Thursday, January 31, 2008


I just found out something really really unbelievable!

It's something about my beloved cha gia!


Oh my goodness. oh my goodness.

I'm so excited until I cannot sleep already!!

It's all about the hottest SG ( Sri Garden, duh) KS4 news!

No, I'm not gonna tell you yet!

Stay tune for more! (If there is!)

though the aunty won't let me announce yet. =S She said, for more information, wait till after CNY worh!

Here comes CNY.

when the kids are happily collecting their ang paus from the eldests,

when the time for you to see your relatives from far far awayyyyyyy

when almost EVERYONE is playing mahjong or either gambling eg: chor dai dee, black jack or whatsoever,

when all the ji-ke-lung-to-chiang-to-chiang musics started to annoy everywhere such as shopping malls, restaurants, your neighbor's house, etc etc etc,

when all the annoying chinese new year mv are showing right after every movie you finished in astro,

when the time you must not talk about bad things, wear black shirts, sweep the floor yada yada,

when Mc Donalds will automatically comes out with the prosperity burger,

when the time you get fat super easily, due to the chinese new year cookies, junk food, AND THE YUMMIEST home-made food that you normally won't get to eat...

Okay! Here are the top 8 original Chinese New Year Traditional and Culture! You know why 8 only?FAT CHOI MA! Hahahaha. There's more if you wanna list out though. Sooo I'm gonna be a good girl staying home and decorate the house tomorrow and help my grandma to prepare the dinner stuff for the next day, i mean night! Trust me, it'll take that long to prepare! I don't wanna be a grandma already next time! Or or, maybe I'll have a super good granddaughter to help me *just like the me now* next time leh? *cough cough* Who knows wor! Tee heee.

Familly dinner on Saturday night! Going back to Kuantan on Sunday morning! Wheeeeeeeeeeee. Hey darlings, I'm serious one. If you come Kuantan to find me I'll be sooooooooo happy ! ( mentioning to Rachie, Yennie, Munnie) but not Cassie, just joking lah woman! Come come come! Bau sek bau chu! Hahahha. ( Including food and place to stay)

The last day of school today, what else can we do besides,

THIS. (Feel like throwing away the mirror, looks so disgusting with those grey patches on it)
AND THIS. Olivia is highhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

A conversation between the girls.

K: Gosh we look like shit in school.
C: Who doesn't! Omg! This is why I don't take pictures in school!
R: But you look like shit everywhere.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hello everyone!

Sorry for not blogging for 2 days already Omg! I'm so used to blog everyday already. Hahaha. Anyways nothing much happened this 2 days also. Not very interesting. Rachel and Mun Yee went to swimming competition. So school was kinda boring without them. I don't wanna talk about teachers in my blog already lah. If not I sure talk about our English teacher now who has a really squeaky voice and corpse bride look-alike (According to Kim) who doesn't really like us to do other work during her lesson but god knows how boring her class is. Tee hee.

Life's full with homework now. Add maths is crazy. Sejarah is scary. Physics is dissy wissy. Bm is drowsy! Maths is easy peesy. Hahaha. I'm so freaking tireddddddddd already lah. Lucky the holidays are coming again!

Hohoho. I mean no hohoho, hohoho is for Christmas. Chinese New Year is coming real soon! *Tung tung chiang* ( Kinda hate the tung tung chiang noises sometimes) Hahahaha. I'm so weird. But really what. Sometimes when you feel like you wanna sleep until you wake up automatically during the holidays especially CNY right. THEN your neighbour go hire those tung tung chiang lion dance come at 9 in the friggin morning of course you feel like screaming and ask them to go back home am I right. tsk. But the happiest thing is, I get to see all my cheeky and cute baby cousins and the kids again when I go back to my hometown this Saturday! Miss them all so much! And my beloved popo! Haha.
Anyways, Beard Papa and I are wishing you a early Happy Chinese New Year now! Actually I'm kinda showing off to you guys how nice is my mommy is. She bought this for me after school today! Sooooo sweet! <3

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Handsome! *cough cough*

There you go. A super tall & dark basketball player. Girls, he's still single and hot and available! (I hope so, not)

Before the clock strikes 12pm tonight, I'm so gonna dedicate a post for you. Hahaha. I know you feel very honored and feel like crying now. But holddddddddddddddd on yeah!

Happy Sweet 16 Joshep! Please don't grow anymore taller. Later cannot find girlfriend already. Hahahah. I'm not gonna buy you a basketball instead of writing you this post. Reason is, I don't want you to get tanner and tanner already. Later the hot chick thinks that you came from Bangladesh or Pakistan. Moreover, this sweet post will make you happy until cannot sleep for a whole night! And and. Hope you won't leave Malaysia this year! (Yeah, truth is, I hope you won't get the scholarship to AussieLand) Wahahaha. We can't leave without you! * Don't get perasan so fast first, make you happy on your birthday only* You still owe me a drive eventhough I said everytime that I don't wanna die at sucha young age!

