Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Holidays was bored. =(


I did touch the books. ^^

First of all,

Happy Birthday Scott!!~ (F)

Hello everyone! haha exams are coming really soon. T-T and we have alot of school projects too. YER! haha I'm gonna faint soon. Sejarah Project is driving me crazyyy. haha CAN ANYONE IN FORM 2A TELL ME, CAN WE DO SEJARAH SEKOLAH AS OUR TOPIC. Pls! Urgent =) Some of them said can, but some said cannot, and lotsa them said don't know. How could you treat me like that mannnn. =(

Kyean : Kistttt, can we do Sejarah Sekolah for the Sej Pro?

Kist : NOOOO.

Kyean : WHYYYYY?!

Kist : CAUSE, THENNNNNN.. Everyone punya all the sameee!

Kyean : Butttt!

Kist : Andd. You wont know or appreciate the tokoh tokoh's.

Kyean : Pn Mas said that? =(

Kist : If you did pay attention, yes. but if you didn't , No. It was something i made up.. along the way.

..... HAHAHA ='/

Forget about Sej Pro firsttt. =) *Pouring cold water on my head*


Had tea with my mom and her very best friend, Aunt Yew today at Dome after shopping. <333 OMGOMGOMG, AND!! They bought me A , Motorola. V3I. OMG............ Im so speechless now Bwahahaha.

It was a VERY VERY VERY BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG SURPRISE FOR ME! My godddd. I din know they will buy a PHONE for me, And, surprisingly! They bought me a phone, without telling me or ask me any opinionnn.

Here comes..

Mom : Kyean.. I bought you something.

Aunt Yew : Yeah, we actually bought you something special, for your belated birthday.

*it was so long ago adey laa ahyoh!* hah =.=

Kyean : HAR. No need laaaa *giggling*

Mom : U seeeeeeeeee!

Kyean : *faints* hahahah MEH YEH LEI GEH!?!?! Is..is..is... that a fake oneeeeee? *slaps*

Mom and Aunt : Awwwwww! hahahaha


I'm so touched. Thank you! XoXooo *crysss* <333