Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Hmm. so bored. No piano. No internet. No nothing.

Luckily, We have cute children, nice dramas, delicious food here! <3

anyways, i miss everyone of you very very much! I miss school! I miss my room's bed! ahhhh! I miss everything so badly! =(

just that day, went back to kl a few days with my aunty. stayed in a condominium near Ampang! the night scenery there was so nice! went shopping and movies with my beloved. planned to go Mun's house but failed. =( oh yeah! I miss mahjong! hahaha!

will blog soooonnnn. take cares everyone! Muacks! xoxo

Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm back. from cockroach's house.


My weekend was very very very fun. thanks to her and her family. <3

was her birthday party. so we watched a horror movie, House of Wax. didn't really like it tho. after that, everyone went to the pool. someone pushed me into the pool ( Joshep or dunno who) eh hello! I dunno how to swim one can! hahaha luckily someone saved me. Everyone saw and said: " How sweettttttttt." We had dinner at 8 i guess. Soonnnnnnn, karaoke and MahJong! At first, I sang along with all of the girls because I don't know how to play MJ! butttttt. someone pulled me to play with them. haha at first I also don't know how to play but lucky got Carmen and Calvin helped me. and i won alot that day! wheeeeeeeeeeee. It's called luck. I slept at almost 3 that morning.

morning. I woke up earlier than MY, so I wanted to tickle her until she wake up but that pig, woops i mean cockroach, roll into the bed! hahaha! I fed up and took my phone to wish my baby morning. she woke up around at 12 and we had our breakfast, fried noodles. Mmmmmm. and not forgetting the fried chickens! ( You all dont want to know how many pieces we ate) was well planned to go for a movie on that day but her mom doesn't allow us to. =( so we stayed at home. Her little bro, Chin Mun suggested us to play Monopoly. I'm the richest! and Mun yee is the bankrupt one. hahaha! about 3 something. we played MJ again. called Carmen and Michelle the lan dou pohs. but they say they coming at 6. so we continue playing for awhile until the rain stops so we can go swimming! hahaha! Aunty's muffin is very delicious! after we bath, we go play MJ again. (omg) I'm so addicted to it already. all their fault. we played until Marcus came only we go to the school concert. omg again. they all were so great! a memorable night I can say. love it!

went breakfast with her family at Imbi Palace and ............... I have to go back home already. it end so fast!

where is Koh Kyean? absent! You know why. because you can find a naughty and lazy girl hanging around Mid Valley! oops.

picture will be ups soon! <3

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Internet down

thanks to the stupid thunder strike. My modem *cooked* already. thank you.

just last yesterday's evening. My area rained heavily like cats and dogs. ahaa. sooooo. while i'm watching my drama, my house like suddenly *puff* everything and everywhere became dark. scary i tell you. and the thunder like REALLY loud. my aunty's room kena the thunder and her
marble tiles also cracked already. O.o sounds freaky. i also dont know at first until we go into her room like omg. dont talk about my modem already. =(

anyways, I'm going to stay overnight at cockroach house today. wheeeeeeee. sleep with her also (somebody help me) hahaha! Jay Kayss. She's having a birthday party laaaa. we're going pak tuo (dating) tomorrow and going to the school's year end concert at night. *cheers* I go there to see the kids dance! so cuteeeeeeeeee la. aiyoh they can dance break dance! aahha! I saw it that day while I'm helping in the hall. A must seee yeah! and the small boy can play better piano than me! aiyerrrr. so shame laaaa. I like his fingers! so cute when he plays. I like guys who can play good piano. and I also not sure got what event already laaa. Just come la everybody. the kids can dance better than the seniors. I heard Jesse is dancing too.

and not forgetting, I wanna watch Step Up! I love dancing moviessss. but so sorry, I cannot dance! hahaha!

P/s: my mom's boyfriend is coming back to M'sia next monday. wheeeeeee. can call him buy things already. I want a digital camera. he took mine last time! Hmph! I want the sony cybershot - the touch screen oneeeeeee. aahaha! who call him took my old cybershot. *slaps*
nevermind, I got chocolates from Sweden soon. who wants!? actually I want gummy bears.

will blog about the Mun yee's party and everything soon. Byessssssss.