P/S: To birthday boy: Please don't pull my hairband and hide it or pass it to other people already lah. 16 years old already lorh. Getting old you know. Cannot be so childish already. And and don't always drive the KS4 teachers crazy in class like what you did in KS3 lerh. Ex: Sleep in class, don't pass up your homework, act like a gangster only. Tsk tsk. But still love you lah! Hahaha.

Nonetheless, Happy 4 years frienship smelly! Eventhough I said I rather fall into the longkang instead of falling for you. Wahahahah. =3

Friday, January 25, 2008

My day was....

Can you seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?! There's a flood in my classroom today due to yesterday night's heavy rain! You can even swim in the classroom if you want to =.= Crazyyyyyyy!

Although some of my pretty books were wet, file became like I dunno how to say. But I was considered as a very lucky one already ! Some of my classmate's books worst. Can't even be used again and they had to throw it away. Stupid rain. Stupid flood! Stupid flood in school summore! Sometimes I find it so unbelievableeeeee. Why our school so louya one. =S

Ya Yen's poor books. SADDDDDDDDDD!

OKAY LAH NOT THAT SAD LAH. After school is totally a different mood man.

And YES. Pavillion again! Went to Pavillion after school with the girls. It was fun yet there was a bit of disturbanceee. You girls should know right. XD

Guess where did we had our lunch at.

Yes. Dragon I! =D Thats what we do when we were waiting for the 5 minutes queue! Time is priceless!

Okay. We're still continueing the old same thing eventhough we got our place already!

Cheers! Yy look so cute in this picture!

Us. Tee heee. Love this picture! <3

Okay here comes the food!

My favourite siu long pausss. We ordered 2! SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!

P/S: You suck, don't even know how to eat siu long pau! Waste all the soup in there! * You know who you areeeeeeeee* Tee hee!

There's 2 side dishes. The MaPo Tofu and the fried brinjal thingy. I don't like brinjal! hahaha! But the meat in there was goodd too. I eat all the meat! Kuakuakua! =S

This was what I had which lasted me until now. Hong Siu La Mien. I can even skip dinner. SOOOO FULLING!

Aiya, I didn't take pictures of the food they ate lah. Cassandra was like scolding me while I was taking picture of the food. So potong steam one lah she. Hmph! Okay I can tell you what they eat if you wanna know.

YY= Za Jiong La Mien
Mun Yee = Sweet and Sour Seafood La Mien
Both Cass and Rachel was eating the Bamboo rice thingy! It was delicious!

A FREE DESSERT! If you want a free dessert so badly, come out together with us. You might get one too! aHAhahahaha.

After that, we did a lot a lot of window shopping! Went to Forever 21, but still didn't manage to get any nice accessories we wanted. Went to many other places with sales too, can't seem anything suitable for us. =(

*Rachel lets go shopping again! We didn't get what we wanted! Okay, at least we got the earrings..... and your eyeliner! Wahahaha*

When we're tired of shopping already, and sicked of being stalked *Pukes*

Ice cream Moments!

Two busy monkeys were busy taking pictures with the cute ice cream while another 2 monkeys were paying the bill. ANOTHER one had cramps and went back to the jungle already. hahahaa.

Last but not least:

Our favourite Moments!

That's all about the girl's out loud!


We went to some make up shop after they went back. The girl there was so kindd, she taught us how to put the eye-liner! Hahahaha. And I got the eye liner + purple eye shadow! Bet you sweetie! Tee heeee.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

You're Invited!

To the Hottest Lingerie Party of the year!

Girls Night Out.


This is only the pre-planning. More surprises and funs on that night!

We'll definitely have:

1. A dance floor with disco lights.

2. Finger food and Champagne, cocktails, mocktails etcc

3. Party Musics!


5. Best dressed award! Don't wear anything is even better!

6. HOT & SEXY guy waiters & bouncers! (SEE NO TOUCH, FOR DISPLAY ONLY)

7. Comdoms. FOR WHAT?!

8. Fortune tellers & tattoo artists!

9. Professional dancers.

10. Fashion show by the famous lingerie designer! WITH HOT MODELS! (Guys only) !

DATE: 31 February 2007

organized by the Beyotch group. =D


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Maths Teacher is Driving Me Up To The Wall

Very very unacceptable lorh.





Ya Yen passed up her paper work for him to mark today straight after she finished it. Then he started to mark her answers slowly based on the book's answer summore. Nevermind lorh. Unfortunately the answers from the book is wrong. But he was keep telling Ya Yen that she didn't get the correct answer. So she was counting and counting many times until she fed up and asked me. I got the same correct answer as her's too. I checked twice and found out that our answer's correct. Then we started asking him again why was our answer's wrong. He said.. the books says god's remember what answer was that! Do it one more time! Then we were trying to explain to him that the formulas thingy lah. It was getting really annoying already because I wanted to finish all my work quickly and he was still standing there thinking and thinking again.

