After that, we went for a movie. We wanted to watch Shopaholics at first one but it's full. =( So we went to watch another movie, Knowing. TRUST ME, IT'S THE BEST MOVIE OF THE MONTH! Go watch it!!! Hahhaha. 3 of us were sooooo excited in the cinema! Oh yes oh yes, we brought Green Tea Ice cream into the cinema, best experience ever!! =D After that, we went to meet up with Rachel and we took Purikura at Sg Wang!! AHAHAHA. The pictures came out quite niceee! Wait till Rach scan all of them then I might share some with you guys! Hohoho. After that, we went to the IU night together. Hehehe. But the best IU night in the past few years! Will update about it soon when I get the pictures! Hehehe!

After the event, he fetched me home together with Calvin and Kenny ! Then that was the time I demanded for satayyyyyy cuz I was soooooo hungryy then he brought me there also!! HEH HEH. Chris is the breast~~~!

AHAHHAHAHA. Because we are so cool like that.

Konata face!!! with me this time!! Rachel, go away youuuuuuuuuuuuuu! HAHAHAHA

AHHAHAHAHA. We can be sooooooo ugly! The Lala couple!! But tell me, we are still cute right? HEH HEH.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kyeanie's Seventeen

Well well well, for this year, I had a small dinner gathering with the bunch of my close friends at Jogoya, Starhill. The whole thing went well with lotsa fun and laugh! As usual, you will see me giggling non stop with no other better reasons, but for that night, you will see me busy walking in and out from the room to get food and more food out there! Same goes to my friends as well!! =D I was surprised at how beast my friends can be when it comes to buffet dinner. Especially you, Mr Chris! HAHAHAHA. But who cares! Just for that memorable night! Right!! Heh heh!! =)

Are you ready? 3....


1! ACTION! Hohoho

Start the meal with a twist of lemon! HAHAHA wtf

Ate countless plates of those... I think that's the reason I go there. Sushi bar and dessert bar. Hohoho

In the middle of feasting....

The happy family picture! =D

Mich and Sylvia. =3

Hamsap face Yayen.

Priceless face Rachel! HEH HEH! Sooooo evil!

The darling acting cute but not cute one Hahahah! The camera man of the night, credits to him Xoxoxo

Michelle with her new haircut! Look so much more guai guai lui! I just couldn't believe it when I first saw her that time! Hahahah!

The lou poh and I. Don't you just love her shweet shweet top ! Sweet candies~~

With the both of them this time. ;P

With Sachie who loves me the most!!! She even shares Choi Seung Hyun with me. HEH HEH. 8D

With Olivia who hates me the most. She even called me old fart on my birthday wtf *blacklisted*

With the Crystal Mun. The one I slept with the most HAHAHAHAHA in a clean way lah dong!! =D

Mr Ting Ho Yin can you explain what face expression is that please thank you! Macam sangat beh song sahaja!! =S

My pets! Hahaha nola nola. Anyways say hello to Sohei Naoki Takuya and Hiroki!!

Drama Queens wtf hahahahah

Michelle, Rachel, Birthday Girl me!, Mun Yee and Olivia.

The big group picture this time! Hehehe, too bad someone was missing!

There there, the sexy mama who came late. But still better than never come right! HEH HEH!

End your dinner with desserts! Hohoho Haagen Darz is my number 1!! =D

~Time for some Bintang Walk after dinner! Heehhehe~

Starhill, great lightings, great music, great ambience.

The only nice picture of us together that night. Not taken by a DSLR camera but still acceptable lah!

Haha! Scandal picha! Hon Yee you don't have to explain this time!! Hohoho

It's Dior babeh!!!!

Cha Gia you look very garang ah!

Ahems ahems. Christopher Wong Chi Hou what are you doing!! and Sachieeeeeeeeeee, I'm sorry but Top belongs to me now. =D

Konata Face HAHAAHAHAHA btw to the both of you: Go away youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!
3 of you GG liao no need explain already! hmph!! =S

Hahahhahaha. Rachel Liu what were you looking at!!!!!! TSK TSK TSK!!

Sachie with her new bangs. She chopped it herself. Holyyyyyyyy matha how did she have the guts to do that herself hahahaha!!!!!! Soooo nice summore!

Caught in the act #1

Caught in the act #2

That's the end of my 17th birthday celebration ! Heh heh!! =D

It has been a really really great day for me. Receiving birthday messages from all of my loved ones since midnight, from smses, telephone calls, facebook, msn, friendster, to birthday hugs and kisses. I was really really happy to hear from all of you! And you know who you are. And I am really really REALLY happy for what I got this year for presents from everyone!! I got almost everything I mentioned in the birthday wishlist... I love you guys sooooooooo much!! Xoxoxo MUAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! ~~~