To Brendi - My lovely sista:

I'll miss you! take care and have fun in Spain! love love love you! <3>To do list:

  • clean bedroom.
  • plan what should do during the holidays.
  • watch movies - Step Up!
  • and death note too. - with him.
  • I need to reload my phone again.
  • birthday party at cockroach's house.
  • sleep with cockroach *nightmares*
  • go shopping with cockroach.
  • go pasar malam tomorrow night. (eat pan mee and everything in the pasar laaaaaa)
  • and the mini concert.
  • find Estella later and give her a treat. ( She will hug me!) I got a new friend too, Jaclyn's sister, Bridget. <3
  • Help the fuzzy guy beside me now, Malcolm. do all his stupid orders.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Missed School

This morning, when I was still sleeping tight in my dreams, the birthday girl, Mun Yee (for once, and one day I dont call her cockroach okay) called.

Me: e...loooooo! Birthday girl!


Me: *rub eyes* AHHHHHHHHHH! 7.45 already!


Mun: You know then good laaaaaaaa. stilll dont come! faster come la! sure sleep very late last night one! what did you do!

Me: hahaha! sudoku! but but but.. I haven brush my teeth.. change my uniform.. comb my hair.. eat my breakfast! haven't prepare yet!

Mun: Sei fei poh like pig only. always know how to sleep sleep sleep and eat eat eat. okay lah go continue sleeping la you. Bell ring joh.

Me: okayyyyyyyyy. seee youuuu darling!

before putting down the phone, I heard she said... That pig still sleeping ah! to everyone!



so I continue sleeping until now, 1.30 pm.

I am the piggest pig in the world. tata

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Exam results.

Bm - 68 %
English- 71%
Mandarin- 77%
Maths - 85%
Science - 80%
Sejarah- 80 %
KH- 81%
Art- 96%
Moral - 65/80 + project (20) = 85%
Civics - 96 %

Bm - B
As you know, how strict is Pn Alina for marking the Paper 2, so I didn't expect much. and I did quite badly for my Paper 1.

English - B
As you know also, Miss Lee is another strict teacher for marking the essays. T.T She gave me 18/30 for part 1. Am I that teruk?

Mandarin - B
ahahahaha. No comment. Will be better next time!

I realised my language subjects are weaker compare to others. So I will work harder on this coming holiday. :D

Maths - A
It's a very big surprise for me!

Science - B
yet to be confirmed. I will continue argueing for my Paper 2 with En.Sam tomorrow morning to get an A. hmph I don't care.

Sejarah - B
Memang kek sek ngor. ( Malay + Cantonese = Rojak) My itchy hands changed 4 answers but the answer before I change is correct! so if I did not, I would get an A for History already.

Geography - A
Thanks to my project. and sorry because I killed alot of trees for the project. hahahha. Believe it or not. It's very very very thick! I mean, VERY! and I got alot of careless mistakes for that paper. lucky can ngam ngam hou get A. phewwwwwwww.

KH - B
IT"S A MIRACLE I TELL YOU. I never get 80++ for KH in my life before. or 60 over. The highest for me is 50 something for the last term's test. OMG.

Art- A
ahaha. My purple glitter fan. <3

Moral - A
I don't care. I will make Mr. Wong to give me full marks for my project.

Civics - A
ahaha. well what can I say. no laaaaaa. I got two mistakes until now I also dunno why I wrong.

1. Individu berikut layak untuk mengundi, kecuali

A. Tentera
B. Warga Tua
C. Warga Asing
D. Golongan Kurang Upaya

so. I put D. golongan kurang upaya lorh. but the answer is C. Warga Asing. I din know kurang upaya also can vote maaaaa.

2. Siapakah Yang Dipertua Dewan Negara Kini?

A. Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
B. Dato Seri Dr. Abdul Hamid Othman
C. Dato Seri Diraja Ramli Ngah Taib
D. Dato Seri Dr abdul Hamid Pawanteh

okay yes. I put A. notadawi meh!??! yerrrrrrr. the correct answer is C. siapa tuuuuuu?!

Aiya, nevermind already lah. also over already lorh. It's time for me to enjoy now. *cheers*

okay g2g!