Yen said: Cone's surface area not "PIE R Square + PIE R L" meh. *frustrated*

Maths teacher said: Not.. "AIYA I FORGOT WHAT STUPID ANSWER HE GAVE ALREADY".. it's a wrong answer I'm very sure.

then I said: YOU DON'T KNOW AR!

*awful silence*

Maths teacher pretends to walk out because it was almost times up.

I swear it wasn't on a purpose that I said that to him. I never ever talked back to any teacher or being to anyone of them no matter how many times they confiscated my handphone before *backs to Form 1* or makes fun of my cinta cinta life in class - Puan Rokiah. I still can tahan one. But this maths teacher hor, I really feel like kicking him right on the ass hard while he was trying to explain in class in the mean time I bet he doesn't know what is he himself teaching also! Like, SERIOUSLY MAN. I want good grades for my Maths lorh.

PS: To the teacher I mentioned, don't come and find me hor if you think I really hurt your feelings. You can always ask yourself whether you're suitable to be a Maths teacher anot. And to everyone, Don't make it sucha big deal and spread the words to the whole school (and our school is not very big okay!) after you reading this. I don't wanna get myself into any trouble just because I posted this up. School's kinda freaky nowadays. Yikes.

Monday, January 21, 2008

List out 5 presents you wish for :

1. Beautiful dresses & tops!
2. High Heelssss. I'm wearing size 8! Yes yes yes, g
iant feet!
3. Make ups? Tee heee.
4. My true loveeeeeeeeeee!
5. I wish to lose another 2 kg! I lost 3 in 2 weeks! Wahaha!

Edits: I want a new headset for my ipod! My current one spoilt already ! Dang it!

The person who tagged me :
Choi Yen. Again! hahaha.

5 impression of her :

1. Cutee
2. Sweet!
3. Funny
4. Friendly
5. Loves to travel!

If he is your lover, you will..

It was a puppy love! See! Picture proves everything! She was the one kissing me! hahahahaa. I hope you don't faint when you see this Choi Yen. Hahahaha. It really makes me laugh whenever I see this picture. =)

If he would becomes your enemy,what could the reason be?
Never will be! She won't snatch away my Daniel Henney right? Tee heee.

Pass this quiz to 5 person you wish to know about how they feel about you.

1. To
2. All
3. My
4. Beloved
5. Readers!

Have a nice day! xoxoxo

Friday, January 18, 2008

Tagged by Choi Yen


1. Do tag and answer all the questions on your own blog.
2. Delete question no.20 and add one of your questions instead.
3. Tag 8 victims to do this Tag. Questions: clear??!!

1.What was your dream when you were a small kid?
My dream when I was a small kid was to go Disneyland and stay happily ever after with the princesses there!

2. What is the happiest thing in your whole life?
This question makes me sound so old. Well, the happiest thing in my entire life is yet to come for sure! Maybe I'll get married with my prince charming and have pretty and cute kids with him, or became a billionaire and buy the biggest house and own alot of beautiful dresses and everything I want! I don't know yet!! =D

3.What do you wish to have right now?
Have lesser homework! I mean, I have almost everything I want now, (I'm not very demanding!) at least I have good good friends, dearest mommy and family to love me!

4. When was the last time your Horse laugh?
When I do dirty talkings with my girlfriends yesterday! It's very-very dirty, trust me!

5. What did you realize recently?
I realised that my school fees is getting higher and higher every single year! Luckily I get scholarship and I hope I can maintain it until next year! Study hard study hard Koh Kyean! =)

6. Which bad habit of you that is most unacceptable?
Look at myself from the mirror everytime I see one. Wtf wtf. Unacceptable right?

7. When you are unhappy, what will you do?
Eat chocolates!! Sweetness makes you happier! Didn't you know that? Or talk to the ones I trust and probably go out with my close friends to have fun until I forget about my sadness.

8. What are you afraid of losing?
Family and close friends of course. And my scholarship!

9. Within 5 years, which target is the most realistic one?
Within 5 years? Hmm, Get my driving licenses next year?! Realistic enough. Ha,ha. 2. Pass my SPM examinations next year with flying colours! It's my target! 3. Find my true love somewhere around this world. Okay lah, this is not a-very-realistic one. =D

10. When you met someone you like, will you confess or hide your feelings?
I'll hide my feelings first, until I really really know him well and thinks that he's suitable for me, then I'll confess to him. Or maybe he'll confess to me first? Tee hee. Who knows, right? =)

11. List out 3 kind of people you hate the most.
1. Fakers.
2. Players.
3. Betrayals.

12. Define Loneliness.
For me, loneliness is not when you're alone, is when your heart is empty.

13. Are you satisfied with your life now?
What more I can ask for? I have family who cares for me, friends who loves me, studies in a private school which cost more than 10k per year, I get to eat, stay happily and healthy. Compare to others, I'm so lucky although I grown up without a dad. But fortunately, I have a mom who also acts as my daddy always support behind me and always be right there for me all these time.

14. When is the most recent time you felt touched?
When I saw a couple kissing on their wedding in the movie.

15. Where is the most beautiful place that you've visited?
His heart. =D

16. A song that is playing in your mind recently?
River flows in you by Yiruma. The song is so beautiful! I've been playing this song on the piano since this morning until now. =D

17. If you have a wish come true, what is it?
A wish only? I have so many wishes to make if it's really comes true! Okay, I wish all the people around me, especially the close ones, stay close to me happily and healthy as always!

18. Do you have anything to worried or scared recently?
I don't think so? I'm almighty! Oh my gosh I'm so olivia now. hahaha.

19. If the world is going to end, what will you do?
Of course I will do everything I want to do before I die right. I will make my entire life more beautiful, meaningful and memorable with the things I do before I really disappear. I will confess to the guy I like and get married with him as fast as possible because I want to get married before I leave, then I'll go to a honeymoon with him somewhere with snow because I never seen it so long ago already! Probably I'll bring my love ones along too because there's not much time we can spend together anymore, After that I will buy the most expensive dress which I didn't buy on that day and wear it until I die. Teeeeeeheeee.

20. Beauty or Intelligent?
Okay, this is a very hard question that I created myself recently. I find it very unfair when you're super duper smart, probably you won't look very pretty. And when you're pretty, probably you won't be so smart. I'm not saying that there's no girls with intelligent and beauty, but it's so rare! I haven't got my answer yet. Anyways, which one do you choose girls?

Here I tag :

1. Rachel, because you're so lazy to update your bloggieee.
2. Olivia, because you want more readers to visit your blog!
3. Malcolm, because you're being mean to me sometimes!
4. Michelle, because you're just too cool wtf hahahha.
5. Brendi, because I wanna know more about you!
6. Mandy, because you're trying to make me jealous with your new bf! Hmph! So mean!
7. Audrey, because you're that bitch's sister. Hahahaha, Oh my don't read this Cassandra!
8. Ken Vin, because you invited me to your birthday party. =)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Schooling Days

Currently, my life is messed up by homework, homework and alot more of homework. I hardly have the time to blog or even have anything interesting happened to blog about. I'm really looking forward into the events coming next month. Yeah, only next month will be more interesting and abit more special than this month becauseeeee

1. Chinese New Year

Of course, I'm going back to Kuantan again. And here goes my diet plan! I lost 2 kgs between a week last week. And I think I'm gonna do exercise everyday and make sure that I'm not gonna gain weight, at least.. not more than 3kg! I feel sooooooooo obese now! Sigh. God, if you can't make me skinny, please make all my friends fat! Hahahahha. Okay, they said that. SOO. Everyone become fat lah. =)

2 . Valentine

Tee heee. No, I'm not dating anyone or going out with someone on that dayy. But! I'm gonna go Mun Yee's house with the girls for a single party! Yess, girls stay single until that day okay ~ We're gonna cook ourselves something on that day, bake lotsa cookies and muffins if we got the time! Lucky ones will get to try =). Probably we'll play at the pool on that day too! It'll be a super fun day and we're gonna continue it until at night.. Then it'll turn out as a slumber party ! Wheeeeeeeeeee.

3. Hokuryo Japanese Exchange Programme

I'm so sure that we're gonna continue the fun until that day they come! It's only after one week after valentinee you see. Of course we'll go out with the host students and gonne bring them everywhere special rightt. They said might bring them to the Eye on Malaysia! Hopefully it haven't close yet. Hmmm, probably will stay in Mun Yee's house again. ;)

4. Jay Chou's Concert!!

Very unfortunately it falls on the Saturday when the Japanese students are coming!! =( =( =( Anyhow, I'm still hoping I can get the free tickets from my uncle ( If there is)! I wanna see Jay Chou! Especially when he plays the piano! Urghhh. I'll probably feel very bad if I missed his concert again! PLEASEEE, god, let me gooooooooo. Make some miracle! Make it happen!!

5. The People's Birthday

Rachel's birthday is comingg. Was planning to make her's and mine join together, but I guess it's tooo far away from mine. Her's on the 12 Feb, mine is on 19 March.. soo, see how thing goes! And Jae Rong's birthday is coming. Andrea's birthday is coming. Only on the next month. =DD And and. Somebody's birthday is coming!! Only on March lah. =3

So yeahh. I'm looking forward into February! January is sucha torturingg. School hours extended, homeworks from crazy teachers, etc etc etc.

Waitttttttttt. Doesn't mean that you guys can leave my blog now and come back next month okay! I will still blog about every single thing happened in school, post more pictures of my pretty ladies, tell more jokess to make my blog stay alive okay ! Maybe not so often, but come everyday lah okay! * puppy eyes*

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Malcolm got the answer correct!

- and thanks for those people who took the time to guess which are those shadows belongs to who.

1. Cassandra - ( SEE HER POSE ALSO KNOW ALREADY) & height of course! HAHAHA (Don't screw me!) but a lot of people guessed it was Olivia's shadow. hahaha.

2. Rachel - She was the one who was holding the camera! A lot of them thought I was the one holding it Why !

3. Kyeanie Me! - Obviously I'm the tallest ( & sexiest! wtff) among all of them rightttt! Hahahah. I wonder why still got people can get wrong one. Mou chuan used the scientific way to explain.. The light and shadow is different from...... everywhere till the endless story =D Very smart hor!

4. Ya Yen - Okay, this was the hardest I guess. They thought it was Mun Yee's Olivia's, Melissa's, Rachel's one instead of Ya Yen! So sad lorh! Some of them
even forgot about Cass will be one of them in there! hahhaha. More sadddd!

~ End of the guess & win thing ~

School's still the same. Tiring as usual. Got tons of homework to be finished.. ( See I told you all, I can sense it ever since the first week of school one!) Yesterday was the most terrible one. I did until almost cry man! En Wan wanted us to write our own notes about 2 whole tamadun in one night! Crazyyyyy oneeeeeeee. Plus add maths, physics, bm and so much more to do until I don't wanna talk about it. =(

And now the En. Johari is teaching us Maths!
HOW CAN!!!! I tell you my speed is so much faster than him omg. I have no idea why he still wanna teach Maths. Aiyo I don't know lah! Somehow speed is very important! And don't even talk about the speed he teaches mannn.

The club meeting today was the funniest club meeting I ever been to. I chose Musics & Performing Club by the way, with Mun Yee. I was so surprised that so many people wanna go there until they wanna audition us before going into the club. Of
course I can do audition straight away there! They forgot who is my husband ( Daniel Henney) who can plays the guitar, the boyfriend ( Wang Lee Hom) who can play drums, piano, violin etc etc and the secret lover ( Jay Chou) who can sing play and act summore! =D and someone was in there too. =.= Of all the clubs, whyyyyyyyyyyyy. Ahh, nevermind. The climax is yet to come. After a lot of discussion between the teachers, they wanna join the club with the Kebudayaan & Sastera Club ( because no one wanna join I guess?) #)($#$(@#@!@ Aunty enough anot. Now the teacher say we have to perform something to do with Asian traditional culture. You tell me how to play those BUDAYA songs with piano.. or even BAND! YOU TELL ME LAH AIYO! I go join Daniel Henney Club better bye bye!

The good thing about today is Leslie ( Mandy's brother) who came to join SSG today! Very happy to see him around school! And I had special lunch today again, Pizza Hut's spaghetti with chicken meatball, yesterday was McD's! ( thanks to KC & MY) & I have the free time to watch movie and blog too!!

Okay, I gotta show you guys my pretty pretty textbooks which wrapped with colourful presents paper! Of course I didn't do it all by myself, but my pretty cute mommy did helped a lot!


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Guess and win!

Who are those shadows in the pictures? All 4 of them. From left to right! The first person who get the correct answer will probably get a very lovely valentine gift from four of us next month! =D I'm serious! Whoever you are. But not the girlfriends who know the answers already. Tee hee. =3 =3 Closing date is on the Valentine day. <3

Had school today for the replacement of the Chinese New Year's holiday. See I'm a good girl. ;) HAHAHA. not a very good girl actually. I did something illegal in school today with the girlfriends. which is:

eating char siu & siu yok rice in school! Rach, Cass and mine were char siu & siu yok while Yen's was roast chicken.



and Rach. The thing is still there... and I got a small tiny pimple between my eyebrows now! Cha gia said I looked like an Indian! Smelly herbal egg! Hahahaha.

Thank God there were no teachers or Malays around. If not.. I wouldn't have imagine what actions will they take against us! Aiyo I don't wanna do that again lah. Nearly got heart attack one. hahaha. DON'T LIKE THAT ALREADY AR GIRLS! WE EAT OUTSIDE NEXT TIME! =D

And to people who see this don't report to any teachers or whosoever also lahh. This will probably be our one last time! Thank you very much! =D

Cass: You have the Steven Lim's eyes olivia!

hahahahhahahahhahahaha. It was damn hilarious lorh! and Olivia was like keep smacking my butt when we were on the staircase going back to our class.

Olivia: *spanks*!

Kyean: AHHHHHHHH. Why you spank my ass!

Olivia: Cuz I couldn't resist!

Kyean: YERRRRRRRRR you pervert!

Olivia: *spanks again*!!


Olivia: Why are you screamingggggggggggggggggggg!!

Kyean: Cuz you're a girl!!! ( Not that guys can spank my ass too)

Olivia: What if I'm a guy?

Kyean: Come to my house tonight! * horny smiles*



Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thank God Is Friday!

1) Had the most-miss breakfast with Eugene and Arthur! Yen came along too. =) It was somewhere around school we always go in last 2 years! Together with Jess normally. And Eugene will be the one who drives us there. Last last time was his driver but he wanted to practice, so the driver guided him. BUT IT WAS SCARY OKAY! I remember I always hold the holder up there above the window and Arthur will start laughing at me while Eugene still continue driving like a crazy driver! LOL His driving skills today was better but still.. scary too! Thought he'll improve but I almost got heart attack in the morning. =.= He drived like as if he was Jay Chou in the Initial D movie. hahahhaha. Don't like that lah! Drive carefully! Well, we had the usual food like last time, roti canai and tea. We talked sooooo much about almost everything! Mostly about school and college life. Lol. Oh yeah, we met Encik Sahari there. Luckily it wasn't Pn Rokiah, if not she'll say a lot of things in class again! =( Anyways, Eugene is going back to Sydney tomorrow but he only find me yesterday night to have breakfast together! =( You tell me what kinda friend is this! hahaha. You smelly. Remember to bring me back Krispy Kreme next time you come back kay Eugeneeeeeee I don't care you go queue for 1 week during winter or not!! =D And have a safe flight tomorrow night! THANK YOU FOR YOUR BREAKFAST!! =D

2) The school has planned to exchange our class with K2 for about 2-3 weeks (they said as soon as possible) till they found good and experienced teachers (but why is Latha here) and ready to start for the Sc4 class. So the classroom we temporary have now is so much wider and cooler. Imagine 37 people are packing in a class, it's torturing sometimes. But lucky it's more quiet today! =)

3) My wound is getting better and better. It healed a lot compared to last week! =) Visited Dr Ting after school for check ups. He said I have to wait for another week to let the scalp to drop off by itself now. By the way, I met Vivian there! So surprised! She was collecting her medicine.. haha. We chatted for awhile when we were waiting. Kills the time. =3

4) I finally got the mood to take pictures again. ;)

Okay lah. I'm showing you guys the wound. It's part of my memories right. Hahaha. All I can say is that it's so much better compared to last week!

And guys if you're wondering why girls always take so long in the toilet, this is why. =)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

School Life was awesome till

- My class turned into a zoo, no offence. It's really noisy and crazy and it's soooooooooo crowded.

- My class have a very super duper soft spoken English teacher with ugly handwritings. like HELLO. Can you write better or or at least speak abit LOUDER.

- The stress life is coming soon. I can smell. We're gonna write essays and reports everyday for homework soon! It's coming!

- Mun Yee , Malcolm and Yun Jae changed classsssssssssssssssssss! All 3 of them.. like suddenly disappeared! I was super no mood okay! We had lotsa funs in class! sighhhh I miss them soo much! no more already, no more. At least there's still Yen and Rach in class. and Cass came into our class too. So do Joshep! I guess it's the only good thing which happened today.

- I need a break. Thank god it's a holiday tomorrow. =S and my wound is getting better!

and I still have him!

so I think I should be happier.

shaddap already.

Monday, January 07, 2008

I am so tired already!!

Hate mondayss. =( You know why. You can get up very late during your weekend breaks and sleep all you want until you feel like your backbone is gonna break! But when it comes to Monday.. you will feel like you're half dead in the class like, seriously.


You see. Youknowwhatteacherwegotforbm. Totally.... CHEONG HEI LORH! She cannot stop giving examples or will create another story which she thinks it can link to the topic she was talking about! SO BORING I TELL YOU!! She cannot go straight to the POINT one lorh i find. i mean, EVERYONE. She can talk non stop for 2 friggin lessons till the whole class feel so miserable. thankyouverymuch. =)

OH YEAHHH. SHE KILLED A BEE TODAY VERY FIERCELY!!! SO SCARY!! She was like holding a folded newspaper, then hit on the bee for like a few times until it died!! SO POOR THING LORH. but the whole class were so scared that time! Even Yun Jae & Rachel were hiding under the chair!! (So do I.) =)

and I'm not gonna take a single picture of myself for 2 weeks!!! stupid stupid stupid mole's faulttttttttt!! I think the wound is getting better noww. thank god!

one more thing. THIS SATURDAY GOT SCHOOL!!! #(*$#(*$#(Q@@#@!#@!

okay okay, ONE LAST THING! Oh my god. My life is getting more boringgggggggggggggg and boring-er. I want more funs! Like we're planning to have a small valentine girls gathering and bake a lot a lot of cookies and maybe cook also at Mun Yee's place! and Japanese students are coming! =3 Mun is gonna host but her mom only allows her to host girls! Funny right! hahaha. And bad news is, Jay Chou's concert falls on the day they're coming.


enough of bitchings!

Today was actually not that bad. Had some hamsap-talkings with my girlfriends! hahaha. Now only I know what's a dildo. Thank you Rachel! hahaha. and Chemistry was quite fun! My darling ( Mr Adenan) was soooooo cute when he was doing the experiments! haha love him lotss! <3 Nonetheless, my beloved honey, Mun Yee (supposed to be darling but it's taken by Litien) made eggless chocolate cookies for us!! Sooooo sweet lorh. and she shared her spaghetti with me! =)

Off to go do my tons of homeworks!

add maths = the teacher is abit gila gila one. Gave us sooooooooo many questions to do!

B M= that long winded teacher gave us an essay to write about our new form 4 life! so long never write essay already. Brain also harden already lorh. =(

Saturday, January 05, 2008


Crap man. The wound on my face now still haven't recover yet and the doctor said that it needs to take 1 - 2 weeks only will recover one. I feel like banging the wall already. There's a hole okay!! I don't even wanna look at the mirror now. T________T and the worst thing is, I cannot eat eggs, seafood, black soy sauce for 2 weeks!! (*($(#$@#@#*@#E(@ YOU TELL ME HOW AM I GONNA LIVE WITHOUT EGGS!!! Like I cannot eat fried rice because got egg.. I cannot put mayo or thousand island for my salad dressing because it's made of eggs, I cannot eat cake because got egg... then if seafood right.. I cannot eat dim sums, char kueh teow... almost everything I love to eat!


You know I'm super pissed off now.

STUPID MOLE'S FAULT! You know how much I love to eat. That's why all my go-on-diet plans always failed!

and guess what. I just bought this from Cold Storage! For chocolate lovers summore! You know the chocolate is soooooo rich in each and every cookie in there! shaddap.

Diet plan = FAILED AGAIN.

and the novel, Bukit Kepong makes me fall asleep a zillion times! I swear I was gonna pay attention to read it but.. I just fell asleep everytime I open it! I think I'm just gonna read the summary and that's all I will do. =)

Friday, January 04, 2008

Guess who I saw today.


Quite nice leh this song. I didn't really like local singers but it's different this time. The MV ending is really sad! Almost cried! Sigh sigh. =( and and the girl not really pretty though. No offence!

I removed my mole today at Dr Ting's clinic after school. It's in Imbi. Got so many people I tell you. Especially those aunties tai tais, all go there for botox omgwtfbbq. Mom and I waited for 3 hours in the clinic just to remove that stupid mole! I don't know since when it popped out too!!! Just suddenly... weird stuff. back to the 3 hours story... Mom was so mad and I felt so restless in there doing nothing. =( I don't understand why got so many people there one. Sigh sigh sigh. BTW, NICK CHUNG WAS THERE TOO. I didn't know what's his name at first until I come back home and checked online. Tee hee. He's quite cute! He was holding a big magazine to cover his face... hahaha. I think he was quite happy that I noticed him! My mom said local singers kinda desperate of this kinda thing one.. They'll be very friendly when you ask for their signature or pictures and stuff. I laughed my ass out. Too bad I didn't take a picture with him cuz after the operation there's a small plaster on my face... take also not nice. Yeeeeeeeeee.

That operation was terribleeeeeeeeeeeeee horrible vegetable!! I nearly cried in there.. Normally I'm not scared of injection or I don't think it's really hurts but THIS TIME WAS ******** PAIN ALRIGHT!! Seriouslyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I sweared in my heart so badly. hahahaha. The doctor use laser light to laser it out. Scary enough right. And I was awake looking at it! Now that's suck. T_____T

Noticed that small mole on my chin? Yes, that was it and it cost my mom 180 bucks. =S
and yes again, that's baby Chloe! So cute! <3 *pinches*

Today was kinda fun in school!! Pn Rokiah is kinda annoying sometimes with her smelly questions! =( Then knew 2 korean guys, Yun Jae and.. I forgotten what woo.. I was saying Sang Woo. Kwon Sang Woo!! hahahaa. hot stuffs. MALCOLM GOT NEW FRIEND ALREADY IF WE ASK HIM OUT. HE DOESN'T WANT US TO CALL HIM GIRLFRIEND ANYMORE. HE SCARED ALL HIS *GIRLFRIENDS* CEKIK US. Wtf wtf Like he have one only! *Yeah he actually do* *winks omg I'm not gonna say anything about it cough cough* Back to korean guys! You know Chea is the bad ass!! Kae is dog in korean actually!! I don't want Kae Yeon anymore!!! hahaha. Yun Jae translated my name and my girlfriends name (besides MALCOLM) in korean too! Fun fun fun! We go hang out for korean food one day together okay? =p =p =p

Bye readers! Come to my blog more often lah! You know after school reopens my blog readership went so low. Please come everyday lah okay! I will update one! T-T

Thursday, January 03, 2008

First Day of School!

I woke up so early at 6 in the morning.. brushed teeth, prepared everything then grab a piece of bread to school! Everything seems so fresh this morning, new people, environment of the school and new teachers. Got new HOS ( Head of Secondary) too. But the canteen food are still the same.. You know what I mean!! =D Was very happy to see all of my friends, especially Estella!! She hugged me when she saw me in the canteen!! Sooooooooooooo sweet right!! Besides that almost everything was boring today. Had some briefing in the morning.. we were just listen listen and keep listening till it ends. Urghh. I'll be in Science 2 I guess. But some of the teachers are not that good I heard. Double urghh. And that Cassandra went to science 1 summore. triple urghhhhh. Hopefully we'll be in the same class next week babe! =)




Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Here comes Form 4 life!

Tomorrow will be the first day of school! Excited excited. Can see all of my friends again! I'm prepared for school I guess. Well.
  1. I just bought my school shoe today!! Yes only today. Was telling my friends I'm gonna wear slippers with a plaster to school if I don't get one by today. Hehehhee
  2. I cut my long long super long fingernails already. Removed my nail polish also. T-T My fingers feel so... naked now. Hahahahha.
  3. I made new uniforms. Only the top. Not skirt. Changed my baju kurung's badge too. =)
  4. Packed my schoolbag. Wrapped all my text books with fancy wrapping papers. XD
  5. I will try to sleep as early as I can today. I try!!! You know I have been sleeping very late during the school holidays and I'd used it already! Sighh. and I wake up super super late everyday.. like 12 or 1 in the afternoon? Ngam ngam hou lunch time!! Sei mou. T-T
  6. Gonna study hard this year. If not it'll be tough when I reach form 5 next year.
  7. I'd decided which stream to go to. Science stream of course. Might be taking Accounts too!! No Mandarin man.
  8. what else what else. Aiyo no more already lah. I'm gonna have my first school breakfast with my darlings!! =)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year Babes!!!

I started my first day of this year when I woke up this morning on yayen's bed! It seems like everything will flow very nicely and special this whole year and I hope it will. 2007 was the most happiest year I had in my whole life and I hope 2008 will be a better one!! I'll try to improve myself in many ways such as attitude, personality, appearances, studiess and so much more!!!!

Too bad, I'm still as crazy as before! Tee hee. =D

I ended my year 2007 with my closest friends - Ya Yen, Malcolm and Joshep! It was way toooo sweet than what I thought it'll be like!! We went to the Lover's Hills (according to Mr Ng Sze Cun aka Malcolm) to celebrate our last minutes of the year! It's somewhere very near Malcolm's house, so after we finished watching the fireworks, we went to his house for a drink while waiting for YY's mom. =D At last, I overnighted at my dear cha gia house on the new yearrrr!!! It was sooooooo fun and wild last night!! ( I sound like we had sex but too bad we did not) SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!! We were chit-chatting with each other and make funny jokes on the bed till we sleep! Wish we could do it again and again every single year alrights!!

Went to her house to have dinner first before going to meet the guys!

So what we do is, SEE HER BABY'S PICTURE!!! hahahhaa. so cute la omg.

Guess who I saw!!! *ahems* *Mou chuan* *cough cough* ahahhahaha. DOUBLE CUTE!! hahaha don't kill me or ya yen if you see this MC!!

And and make-up! Haha too bad I didn't take yy while she was doing her make up!

Lover's Hills.

Was fooling around at the playground XD

Moi. =3

The cha gias Love. <3 Muacks!

Lover's in Malaysia #1

Lover's in Malaysia #2.

Hahahahhaa. Just joking! We're still single and available. =)

Looking at the fireworks!

It was so sweaty I tell you! Urghhh. and our fireworks view wasn't pretty enough due to the stupid trees on the hills! Feel like cutting all of them that time but but environment is getting hotter and hotter nowadays so.. we were being good boys and good girls and did not cut down the blardy trees. =D And we were like so far away to see the fireworks!! The fireworks were way too small for us to enjoy at the top of the hills! Next time we go KlCC kay guys! Xoxo

You see the fireworks from KLCC!! So beautiful whereas our's was like so kecil miao. ( I learnt it from my baby cousins) T-T

We had been to Malcolm's room!!

Good night everyone! Have a wonderful year 2008!!
Happy new year dear fellas!